“Where the hell is he?” Lisa lowered her cellphone when it went to Rick’s voicemail for the third time in twenty minutes.

She looked at phone for the tenth time in the same period. It was 8:15 and their company was coming at nine. Rick’s commute was close to an hour, and he’d promised to be out of the office by no later than six.

The last she’d heard from him was 6:15 and he said he was wrapping something up and would be on the road soon. Of all days to get stuck at the office. He should have done what Lisa had, leave at noon, and take the rest of the day off so they’d be relaxed and well rested for their yearly tradition.

The doorbell rang and Lisa checked the ring doorbell app she had open on the phone. Please don’t let her be early. No, just three trick or treaters. Lisa walked to the door, grabbing the basket of candy from the small table next to it.

“Oh, look how cute you guys are!” Lisa beamed as she was confronted with three young children dressed as different colored M&M’s, their arms, and legs, protruding from the big round circle that comprised the costume.

“Trick or Treat!” they cried out in unison.

“Well, I can’t give you M&M’s that would be kind of creepy, wouldn’t it?”

They all giggled and held up their bags while Lisa dropped a full sized Hershey bar in each.

“You guys stay close to mom and dad,” Lisa waved to their parents who were waiting down the walkway. “Lot of ghosts and scary things out tonight!” They all yelled thank you and she laughed at the way they awkwardly waddled back to their parents.

Lisa remained in the doorway watching for any other kids that might be heading over. The few small groups across the street had already been to her, and there weren’t any on her side now.

She went to close the door, then stopped when a car pulled up to the left of their driveway. The car door opened, and a tall blonde stepped out. Lisa watched her reach into the car and remove, then don, a pointy witch’s hat.

When she walked around the car, Lisa’s breath caught. The girl’s costume consisted of a knee high fuck me boots with a pair of black and white striped thigh high stockings protruding from them.

Her tattered black dress barely went past her ass, and even from her vantage point, Lisa could make out the tops of the girl’s large breasts in the low cut costume. It was hard to see her face with the brim of the hat obscuring part of it, but when she stepped under the streetlight, she appeared to be no more than twenty.

It was her, it had to be, Lisa’s heart raced in excitement and beneath her silly Halloween t-shirt that featured Snoopy with fangs and a Dracula cape carrying a bag of candy, her nipples stiffened.

The trick was early, and Rick was late. She might just have to start without him, as the M&M’s forgotten, Lisa was thinking about something else that would melt in her mouth.

She thought about closing the door and trying to rapidly ditch the shirt and baggy black pajama pants that featured dancing skeletons on them and answer the door in the outfit she’d planned on.

But the girl was now in front of the house and had glanced her way. Lisa remained in the doorway, her eyes bouncing from the girls’ tits to her long legs, especially her creamy upper thighs visible between the hem of the dress and the silly Wizard of Oz style witch stockings.

She reached the walkway but kept going, her absurdly high heels clicking on the sidewalk. Lisa stepped out of the doorway and was going to call to her, when the girl suddenly waved and yelled “Happy Halloween!”

Two other girls, dressed in equally trashy costumes came running over from the house two doors down and the three of them hugged, then headed back to the other house, laughing, and chatting excitedly.

Lisa had forgotten the Norman’s were away on business, and their 20 year old son and 18 year old daughter were home alone, and apparently throwing a Halloween party. Lisa sighed, and went back into the house, wondering how they possibly thought none of the neighbors would tell the Norman’s they had a house full of young, and most likely drunk and high kids partying?

All she knew is she wouldn’t say anything, nothing wrong with a little fun, after all, look how her and Rick celebrated the holiday.

A trick for their treat, as he always said.

She put the candy back on the table, then pulled her cell from her pocket when Rick’s ring tone, Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” came up.

“Where are you?” she demanded.

“I know, I know!” he replied. “Client needed some last minute revisions done on a contract, didn’t get out until after 7.”

“I’ve been calling.”

“I was talking Jennifer through the list of people she needed to send it to, then to get Ross to sign and notarize it. If I stayed to do that I’d be another hour.”

“I’d have started without you, you know that, right?”

“Hey, worse things than walking in on two hot women going at it on the couch.”

“It would serve you right, but you know I want you there. I love undressing them together.”

“Perv,” he laughed.

“Your perv, baby.”

“I’m offended by that comment.”

“Rick, not a man in the world would be offended by his wife wanting to bring a girl into the bedroom for some extra fun.”

“Your fun, you’re the one who craves pussy from time to time.”

“Oh, so when you get to fuck them, that’s for me too?”

“Strictly for you, I take it for the team,” he laughed. “Or she takes it from the team, one of the other.”

“Who am I kidding,” she sighed. “It is for me; I love watching you fuck those luscious young things. Those tight bodies, firm titties, and tight cunts.”

“Sounds like you’re getting ready to start now.”

“I’ve been ready all day, baby,” she giggled. “I woke you up sucking your cock, didn’t I?”

“Best wife ever!” he laughed.

“How far out are you?”

“I’ll be there in fifteen, should have time to change, I need to get out of this suit.”

“Aw, you don’t want tonight’s playmate to help? Maybe wear your tie?”

“I had a chili dog for lunch and wore some of it.”

“You’re bringing sexy back for sure,” Lisa shook her head. “Then break some laws and get your ass home.”

“Working on it.”

“You confirmed with the agency, right? She’s coming at 9?”


“You stressed younger the better?”

“I told them barely legal is the preference.”


“I did it, Lisa. Age, dressed seasonal, needs to be into men and women and I paid for a three hour block, she’s ours until the witching hour.”

“How much?”

“They get $150 an hour. Her price, for her,” he cleared his throat. “Time and company is a grand.”

“Ouch,” wasn’t last year less?”

“No, last year the girl asked for $1200. They charge more for couples, remember?”

“Oh,” she shrugged even though he couldn’t see it. “I got it mixed up.”

“Now, if you want to go back to the first time we did this ten years ago, I wouldn’t mind those prices.” he gave a mock sigh, “Inflation.”

“That’s right its our tenth year of giving ourselves a naughty little trick for a treat.”

“Some couples celebrate weddings and first dates; we celebrate the anniversary of the Halloween we decided it would be fun to have a private party with only one guest.”

“A young succulent one.”

“The kids dying down? Be a pisser if the damn bell keeps ringing once she’s here.”

“Yeah, usual pattern, it’s been a trickle since 8, most younger kids are home before nine, once she’s here we’ll shut the lights off, and start the party.”

“Sounds good, crap! Jennifer is on the other line, see you in a few.”

The doorbell rang and Lisa passed out candy to a group of teenagers that were a little too old to be out there, but as they left, another look up and down the street showed very few kids still milling about.

She glanced to her left at the sound of laughing and saw some more kids were arriving at the Normans. She eyed a tall redhead dressed as a slutty nurse and another girl as a French maid.

Lisa sucked on her lower lip, her nipples once more at attention as she imagined getting her hands, and mouth, on them. Hearing their delicious little whimpers and squeals as she showed them how a woman can eat their pussy far better than their boyfriends.

“Down girl,” Lisa chided herself and slipped back into the house.

It was quarter to nine. Lisa wasn’t sure who was going to win the race over, Rick or the main event, but she knew she was done with trick or treaters for the night. She still left the light on for their impending guest but wasn’t going to answer the door for anyone else.

Rick would come in the back, so if it wasn’t a hot young woman on her doorbell camera, they were out of luck. Lisa put the basket of candy on the coffee table then went over to the cherry wood credenza along the wall that was covered with photos of her and Rick along with their nieces and nephews and other family members

“Don’t look guys,” she told the smiling faces staring out from their frames. Lisa opened the top drawer and removed an envelope, counting out ten hundred dollar bills.

There was another five in there as they always liked to have some cash on hand in case of an emergency, or in this case, even though this was already an $1800 night, they’d happily throw their playmate a tip if she were that good.

Lisa looked around the room to make sure all the blinds were down, then stripped off her shirt.

Time to get some candy for herself. Young, hot, sticky sweet candy.


“Made it!” Rick exclaimed as he came bursting out of the kitchen, causing Lisa to jump and almost drop the lighter in her hand.

“You got five minutes,” she called out as she finished lighting the last of the half dozen candles she’d placed around the bedroom.

The candles threw enough warm light to be able to give a good view of all the action, but keep the corners of the room in darkness, and the flickering shadows they cast on the ceiling and wall was an effect both romantic, and sexy.

Romance wasn’t in the air, but the room would be smelling of sex, very shortly.

“Damn, look at this,” Rick entered the bedroom, his tie already hanging around his neck and unbuttoning his badly stained white shirt.

“I know, they’re a great touch, really makes all that soft smooth skin glow.”

“I was talking about you,” he put his arms around her and planted a deep kiss on her lips.

“Hmm,” she sighed as she returned the kiss, parting her lips and slipping her tongue into his mouth.

He got her hands between them, finishing his buttons as their tongues probed each other’s mouths. She pulled his shirt open and slid his hands along his thick hairy chest, then teased her long nails down and cross his hard flat stomach.

His hands found her breasts, fondling them through the silky material of her short orange robe, and matching bra. His fingers played across them until he found her nipples and gave them a light pinch.

Lisa groaned into their kiss, her hands now on his belt, deftly undoing it, then popping open his slacks and yanking his zipper down. Rick’s mouth left hers and nuzzling into her hair, his lips found her neck.

“That’s the spot,” Lisa purred, letting her head fall to the right, giving him better access to her soft flesh.

He groped her breasts harder, and her hand dipped into his boxers, her slender fingers slipping around his thick hard cock. She pumped him and he moaned into her neck, as he licked and gently sucked on her.

Lisa stepped back and sat on the edge of their king sized bed and yanked his slacks and boxers down. His cock, his beautiful long thick, and even after 20 years together, always hard for her, cock.

She licked her lips, then kissed his already oozing tip. She opened wide, then gasped, “Hey!” when he caught the sides of her face in his hands and stopped her.

“She’s going to be here any minute!” he told her. “Get out there while I take a speed shower and change.”

“But,” she blinked, Jesus, she’d been so horny all day she’d literally lost control of herself. “Just a taste?”

“Nope,” he stepped back from her. “She gets first taste, that’s our rule.”

“Killjoy,” she pouted him through her full sensual lips which were currently sporting black lipstick on the top, while her lower lip was coated in bright orange. “She tastes me first too then.”


“And I taste her first!” she gave her head a defiant toss sending her long blonde hair flying behind her.

“Yes ma’am, now get out there so she doesn’t ring the bell, think she got stiffed and leaves.”

“Oh, she’s going to get stiffed tonight,” she gave his twitching cock a playful slap. “As many times as we can suck it hard.”

“I accept the challenge!” he laughed, slipping his shirt off, then pushing his pants down and stepping out of them.

“Rick, just looking at you still makes me wet; you know that?”

“Born romantic you are,” he laughed, then pointed to the door. “Man your post, before you lose out on our candy.”

“Yes sir!” she gave him a mock salute, but her eyes remained on him as she left the room.

Rick, a former safety in college who if not for a bad knee injury may have had a shot to be drafted, was still a physical specimen at 40. 6’2″ and 210lbs of solid muscle. His shoulders and chest were broad, but tapered down to a narrow waist, maintaining the triangular build he’d had as an athlete.

He wasn’t jacked as the expression went, when he worked out it was to maintain strength and tone, not add mass, but his biceps stood out even when he didn’t flex, and his forearms were thickly muscled.

His stomach still had the vestiges of the perfect six pack he’d managed to hold onto most of his life but had begun to slip over the last year. But it was still flat, hard, and impressive.

Not as impressive as Lisa’s favorite of his physical attributes, his amazing cock. Once back in college when they’d first started having sex, she’d been drunk and high and decided to measure it.

He’d come in at just under nine inches and his girth matched his length. Lisa had always enjoyed sex, starting with her first time, ironically on the night of her sweet sixteen party, proving she was anything but.

She’d had sex with several boys in high school and that many just in her first year at PC. When she’d met Rick in their sophomore year, she’d had plenty of experience, but the first few times they had sex he had to go slow because if he didn’t, between his length and how thick he was, it was more painful than enjoyable.

Even giving him head wasn’t easy at first, but Lisa knew practice made perfect and in no time she was deep throating him and taking his cock deep and hard doggy style and any other way they could come up with.

One of the many hot things they enjoyed about the occasions they treated themselves with a hot young thing, was the delightful little squeal and the high pitched yelps when Rick fucked them.

That wasn’t always the case with the escorts, some of them, even by their early twenties, had taken enough cock they were used to pretty much anything, which was why when Rick contacted the agencies he specifically asked for whoever they felt had the least experience.

Before she left the room, she gave Rick a smile and a wink, and took a second to admire him from the neck up. His thick black hair had gone salt and pepper a couple of years ago, but it was a good look on him.

That extended to his short neatly trimmed beard as well, and again, she liked the effect. He was a sexy man getting older and embracing it. His stunning ice blue eyes accompanied by his strong jaw and rugged features, earned him his nickname of “GQ” at his law firm where after 12 years he’d finally made senior partner.

Lisa reluctantly left the room, but not before she watched him walk into the bathroom, taking in his wide powerful back and firm ass. She was a blessed woman, and about to feel even more blessed.

She wandered back into the living room to see it was five of, she was cutting it close by getting carried away in there. Lisa removed her phone from her robe pocket, and pursed her lips in thought, the agency had the number of the phone Rick only used for occasions like this, not hers, if the girl was going to be late she wouldn’t know.

Rick would be out in a few minutes, so if she were late, it would work out. Lisa went over to the bar and leaning over plucked a bottle of Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Rum from behind it.

She poured some in a shot glass, knocking the smooth coconut flavored rum back, then poured some in a larger glass and mixed pineapple juice into it from the bottle she’d brought from the kitchen earlier.

She sipped at the sweet drink and took in her reflection in the mirrored back of the bar. For the occasion, Lisa’s long straight honey blonde hair which fell to her mid back had been pulled into pig tails, and she’d added some spray color, streaking the right with black, the left orange.

She had curled some of the front, enough to give her a pair of banana curls that framed her face and were the opposite color of the pig tail on that side. Her eye shadow was orange on top, the lower half black and her eye lashes heavily caked with black mascara.

Same for her normally fair cheeks, where she normally used just enough blush to highlight her high cheek bones, but tonight applied it far more liberally. Her lips sporting the dual Halloween colors further called attention to how large and sensual they already were.

Lisa wasn’t vain, but knew her and Rick made a beautiful couple, and not just from the neck up, in her case either. At 5’9 her legs were long, strong, and perfectly shaped. Her build was slender and athletic, with a thin waist and just enough hips to give her a good figure, her ass was as firm and tight as her legs, but her breasts didn’t match the rest of her, and neither Rick or any other man, or woman, had ever complained.

Lisa’s breasts were a full D which would have been prominent on any woman but looked even bigger on her in proportion to the rest of her slender athletic build. The hazard of big round natural breasts was gravity, but to her relief, although they weren’t quite the things of wonder they were at 20, they were still holding up well.

When she noticed the slight sag, Lisa took to keeping her bra on for occasions like this or extra sexy nights with Rick when they went away, and she wore new lingerie, and they had all night to play.

She would just pop ‘the girls’ out of the cups and let the bra help hold them up. Lisa often thought she was glad she’d managed to keep her legs and ass firm with yoga and running, kind of hard to hide a sagging ass, at least with your pants or skirt off.

Lisa walked away from the bar sipping the drink and admiring her long nails which were alternately painted orange and black. She was barefoot, and her toes matched. As did her outfit which was a lingerie set she’d bought just for tonight.

The black lace trimmed orange robe barely went past her ass to where if she bent over she’d be flashing her black string thong with a patch of orange lace covering her pink slit.

The back of the thong was only a black string between her cheeks and topped with a cute pumpkin bow. The matching bra, so skimpy more than half her breasts were visible, and a bounce from falling out, was black with orange laced cups.

She’d tied it loosely so plenty of her large breasts could be seen between the black trim. Lisa’s look and ensemble screamed Halloween, and soon she’d be screaming whatever the name of their playdate was.