“Come on. It won’t be so bad.” Hana said.

“I’m sure your family is fine, it’s just…I don’t know. Spending a few days with your mom, brother and sister in one house seems like a lot of time for a first meeting.” I said already beginning to stress about my lack of privacy and downtime for the holidays. The drive was a little more than halfway done and each mile closer I became a little more on edge.

Get togethers with my own family have always been a source of stress for me, let alone with my girlfriend’s family. Girlfriend? That label felt so premature. We’ve been dating a couple weeks, but we never really talked about our status. Since she asked me to come and meet her family for Christmas, I assumed that meant we were getting a little more serious. But who really knows.

“What if they don’t like me?” I asked, which wasn’t really my concern, but it sounded better than saying “What if I’m sick of hanging out with your family after a few hours and want to get the hell out of there?”

“They’re going to love you. Just relax. You’re too tense.”

“You’re probably right. Sorry, I’ll try to enjoy myself. I’m just over thinking it.” I said as I changed lanes and made my way to our final exit off the highway.

“I think you’ll really like my family. And I know they’ll like you.” Hana said encouragingly. “As long as you can deal with crazy, you’ll be fine.”

She chuckled as she saw my shoulders tense up all over again.

“Can you define crazy?” I asked dryly.

“Oh, just your typical stuff. My mom likes to drink and will do whatever she can to get others to drink with her. My younger sister is usually quiet and maybe a little jealous of me sometimes, but she’s harmless. And my younger brother…hmmm, no I don’t think I can define his craziness. He’s just crazy.”

My face melted into a blank stare of concern.

“Relax, Cody. Everything will be fine. Trust me.” She said, placing her hand on my leg and started to massage my inner thigh.

“What are you doing?” I asked as her hand wandered further up my leg.

“Nothing. Just helping you relax, that’s all.” She said with a sly grin as her hand traced the outline of my growing shaft in my pants. Quickly she unzipped my fly, reached in and carefully pulled out my semi-erect penis.

As she gently stroked my thick shaft, I could feel it growing in her hand. “Just keep your eyes on the road and try to relax.” She said as I saw her head lower out of the corner of my eye. Soon I felt her warm mouth slide over the head of my penis, lightly making audible kissing noises as she teased the tip.

With one hand on the wheel, I carefully navigated the GPS instructions while my other hand brushed her dark, brown hair out of the way, so I could glance down and see the side of her face teasing my length. She started to kiss her way down the underside of my shaft down to my balls.

I had to use two hands to make a tight turn, and I felt her mouth suck on each ball while stroking my shaft. “Fuck that feels so good.” I said. She picked up the pace and returned her attention to my shaft, as she slid nearly the entire length into her mouth while massaging my testicles with her free hand.

I moaned softly as she used her dripping saliva to help her hand slide back down my shaft, cupping my scrotum tightly with both hands trapping the heat on my sensitive flesh.

I could feel her neck muscles twisting and tightening as I rested my hand on her back, massaging her neck and shoulders.

My hand seemed to have a mind of its own and I hooked her bra through the fabric of her shirt. “Fuuuck, I’m close.” I said trying to catch my breath.

“That was fast.” She said as her head bounced up leaving my saliva-soaked cock nearly shaking.

“Fast? I didn’t even finish yet.” I said, now craving the feeling of her warm, wet mouth around my neglected shaft.

“No, not that. We’re here. I thought we had another twenty minutes of driving.” She said as she directed me to the driveway of her childhood home.

“Oh, damn it. Guess I had a bit of a lead foot while you were…” I nodded downward as I pulled into the driveway.

“Sorry about that.” She stroked my shaft once more and twisted it until it fit back inside my jeans and zipped me up. “I promise I’ll finish what I started. But you’ll have to hold off for a few days while we’re here.”

“A few days?” That sounded like an eternity. “Why can’t we just go finish in your room now? Or at least tonight?” I said with the distinct sound of teased desperation.

“Because we can’t stay in the same room. This is my childhood home, Cody. My mom would never allow that. Her house. Her rules.” She said with a sympathetic smile. “So, you’ll just have to keep it in your pants for a couple days.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek. As she started to leave the car, she had a confused look as she grabbed her chest. “Did you unhook my bra?”

I shrugged my shoulders playing innocent.

She shook her head and reached behind her back to clasp it shut. “I’m going to go try to find my mom. Why don’t you bring our bags up to our rooms on the second floor, my room is at the end of the hall, and yours is right next to the bathroom.”

“Sure thing.” I said with gritted teeth. This holiday trip was already worse than I imagined. It was bad enough I was trapped here, but now I was going in with blue balls and I didn’t even get to sleep with my girlfriend, or whatever she was. Happy holidays to me.

I unloaded our two bags and dragged them into the house and up the stairs. Her room was right where she said it would be at the end of the hall. I dropped off her stuff and looked for my room. I found the bathroom and saw the room just next to it. Must be mine. At least I’ll be right next to Hana’s room, small consolation but better than a different floor, I guess.

As I opened the door and walked in, I was greeted with a loud shriek. “Jesus, don’t you ever knock?” Said an unfamiliar voice. There was a girl standing there in pink panties, clutching her breasts. “Oh, you must be Cody! Nice to meet you. I’m Sasha.” She said and held out a hand while still covering her breasts with her other arm.

“I’m Cody. As you clearly already know.” I wasn’t sure what to say, or even where to look as I shook her hand. “Sorry for barging in. I thought Hana said I was the room just to the side of the bathroom. Guess I’m in the other one.”

“No problem. You can just go ahead and shut the door.” She said with a smile.

“Of course. Again, I’m sorry.” I said as I quickly headed to the door and was about to close it on my way out.

“So how long have you been dating my sister?” She asked as I was nearly out of the room.

Did she want me to answer and then leave? Leave and answer through the closed door? “Uhhh…” I stalled trying to figure out what she wanted.

“Close the door, will you?” She said as she turned around and fished out a bra from her dresser. “Hana has told me a lot about you.” Her back was now facing me, and I could see her plump, round cheeks spilling out of the lower corners of her tiny pink panties. She slipped her bra on over her shoulders and hooked it behind her back.

I shut the door and remained in the room. “We’ve been dating a few weeks now.” I said finally answering her question.

Sasha turned around and found some jeans on the floor. She bent over, picked them up and stepped into them, pulling them up over the curves of her hips.

I must have looked like a fool, staring at the teasing show, watching her mesmerizing curves get covered up.

Her phone buzzed, and she smiled seeing who it was. “Excuse me, I have to take this.” She said and answered cheerfully as she plopped on her bed.

I saw myself out and closed the door behind me. The room next door was a bathroom and the one next to that had to have been mine. I walked in, set my stuff on the floor and fell face first onto the bed.

Is it Sunday yet? I asked myself to hope the weekend was already over. Maybe Hana was right, maybe this won’t be so bad. Her sister seemed really nice. I felt bad for walking in on her like that, but she didn’t seem to mind. Cute girl, I thought to myself, briefly reliving the moment and imagining her holding her breasts again. Her cute little cheeks in those pink panties. Just what I need, on the weekend where I can’t fool around with Hana, another image turning me on.

I needed to pee badly after the long road trip and wandered into the adjoining Jack and Jill bathroom, closing the door behind me. The toilet was on the far side, right next to the door that exited into Sasha’s room. I undid my fly and pulled out my blood-filled, but flaccid, penis and tried unsuccessfully to pee. There was no fan in the bathroom, so everything echoed in the room. I hated the fact that Sasha would probably be able to hear every small noise in here, and I just stood there hopelessly trying to pee.

As I was finally starting to feel a small trickle of urine, the door just to the side of me burst open.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” Sasha said, doing her best not to stare at my penis. “I should have knocked.” She added, occasionally stealing glances below.

I wasn’t sure what to do, as my stream finally started to strengthen. It was so built up there was no way I could stop it or turn to the side without peeing on the floor. I finally held my shaft with both hands doing my best to cover it up.

“Uh, it’s okay…I mean I barged in on you without knocking…guess we’re even.” I said, still holding my penis awkwardly and failing to really conceal it.

“That’s true.” She giggled and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. “I did listen in at the door before entering, but didn’t hear anything so I thought it was safe to come in.”

I blushed. “I’m a bit bladder shy sometimes…hard to get started.” Without even realizing it, I removed my second hand that was doing the majority of the covering and now left the side of my penis closest to her completely exposed.

“Ah, yeah. I get that in new bathrooms sometimes.” She clearly glanced down at my fully visible penis and added with a laugh. “Looks like you’re over your shyness now, though.”

“Oh sorry.” I blushed again realizing I was inadvertently flashing her. “Just about done.” I said hoping I was but didn’t feel like that was the case as my stream continued for at least another 30 seconds.

“What are you, a camel?” She laughed, finally breaking her gaze and started looking in the mirror, adjusting her hair.

Eventually my stream died down to a trickle and I shook off the last few drops, before tucking my thick shaft back into my pants and flushing.

“Thank god!” She laughed and squeezed around me, pulling her pants down to her knees and lowered herself onto the seat. “Didn’t want to rush you, but damn I had to go too.” She giggled as a tiny, muffled fart escaped from the bowl her legs almost fully covered. “Excuse me.” She blushed.

“You’re in a bathroom, no excuses necessary.” I said politely but couldn’t hold back a laugh as I started to leave and give her some privacy.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” She asked as I was nearly out the door.

“Ummm…no?” I said staying in the bathroom a few moments longer.

“You don’t wash your hands after you go?”

“Oh, right. I was just trying to give you a little privacy.” I said as I walked to the sink, secretly amused I had an excuse to stay in the room a little longer.

“Huh, privacy? Not really used to that in this house.” She said as her own trickle started to echo from the bowl.

I was washing my hands more thoroughly than necessary to stay in the room with her, the door leading to the hallway whooshed open. A younger looking, wiry guy flew through and shut the door behind him.

“Damn it, Sasha. I gotta pee.” He said, not the least bit sorry for walking in on her.

“It might be a while.” She replied.

“Gross. Well I can’t wait that long.” He said walking over to the side of the tub. With his back to us, he unzipped his fly and his powerful stream almost instantly splashed against the base of the tub, creating a deep resonating sound.

“Ahem…” Sasha coughed. “Maybe you should introduce yourself to Hana’s guest.”

He cocked his head over his shoulder and saw me for the first time. “Oh, my bad, man.” Still peeing, he reached out his free hand to me and said, “I’m Zach.”

Reluctantly I shook it, noting how I’ve never met and shook a guy’s hand while he was peeing before.

“Nice to meet you, Mark.” He said, glancing back at the tub to focus on the task at hand.

“Actually, this is Cody. Hana and Mark broke up, remember?” Sasha said as if to help me out.

I was too surprised by everything going on to realize he called me the wrong name.

“Ah, Cody? Cody? Hmmm, don’t think I’ve heard her mention you. It’s tough to keep up with all the guys she dates.” He said lightly moving his hips making zig zags in the tub with his stream.

All the guys she dates? I did not like hearing that. Was he just being a protective brother and trying to get me to leave? Was it true that she dated a ton of guys? I wondered, as I realized that whatever his meaning, it succeeded in making me feel inadequate.

“Nice to meet you just the same, Cody.” He said as he finished and zipped up.

“Don’t forget to…” Sasha called out.

“Come on now, I’m not an animal.” Zach replied, interrupting her as he turned on the tub faucet and rinsed his pee down the drain.

Zach glanced at Sasha and tapped me on the shoulder as he was heading out, “I suggest you leave this room as soon as possible. Knowing her, it’s about to get straight up disgusting in here.” He laughed and closed the door as he left.

“Fucking Zach.” She muttered, crossing her forearms over her bare thighs as she leaned forward slightly. “Now what was I saying? Oh right, privacy. I get so much privacy in this house.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. She was surprisingly relaxed for all that just happened. “Does he always do that?” I asked, before realizing that was probably my cue to leave the room.

“What, pee in the tub? Nah, sometimes he’ll do it in the sink. He was probably on his best behavior because of you.”

“That was his best behavior?” I joked, again thinking I should leave the room.

She laughed, and her face grimaced a tiny bit as another muffled, deep fart echoed from the bowl. She held her breath as it looked like she started to push, and then added. “That’s Zach, alright. He’s…”

“Crazy.” I added, remembering Hana’s vague description of him. We both smiled for a few awkward moments, not sure what to say next.

Sasha blushed as two tiny plops, broke the silence. Followed by a third, deeper sound of a much larger piece slipping into the water. The sounds alone practically gave me an accurate picture of their size and shape without actually seeing them.

The sour smell was just starting to reach me, and I could tell she knew that. I did my best not to wrinkle my nose or make a face.

“I’m sorry. I know I’m probably grossing you out.” She said, now starting to seem embarrassed after showing no signs up until this point.

“Not at all.” I said. “It’s been nice.” Nice…? What kind of weirdo says this is nice? “I mean nice chatting with you like this.” I added trying to regain an ounce of normalcy to this bizarre situation.

She blushed again and nodded with a soft smile.

“I should probably go find Hana, now.” I smiled and headed toward the door. “Sorry again for barging in on you earlier.” It was official, I was stalling, finding excuses to stay in here longer when I knew I should leave.

“No worries.” She looked down and added. “I think this was nice, too. Feel free to barge in on me again sometime.”

I smiled and left, returning to my room and plopped face down on my bed once again. What the hell just happened? My heart was racing trying to comprehend it all. Did I really admit to telling her I thought it was nice sharing that experience with her? In the moment, I remembered thinking how bad the smell was, but now that it was gone all I was doing was trying as hard as I could to remember her unique and foul scent.

Again, what the fuck was wrong with me…that’s disgusting! Still face down on the bed, I breathed deeply, taking in the strange aroma of the sheets. Every house seemed to have their own fabric smell, even if they used the same laundry detergent. It was like each family had an olfactory calling card. I inhaled deeply trying to imagine Sasha’s smell again as my door opened.

Prepared to defend myself, I launched into a guilty babbling. “I’m so sorry…” I turned, not really even thinking about who it was.

“Sorry for what?” Hana said, laughing at my goofy state.

“Huh? Nothing. Just, just…sorry it was nothing.”

She walked over to the bed and sat down next to me. “Zach tells me you guys already met. Hopefully he didn’t do anything too crazy already.”

“Depends on what you call too crazy.” I joked, finally starting to relax now that Hana was next to me again.

“I really don’t want to know.” She laughed. “He’s his own beast. Best just to leave it be.” She said leaning over and giving me a kiss.

My hands gripped her hips and pulled her on top of me. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized I had been hard for a while now.

“Easy there, tiger.” She said, kissing back and stroking my bulge through my pants. “You are eager…I must have really done a number on you in the car.”

I grabbed her ass and felt the denim hiding the feeling of flesh I was craving.

She kissed my neck and breathed heavily, dry humping my crotch for a split second. “As fun as this is…it will have to wait.”

Her wicked grin gave her away. She was purposely teasing me. It was delightful. And delightfully awful at the same time.

“When this goes down,” she gave my bulge a quick pat, “come on downstairs and I’ll introduce you to my mom.”

She gave me a sly wink and left the room. I’m guessing that was not an open invitation to take care of this myself since she left the door wide open. This just keeps getting better and better, I thought as I sat there staring at the ceiling waiting for my erection to disappear.

After several tortuous minutes, my penis had finally been downgraded to a semi-hard state, and I went downstairs anxiously. The house was a blast from the past with old family photos on the walls, outdated wallpaper, and some shaggy carpet that was probably not even in style when it was installed.

“Cody!” Hana smiled and gave a quick look at my crotch to make sure I was presentable. “This is my mom. Mom, this is Cody.”

“Pleasure to meet you.” I said politely, shaking her hand.

“Likewise. And please call me Suzan.” She said with a genuine smile.

Suzan was a knockout. Probably in her early 50s, similar dark brown hair like Hana’s that fell around her shoulders. She had on a tight Christmas sweater with reindeer prominently displayed over the impressive curves of her chest. Rudolph’s nose was right where I guessed her left nipple was. I couldn’t tell if it was meant to be a joke, ugly Christmas sweater, or if she actually thought it was cute. Part of the charm of a mom, I supposed.