1. The Irishman at the End of the Bar- Chase Kramner investigates the murder of Willow Goldberg.
  2. Without a Whisper- Midge investigates the disappearance of Chase Kramner.
  3. The Walters Brothers- A prologue to Split Trails Ranch.
  4. A Perfect Match-William Kaiser investigates an arson hiding a murder.
  5. Split Trails Ranch- A western romance.
  6. A Shoulder to Cry On- Detective Chase Kramner investigates his friend’s murder.
  7. The Second Booth at Horseshoe Diner- Chase Kramner investigates a possible serial killer.
  8. Tomboy Sue- A tomboy flees from a rapist and world condemnation.
  9. Money Well Spent- What’s In It For Me.
  10. Great and Terrible Things- Cavalry Man musters out and meets the right woman.
  11. Eric & Will make a B Movie- Polygamy, porn stars, killer bears, naked natives.
  12. Esther’s Story- Re-write of Red, White and Blue Halloween.
  13. The Furies- A story of women and war.
  14. Warrior Queen- Sword Bitch… Wife and Mother… Warrior Queen.
  15. His Daddy’s Car- Can a classic car be the catalyst to restore lost love?
  16. My Hero-She spoke so eloquently that I couldn’t deny her.
  17. Road Trip- Tragedy leads to finding a new lifestyle and many lovers
  18. Hybrid- He saved her life, then she became his life.
  19. The Sorority- A sorority hazing video is the only lead in a murder case.
  20. Chasing The Last Road To Stockholm- UK man in USA, carjacked & on the run with goblins? Complete
  21. Late Night Conversations- Young Neighbors support each other during the Pandemic.
  22. Falling- A story of young romantic love.
  23. The Priest’s Virgin Concubine- A young priest discovers a bizarre midsummer fertility rite.
  24. Love, the Second Time Around-Amberle and Nichole have a contest.
  25. What Do I Do?- An explicit, erotic story involving three people’s passions.
  26. WBDP – Caribbean Cruise- Sam, Marcia and friends go sailing, sex ensues.
  27. Friday Night Alchemy- A comedy of modern manners.
  28. The Surprising Road Home- Retiring from USAF left him on the road to a new home.
  29. The Farmer and the Actress- A very simple but complex romance.
  30. A Christmas Play- A children’s Christmas play begins a love story
  31. Alien Impulses- Young man is abducted by advanced, sexy aliens.
  32. Unraveling a Cover-Up-Trying to fix a wrong and stay alive in the process.
  33. Battered But Not Broken- A wounded soldier learns how to make love again.
  34. The Telling of Our Lifetime- My daughter doesn’t belong here with him.