Mo’tul Ironbreaker was a singular orc of singular taste. At least that’s what she liked to think. While her fellow green fleshed brothers and sisters prefered to empty their potent seed into the likes of elves and humans, Mo’tul prefered dwarves and halflings.

There was just something breathtaking and awe inspiring about watching her big orc cock plunge into the needy cunts of the women she had chosen to bed. It was beautiful watching them mewl and writhe as her cock reached deeper than any of the maggot sized dicks of their own kind. It gave her a sense of pride and accomplishment to know that they were ruined for dwarves and halflings ever again; these hungry women would have to seek out her brethren to feel like that once more.

We will stop at this town for food, drinks, and beds” her tribe-sister and hunt-leader Re’esh grunted in orcish. Mo’tul nodded, she’d be glad to wash the week’s worth of blood, sweat, and dirt from her body; a desire that, again, set her apart from her brethren but it was far easier to entice a bedmate after one had bathed rather than reeking of death and dead things.

The local inn, The Graceful Goat, was of a decent size, Mo’tul had seen bigger in her travels, but she wasn’t complaining. After a hard week of hunting and trapping, she would have been glad for even a cup of weak elf wine and a bed of hay. Here, they might even have something strong enough for an orc and a real bed, another weakness of hers.

Many different races mingled inside of inn, all eating or drinking and sharing tales. All of which stopped as soon as the orc hunting party walked in. Re’esh walked to the human nervously cleaning mugs behind the bar, leaving Mo’tul and her other two tribe-sisters to take in their surroundings.

That’s when Mo’tul saw her.

A buxom halfling woman. Her red hair fell in long ringlets around her face, some sticking up and frazzled from what sure had been a long day’s work. She carried a tray piled with food and went from table to table, giving the patrons what they had ordered. For the fools who dared get her way on her mission to feed the hungry masses, a quick elbow jab or shoulder shove were their reward, not once spilling a single bit of food or drink.

Mo’tul’s cock twitched as the halfling woman slammed the tray down and began threatening a nearby human for pinching her ass. Not that Mo’tul could blame him from what she could see, it was large and beautifully fleshy. A wonderful cushion for fucking this tantalizing creature from behind.

The halfling turned to face the she-orcs at the door and an immediate look of anger and annoyance found its way to her face. Before Mo’tul knew it, the woman was marching over to her group, looking from orc to orc before finally settling on Mo’tul as she was at the front and center of the group.

“Do you speak common?” The halfling bluntly asked, her voice was raspy and deep, just how Mo’tul liked.

“We do.” Mo’tul replied, “we are a hunting party. We do not come for war. Only trading. We wish to eat and sleep here.” She added. The halfling gave the group a once over before nodding and pointing to a nearby, empty table.

“That one is yours if any of you want food and have the coin to buy it.” she said, “As for beds, it looks like your companion is speaking with the innkeeper so it’ll be up to him if you’re staying here tonight.” At this, the halfling lady looked over at the bar and towards the human male and she-orc chatting at the counter, “though, Marcus is a good man and if your coin is good, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to stay.”

Mo’tul nodded, observing the two at the counter. Her hunt-leader was excitedly talking to the man, probably telling him of their success on this hunt. He was enthusiastically responding, his eyes even flitting down to observe Re’esh’s muscled and toned body. At this Mo’tul snorted in exasperation but she was proud that a human man was interested in Re’esh. If only she could get the same look from this halfling woman, her week, nay, her month would be made!

She grunted to her tribe-sisters and gestured towards the table. No sooner than they had sat down did the halfling woman return to their side, “We have meat pies tonight so if you’d like to eat something else then tough. Drinks?”

‘I’d like to eat you,’ the thought came unbidden into Mo’tul’s mind, a salacious smile coming to her face at the mental image of her head between the halfling woman’s thighs. Her tribe-sisters looked to her and she nodded.

“Meat pies will be fine. Do you have good strong ale?” Mo’tul asked. The woman nodded and looked towards Marcus who was still chatting with Re’esh. The woman rolled her eyes and turned back to the seated orcs, “Will that be all?” She asked, annoyance creeping its way into her voice.

Mo’tul saw this as her chance and took it, “Your name?” She asked, a confident smirk on her lips. The woman quirked an eyebrow and rolled her eyes at the rather obvious flirtation.

“My name is not on the menu.” She said. Motul’s tribe-sisters chuckled , perturbing the she-orc but she shrugged it off with another smile and a relaxed stretch,

“Too bad, I’m sure it would be the most beautiful item on the menu. And you never said no.” Mo’tul said. To her credit, the halfling woman only nodded in agreement. She stared at Mo’tul for a moment before finally letting her cherry-red lips spread into a smile,

“Jarva.” She said. Mo’tul returned the smile and bowed her head in respect,

“I’m Mo’tul Ironbreaker of clan Fire-Eagle.” She grunted, puffing her chest out in pride. Jarva giggled and returned Mo’tul’s earlier bow with one of her own.

“Well, Mo’tul Ironbreaker of clan Fire-Eagle, I will fetch your food and ale.” She said. And with that, Jarva was off towards what Mo’tul assumed was the kitchen.

Do you plan to bed the halfling?” Mo’tul’s tribe-sister, Urugresh, asked in orcish. Mo’tul smirked and nodded earning her rough and proud smacks on her back.

May your children have hair as red as the Fire-Eagle!” Her other tribe-sister, Tulon said while slamming her large fist on the table.

Whose children will have red hair?” Re’esh asked as she made her way over to the table. Tul’on and Urugresh began chuckling as Mo’tul’s cheeks darkened. Joking about bedding someone with her tribe-sisters was one thing, but her hunt-leader could shut down any notion Mo’tul had about fucking Jarva.

Mo’tul wishes to bed the serving wench.” Tulon replied. Mo’tul shot the orc a glare but said nothing. She sat quietly but strongly, her eyes challenging Re’esh to forbid her from bedding Jarva, her hand went to her dagger. Re’esh’s eyes followed this action and did the same to her own.

A tray of food and drinks were slammed on the table, startling the she-orcs.

“There will be none of that!” Jarva growled, wagging her finger angrily at both Re’esh and Mo’tul, “I just cleaned these floors and I won’t have you two making a mess of them again!” Jarva begin placing plates of food and pitchers of ale on the table in front of the she-orcs. She shot them one final glare before turning away and going to take care of the other patrons.

Urugresh let out a low chuckle as she began digging into her meat pie, breaking the spell Jarva had seemingly put on the group. Re’esh pulled her hand from her dagger and Mo’tul gratefully did the same. She didn’t really want to fight Re’esh but she had to at least challenge her or be deemed weak by the others.

Silence fell on the group, the only sounds were their chewing and slurping as they took in their food and drink. Once all the food and drink was gone a new sound began emanating from Urugresh, sot groans and moans. Mo’tul leaned back and looked into Urugresh’s lap to see that Tulon’s hand had fished out Urugresh’s cock and was stroking it under the table, the soft green organ hardening with every stroke of Tulon’s hand. Mo’tul watched as Urugresh reached and began massaging the crotch of Tulon’s breeches, the fabric beginning to tent as her own cock hardened.

Mo’tul looked around the tavern, hoping that no one was looking at the she-orcs. She didn’t really care about Tulon or Urugresh getting familiar with each other, but the other species, especially elves, were far more judgemental about public sexual relations and looked down upon the orcs for engaging in public acts.

No one was paying attention to them, though, Mo’tul knew that the two would soon retire to their room to actually fuck each other. Hopefully that would be sooner rather than later before they went even farther and someone saw them.

As if on cue, Jarva appeared, a pitcher of ale to refill their empty mugs. Re’esh met her eyes as Jarva saw Tulon and Urugresh groping at each other’s crotches, their grunts of pleasure the only noises emanating from the group.

“You should take that up to your room. As I told your friends, I just cleaned this floor. And I will cut off your orc-cocks and feed them to you if you cum on my floor.” Jarva growled as she poured ale into the empty mugs. Re’esh chuckled and placed a metal key on the table in front of the two she-orcs.

Here is the key to your room. Go fuck each other there.” Re’esh said. Urugresh put her cock away, smirking. Both she-orcs stood, not caring if anyone saw their tented breeches. Tulon took the key and the two left, each one threatening the other how hard they’ll fuck tonight in orcish.

Re’esh smirked and downed her own ale, “I plan on fucking Marcus tonight, Mo’tul. He was was very obvious in how much he desired me. He has his own room so I will be staying there. Sleep in the room with Urugresh or Tulon or where ever you wish, even fucking the dwarf if you want.” She said, standing up.

May I breed her?” Mo’tul asked, her cock twitching at the prospect of fucking that beautiful halfling specimen. Re’esh let out a hard bark of laughter and turned her gaze between Jarva and Mo’tul.

You know, why not. If she lets you breed her then go ahead. Put your seed in her belly and let it grow. A child with fiery hair would bring honor to our clan and appease the Fire-Eagle.” Re’esh replied. Mo’tul nodded and bid Re’esh a good night in the common tongue. The hunt-leader walked to the counter and began speaking to Marcus who immediately put down his glass and went to walk upstairs. Jarva followed this exchange intently, growling in annoyance as the two disappeared into what Mo’tul guessed was Marcus’s private quarters.

“Does Marcus do that often?” She asked, hoping to start a lengthy conversation with Jarva.

“No, generally he’s a dedicated worker. This place is his pride and joy. He’s impulsive, though.” Jarva said, turning back to face Mo’tul, “so now I’m stuck with taking care of the customers for the rest of the evening.”

“I guess requesting a bath is out of the question then,” Mo’tul replied, smirking so Jarva could see she was joking. Jarva shook her head and did a cursory glance around the room to see if anyone else needed refills or was trying to get her attention.

“Sadly, no. You do stink to the high heavens, though.” Jarva replied, winking. Mo’tul laughed. It was true. She certainly agreed. A weird look began to spread across Jarva’s face, Mo’tul wasn’t exactly sure what it could be but then a large grin broke across Jarva’s face.

“You could help me, though. You help me take care of the customers and I’ll draw you a bath in my quarters. That sound fair?” She asked. Mo’tul grabbed her mug and quickly drained the contents before slamming it back on the table,

“That seems fair. I definitely could use the bath.” She replied, not to mention that an opportunity to be naked in the halfling woman’s presence meant she might be able to bed Jarva.

Jarva began to quickly spout out what she wanted Mo’tul to do. None of it was particularly hard or technical, for which Mo’tul was grateful. She didn’t know the intricacies of what went into baking a meat pie but she could certainly give patrons more ale, clean tables, and clean some of the dishes when she could.

It was definitely not the work she was used to being an orc huntress but she enjoyed it nonetheless. Especially because she got to unabashedly flirt with Jarva every chance she got. The halfling was fairly receptive to the she-orc’s innuendos and double entendres. Though, Mo’tul also guessed it could have been that Jarva was used to it working in this establishment. And that mean that she often had to deal with flirtatious customers.

It made Mo’tul’s head hurt, to be honest. She might have been “more civilized” than her other tribe-sisters but that didn’t mean that she knew everything that went behind courting one of the other species. It was certainly a headache. But what she did know was that attempting to breed with someone wasn’t exactly courting.

The evening passed by quickly and all the customers were easily taken care of and no one was left in the tavern. Mo’tul helped Jarva finish washing the final dishes before they locked the front doors.

“All right, Mo’tul Ironbreaker,” Jarva said, smirking, “I am a woman of my word. Please follow me. Come on now.” And she began walking up the stairs to her private quarters. Mo’tul’s cock jumped at the word “come”, almost certain that Jarva had put extra emphasis on it.

Jarva’s quarters were modest but still filled with personal touches that the halfling woman had added herself. The walls must have been thick or somehow dampened with magic as Mo’tul could just barely hear the groans and moans of her fellow orcs and that’s if she listened very very hard.

Jarva began fiddling with the wooden tub in the corner before water began flowing out of the faucet and into the tub, somehow already steaming hot. Mo’tul was surprised and looked to Jarva for an explanation.

“Magic.” Jarva replied with a shrug. Mo’tul accepted the explanation and stuck her hand in the water ensuring it was a good temperature. It was. Mo’tul waited for the tub to fill and didn’t even notice that Jarva had poured them both mugs of mulled wine. They both drank deeply, maybe a little too deeply, and Mo’tul had to stop herself from licking the droplets from Jarva’s neck as the halfling chugged her wine.

Jarva wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smacked her lips. She was an extremely attractive woman, Mo’tul couldn’t help but think. Jarva took the time to get out some of her personal soaps and oils for Mo’tul to use and then gestured to the bath.

“It’s getting full enough, I think. Don’t want the water spilling out when you get in it.” She said, sitting in a nearby chair. Mo’tul assumed that the halfling woman would turn around and hide her eyes when the she-orc began undressing. She assumed wrong. Mo’tul paused wondering if she should continue but the twinkle in Jarva’s eyes said to continue. So she did. Mo’tul stripped off her various hunting trophies and talismans she had accumulated over the years and then her filthy tunic.

Jarva’s eyes quickly devoured her hard abs and bound breasts. Her cock began to tent her breeches, Mo’tul was definitely enjoying this attention. She removed her breast bindings and let them bounce free, enjoying the freeing sensation as her nipples hardened at the contact of cooler air. Jarva licked her lips and sucked down more wine and Mo’tul smirked. With little pretense or show, she quickly kicked off her boots and socks and then in one fell swoop, pulled down her breeches and underclothes, letting her half-hard cock spring free. Jarva let out a small noise from the confines of her throat and coughed trying to cover it, Mo’tul was not so easily fooled.

She climbed into the hot water and enjoyed the soaking for a few moments. But that’s not why she was here, not really. Jarva walked over and peered into the tub and at Mo’tul,

“How is the water, Mo’tul?” Jarva asked, her voice even huskier than it was before.

“Excellent. I can feel all my stress and worry melting away.” She admitted. Jarva hummed in agreement and grabbed some of her soap. Mo’tul quirked an eyebrow at the action but leaned forward and began groaning as Jarva lathered up her naked back and scrubbed the lather with her hands.

“My my, Jarva, this tub isn’t the only magical thing here. Your hands are divine.” Mo’tul said as the halfling woman massaged the lather, probably a little more than was necessary Mo’tul figured. But it was sexy. Jarva chuckled and began rinsing off the she-orc’s back, cupping water in her hands and letting it fall over Mo’tul’s back.

Jarva pulled her hands away and Mo’tul sat back again, wondering what would come next. Jarva once more lathered her hands with soap and began to scrub at Mo’tul’s impressive biceps and then her chest, taking much care to avoid touching her nipples. Mo’tul gave her a questioning look but Jarva just smirked. Oh, so it was like that.

“You washing me would be far easier if you joined me.” Mo’tul growled as Jarva massaged her.

“Hmm. True. But then we might get water all over my floor. And that won’t do.” She teased, winking at Mo’tul. Jarva rinsed off Mo’tul’s chest and then a frown came across her face.

“Is everything alright, Jarva?” Mo’tul asked, concerned she had somehow done something wrong.

“No. I just realized I’d have to reach down inside the tub to continue washing you. Which means I’d get my clothes soaking wet. Not exactly how I planned this seduction.” Jarva replied, her brow knit in concentration. Mo’tul let out a loud bark of laughter and grabbed the soap from Jarva’s hands, lathering her own hands with it.

“No need to worry, I can wash my dick fine by myself. I’ll be out of here quicker than you can blink and then the real fun can begin.” Mo’tul replied, scrubbing the rest of her body at lightning speed. Jarva frowned but nodded and dried her hands off on a nearby towel before sitting on the bed and waiting for Mo’tul to finish.

She did, quickly, and began draining the soapy water from the tub with a quick tug of the stopper. The she-orc stepped out and onto the rug in front of the tub and began toweling off. When Mo’tul decided she was dry enough, she threw the towel to the side and began to slowly run her hands across her dark green flesh, feeling herself hardening at the self-ministrations.

Jarva licked her lips as she stared at the she-orc’s muscular body and hardening cock.

“You’re wearing far too many clothes, little one.” Mo’tul said, taking her cock in hand and giving a few tugs towards her quarry. Jarva’s pretty mouth split into a grin as she quickly divested herself of her dress and underclothes. There was no pretense here, not for tonight.

“Against the pillows.” Mo’tul ordered, stroking herself to her full hardness. Jarva licked her lips in anticipation while Mo’tul drank in the sight of the beautiful halfling woman. She was soft in all the right places, her breasts delightful handfuls capped with dusky areola and hardened nipples. She was beginning to flush, a red hue making its way across her face and chest. Jarva ducked her head slightly, shyly smiling as Mo’tul hungrily devoured her.

“What do you plan on doing now that you have me where you want me?” Jarva asked, her thick thighs rubbing together. Mo’tul smirked, licking her lips as the mental image from earlier once again made itself known.

“I have an idea.” She said, climbing onto the bed and crawling towards her prey, “but that will come in a bit. Right now, I want to enjoy you.” Jarva blushed even deeper and Mo’tul held back a groan at how fucking perfect she looked. Mo’tul positioned herself over Jarva, easily holding herself up with her powerful muscles. They locked eyes for just a moment before Mo’tul dipped her head down to gently capture Jarva’s perfect lips with her own. Mo’tul moved gently and slowly, letting the halfling get used to kissing an orc…even one with tusks as small as Mo’tul’s own. She let Jarva dictate the kiss, kissing her deeper when Jarva nipped at her lips and silently asking for entry. Mo’tul granted it, letting their tongues dance as they kissed deeply and passionately.