The lights were low, the bedroom was comfortably warm. The bed was king-sized and not too firm nor too soft. It was the perfect time and place for the sort of relaxed backrub that Jeremy was currently giving to Claudia, his television actress wife.

“You remember me telling you that the ratings on my show were dipping at the end of last season?” she asked in her deep, sexy English-accented contralto. He paused in massaging her back to dribble a little more baby oil onto her, watching in fascination as it slowly drained across her curves and into the hollows of her spine. He added a drop more, fascinated as this time it settled between her perfect butt-cheeks.

“Hmm?” Jeremy rumbled in reply, encouraging her to continue speaking while his hands returned to their important task of slowly rubbing up and down her long, slim back. He moved slightly, allowing one of his hands the space to continue downwards to her firm, well-toned and bare ass. No sense in wasting the oil he’d just dribbled there, after all.

Jeremy often thought that one of the joys of being married to an actress of leading-lady status was the fantastic body he got to enjoy seeing and touching on a daily basis. Not that he had any illusions that he was the only one who enjoyed seeing and touching her body — that was the flipside of course. Kissing and canoodling with her fellow actors was pretty much part of his wife’s job description. If you weren’t OK with that, you’d be better finding a different job, or, in his case, a different spouse.

Jeremy was fine with it. The truth was, ever since he’d met her, several years earlier, he had been rather turned on by the thought that other guys lusted after his wife. More than that, he was actually secretly more than a little excited whenever he thought about the fact that Claudia was frequently touched and kissed by other guys as part of her job.

“You know how Ben’s been bugging the writers, the producers, anyone’ll listen, to write us some bedroom scenes?” Claudia burbled on, clearly totally relaxed. Ben was her co-star. He was handsome, charming, and he and Claudia had extraordinary chemistry together. Jeremy knew he ought to have been insanely jealous, but he’d learnt that he didn’t seem to be that kind of suspicious guy. If anything, he loved watching them act with each other, really routing for their characters to get it together.

“I remember you saying….” He moved both his hands back up to her shoulders now, lifting aside her long, lustrous mane of thick, black hair in order to gain unimpeded access to the fine porcelain skin of her neck upper arms and upper back.

“Well, they’ve decided to drop in a few in,” she drawled into her pillow, as though it was nothing more remarkable than the price of groceries. “Nothing too raunchy, it’s a family show.”

“Shame. I’d quite fancy seeing some action,” he chuckled. A fantasy of her lying on the bed, being ostentatiously taken from behind while dressed in white, lacy lingerie and stockings filled his head, causing his cock to twitch.

“There might be some making out in underwear…” Jeremy felt his cock stiffening further. He was half surprised that he found the idea such a turn-on, but he did. His cock was quickly becoming fully erect. He began elaborating on the scene in his head. “Nothing to worry about, though: I’ll likely be in a sports bra, rather than something from Victoria’s Secret…” Claudia drawled on, but his thoughts were already way beyond that. His cock was fully hard and twitching now, begging for either her mouth or his imagination to give more details.

“You… you ought… You’ll need to rehearse…” he wondered if she could hear the tremble in his voice, betraying his uncertainty as to whether to say what was on his mind.

“I guess,” she shrugged slightly, settling herself more comfortably. “Hmm, more on that spot,” he rubbed harder with his thumb at the tight knot on her shoulder. “Hmm, that’s good. Bet all the pervs on set’ll be jockeying for a ringside seat.”

“You can do it here if you like, away from the set,” he knew what he was suggesting: in his mind it went way further than even an undress rehearsal. “Take the pressure off.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” she replied casually, obviously not privy to where his mind was going with the idea. “Some of the crew… and the other actors… can be such assholes. And everyone always wants to watch…”

“I’d like to watch…”

“Pervert. Well, we’ll need to make a rehearsal tape. I’ll make you a home movie,” she chuckled sleepily, not apparently taking the whole conversation that seriously. “You can jerk yourself silly.” Jeremy’s cock physically ached at the thought. “Ooh, lower down, and a bit more oil.”

“Sure thing, sweety,” he paused and picked up the bottle of baby oil. “But If you’re gonna strip off in front of Ben, I wanna to choose your outfits,” he ventured as he poured a few drops more oil into his palm to warm it. He was already fantasising about the erotic possibilities in his head.

“Well, you can choose my outfit,” she purred back. Something really sexy, expensive, Jeremy imagined. The sort of outfit most guys might only fantasise about seeing on a woman. He wanted to make his fantasy really good. After all, when it came to the actual show, he knew exactly how safe and vanilla they’d play it: even if they were doing it for ratings, there was only so much hotness that primetime could handle. “Is it gonna be passion killers?”

“I’ll decide on that.” His cock was already filling his head with images of the sort of things he’d like to see her in. “Deal?”

“If you insist.” she snorted.

“You’re a star,” he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Hmm, and don’t you ever forget it!” she replied with a sleepy laugh. “Now shut up give me a proper back rub!”


Ben was sitting just where Claudia had expected to find him, in the quiet corner of the set where they often tried to steal away to eat their lunches. She ambled across, enjoying how a happy, boyish grin split his face when he saw her. It was almost always the same. She knew the size of torch he carried for her: It was just amazing Ben’s wife put up with it.

Claudia suspected he was checking out her legs, and as she drew nearer that feeling was confirmed: although her calf length leather boots and long denim skirt appeared demure from some angles, the side split that ran almost from hem to hip on the skirt meant that she was flashing plenty of black-hose-clad thigh and knee as she walked.

Ben was being quite brazen in his ogling, even for him. Not that Claudia minded one little bit. She swung her leg a bit more than strictly necessary in order to give him more of an eyeful, her grin turning into a smirking pout as she made the most of their latest flirtatious game.

“Hey,” she greeted him, putting her food tray down and settling herself opposite him. “Something catch your eye?” she teased. He bit his lip and arched an eyebrow. A snort of laughter escaped through his nose. His expression fairly shouted that he knew that she knew he’d been eyeing her up and he knew that she liked it. They stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds longer than was strictly professional, grinning like teenagers in their shared, unspoken understanding.

“Hey yourself,” he finally broke the silence. “So what’s new, gorgeous?”

“Stuff,” she shrugged, playing it cool, pretending that they hadn’t both been blatantly eye-fucking each other for the last minute or so. “You’ve seen the script for next week?”

“Yeah babe.” He flashed her one of his ridiculously sexy half-smiles. “Looks like I owe the writing room big time.” He leered and winked at her across his enchilada. “They really came through…”

Claudia wasn’t in the least surprised at his reaction to the news of their impending bedroom scene. He’d been mouthing off to cast and crew, for two seasons now, about wanting a scene in the sack with her. He’d always spun it as a joke, and she’d always outwardly responded to it in the same vein. They were both married, after all. But there had never been any denying the sexual attraction between them, at least not in the privacy of her head, anyway. It was what made their performances in the show so natural and sexy, despite them never before having had a scene together which called for anything more than fully clothed kissing and horseplay.

“I thought it read pretty corny,” she sniffed in pretend disdain, picking at her salad.

“Of course it’s corny,” he smirked. “These things always are.”

“Whatever,” she dismissed the subject of the alleged quality of the writing. She had other things on her mind. “But it will be a key development in our characters’ storylines.”

“Oh, absolutely,” he took a mouthful of his beloved coffee. She couldn’t stand the stuff. Opposites attracted, a little voice at the back of her mind whispered. She hushed the thought.

“So we need to rehearse.” She remarked as casually as she could manage, despite her heart beating like crazy at the thought of how she secretly wanted that rehearsal to go.

“After lunch?” He suggested and took a big bite of his smelly Tex-Mex wrap. Claudia shook her head.

“Do you remember all the…. Comments… last month when we did the elevator scene?” she explained. “No way am I going through that again.” His character had been pressed against hers from behind. The rehearsals had been marked by numerous cat-called suggestions as to where he should be putting his hands, and other parts, and what he should do with them when he did.


“Are you free Thursday night?” She could feel her heart beating in her throat as she braced herself to say the next line. Although they flirted like there was no tomorrow, she had to get her next words to come out like a normal work thing, rather than an invitation to something more risqué. There were lines in the sand, after all, lines that actors were not supposed to cross. And besides, someone might overhear. “Jeremy’s out of town, so you can come round my place and we can rehearse in private.” She thought she had got the tone about right.

“That sounds great!” Ben grinned back at Claudia like he was already anticipating getting her into the sack. Which, she supposed, he probably was. Not that she wasn’t thinking much the same thing, although she thought that she was better at being a bit more discreet about it than he was.

“About seven then?” she shrugged, trying to give the impression that her attention was all on her salad. “Wear something nice.”

“Yes ma’am,” he laughed and took another bite of the foul-smelling enchilada.

“And don’t forget to brush your teeth!”


“This could get a bit raunchy,” Claudia told Jeremy as she finished applying her glossy, red lipstick. “Are you sure you’re still OK with it? I could call Ben and tell him I’m not feeling…” Not that she wanted to, off course. For the last few days she had been able to think of little else but Ben coming over tonight. In her mind she was struggling not to fantasise about how he would soon undo her dress, how he would see her in the almost unbearably erotic lingerie Jeremy had chosen for her, how he would touch her, pretend to make love to her and perhaps, even, how they would tip-toe back and forth across the line between acting and reality.

“Hey, it was my idea, remember,” Jeremy replied. Claudia had been just a little surprised that Jeremy had been so enthusiastic about their rehearsal. He seemed more than OK with the whole bedroom scene thing, going as far as to suggest that she and Ben should practice the scene here, in their own bedroom. More, somehow he’d got her to agree to let him choose her outfit. She’d been a little surprised when, a couple of days later, he’d shown her his choice. Not that it wasn’t nice, very nice. Outrageously hot and classy, even. But if his intention was to give Ben a raging hard-on, he couldn’t have chosen better. The size of Ben’s bulge was legendary on set and amongst their show’s many female fans. If, no, let’s be honest, when he got an erection during their rehearsal it was going to prove…. Interesting. She wasn’t sure if her husband realised that actors didn’t just leave their desires and their human reactions in the dressing room when they stepped on stage.

Still, if Jeremy was so keen on making this evening as hot as possible, she certainly wasn’t complaining.

Claudia bent over her dressing table and picked up the black, lace and silk briefs that her husband had chosen for her to wear and pulled them up over her long, lean legs. She settled the ribbon-like sides across her slim hips before making sure it sat right across her neatly trimmed pubic hair and down the crack of her well-toned ass. She quickly checked herself in the mirror. You could just about make out her minimal bush, but because the material was dark it wasn’t outrageously obvious.

“You know I love shipping Mike and Chloe,” Jeremy continued from where he sat on their opulent marital bed, egging her on with all the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas eve. “This way I’ll get to see a lot more than the channel would ever dare show. Plus,” he paused. She turned her blue-grey eyes his way, as she started pulling on the effectively transparent silk and lace mesh bra that went with the thong, making sure the label was suitably tucked in. He winked lasciviously as she jiggled her pert and firm 36C breasts into place in their cups. “We get to record it for old time’s sake.”

“Pervert.” She winked back, wanting to lighten the word yet still get it out there, on record. “How much more exactly do you think you’ll see, anyway?” Claudia asked jokingly. The whole outfit was far sexier than what she knew she’d be expected to wear when she and Ben were actually filming the scene for real. Hardly surprising: it must have cost hundreds. Ben was practically going to cream his pants just at the sight of her. Honestly, what had Jeremy been thinking? No matter, she had her own plans for this evening, plans that involved her having as much fun with the situation as she could. Plans that would be helped along nicely by the fact that she had persuaded Jeremy to go to a hotel for the night: she’d argued that it was necessary so that she and Ben could rehearse for as long as they needed to in peace.

He chuckled and grinned lasciviously in reply. His thoughts were clear, even if he hadn’t said them out loud. She wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

“You wanna see me touching his dick?” She enquired as she picked up her first stocking.

“You’re gonna be making out half naked, I think that’s a given,” he laughed. “Hands, boobs, who knows?”

“If that’s what you want?” She fixed him with a defiant glare as she lifted a long, lithe leg up onto the end of the bed and began slowly to roll the sheer black stocking up its extensive, shapely length, enjoying the way the display reduced her husband to a pair of eyes on stalks. “I’m sure I can oblige.”

“That’d be something to see,” he taunted her. If Jeremy was going to be an asshole about it he’d better watch out: he’d been pushing her buttons about tonight for days and she was in the mood to give as good as she got.

“So, do you really want to see me give him a hand job, then?” She asked, picking up her second stocking.

“Pfft,” Jeremy snorted dismissively leaning in to stroke the top of her already stockinged leg, watching her with hungry eyes as she rolled on the second hose. He seemed to be taking it all as just an extension of their usual risqué banter, but she certainly wasn’t. Days of him going on about tonight, of Ben going on about tonight at work, had seen to that. “And the rest…”

“Maybe a blowjob?” she upped the ante, slightly annoyed at his reaction, as she moved on to fasten the silk and lace black suspender belt around her well-toned waist.

“Yeah, right!”

“Maybe I should go the whole nine yards and fuck his brains out?” she challenged, daring to tease her husband with what she actually wanted to do to Ben. “Is that what you’re looking to see?”

“Be nice if you could,” he replied with a wink. She glared back at him. “Simulated of course.”

“I could do him right in front of you on screen and you wouldn’t even know. Not for sure.”

“Yeah, right,” he laughed. Claudia fumed. A little voice in her head said that that that was exactly what she ought to do, just to teach husband a lesson, to get her own back on him.

“Could you sort out my suspenders before you go?” Claudia asked him, not bothering to hide the hard edge to her voice as she made one last check of her reflection in the mirror to see that the seams of her fully-fashioned stockings were straight.

Jeremy’s eager fingers threaded the first strap under her thong and then began clipping it into the lace top.

“You know,” she drawled as he moved onto the second suspender. “You only thread those things underneath when you want the panties to come off and the stockings to stay on?”

“Like that’s going to happen,” Jeremy chuckled, barely pausing as he began to thread the next suspender beneath the silk ribbon that made up the back of her panties. “Everyone knows you’ve got a strict no nudity clause.” The cocky bastard! He was so sure of himself, so sure that he thought he could arrange for his wife to dress up in sexy lingerie and make out with a desirable guy without anything really happening.

“I wouldn’t be nude. The stockings and suspenders would still be on,” she bit back. Well, she was an actress, a good one, and Ben had made no bones about how much he was up for. If Ben was up for half of what he’d said, they’d give her cavalier husband the show of his life.

“We’ll see,” Jeremy winked, so cocky, so sure of himself it made her mad to see.

“We will,” she replied, buttoning up her sexy, clingy black dress. “Or you will, later. Grab your bag,” she ordered. “Ben’ll be here soon. I want you to be long gone.”


Ben could feel his heart beating like a drum as he pulled up outside Claudia’s place. He’d been thinking about this evening all week, fantasising about what it might mean that she’d asked him round to rehearse such an intimate scene in the privacy of her home, of, to be more accurate, in her bedroom. His thoughts kept returning to the thought of how far they might take things. Half of him, the sober, married half, expected nothing more than a very professional rehearsal, but another part of him was so expectant for more that he had swallowed a Viagra tablet just before getting in the car to ensure that his body would be up for absolutely any eventuality.

He’d always had a thing for Claudia, ever since they’d first met a couple of years ago. The many hours he’d spent in her company since had only served to entrench his infatuation, whilst the occasional clinches and kisses they’d had to perform at work had served to fuel a slow burning lust. Shooting his mouth off about how much he fancied her, how much he wanted a racy scene with her, had all been part of constructing a defence mechanism based on the plausible deniability that it was all just part of the PR act to get the audience hot and bothered about their characters. It seemed to work: it even seemed to have both of their spouses fooled.