Sophie took her time catching her breath, daring herself not to look back along the trail, then giving in and looking.


She shivered, partly from the cooling sweat on her chest, partly from the anxious knot that had gotten out of the car with her and followed most of the way around her usual circuit. Sophie sighed and tried to let it go, as much fun as it would have been to have her buddy again today, he hadn’t showed.

Sophie began to give up on the expectation that he would come jogging around the corner and spot her, smile that smile, speed up to catch her whilst trying not to look like he was.

She felt the comfortable stretch of the small glass plug she had slipped into her ass before pulling up her shorts and leaving for her run. She clenched it a few times, gripped it within herself and felt the erotic pull, reminding her of the last time she had been so pleasantly filled.

Sophie waited another minute, took slow breaths and decided that it didn’t matter if the guy from last time wasn’t here. Just because she’d been thinking about him since she woke up that morning didn’t mean she was offended that he’d said ‘Same time next week’ and then never showed.

The prick.

Sophie shrugged and looked ahead, getting into an easy jog that would chew up the distance to her car. If nothing else she’d had plenty of exercise bounding around her usual trail. The extra lap had been for her cardio, Sophie decided, not because she wanted to give the guy one more chance to suddenly show up.

Sophie relished the breeze on her exposed skin, everywhere not covered by the tight shorts and sports bra she had selected that morning. Her water bottle sloshing to the rhythm of her steps was a familiar white noise, and she left her earbuds around her neck to appreciate the crunch of her feet, the rasp of her breath.

Despite her determination not to be hung up on the quiet stranger she had enjoyed last time, Sophie found herself replaying it. The blush under her skin was mostly caused by the memory of being picked up and taken, the visceral rush of his hands gripping her hips as his cock filled her.

Sophie found herself gearing up into a run, her legs bouncing her along as she came over a rise and descended through a tunnel of trees, the hot sun coming through in beams that flickered over her body.

She was fast even on a bad day, but she barely felt the path beneath her feet as she powered on. Sophie leaned in and sprinted now, like she were trying to take flight, looking but not seeing as the trees whipped past.

It was always fun out here, one way or another. Sophie felt her lungs begin to burn but carried on, craving the heat of exertion, wanting to stretch every muscle at once.

She felt a twinge in her hamstring and slowed, chiding herself for getting caught up. Sophie picked a fallen tree that seemed comfortable enough and stopped to sit, gasp air into her lungs, and feel her pulse steady into a familiar pounding.

“God…” She sighed then chuckled to herself. Pent-up tension rose from her like steam and she gripped her thighs, grinned in the privacy of the woods.

She was still looking low at the ground and getting her breath when she heard footsteps ahead coming the other way as they slowed from a solid run to an easy jog, stopped.

The gasp as she recognised him was covered by her general panting for breath. Sophie forced herself into some kind of composure.

“Hey.” She said in between deeper, slower breaths; bit her lip to suppress the smile, but smiled anyway.

He just smiled back, giving her a long look up and down that Sophie could almost feel under her clothes.

She returned the look, pretending that the blush in her skin was from exertion. The familiar outline of muscular shoulders, long legs, sweat making the definition in his arms gleam. Those wraparound shades not concealing the lop-sided smile beneath them.

Oh, there you are. The look said as its owner pushed bark brown hair from his face.

“Hey.” He said aloud, but then grinned and took off his shades to more openly stare at her body.

This time Sophie smirked and gave him the strong-silent treatment. It had made her blush and bite her lip in the car on the way home before when she realised she never even got his name. In the last few days she had taken to mentally calling him Green, for the impermanent colour of his eyes when they’d lain together after last time.

He grinned again and stood there, taking her point along with the sight of her gently heaving chest, the mist of moisture on her blushing skin.

“It’s good to see you.” Green enjoyed a good understatement, but Sophie was more focused on the way that deep low voice of his made her clit ache for attention.

Sophie realised she wasn’t going to win in a flirtatious stare-down right now, not with the joyous heat of her pussy melding with the taut sensations of the plug she wore, nor with the memory of him having her just seven days ago.

She stood with her feet apart, hands on her hips, affecting total confidence even though her legs wanted to melt. Some combination of the toy, the memory, and the extra lap she had just run gave her an unsteady rush.

There was another sound of footsteps and Sophie was about to start jogging again so they could talk on the move, but he gestured for her to stay and looked back over her head, recognising the newcomer.

Sophie took a nonchalant sip of her water and peeked over her shoulder as the footsteps got closer, hoping no-one noticed that she was still hot and pink and trembling inside as her body craved to just throw him down on the dirt and mount him right there on the trail.

She shivered as fresh sweat sprang out on her back for the breeze to lick at, the second man coasted to a halt and stood between them, forming a rough conversational triangle.

“Hi.” The newcomer said.

Sophie was mid-sip from her bottle and didn’t reply at first.

“This her?” The new guy seemed to know her deep-voiced lover.

Green nodded, the pair shared a look. Then they both took a long look at her.

Sophie felt herself blushing more, her nipples raising bumps in the fabric of her sports bra.

“Gorgeous.” The newcomer said, his permanent cocky grin increasing as he saw her reaction to them. They were all friends here, and apparently there were no secrets between them judging by the helpfully obvious way they were undressing her with their eyes.

Sophie caught the newcomer’s gaze, considered checking his attitude right there, getting her playmate to herself for another of those sweetly savage fucks just out of view.

But she looked at Green, his expression telling her to trust him for a minute, see where it led. Then Sophie realised why the men had been running in opposite directions before.

To find her faster.

Sophie was convinced that they could see her getting wetter at the idea, as if she really needed more stimulation after running around with the pleasurably distracting toy inside her, the memory of last time promising more to come.

“Took you long enough to get here.” Sophie enjoyed softly taunting them, had to bite her lip to stop from grinning as the implication settled easily into the conversation.

Both of them, here and now.

Sophie wondered if they were old friends, or more, or if they only met while putting their trainers on in the car park just now; and then decided not to wonder about questions that weren’t important.

The important question was what she wanted, what she needed.

… What she had needed all week.


It seemed a silly thing to just say ‘yes’, even though that’s exactly what she wanted to do. Instead, she took inspiration from Green and said it without words.

Sophie fixed them each with her gaze before looking away from the path into the trees, focusing on a spot, and confidently picking her way through the low branches, knowing they would follow.

She could feel their eyes on her back, her ass, roving along the insides of her thighs as she ducked and strode away from the trail, leading them in an unhurried chase.

Her trembling knee buckled just a little as a branch shifted under her foot, but she bit her lip again and carried on, feeling the breeze wrap around her body in a lazy vortex.

Every sound seemed louder, each crackle and rustle of foliage under their feet, the gristle of bark under Sophie’s hand as she gripped it for balance.

She looked back and watched both pairs of eyes slowly lift from her body to meet hers, the same expression on both faces. Sophie felt an anticipatory clench around her toy, she was really doing this…

She enjoyed the tease of it, skipping ahead a little so she could turn and watch them, waiting for them as she breathed deeper and felt her pulse as a steady bang against her chest.

Green grinned when he caught her eye, as the pair caught up in a small low clearing.

They were away from the trail now, someone would actually have to come looking to notice them here. But there were still occasional glimpses through the branches as the wind moved them, making Sophie’s taut nipples pulse with the idea that someone would see just enough to be turned on.

Green came closer to her, his hand catching hers as she stepped in close. She found she had missed him, followed the suddenly strong urge to hug him for a moment.

Shyness seemed to come in waves, but she held on to him and shut her eyes for a second, let the feeling pass. Green’s hands were affectionately caressing her body, his light touch exciting her exposed skin as he traced fingertips around the bottom hem of her sports bra, clearly looking forward to the moment when he would just lift up and expose her breasts.

Sophie wanted him to, and thrust her chest out as he tugged on the fabric, his other hand taking a squeeze of her ass that made her squirm and lean into him more.

Her blush was radiant now, constant heat pouring from within. She was constantly aware of her hard clit, wet and eager inside her tight shorts.

Sophie felt the other man’s eyes on her and shyly lifted her gaze to meet his, realising they hadn’t gotten as far as introductions either.

The newcomer was a good mix of cute and handsome, perhaps slightly more the former. Not too tall or short, his muscles well defined without altering the slender lines of his shoulders. He watched her with an open appreciation, the almost-smug look of a guy who was biding his time, but with a sly edge in his blue eyes that couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing. Sophie decided that Blue was a good enough name for her second anonymous lover.

Blue seemed content to look for now, standing just out of arm’s reach as Sophie brought her attention back to Green’s grazing, teasing touches. He gripped her ass in both hands and Sophie clenched around her toy, the sensation taut and hot as she remembered the feel of his cock there.

Sophie squeezed her thighs together around his hand as he gripped her mound, sighing as the urgent tension in her clit threatened to burst.

She writhed and swayed in his arms as he turned her around for the other guy to see, displaying her for him. Sophie grinned and kept her eyes shut, a bargain with her own shyness so she could keep moving, keep thrusting her body to meet Green’s wandering hands.

He tugged her sports bra up and off with the rattle of earbuds coming free, the delightful wash of air on her chest. She moaned softly as he slid one hand up her body to grasp and tug on her nipple, the other slid down beneath her leggings and stroked two fingertips easily into her soaked, clenching pussy.

“Oohh…” She moaned again, a little louder this time. She turned her head to look at Green, plead with that warm smile to stop teasing her. She’d been ready for this since the second he ran up and smiled at her again. She’d fantasised about this every morning in bed since the first time, had re-enacted it in the shower with her favourite dildo a couple of times too.

It was different here though, where she could feel the breeze kissing her hot skin, his gentle fingertips slick in her pussy, his thick cock a hard bulge against her ass as she ground against him.

“Fuck…” Sophie arched forwards as Green began slowly circling her g-spot, almost bent double with her ass snug in his lap. She hung there in his grip, teased beyond her ability to concentrate on anything else. “Yes…” She hissed softly as his rhythmic circling made her clench around her toy, grind against his cock.

“So beautiful…” Blue said, Sophie looked up at him, saw he’d stripped off his hoodie and t-shirt, kicked off his trainers.

“Mmm…” She bit her lip again at the sight of his body, eyeing him slowly up and down before Green’s touches distracted her again.

Sophie was the last to notice crunching footsteps on the path, she hadn’t gone far into the trees and they were only hidden from sight, not sound. Green’s large hand clamped over her mouth and she shivered around his fingers still gently teasing her pussy.

He didn’t stop though, even as both men held their breath just in case someone heard them. Sophie grinned against his palm and tried to keep still, compromised with a slow wriggle in time with his fingertips. He circled her g-spot and then ran his soaked fingertips slowly over her clit, back and forth, back and forth.

Sophie moaned quietly to herself, not really caring who heard so long as no-one stopped. Green kept it up until the slow footsteps were gone, nuzzled her ear as he chuckled softly at her predicament.

Reluctantly, he let his hand slip from her gasping mouth, slowly withdrew his fingers from her pussy; openly sucking her taste from them as he picked up Sophie’s sports bra and headphones. Next he took her hand and led her a little further from the path.

Blue went ahead, and Sophie felt a pulse run through her clit as he turned and she saw he was rock hard for her inside those shorts, even though he carried his bundled up hoodie in front of his lap.

The men seemed to silently agree on a spot, the edge of a clearing where there was soft grass, no signs of people wandering through.

Green gripped Sophie by the hips and turned her around for a long, slow, I-was-thinking-about-this-all-week-too kind of kiss. She enjoyed him, put her arms around his waist and squeezed his ass, feeling him up the same way he was doing to her.

Blue came over, now the others had caught up, and leaned in to kiss Sophie’s cheek. It was an oddly chivalrous gesture from a half-naked, rock-hard stranger and Sophie appreciated the thought.

But she’d been teased quite enough now, so she kissed him back and gently bit his lower lip. Blue was a good name for him, Sophie confirmed, but it didn’t quite do those eyes justice. His hand rose to her breast, Green already having claimed her other one, and he toyed with her hard nipple as she kissed him.

Their other hands co-operated on some unspoken male level and peeled her shorts slowly down. Sophie kicked off her trainers too and hummed softly into another kiss as she was naked and free, worshipped by the two men’s hands.

Sophie was turned around between them, Blue’s hands on her ass pulled her closer to him. She kissed him again, enjoying his playful tongue against hers. It was a hell of an introduction, but like last time Sophie found herself going with it.

Green had taken a moment to shed his clothes, and Sophie felt the warm pulsing shaft of his cock first as it nestled snug against her ass. He cuddled her affectionately as she arched her back to feel him, big and thick and aching for her.

“God…” Sophie crooned as they both picked the same moment to kiss either side of her neck; she was so sensitive there it made her legs go weak. Soft little kisses as Blue lowered his head to her breasts, as Green sucked her earlobe, as the three of them settled into an easy three-way hug.

She had a hot, gorgeous, rock-hard man in front of and behind her. She was dizzy and tingling with the sensation of four hands caressing her body, two mouths softly kissing her.

Green had noticed the flared base of her plug as he rubbed his shaft against her ass, chuckled softly against her cheek as he continued to teasingly make out with her.

Sophie was open-mouthed and panting as Blue sweetly bit her large nipple and then sucked on it, the warmth flooding outwards under her skin. Green was pressing on the base of her toy now, subtly fucking her, making her feel the fullness of it before he gripped it and slowly eased it out.

Sophie was looking straight up when she opened her eyes, her head relaxed against Green’s shoulder as he started playing with her tits; gripping them just hard enough to make them throb with sensation, tweaking her nipples to make her writhe against his cock.

They turned her around, facing Green as Blue now became intensely interested in her ass. He sank to his knees and kissed her butt, nuzzling between her cheeks as his tongue licked slowly upward.

“Oh God…” It was a familiar blasphemy for Sophie, but she said it with feeling as she felt Blue’s tongue press into her. After the internal throb of her toy, the soft wet of his tongue was perfectly contrasting.

She wiggled against Blue’s mouth as he lovingly kissed, licked, and softly tongue-fucked her ass; but Green took her chin in his hand and watched her up close, leaning in to kiss her cheek, teasing her by turning her face away when she tried to kiss his mouth.

Always playful, Green’s eyes reflected the thrill in Sophie’s. She reached down and gripped his cock by the base; bit his lip as he kissed her to focus his attention.

Fuck me. Sophie said without words. Fuck me right here.

Green held onto her chin as he kissed her, nodded as he bit her tingling lip.

Sophie felt a strong grip behind her knee and went with it, allowed herself to be half lifted, opened herself completely to them. Blue’s tender ravishing of her ass combined with all of those teasing kisses had left her soaking wet, her thigh trembling as she stood on one foot being caressed by them both.

Blue rose up behind her in a trail of kisses along her spine, licking her skin. Sophie wobbled as her other knee was hoisted up and she was suspended between them.

Green smiled at her, re-assuring and warm, kissed her chest as the men both lifted her up between them, each of her knees held in the crook of an elbow. She trusted them not to drop her, shivered with sudden nerves as she imagined someone watching all this.

They nuzzled and kissed her neck again, they caressed her exposed, blushing, spread-open body between theirs. Blue tousled her hair in his free hand, letting it down from the tight binding she used for jogging, keeping the hairband around his wrist. He nuzzled the back of her neck, breathing in her scent as he swept her hair over her other shoulder so he could kiss along the nape of her neck.

“Hold tight.” Green grinned at her, caressing her ass with slow strokes of his palms as Blue gripped his cock and began rubbing it against Sophie’s pussy.

It was another of their delicious teases, and she didn’t really think about where it was going until Blue was rubbing the slick tip of his cock between her cheeks.

Sophie blushed in one long hot pulse, put her arms around Green’s shoulders for support. She nodded, answering the question before anyone asked.

She was up for this.

Blue teased her just a little more though, kissing her earlobe and then her cheek as he ground his shaft against her butt.

“Mhmm…” Sophie buried her face in Green’s shoulder as she got as close to pleading as she thought possible. She needed this. She’d needed this since last time, and she’d needed that for a long time before then.

Sophie stuck her ass out for his cock, busied herself kissing Green’s neck as another wave of tingling flooded through her skin. Green stroked her hair away from her neck, caressing her ear with his thumb, soothing her in his arms.