1. Dark Miracle – A twist on Feehan’s Dark Series for Halloween.
  2. Leap of Faith – War made them enemies, circumstance will make them allies.
  3. The Elf Dick and The Stormwind Ass –Big futa elf cock seeking fat milf human ass.
  4. When Spidey Met Oracle –More sexy superhero hijinks ensue.
  5. Criminal Minds: Gideon’s New Life –Whatever happened to him anyway?
  6. Legacy: Catalyst –Scarlett and Thomas arrive in Athens and enjoy the Aegean.
  7. Hunting the Hunter – A fantasy-based were story.
  8. Gillian Anderson: Skintight Shoot –Gillian Anderson submits to a student’s photo shoot.
  9. Mile High with An Angel- A business trip leads to an encounter with a supermodel.
  10. The Secretary –The devil is in the homonyms.
  11. Acting Out Their Fantasies – He wants to watch his actress wife rehearse a sex scene