The start of this story, like the start of many stories, doesn’t begin in a happy place, but it is a happy story, so I’ll try to rip the band-aid off as easy as I can. Bear with me! It’s worth it.

Once upon a time, there was a little princess and she was loved by everyone. Her family wasn’t large, but they adored her and it was a little weird when she did things like try on Christmas charms that were meant for the family dog’s collar or when she locked herself in a closet, even though she was a little claustrophobic, and imagined she was a mermaid trapped in a giant clam and had to be rescued.

When the little princess grew up, her fantasies kept evolving until she dreamed of the prettiest cages and she tried on the dog collar charms to pretend like she was a pet. She started to keep these things secret because she knew that early in life it was cute, but later it wasn’t so much. She dreamed of being trapped still and being rescued, but the little princess didn’t like the knights in shining armor so much anymore. How could a knight whose armor glistened so brightly ever hope to do anything like kill the sea monster who held a little princess captive? It didn’t make any sense, was pure ludicrous really. So she imagined she was rescued and the knight was handsome, but his armor had blood on it. When he kissed the princess awake she was scared at first, but he fixed her with a pretty dog collar and pet her head and told her that he would take care of her.

That’s what she dreamed of anyway. As you can see, the little princess was a little naive and she was eager to play and she wanted to love. She wanted to be called a good girl all the time and she wanted to do anything to make her wicked prince happy. And then the princess met someone. At first, he looked like the prince of her dreams and he acted dominating and he made her happy. He liked substances sometimes, but he always gave off the appearance that he had control. The princess thought she’d found someone who would pet her always and give her a pretty collar.

But it wasn’t. It was a spiky collar. After a while, nothing seemed to ever make him happy and she got sadder and sadder. It took her too long to realize that he didn’t have any control and violence without control is just violence. It isn’t games. It’s a head fuck, a bad thing. By the time she understood that the two of them should have never played together, the damage was done.


Okay, sorry for that! That’s really all of it, though, for the most part, I promise. He was a Dom, but I think he was a very confused one. He hurt me and at first I wanted to hate him for it, but I think he was hurting too, at the time. I think I couldn’t make him happy, in the end, because nothing ever could have. I don’t know what happened to him and I hope he grew, hope he did find something that fulfilled him in life. As for me, well. I did find my own ways to get over the sorrow. It left scars and I won’t lie. Those scars are bad sometimes, really bad. I can’t date anymore. It always goes south and it’s never what I want anyway, but that’s okay! I play at a place called Sulfur’s fetish club and I’m a goddess in the place, which sounds really conceited, it’s true, but I only fit so well with the place because of my past, to be honest. I was just ready made for it.

People love me there, now that I’m healed a little. See, I met the owner, Asher Lavrov, before the place opened and he helped me heal a lot. He had picked up another friend of mine named Matt, who became a best friend and, yes, a kinky fuckbuddy too. They taught me how to fulfill my needs with light playing so I could have a form of therapy. After what happened, I had a lifestyle mindset where I craved, but I could satisfy myself with one night play stands at Sulfur’s. I never wanted anything more and Doms never had to take very long to give me aftercare. Needless to say, I was intricately involved with the goings on in the place. My picture was behind their bar and I was on their payroll. What was even better, my day job was as a sex toy store owner and, with the circle I ran with, my life became a dream. Sulfur’s branched out and Ash had need for more help.

And that’s where the real story starts, the happy story. Ash asked me to go check on one of the other branches of Sulfur’s that had opened and everyone in the circle knew me by then. I was the submissive kitten of our world. Ash had trained some of these Doms on me and it had all been kinky fun games, so a night getting paid to go check up on another branch? It was a carefree night. I grabbed a submissive friend of mine, Lily Lofton, and took her along to go play and make sure their paperwork was up to date.


“It’s so weird being in these other branches.” Lily glanced at the entryway where a spanking bench and sawhorse sat against the wall, kinky decorations for enticement. “It’s like Sulfur’s, but without Ash. Like if you could see four different versions of Sulfur’s from different multiverses, you know?”

I laughed. “Lily, I love you. Come on.” But I did kind of see what she meant. The decoration in the place just felt like it had the touch of a Dom, but one that wasn’t Ash. Instead of the neat bar and play area setup of the original Sulfur’s, this place had pictures hanging all around it, arousing pictures. The ceiling was higher and it was a single floor setup, where the Sulfur’s I was used to had two floors. Two birdcages hung from the ceiling on either side of the bar, these iron monstrosities, and both of them had submissives dancing in them. One was a male that made me shiver because even my submissive radar thought he was a D type. He just had that X factor, that force of will, except he wore a collar, which seemed a pretty clear sign to the opposite. The female across from him looked like a fucking movie star and she danced with the grace of a ballerina and the sensual taunt of a stripper.

“Woah. Digging those birdcages, though.”

Lily giggled beside of me. “So, Ash must give some decent freedom to the people he has running these places, right? This is definitely not his style. This place is softer somehow… but still with hot fucking.” She tilted her head, studying a scene with a dominatrix and male submissive not far from us. The Domme had him locked in a cock cage while she fucked his ass with a dildo, trying to milk him. I shuddered, horny from the sight. The scenes in this place weren’t at all like Ash’s Sulfur’s. They all had raised daises so that they were clearly and obviously on display, where the scenes from Sulfur’s Alpha weren’t so obviously displayed. Against two of the walls, opposite each other, were separate stages.

“It depends. I think a few of the others he keeps on some pretty tight leashes. You know how Ash is. If he trusts you, then he gives you a lot in return until you betray it. I think the guy he has running this one was a friend of his, but I don’t remember where from.”

“Oh.” Lily drew out the word, voice going breathy. “A guy? Definitely a Dom, too.” She giggled. “Maybe we can play with him like we used to play with Ash before he got engaged.”

“I shouldn’t have brought you. You’re a bad influence.” Lily snickered again at my side, but I was grinning. “Well, I mean, Jesus. It seems like a wasted trip so far. The door guard here looks mean as fuck and no one is going to try to get past him. Hell, even the bartender looks fucking terrifying.”

Lily’s voice turned even more breathy beside me. “Oh. Oh, I didn’t even look at the bartender.”

I laughed. “Come on. Let’s start by talking to him since you so obviously want to. We can ask about some of the people and any incidents.”

Lily was already spellbound, so much that I had to pull her along beside me. The bartender, you see, was somewhere in his 40s, if I had to guess, and he was terrifying to look at, something that would probably make Ash happy to hear about. He was pretty big on people never playing under the influence, so if people came to Sulfur’s and drank, then they didn’t get to play. The big, burly guy behind the bar was a perfect build to discourage people from trying to cheat. What was more? He had a high and tight military haircut, a grisly scar along his cheek from God only knew what, and he had tattoos running the length of his arms beneath his short sleeved, collared “Security” shirt. He looked a lot like a really hot stereotype, to be honest.

Before I sat at the bar, I settled Lily into one of the high sitting stools, laughing as I did. “Sit up straight, Lily. You know how Ash taught you.”

She stared at me as if a little dazed – I pat her head because Lily loves to be degraded in front of her interests – and then glanced at the bartender, who finished pouring a drink and came down to where we sat. When he smiled, it seemed like a gesture that was intended to be soothing, but even that was terrifying. It made the scar on his face twist. “How can I help you? Fair warning, if you get anything-”

“Then you can’t play,” I finished with a wink. “Ash sent us to check out if you guys needed anything on your end of the city.”

The man’s eyes lit up. “Oh, awesome. Christopher is playing in some of the dungeons for the rest of the night, but if you want to stay and help us all close, we can answer anything you like.” His grin widened. “And, unless I miss my guess, you must be Deirdre King. Which makes you-” He turned to Lily, who cowered against my shoulder so that I grinned. I’d known Lily for a long time and she was such a maso. Cowering was her way of flirting. “Lily Lofton.”

Oh man. Lily was hard up on this one. She bowed her head, glancing up at him fearfully. “Yes, sir.” She made her voice even more submissive than she made it for Ash, too. “I think you might have us at a disadvantage, though.”

I grinned, stroking Lily’s shoulder. And then I wanted to laugh again when the bartender tilted his head. He watched Lily nervously trail her fingertips along her throat, as if she was tracing a collar that wasn’t there. And he spoke in the perfect language of a Dom, tracing his belt in response. Lily watched the motion and shivered in excitement so that he grinned. “My name is Jackson.”

She didn’t repeat the name. “Yes, sir,” she said instead and I rolled my eyes.

I stayed to the side for a while, talking with them while they flirted together. I stroked Lily and encouraged her because it seemed to make Jackson all the more interested in her. And more to the point, talking with him told me a lot of information about the structure of this place.

It was strict as fuck. I watched Jackson serve someone else a drink, watched him give the hand stamp and bracelet that marked the man as unable to play for the rest of the night. I asked about the members, asked about open door nights. Jackson spoke of the regulations with a firm look in his eyes, as if they were second nature and ingrained, which pleased me. That was how it should be and how Ash would want it. While we talked, scenes finished up around us and someone got the dancers from their cages. People talked with Lily’s new friend, who was obviously well liked despite his appearance. After some time, I left Lily alone to play, making sure she was okay, and wandered on my own.

I went through the back dungeons, glancing into the doors curiously, grinning with some of what I saw. One room I opened was pure fantasy themed. There were blue wall sconces casting this mystical light across a red dungeon bed. A standing chain structure stood in front of it. I had to appreciate the setups for what they were.

It was definitely still Sulfur’s and definitely not Asher Lavrov’s. Lily was right that this was softer in tone, in some ways. For instance, Ash had dungeon setups that were pure dungeon. His medieval setup looked like a torture chamber, which was thrilling and really cool, but it also had a harsh note to it.

This seemed… terrifying, actually. It was somehow more gentle, but not. It was quite obviously made to be more enticing, more romantic. That hanging structure in the middle of the floor seemed like it was made to display a submissive for viewing pleasure while someone fucked on the bed. What was more was the strictures of the place added a note of mysticism, rather than detracting from it. It was the same way some Masters could be into high protocol and others weren’t. On the one hand, higher protocol could seem stuffy. But if it was done correctly?

Oh, it seemed so beyond sexy, like a fantasy. These setups were like that, made to play out dreams like being a slave sold into exotic places, one to be trained for pleasure. I was getting painfully aroused just looking through some of it and I was supposed to be finding the guy in charge of this place to make sure it was in good care. Although, at that point I was so impressed that after I saw some of his paperwork, I felt like I could just ask this man if he needed anything, then tell Ash that he had great tastes in friends. Everything was so clean, so neatly done.

I looked in the next room, laughing softly to myself when I had to take a breath because I was getting too worked up. Jesus, Lily was supposed to be the bad one. I was the wildcat that didn’t get close to anyone and kept my cool no matter what.

I wasn’t ready for what was in the next door. Oh, the door was opened, wide open even, but I froze when I stepped through the way, suddenly becoming a voyeur.

It was a room with a shallow pool. Fake flowers were artfully decorated around it like another fantasy scene, something straight out of a book I would masturbate to a hundred times over. It was gorgeous and sexy, sinfully so, but it also wasn’t empty. The two dancers from the cages still had their collars and their sexy attire on. The male wore black leather pants and had matching black leather arm bands, both of which matched his collar, which glittered with a shining butterfly ornament. As for the female, hers was a far more revealing outfit. Strings circled her tits with a sheer mesh that emphasized her nipples and her hair was pinned up with glittering ornaments that matched the guy’s.

But that wasn’t all of it. I’ll try to explain this next part as best I can. You see, when you play in fetish and kink for a long enough time, you start to pick up this sense for people. It’s kind of like how Lily knew how to flirt with the bartender and sometimes some people aren’t easy to read. Other times, they’re obvious.

These two, for instance, were obviously slaves. Not submissives. Submissives, like what I was now thanks to my past, tended to play with a different mindset and with different, lighter rules. Most of those played in set time frames, although slaves could also be for set time frames, but there was a key mentality difference between being owned property like a slave and being a bowing submissive. I was that last one all the time now, as it was safer for me. But these two were slave types. It was in the way they curved their bodies to be visually pleasing because every motion they made was in a conscious effort to draw the eye and to give pleasure. Every action was with that sense of hot, total surrender. And at the moment they were serving a slight, dark haired man, who was obviously their Master.

I couldn’t look away from it. The two of them moaned and writhed at his feet and together, they licked up and down his cock, their tongues meeting in a kiss around him. And he? Oh, he had an appearance every bit as stern and desirable as his Sulfur’s because this was most definitely the man who set this place up. His entire demeanor screamed it. I watched as he trailed a whip up the man’s shoulders to make him moan. And God, the way their Master stood. His feet was at shoulder width apart and he was as controlled as Ash was with every motion, but where Ash played with easy and coolly dark delight, this man was just hard.

I took a breath when he tapped the whip on the female’s shoulder and she knew what he wanted. She nuzzled the whip as if she craved more of it under his hand, but he didn’t give it. He didn’t serve as a top in the way Ash did. When Lily got excited under the whip, Ash had always encouraged it and given more of it. This man… Jesus. He merely looked at the female and she backed away from his cock, so that the male sucked on his own, bobbing his head, and even those motions were graceful. Their Master stroked a hand up the female’s head with his pleasure and she moaned, curving for his touch, but she followed where it guided her, too, as she kissed the male’s neck while he worked over his Master. She stroked a hand down to cup her slave friend between the legs through the leather he wore and he shuddered with the action, then worked to serve even more. They moved with such fucking grace that it felt like a dream just to get to watch them. I wanted to kiss the female, to see how she tasted. I wanted to stroke my hand over the male’s leather pants to feel how hard he was, to feel how much pleasure he so obviously got in servicing his Master. And those leather armbands around his upper arms? God, they were arousing too. All of it was. It felt like being the kind of spellbound Lily had been.

What was more, their Master didn’t even speak. He made it clear that he didn’t even need to. The girl arched under his every touch as if it was ecstasy to be granted it. The guy gently cupped his balls and rolled them to give his Master more pleasure while he sucked. While I watched, the male lifted a hand to the girl’s lips, without ever pausing his attentions, and she sucked his fingers, then poured lubricant on them. It was hotter than ever loving hell, the fact that they readied each other for what they knew would please their Master most.

And they did it in such a way that they wouldn’t have to stop the pleasure they were already giving him. Because the next thing the guy did when his fingers were slicked? He cupped his Master’s balls and then stroked his fingers back to his asshole. I went hot when he gently, so gently, pressed inside of him.

His Master fucked himself back on those fingers and he didn’t make a sound, but it obviously gave him pleasure. He lifted his head, his teeth gritted, and the muted light glittered along his strong jawline. Jesus, but the sight of his pleasure was intense and not just because his slaves moaned eagerly at the sight. It was the way he still stood with such security, the way he pressed the thumb of one hand to the girl’s lips and she whimpered in joy as if it was the greatest reward. She sucked as if she was starved for him, greedily and without any reservation at all. It was kind of empowering in this weird way because the guy was like that too. No matter how servile either of them were, they did their acts with no bars held.

Their Master made a soft click with his tongue and then almost lazily flicked his whip over the guy’s back. In answer, he deep throated the cock in his mouth, sucking hard and adoringly, given the command to work him to orgasm. My lips parted and I heard myself whimper and it was just a little too loud.

The two of them didn’t react at all, didn’t so much as break from their moaning service. Only the man over them reacted and that was to snap his gaze to mine, his eyes hard and stern as the rest of him.

His lips parted and he came with a soft hiss, so that my face turned flush with shocked desire. He held the head of his male slave, eyes still on mine and still glazed with his fire. Wild heat shot through my being, need so fierce it hurt.

I barely noticed how his slave pulled away when he was finished, his lips parted to display the cum he held on his tongue. The only reason why I did notice was to watch the Master’s approving smile and nod. He watched with that same prideful gaze as the guy withdrew and went to the female, who whined eagerly. I couldn’t stop another low sound when he fed her his fingers first, the same ones that he’d used to fingerfuck their master’s asshole. She made these obscene little noises, cleaning him off, and then he drew her for a kiss, sharing some of the cum that he still held in his mouth.