Erik walked down the steps in between the rows of benches in the lecture hall, and picked a seat. The row he chose was about two-thirds of the way up from the front of the hall; far enough up to not have to pay too much attention, yet not so far in the back that it would look like he was trying to not have to pay attention.

A similar process went into selecting the actual seat. Three seats from the edge of the row. Close enough that he could get up and leave with ease if the class proved too boring, but it wouldn’t look like that’s what he was doing. After several years at university, Erik was an expert at this.

Things had been different in high school. Back when attendance was mandatory, he’d never missed a class. He was far too honest for that. But now, in university, where attendance was not mandatory, he usually only went to a few lectures before he figured out whether actually going to class had any added value over just reading the textbook. Unfortunately, since most university professors are more interested in their research than instructing students, the classes that he did think were worth attending were few and far between.

This, however, was the first lecture of a brand new class in a new semester, so he had to attend it to form an opinion. At least the professor for this class had a reputation of being a good teacher, so he was mildly hopeful. Although, since this class was at ten in the morning on a Monday, he needed a very good reason to come here every week.

He looked around at the other students filing into the lecture hall. It was all the usual people that he knew from previous years. A few people greeted him as they walked in, and he smiled back at them. Since he rarely actually went to class, he didn’t interact with most of them much outside of assignments that required working together. They were all nice enough, but he wouldn’t consider any of them friends. His social life, in as much as he had one at all, was almost entirely outside the university.

He was twenty-six years old, a bit older than most other students here, because he’d taken a few years in between high school and university. He found many of his fellow students a bit immature as a result; another reason why he tended to keep himself apart.

There were a few unfamiliar faces, but not many. Most of the hall was empty; the computer science department at this university was not that big, and even then, not everyone would be taking this advanced class. It meant that he could sit alone, which suited him fine.

It all looked like an average start to an average class, until she walked in. Entering through the double doors in the back, she was hard to miss. Just the fact that she was a girl in a computer science class would’ve been somewhat remarkable, but that was not the reason why he—and indeed everyone else in the room—was staring at her.

She was very pretty, he noticed. Her slightly angular face was framed by dirty blonde hair that hung down to between her shoulders. Her nose was cute and a bit pointy, and luscious lips curled up in a friendly smile. That same smile was reflected in her deep blue eyes as she looked around the hall curiously. She was tall, with long, slender legs clad in very tight jeans. Dainty feet were revealed by the sandals they were in. He couldn’t see her ass, but the rest of her hinted that good things would be waiting for him when she turned around.

She was obviously new here; Erik couldn’t remember ever seeing her before. Not in his other classes, or anywhere on campus for that matter. He wasn’t that great at remembering faces, but he knew with absolute certainty that they’d never crossed paths before. Not only would he easily remember a face as gorgeous as that one, there was something else that would’ve burned her into his mind forever. The thing that was the reason why the entire class was staring at her.

Her chest was gigantic.

Now, we’re not talking about the kind of boobs you find in Playboy magazine. We’re not talking about the kind of boobs you see in a porn movie. Even big tit fetish models would pale in comparison to what he was seeing here.

These were the kind of tits that Erik had no idea were even possible. Stuffed inside of a tube top that—despite obviously being custom-made—was clearly not up to the task were two enormous pale globes of flesh that defied a rational explanation. Even squashed somewhat by her top, they protruded dozens of centimetres from her chest.

He couldn’t begin to guess what her cup size was; the alphabet just wasn’t long enough. He even struggled to think of a comparison that would work. Watermelons? Way too small. Beach balls? Not even close. Medicine balls, the kind they used for exercising at the gym, were getting closer, if you considered the largest sizes they used. Even then he expected he was underestimating it.

They covered up the entire front of her torso, and stuck out to her sides quite a bit. Soft, creamy flesh bulged out the top of her tube top, showing what seemed like endless cleavage. The leather jacket she was wearing was open, and Erik knew there was no way in hell she could ever close it. It did little to hide anything from view.

Erik, and everyone else in the hall, watched her as she started to walk down the stairs. The way the bulging tits wobbled and bounced with every step made Erik think they had to be real, which was insane. No girl could be that big. It didn’t happen. It couldn’t happen. Then again, implants were never that big either. The only thing approaching this he’d ever seen was those silly, obviously fake latex prosthetics. This didn’t look anything like those either.

She walked with grace and poise, and perfect posture, which shouldn’t have been possible at all. If they were real, they should be way too heavy for her to even stand up straight, let alone walk. Yet, she didn’t seem to have any problems. She also didn’t seem bothered by all the stares she was getting; Erik suspected she was used to them.

This girl was the definition of sexy, Erik thought. If you looked up “smoking hot” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of her. Erik had always liked big breasts; his last girlfriend had been a double D, which he’d loved. He’d never known himself to be into huge breasts, though; certainly, he’d never imagined anything this big. Fake tits didn’t appeal to him at all, and natural breasts beyond a certain size were only found on women of a certain size, and that wasn’t his thing either.

These, though, didn’t look fake at all, and the girl they belonged to was slim and fit. They were natural, and almost absurdly full, which made Erik quite certain that they wouldn’t sag too much when unsupported, even though they really ought to at this size. It was unlike anything he’d ever seen, and it was making him uncomfortably hot. He felt his dick stir in his pants as he watched her walk. He would never have imagined he could be attracted to breasts that big, yet here he was, feeling more excited than he’d ever been in his life.

Erik looked away as she approached his row of seats, not wanting to appear rude. He was praying she’d sit on his side of the hall, somewhere in front of him. Those puppies were easily big enough to be seen from the back, and the stadium seating of the lecture hall would mean he could probably look down at her cleavage over her shoulders if she was close enough to him. He felt dirty for thinking it; he really shouldn’t be objectifying her like that, but he couldn’t help himself. He was also already trying to think of an excuse to talk to her after class. He knew it’d be pointless; a girl this unbelievably hot had to have a boyfriend, but he would never forgive himself if he didn’t at least try to get to know her.

His heart pounded in his chest when he noticed, out of the corner of his eyes, that she stopped at his row of seats. He risked more of a direct glance as she was scanning around the room for a place to sit, and he just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The jacket hid the separation between her torso and her chest, but it was immediately obvious that she wasn’t fat, at all. The things straining the tube top to its limits were all boobs; the rest of her was slim, and so incredibly pretty. Without those boobs she would’ve been a real knockout, and with them…

She continued looking for a seat until her eyes stopped on one that suited her. Erik nearly had a heart attack and had to look away quickly when he realised that what she was looking at was the seat right next to where she was standing. The aisle seat of his row. Two chairs to his right!

She placed her purse on the floor by the seat, and started to remove her jacket. The movement caused the fabric of her top to shift around those gargantuan beauties, and Erik began to wonder how she was even fitting in there. The garment felt like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, and if that did occur it would cause some additional problems for Erik, and presumably most of the males in the class.

Her bare shoulders and arms were revealed when she took the jacket off and hung it over the back of the chair. If there had been any doubt about how hot she was before, this was now dispelled. There just wasn’t any part of her that wasn’t desirable. It also revealed there were no straps over her shoulders, which meant she wasn’t wearing a bra. The only thing holding up her top was the pressure of those overendowed wonders pushing against them.

She sat down in the chair sideways, her back to him. As he’d suspected, her tremendous tits were easily visible from behind. He also had the opportunity to look over her delightful backside; her ass was full, but not too big, and every bit as delicious as he’d hoped. After sitting down, she began to turn to look forward, and he once again had to avert his eyes, trying to make it look like he wasn’t staring. To help establish his cover, he folded the lecture desk in front of him down and began to take his laptop from his bag, all while still glancing surreptitiously over at the girl who was squeezing into her seat.

Squeezing was definitely the right word to use. Her immense chest filled all the available space between her and the barrier behind the row of seats in front of them. Compressing them down even further than the tube top already had, Erik could swear he heard the wood creak as she struggled to get her magnificent chest into the small space. They bulged up even further, almost pushing against her chin.

She used her arms to push down the protruding flesh, but it didn’t help much. At the bottom, they were constricted by the tube top, and her legs. Sitting in her lap, they had nowhere else to go but up. Shrugging, she accepted defeat and left them as they were.

She looked at him, and Erik felt like a deer in headlights. Had she seen him staring? Would she be offended? Yet her smile seemed completely friendly. She seemed almost oblivious to all the attention she was getting. “Hi,” she said simply, extending a hand. “I’m new here.”

God, even her voice was sexy. Erik just sat there, staring at her, unable to speak. His only saving grace was that he was at least staring at her face right now. Such a lovely face too, with gorgeous blue eyes. Erik felt himself blushing, and hoped she wouldn’t notice.

“I’m Jessica,” she offered gently, apparently not minding his behaviour. “What’s your name?”

“Um… Erik,” he stammered. He realised she was still holding her hand up, and he hastily took it. Her skin was warm and soft, and he briefly imagined what it would be like to kiss it.

She shook his hand, and after letting go she pulled down the lecture desk of the empty seat in between them. “Do you mind if I use this desk?” She asked him, smiling sheepishly. “I, um, can’t use my own.”

He looked in front of her; the desks in this hall folded up against the barrier of the next row, to make it easier to get into and out of the seats. Jessica’s desk was now trapped between those soft globes and the barrier, entirely hidden from view.

He shook his head hurriedly. “N… no, of course not! Go ahead.”

She beamed at him. “Thanks!”

Erik wanted to keep talking to her, even if just to have an excuse to keep looking in her direction. “D… do you have the textbook?” The purse she had with her was too small to hold it, so maybe they could share his. Any excuse to get closer to her.

She gave him a devious smirk. Then, she did something so ridiculous Erik had trouble believing it. She plunged her hand into her enormous cleavage. Most of her forearm disappeared into the chasm in between those massive orbs. Despite their softness, the way they were constricted by the top and the seat made it a tight squeeze. She felt around in her cleavage for a few moments, making her boobs jiggle around. Erik’s eyes nearly bulged out of his face—and they weren’t the only things he could feel bulging—as he was convinced the top couldn’t take much more of this.

When she pulled her arm out, she was holding the textbook, and put it on the desk. She repeated the process, and pulled out a notebook and pen. “Who needs a bag, anyway?” She said playfully.

Erik swallowed, hard. “What else do you have in there?” He asked before he realised what he was saying, his eyes still glued to her cleavage. Everyone in the hall was looking at her, but he felt like the show was just for him.

She raised an eyebrow. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” she teased.

Erik couldn’t believe it. Was she actually flirting with him? How could someone who looked like her even consider him worthy of a look, let alone flirting?

He wanted to say something, maybe try to flirt back if he had the guts to do it, but was prevented when the professor entered the room. The middle-aged man at the front of the room turned on the projector, and showed a slide with the name of the class. “Welcome, everyone,” he said as the murmurs in the hall died down. “My name is Professor Jenkins. I see we have pretty good attendance today; let’s see if we can keep it that way for the whole semester.”

Erik already knew he would be attending this class, if Jessica was going to. Heck, he was already thinking he should figure out what other classes she was taking and make sure he went to all of them. Maybe he could even swing it so they’d be sitting together at each class. She’d already talked to him, after all.

The professor began to introduce the topic of the class, but Erik was having serious trouble paying attention. It wasn’t easy to focus on anything else when the girl of his dreams was sitting next to him. No, that was selling her short; nothing he’d ever dreamed of had gotten close to Jessica. He’d certainly never dreamed of breasts that big, but now he knew he’d never dream of anything else, ever again. He kept glancing over at her, hoping he wasn’t being too obvious. He just couldn’t get over how incredibly hot she was.

Her face would’ve been enough to make her hot. Her toned and slim frame would’ve been enough to make her hot. Her ass, her legs, her smile… all were beyond compare. But to find all of those things in one package, combined with the biggest breasts on the planet… it was just insane. Every single time he looked over at her his heart skipped again as his eyes just couldn’t believe the sight of those mountains protruding in front of her. The vast expanses of flesh bulging out of her top, almost reaching her face, looked so soft, so inviting. He wanted to touch them, badly.

It had to be a dream, Erik decided. There’s no way any of this was remotely real. It’d been over a year since he broke up with his last girlfriend, and clearly his subconscious was creating this absurd scenario in his sleep to compensate for his lack of sex. He’d wake up soon, and then he’d have to go to the real class, in the waking world, where there would be no huge-breasted goddess sitting next to him.

However, if this was a dream, and he was now aware that it was a dream, shouldn’t he be able to change things? Wasn’t that how lucid dreaming worked? He tried imagining the girl next to him naked. It was difficult, since it wasn’t like he’d ever seen anyone he could compare her to. Would her nipples be big too, proportionate to her breasts? Then again, if this was a dream, he’d be able to decide.

His imagination was showing him the beautiful naked tits, so huge and full and soft, a vivid image in his mind that made his pants uncomfortably tight. However, reality refused to change. He tried wishing the other people in the lecture hall away, and that didn’t work either. Lastly, he imagined her boobs growing even bigger, overwhelming the poor top and revealing themselves that way—he had no idea where that thought even came from—but that didn’t happen either.

He pinched himself, and felt the stab of pain. So, not a dream after all, he guessed. Yet he couldn’t change the path his mind had gone on, and he was now imagining what those magnificent breasts would feel like against his hands. Forget a handful; these would be an armful. He could hug his whole torso against each tit. They looked so soft; it would feel wonderful, he was sure. He longed to find out how heavy they were, to feel their weight in his arms. Kissing them, sucking on them, would feel even nicer, he imagined. Or how about kissing those lovely, full lips?

He was wrenched back to reality by the sound of her pen dropping on the floor in between them. It had rolled off the desk after she put it down, and came to a halt underneath her chair. She tried to reach down, but her upper body didn’t have enough freedom of movement with her chest wedged into the seat like that. As much as she tried, she couldn’t even reach the floor, let alone the offending object. Her only option would be to get up, fold the chair up, squeeze into the gap as best she could to retrieve the pen, then sit back down again. Something she wouldn’t be able to do in the middle of a lecture without attracting a lot of attention.

She noticed he’d seen the pen drop, and looked at him pleadingly. “Do you mind?” She whispered.

He had to swallow, and nodded. The pen was underneath her chair, and the desk of the seat in between them was in his way. Since that seat was folded up, he at least had enough space to get down there, but it was still going to put him in incredibly close proximity to her.

He bent over, and reached his hand under the seat. He realised, too late, that that was the wrong approach. He should’ve gotten off his seat and got his head under there. By trying to reach with just his arm, his face was now mere centimetres from her left breast. The huge tit was spilling out of the space for her seat, and pushed against the desk of the seat between them. There was no way he could reach the pen without touching his head against it.

Jessica tried to help him, and pushed the breast aside to give him space. The pliant flesh had some give to it, but since it was already so constricted, it didn’t help much. It meant her hand was now brushing his cheek, which was almost as bad. Her skin was so soft, and he could even smell her from here, a sweet scent that lit fires in the deepest parts of his brain.

He fumbled around for the pen, unable to see much of what he was doing, his vision entirely eclipsed by the enormous breast. His fingers made contact, but accidentally knocked it a few centimetres farther away. He bent down further, reaching for it. His quest for the recalcitrant writing implement distracted him enough that he didn’t realise that he now had his face pushed firmly against that wall of breast flesh.

He only noticed it when his fingers closed around the pen. The fabric of her tube top separated his cheek from her skin, but he could still feel her warmth, and the unbelievable softness of the flesh underneath. He quickly rose up, knocking his head into the desk, then sat up straight, blushing crimson.