“Get a telescope.”

That was all the note said. I checked and it was post-marked from here in the city but with no return address. The hand-writing was fluid and broad, a woman’s hand wrote this. At first I thought it was something for the prior tenant of this apartment until I flipped the envelope over again and found my name in the same fluid script.

I had tossed it on the side table with the other mail a week ago and now I had another in my hand, the same stationery, this time the note said.

“Friday at 9, up 6 over 2, you are cordially invited to watch.”

I was intrigued, this time there was a lip print in deep red lipstick on the card and it had been perfumed. The scent was dark and spicy and I held my breath after breathing it in again. I walked over to the window of my new apartment and looked at the steel and glass of the building across the way. I looked up from the street below, mentally counting the floors in my head and found the window just a floor below mine. It currently only reflected the fading daylight.

I tapped the card against my thigh and noticed that she’d gotten my attention completely as I brushed my cock through the fabric of my slacks.

“Alright,” I thought, “let’s see what this is about.” I had no plans for Friday and hoped to get out of the office at a reasonable time. I looked around my the apartment. It was company owned in an upscale building, none of the furnishings were mine, I’d only brought my clothes and a toothbrush when I came to the coast to take this position. The apartment was a perk I’d gladly accepted since I was moving out of a place where I had several roommates to share the costs. Living on my own was a joy now that I had settled in. I had no friends here yet and though I’d been out with some folks after work I hadn’t really met anyone outside of work yet.

I poured myself a few fingers of the scotch my buddy had given me as a going away present and walked back towards the window. I still had the envelope and brought it to my nose, the peaty scent of the scotch overshadowed by the perfume. I had no idea how she got my name but that hadn’t worried me in the least.

I didn’t buy a telescope, I just set up my camera on its tripod when I got home, set it off to the side of the window and made myself some dinner. After the second recount of the days events I turned off the news and cleaned up the kitchen. I’d been checking the time often since it had gotten dark and shook my head. This has got to be a joke the last guy that lived here was pulling on me. I moved the camera and directed it to the window and found it dark. It was still a few minutes before seven so I went and poured myself another drink and took the envelope from the hallway table and lifted it to my nose. I checked the time and it was a few minutes past eight so I looked again, and saw light in the window. I looked through the viewfinder of my camera and there was a faintly lit, well appointed living room. There was a sofa and chair, and a nice coffee table, I could only just see the top of the sofa at this angle so the rest of the room was out of view. Like my place hers had a hardwood floors, and there was a long shelf or bookcase just beneath the window with items on it. The lights came on and I was dazzled for a moment as my eye adjusted. A woman walked into the room carrying her phone and a glass of wine. She was wearing a nice business outfit, the skirt was gray and pleasantly short and the blouse was black satin. I looked up when her head lifted and she had on a lace mask covering her eyes. I smiled at her desire to hide her identity. She looked up at my window and I froze, wondering if she could see me watching her. She lifted her wine glass in salute and took a long sip and set it on the window casement. She set her phone on a dock and tapped it a few times and began to sway slightly. She must have gotten the groove of the music she was playing because she began to dance in place. She was gorgeous, from here I couldn’t judge well but I could tell she was medium height with dark hair pulled up behind her head. The more she danced the more I noticed she had a killer figure.

“Holy shit.” I said with a soft chuckle.

She unbuttoned the cuffs of her blouse then began on the ones on the front. My cock instantly stiffened and tented my slacks. The song must have changed because she began to bump her hips in rhythmic circles even turning to show off her ass. She reached back and took the zipper of her skirt and pulled it slowly down. She crossed her legs at the ankle and pushed the skirt over her hips and down, leaning forward as she did. The black satin of her blouse covered part of her ass but what showed was perfection. She wore garters and black stockings and her legs were magnificent. She might be an office worker but her toned legs showed that she didn’t spend all of her time there. She stepped out of the skirt and took a few steps away from the window and laid it over the back of the sofa. When she returned to the window she took another long sip of her wine and licked her lips. They were the color of the wine and I looked down at the envelope in my hand and it appeared to be the same color she was wearing now.

She continued to dance to the music, the last button of her blouse held it closed though the tails occasionally lifted if she twirled, which she was doing often. The music must have picked up a beat as she was getting into it now, the black satin giving way to quick glimpses of her thighs above the stocking tops and I felt myself getting warm. I gulped the last of my scotch and looked again and she was gesturing at the top and hiking her thumb to the side. She lifted her palm as if to question me and I stuck my thumb up hoping she could see it. She did because she smiled which was beautiful in its own right. She shimmied around and undid the button and twirled around causing the blouse to open up and show off her figure. I don’t remember the point when I stopped breathing. I must have clicked the shutter without thinking because the resulting flash blinded me as it reflected off my window.

“Ow fuck!” I covered my eye with my hand.

I looked through the viewfinder again and the lights were off.

“Fuck!” I was angry enough to put my camera through the window. I went and refilled my drink and took a long pull. I turned out my own lights and by just the glow of the city lights beyond walked back to the window and looked down at hers. The room was still dark. I fucked it up. I set my camera aside out of the window and went over to the couch and sat down. I let out a snort as I reached down and stroked my still hard cock through the leg of mys slacks. I unzipped my fly and pulled it out giving it a few strokes while remembering her bent over to slip off the skirt. I set my drink on the coffee table and went to take a shower where I would be able to relieve myself without making a mess.

My doorbell rang and I wondered who would be here at ten, or for that matter, who would be here at all. I grabbed my robe and whipped it on as I went to the door to find the doorman from the lobby with an envelope.

“This came for you, the courier said it was urgent.”

“Thanks.” I said and took it closing the door.

It was the same stationery but this time without a stamp or post mark, and she’d only addressed it with my name and street address. I opened it quickly and noticed the envelope was thick. I pulled out the note and as I opened it a scrap of black lace fell out of it. I leaned down to pick it up, it was a pair of black lace panties, and they were damp.

Her writing was hurried and less artful. “Rookie mistake, I said a telescope, binoculars would have been fine as well. You missed out on what I was hoping would be a lovely evening. New watchers turn me on so much that I still had to cum after lights out. Enjoy the evidence and I’ll be in touch when I feel you’ve earned another chance.” I lifted the panties and they had a fresh, musky scent which made my cock twitch beneath my robe.

I kept an eye out on the windows for several nights but never saw the lights come up, or the blinds open and gave up hope.

I was on my way to work one morning when I got the inkling of an idea. When I got back to my building late that afternoon I talked with the doorman who had delivered the note to me. He said it had been dropped off by the doorman across the road.

“Do you guys talk much?”

He looked cautious. “Sometimes, same job, different side of the street. You know?”

“Any idea who lives on the sixth floor, left corner?”

The corner of his mouth raised and lowered quickly. “I don’t know by name but I’ve heard a few things.”


He looked around to make sure nobody overheard him. “I’ve heard she can put on quite a show when she’s in the mood.”

So this wasn’t something new.

“She must have moved in recently, in the past year or so. I’d never heard a peep about her before September. A few guys have tried to go over but get stiff-armed at the front door. She has a list, if you aren’t on it, she doesn’t get disturbed. I’ve heard it’s a very short list.”

“Any chance you know the apartment number?”

“That I know, it’s 602.” He was fighting a smile.

“It would seem I’m not the first to have asked.”

“No sir, you’re not. She’s a private person. One of my tenants once sent over a gift and it was sent back unopened.”

“I see. Thanks.” I palmed him a twenty for his trouble.

I went through with it when I got upstairs. I got off the phone and felt oddly worried that the bouquet I’d just ordered and the note I’d dictated, would be on my own doorstep tomorrow afternoon.

I spent the day distracted wondering if the flowers would be rebuffed or taken in. When I got home my doorman was smiling at me when he saw me walk in. He called me over and handed me an envelope, same stationery as before, no post, hand delivered. I thanked him and walked off, his knowing smile extended to my own mug as I walked toward the elevator. When I got in I stepped to the back and casually lifted the envelope to my face and there was a whiff of perfume. As soon as the elevator reached my floor I was down the hall and into my apartment in a flash. I hung my coat on the hook and set my case down nearly tearing the envelope in my haste. I stopped myself and walked over to the counter and poured myself a drink and walked to the window and looked down at her window. It was still light out and there were no lights on in her apartment. I set the tumbler down and slid a finger under the flap of the envelope.

“Thank you, they’re lovely. I suppose you’ve started asking around so I’ll give you a little inside information. You won’t cajole any info out of the guys in this building. They’re very protective of the occupants here. I don’t share information and I won’t accept yours, other than what I already know. I’ll divulge that I found that out from the boys downstairs in your building. I only know your name and apartment number. Since you were so kind as to apologize for your gaffe with such a lovely gesture I feel it’s time to return the favor. I hope you don’t have any other plans this evening. I hope to see you, seeing me, at nine.” It was signed for the first time with a large letter N and another lipstick imprint, this time the lips had been puckered into a kiss.

I had started lining the top of the shelf with the cards where they stood like tent cards at a banquet. I walked away from the window and decided on an early dinner. The news ended and I flipped through channels trying to calm my building excitement. I must have looked at the clock a dozen times in the last ten minutes before turning off the TV.

I got up and paced a bit and considered making myself another drink but I passed and just turned down the lights. I peeked through the new binoculars a few minutes early and the lights in that room were still off but I noticed a rim of light around the blinds in the next room over. I waited and a lamp in the living room came on and she walked around the coffee table and plopped onto the couch. She was wearing gray sweat pants, a long sleeve shirt and different colored socks. A far cry from her outfit the last time I’d seen her. She had on one of those face cleansing masks, some sort of face cream covered with a light paper oval with openings for her eyes nose and mouth. I chuckled at her ingenuity as she picked up the remote and started flipping through channels. I couldn’t see the TV screen but she stopped on something and tossed the remote on the cushion beside her. She didn’t do much for a few minutes but then got up and went out of sight. She came back with the bouquet and set it in front of the window and leaned in to inhale the fragrance of the flowers. She looked up at me and blew me a little kiss and walked out of view again. She came back with a drink with a straw in it. She puckered up taking a sip and set it down and lit the candles that sat in a tray on the table. She piled the pillows at the far end and laid back on the sofa with her legs facing me. She took the remote and flipped the channel again and set it down. A moment later she began to rub the front of her sweats, her fingers rubbing a tight circle. She stopped and slipped the hand inside and by the looks of the fabric was doing the same. Her other hand was rubbing her chest as she glanced at the TV and then at the window. She sat up and carefully pulled the top over hear head and tossed it on the chair. She wasn’t wearing anything beneath it and her breasts were fantastic, perfect natural mounds with small dark areola and the nipples standing erect. I felt my erection press the inside of my slacks and shook my leg to get a little relief from the pressure. She leaned back and put her thumbs to the sides of the sweat pants and slipped them out from under her ass and down her legs pushing them off. She kept the socks on. When she leaned back I realized just how stunning she was, her figure was right out of a men’s magazine centerfold. I felt myself breathing harder as my eyes scanned down her body, her trim waist gave way to a beautiful curved hip, her legs looked long from here. When she lowered her knee there was a sparse dark patch between her legs, neatly trimmed to a triangle pointing the way to heaven.

“Holy shit she is gorgeous.” I whispered aloud.

Her hands went back to work, one rubbing her breasts, and pulling at the nipples, letting them snap back. The other was rubbing gently between her legs, causing her to bring her knees together, her mouth hung open as she worked herself over. I was completely hard now and I stroked my cock through my pant leg. She lifted her leg and reached with it to the coffee table opening herself to her audience. She had two fingers buried inside of her and I felt myself panting like a dog as I scrambled to release my cock from it’s confines.

She lifted her palm and began driving her fingers into her pussy faster. Her back arched and she lifted her knees opening herself wide for her audience. Her body jerked in spasms several times and she fell back to the sofa. I stroked my cock as if I were a teenager with his first dirty magazine as I watched her massage her pussy slowly. She drew her fingers out and held them up to show me how wet she was, I could see it running down the palm of her hand. I didn’t think anything would top what I just saw until she drew it back and licked the palm clean and slid the fingers into her mouth.

I climaxed hard making a splattering noise as it hit the window but I didn’t look down. I couldn’t peel my eyes off her. She was licking each individual finger so as to not lose a drop, her legs still splayed wide open. I zoomed in as tight as the binoculars would go and noticed the faint light shimmering off the wetness between her legs.

“Fuck! I would kill a man for the opportunity to lick you clean.” I said aloud.

She eventually stood up and walked to the window where she leaned into the bouquet again. She smiled looked up at my window a blew me a kiss before giving me a little wave. She blew out the candles, showing off a wonderful backside as she did, picked up her clothes and left the room, turning the TV and lights off as she went.

I stared blankly out the window as I gathered my wits and settled my breathing. I looked down at the mess I had made, shook my head and washed up. I cleaned up the carpet and the window and sat down on the sofa with a few fingers of scotch and stared blankly at the wall. I ran through my mind how I could find a way to meet her in person and guessed from her coy attitude in her notes, and the statements made by the doorman, that I might screw up a good thing for everyone. She accepted the flowers though when he’d told me she returns gifts and notes unopened so maybe there was a way in through that channel. I decided to keep an eye on the bouquet and if it started to sag I would replace it with another. I can get notes in through the florist at least.

The next day when I got in the doorman flagged me down and handed me another envelope, his eyebrows rose and he gave me a knowing smile as I took it and thanked him.

I couldn’t get upstairs fast enough.

“Thank you for watching. You left the lights on and I could see your outline in the window. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.” There was a little winking smiley face penned in after that line. “I wasn’t exactly prepared for another show so I hope I didn’t scare you with my everyday look. I’m not sure what to do next for you, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.”

Once again signed with a large letter N and this time there was a heart next to it in pen with a small letter I in it.

Days went by and I kept careful watch over the window across the street with no new sightings. Either there was no one home or the blinds were drawn each time I checked. She took careful care of the flower vase, and she only started culling the wilted ones a week later. I saw my opportunity when they were about half gone, the few heartiest still held out but the vase was half empty now. I ordered another arrangement, and thought about what I wanted to say on the card and still be somewhat cryptic.

“It has only been a few days and I miss you terribly. I cannot wait to see you again.”

It sounded ordinary enough for any florist, but there was a hint of humor too. I liked it and had them send a different bouquet, after I described the first one, they said they could change it easily.

A few days later the door man flagged me down as I walked towards the mail boxes and handed me an envelope, a grin on his face.


“Until you moved in I’d seen maybe one or two of these, now they’re becoming regular. I think she likes you.”

I gave him a questioning look and then smiled myself unable to keep the air of indifference up. I took the envelope and walked into the hall where the mailboxes were. I opened my door and tossed the mail on the hall table and walked toward the window with her card in hand. I opened it in the fading light and drew it slowly out of the envelope.

“You’ve found one of my weaknesses rather quickly, you devil. Thank you once again for the lovely flowers. I’d like to tell you that you shouldn’t have, but I’m secretly glad that you did. I felt a small heartbreak at the loss of such beauty as I culled the wilted, withered blooms. I’ve often wondered if Georgia O’Keeffe felt the same, what with her fascination with flowers and bones. Of course it’s as easily noted that she was simply painting vaginas and covered her tracks by making them into flowers. You can’t fault her though, they are lovely.” There was a little drawing of a face winking at the end of the line.

Her signature was expanding, this time next to the letter N there was the heart with the small letter I and now there was a small letter N drawn in the shape of a sagging flower on a stem. Along with the lipstick print there was a small water color style drawing of a flower at the bottom. She had an artistic style and I was enjoying seeing these little additions if only because it meant she took time to write them.