1. A Valentine’s Day Anal Surprise– My wife, ass-up for the drawing class.
  2. Nellie and the Diamond Gala– She needs a date, but he wants something in return.
  3. The Bet– My girlfriend puts her ass on the line.
  4. Adult Education– Amy asks Eric to teach her a thing or two. He learns.
  5. Ole Betsy the Wingman– A riding lawnmower? Or a riding lawnmower sized vibrator?
  6. In The Gallery – An older man meets a young woman, hot sex ensuing.
  7. Helen and Alex and a Moment in Time – Helen is stood up by a friend and Alex is at a loose end.
  8. Kinky Tales: I Pegged my Husband – Wife’s discovery of husband’s anal toys changes everything.
  9.  Psyche’s Surprise -Married woman has her biggest insecurity licked away.
  10. The Bat Plug – The Bat family always has such wonderful toys.
  11. Hindsight- Mary Ellen is seduced into Anal sex by her loving neighbors.
  12. Linh – My coworker has an unusual request.
  13.  The Daring Dance Dilemma- The sequel to “A surprising Sunday service.”
  14.  Yawning Abyss – Some holes just can’t be filled.
  15. Breakfasts with Tiffany- Relaxing naked is one thing, but with company…
  16. On Patrol- A police officer and a single Mom come to an agreement.
  17. The Jealousy Game – An ex’s jealousy games get turned against her.
  18. It Has Led to Dancing – College roommates of circumstance learn from each other.
  19. Breaking Out of Boring- They said she was boring. Now she’s out to change that.
  20. Sex Dungeon – Trevor is dying but given a chance to give his life meaning.
  21. Helen Wakes Alex for Sex- Helen wants Alex to mark his territory.
  22. Rim Fire –Breaking the bro-code with best friend’s little sister.
  23. What a Travel Day – You never know when your day is going to turn around.
  24. The Doe-Eyed Waif- Petite Vixen Comes in From the Cold.
  25. Caroline’s Solution –A sexy woman discovers a surprising solution to her problem.
  26. A Grad School Night Out0- A friend from Undergrad comes to visit.
  27. Walking Lessons –Shy girl has to learn to catwalk and I’m willing to help…
  28. Schoolgirl Uniform; Mandy –Seduced by her neighbor.
  29. Androshorts: The Arse man – Hot girl with a cute bottom and the man that notices it.
  30. Expanding Horizons –Rachel’s date night steams up and opens some new doors.
  31. The Artist’s Hands – Anna’s husband fucks the blonde, but Anna finds her own joy.
  32. One Night Love – It was just about a quick night. Or so they thought.
  33. Chase – A jogger pushes her limits on the hiking trail…
  34. Outsourcing – His shrewd wife taps ready young coed for booty duty.
  35. A Surprising Sunday Service – Mike discovers just how bad a good girl can be in church.
  36. Abbie’s Summer- Inexperienced student finds passionate fulfillment.
  37. The Freebie-Ex-Olympic Swimmer gets fucked in her ass on a night out.
  38. Always Welcome in the Back Door –Older man satisfies special needs of another man’s wife.
  39. The Making of an Ass Man –Changing his perspective.
  40. Sarah –Unlocking an older woman’s anal desires.
  41.  The Barrista –Is his barista a good girl or bad girl?
  42. Some Extra Money- Amber fulfills a fantasy and makes some extra money.
  43. Serve and Volley- A tennis court. A first date. Strangers. And pleasant views.
  44. Doesn’t Like to Read- Student tries to entrap her professor, enjoys being foiled.
  45.  Past Transgressions- Past transgressions catch up to me when life has kicked me.
  46. Extra Credit Club– Virgin meets two wild college girls.
  47. Anything I Want? – A poker bet puts Jackie’s tight ass in the pot.
  48. “Wonder Woman” Takes it in the Ass – A costume party leads to first time, anonymous anal sex.
  49. Seasonal Reset: Anal Ainsley – A rumor about his co-worker complicates Josh’s crush.
  50. Pleasure Spots: Anal Education- Sex therapist helps a wife explore unique pleasures.
  51. A Second First Time – You lose your anal virginity in an intense pegging session.
  52. Bottom Feeders – Kinky woman picks up a college boy at a party.
  53. Horny Student, Extreme Bet – Does Ashley’s student want more than tutoring?
  54. Happy Father’s Day –Wife wants to give her husband the best Father’s Day gift.
  55. Blurring the Lines – Crossing the barriers of professionalism.
  56. George and Sophie’s Autumn Vacation – Unexpected couplings with new friends on vacation.
  57. I Bet You’ll Like It –His roommate is sweet, cute and she’s into butt stuff…
  58. A Welcome Home Surprise –A wife discovers her husband’s secret wish – and fulfills it.
  59. Kinky Tales: Love & Pegging –Married couple explore anal sex and pegging even more.
  60. His First Fingering – She loves being the first to finger his prostate.
  61. Adventure in Paradise –Unhappy holiday alone becomes a fantasy with a surprise.
  62. Anal Exploration – Violet –Her first experience of pleasurable anaL.
  63. Five Alive Plus –4-handed full-release massage means FFM anal fun for her.
  64. A Study Break with Jane and Tony –Our heroes take a weekend off and include a friend.
  65. The Alarm Clock –I hate the alarm clock most mornings…
  66. Vacation Experimentation –A loving couple experiment on a romantic getaway.
  67. . PAWG –I married a Phat Ass White Girl.
  68. One Tequila, Two Tequila, More…. –Bar room frolics continue.
  69. Just the Tip –He’s too big for her tight backdoor, but just the tip…
  70. Jackie’s Mom –My ex-girlfriend’s mother has needs too.
  71. A Class In Psychology – An undergrad learns a few things about his teacher.
  72. Take a Load Off- Busy lawyer receives unplanned happy ending with a twist.
  73. The Cabo Connection- What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo… doesn’t it?
  74.  Posie’s Plan –An elaborate scheme to get what she needs from her man.
  75. Journey of a Submissive –A young woman is seduced into a world of complete submission.
  76. First Night –A first night/weekend in a new apartment.
  77. A Town Called Eclipse –A writer heads off to the frontier for inspiration.
  78. Anne’s Anal Antics- Anne takes matters into her own ass.
  79.  Mr. Worthington’s Writer’s Block- Lovely young lady helps hack writer.
  80. I Say Ass, You Say Arse…She really wants anal sex. Why don’t men?
  81. Champagne Pussy and Sodomy Dreams- Dirty Girl Anne enjoys a naughty drink.
  82. Five Alive Plus One More –On her third visit, she enjoys a full-service MFM massage.
  83. Assplay –A macho guy has his ass pleasured…
  84. Her Weekend- I enjoy the occasional submission to my wife.
  85. Winter Vacation- Young couple help their best friend out of depression.
  86. The Cornhole Championship –Love at first frotteur, with a cameo by Dr. Lowenstein.
  87. Trick Shot Hustler- Just a simple game of pool, but it went so much further.
  88. Obsessed With Anal- She thought she needed anal but he thought she needed him.
  89. Butt Jewelry – Wherein sex toys and fashion trends collide very publicly.
  90. Shy Ronny – Amanda wanted a challenge, Ronny might just be too much.
  91.  Friends Become Lovers: Alice & Shane- Two middle school friends reconnect years later.
  92. First Master – Close friends plunge into the world of Femdom. Intense topic.
  93. Fireside – A rekindled romance.
  94. Midsummer Legacy – Roleplay – Having fun with Eleanor.
  95. My Bottom and Me – Woman comes to terms with her own anal eroticism.
  96. Strange Bedfellows – Male/Female friendships are simpler when she’s gay, right?
  97.  Teacher’s Halloween DP – Divorced costumed teacher bumps into ex-students at bar and…
  98.  O Holey Night: Ass, Mouth, Pussy – Anne goes from Dirty Girl to Filthy Girl.
  99. Jeff and Paige- Love between and older man and a young woman.
  100. My First Reel Porno- Short on rent, Jasmine goes for some quick cash.
  101. Alison- She’s waiting for him at home.
  102.  Special Delivery- A young woman might fill all their needs.
  103. Just The Way She Likes It- She wants it rough, will her new partner be up to the task?
  104. Having Sex the Greek Way- I have astonishingly good sex with a cute, but awkward man.
  105. Garter Belts and Whiskey – Ruby likes anal sex.
  106.  A Waking Dream – Waking wanton and wet.
  107.  Ass-ignation- Two girls fulfill his anal fantasy.
  108. Dirty Little Secret- Melanie is introduced to the joys of anal sex.
  109. Who’s Your Daddy? – Couple meet and have wild sex at sci-fi convention.
  110. Up the Chimney – Her Santa is coming up the chimney this year.+
  111.  My Once & Future Kin –A recent divorcee spends Christmas with her ex-in-laws.
  112. Unexpected Anal Office Tryst – I, a married man, have an anal quickie w/ engaged coworker.
  113.  Velma- Tough girl learns the joys of anal from rich girl.
  114. Jack O’ Lanterns-Halloween costume helps fat girl find love.
  115.  Couples Massage- Husband’s erection turns a massage into a pegging.
  116.  Dawn’s Anal Awakening – Dawn’s embraces her anal truth.
  117. The Intern: An Anal Seduction – A powerful woman is trained by her much younger intern.
  118. The Craziest Sexy Love Story Ever –Straight white, black stud, cheerleader, nerd & submission.