1. If you had a threesome with your hubby, would it be MMF OR MFF?

That may be one of the hardest questions I’ve ever been asked.

Both choices are appealing for different reasons.

So before revealing which I’d choose… let’s contemplate them both.


The idea of being spit-roasted is one of many fuck-it list items I doubt I’ll ever actually fulfill. For one thing, I’m not overly coordinated… I enjoy sports, but am terrible at pretty much all of them… so it would be interesting to see if I could come anywhere close to the smoothness I write about: the traditional rocking horse scenario of deep throating one cock and then bouncing back to take the other cock in your pussy.

The idea of being double penetrated is also quite appealing, and is also on my fuck-it list… although unlike in my stories where anal is easy and straightforward… in my case, it requires lots of lube (both physically with anal lube, and mentally with a fair amount of wine).

Also, because I do love cum… the idea of taking two loads all over my face is a turn-on. A bukkake is also on my fuck-it list, and I’m not sure how many loads it takes to qualify for a bukkake, but I assume it’s more than two. In my head, at least five, although ten seems like a great number.

With all that said, I can’t fathom my husband being even one percent comfortable or agreeable to sharing me with another man… although I think given the right circumstances, he might be okay with a threesome if he was the only man.


The idea of having a wicked lesbian sex session while my husband watches and then joins in, is quite the turn-on. While I’m pretty confident my husband wouldn’t go for an MMF… I’m pretty confident he wouldn’t resist an MFF. (What guy would?)

Interestingly, while I’d love to eat a pussy while he watched… or to get fucked by a strap-on while he watched… I’m not sure how I’d react if I saw him getting sucked by or fucking another woman. I know this may sound strange considering my writing… yet fantasy me and reality me are, not surprisingly, somewhat different.

Part of me wants to live out every fantasy on my fuck-it list… living life with no regrets.

Yet another part of me understands the risks of doing such a thing… as a wife… and a mother.

So if I had a choice… I think I’d take the MMF, because then I wouldn’t be the one dealing with jealousy… or at least not mine.

2. How many men do you think you might have pushed over the proverbial line to suck cock?

This is a question I’ve pondered before.

While incest stories attract the most votes, and illustrated stories attract the most reads, it’s usually the gay stories that seem to attract the most emails.

For instance, the HypnoSissy series has a very loyal following, even though the reads are a fraction of what incest or illustrated stories get.

I’ve been stunned by how many men have emailed me over the years saying they fantasize about sucking a dick or bottoming.

I’ve been equally surprised by how many men have said they’d sucked a cock or took one in their asses… as well as by how many of these men were married.

No doubt… one of the biggest midlife crises of many men is questioning their sexuality after the frustration of four decades trying to perform like a man in a man’s world.

It’s also been interesting that a quarter at least of these men only wanted to suck or get fucked by black cocks. There are lots of philosophies and psychological analyses about why this may be the case, but I’ll leave that discussion for another day.

I’ve had a couple dozen men email me saying I’d triggered their curiosity and eventually led them to exploring that curiosity. Of course this is the Internet, so who knows how many are telling the truth, but I sense that more times than not, they are.

I do feel that almost every gay, sissy or even trans story has an impact on some readers who’re questioning their sexuality. I feel my lesbian ones do that too sometimes, but not to the same extent as gay and sissy.

So I have no idea how many… but I’m flattered when my stories… regardless of category… can inspire men or women to explore their sexuality or fantasies.

I write for myself… I write for my readers… and I write to allow people to explore some of the the taboo topics that society often looks down on them for even contemplating.

I mean it’s 2021 (2022 in a few days, depending when this essay is released), so people should be comfortable with themselves, their sexuality and their relationships.

As I say that… I have to shake my head at myself… since I often live in a fantasy world… or actually, the majority of the time.

3. Do you use the word ‘cunt’ in your real life vocabulary?

Truth: No. I don’t know if I’ve ever uttered the word out loud, even though I frequently use it in my stories.

But my real life and my writing life are very different… almost polar opposites. I mean I do have a good sex life. I can be a nasty slut, I’ve been with a few women since I got married… but almost anyone who knows me face to face would see me as prim and proper, a little stiff, a bit of a hard ass in my job, and a compassionate person.

I also have never used the following terms: shit hole, fisting, bukkake or arse… and I’m sure there are quite a few others.

4. Are you a switch?


With my husband, I’m a hundred percent submissive. Well, even that isn’t exactly true. I’m not a ‘do anything’ submissive… but I do aim to please.

In my lesbian encounters I also tend to be submissive… meaning I have a very hard time saying no… and I like to please… both sexually and otherwise … but on the rare occasions when I’ve had a sexual encounter with a natural submissive, I’ve played the more dominant role.

Truth: The latter doesn’t come naturally.

Truth: I find it awkward.

Truth: I don’t get as turned on as when I’m the submissive.

Truth: The longer I’m taking control, the more I get into it.

So, long story short… only when the circumstances work that way.

5. Do you watch porn with your husband? If so, what kind?

Sometimes. Although not as much as when we were younger.

As for what kind… this may disappoint many of my readers, since what I watch on my own is a lot kinkier… (check last year’s Twenty-Two Questions Again: Lists). The porn we watch together is usually story-based, and it may include some threesomes or foursomes.

Now that I think of it… I wonder if porn might be a way of hinting at some of my fantasies. Something to think about.

6. When you have sex with a woman, do you announce when you are coming, as is so prevalent in your writing?

To be honest… I don’t know. In my writing, I feel I need to let the reader know when an orgasm has been reached. Perhaps I should come up with other ways to communicate that.

Truthfully, when I’ve been with women, I don’t think I’ve ever declared my orgasms, although my moans are quite loud.

I have gotten some women off who talked a lot, and did indeed declare their orgasms… usually while shoving my face deep in their pussies.

7. I know you’ve written about this in your stories, but in reality would you like to have a black Master or Mistress?

I think it’s important to distinguish between fantasy, roleplay and reality.

When I’m feeling horny, the idea of having a black master is a turn-on… when I’m in that mood, other times having a Black Mistress, or a teen Mistress, or even a sibling Mistress has my pussy on fire… while sometimes having someone freeuse me at a mall, or in my classroom or on an airplane makes me come quick.

I do find black men and women attractive, although I also know I could be seen as a racist for harbouring such thoughts. I hope not. (My editor frequently says I’m not being racist if I’m celebrating someone’s ethnicity, only if I’m disparaging it, which I’m pretty sure I never do.) I glorify their beauty, not just sexually, but their all around personality, and the way they carry themselves after centuries of unfair treatment.

I find Japanese women’s moans the sexiest ones in the world.

I find a British woman’s accent to be a complete turn-on… especially when she talks dirty. Hearing ‘fuck my arse’ is sexy in a way I just can’t explain. Although their calling pantyhose tights is something I can’t get used to.

I love watching submissive Filipinos, tall Scandinavians or big bootied Spanish woman.

Truth is… I get turned on by pretty much all races and all people.

I love redheads… and green eyes doubles my instant pussy tingle.

I love blondes… with blue eyes.

I love brunettes… with chestnut eyes.

My point is… I love certain things about men and women of all ages, sizes and races.

I even have a story on Literotica called Jasmine Fantasies: Going Native, where I succumb to more than a couple of First Nation people.

My first posted story was about a white woman being seduced by a black woman and eventually the black woman’s black husband as well, in A Perfect Fall (which was on purpose, since that has been one of my biggest fantasies since before I began writing). My third story was The Sweet Seduction about a Muslim woman succumbing to lesbian sinning.

I also have a lengthy series out called Dominican Slut, which people tend either to love or to hate.

I wrote a very long and controversial reverse racism novella called Deconstructing the Professor, where a white coed destroys her proud black professor completely, which is likely one of my best written (It took two years to write and to decide to release). I wrote a second one five years later, called Slave to a White Bitch. And… although it won’t be out until next year I am in the process of a story where a black couple explore their own racial fetish with a white shemale… if I finish it.

I’ve written a couple of Asian focused ones (and have some ideas for more) like Turning Contest: A Desperate Asian, and Big Fat Cock: Eating Asian.

There are ones with a British focus like Blackmail Tarts, the Catching Mommy series, and others.

I realize although I’ve written about some Hispanic characters, I’m not sure I’ve ever written a completely Hispanic story. (Yes, in my recent Mom’s Tantric Massage, the family was named Hernandez, but that hardly mattered to the plot.) Mmmmmmm.

Anyway, after, as usual, a longwinded answer to a simple question (in case you’ve forgotten by now, it was whether I’d want to have a black Master or Mistress):

-In a fantasy world? In a heartbeat.

-In my current life? Unlikely.

-If I was single? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

8. What in a man turns you on?

Lots of things. Like:



-Sexy eyes

-Physically fit

-A gentleman (in public)

-Dominant in bed

-Can dance

-A sense of humour (although not targeting me)

-A 6-plus-inch cock is a must (thick is a bonus)

-I prefer black hair (although I also have a thing for bald men)

-a nice ass

9. What in a woman turns you on?

-Legs in nylons of course… painted toes in nylons… a nice ass in nylons


-Eyes that speak volumes

-A sexy smile

-Long hair

-Young and cute

-Older and confident

-Lives Life



As I listed these things… I decided not to go too deep.

In essence, most men I’ve dated started because they were confident and asked me out.

For women, my encounters have often been because of their making the first move.

10. What are your pet peeves as a writer?

You know… 90 plus percent of what I write is well liked. I’m sometimes accused of having a fan base that five stars everything I write, and perhaps I have a few who do that… but if you look at the reads of my stories… I have long seen that each story is recognized on its own merits.

Stories like Willow’s Way are read by almost nobody… but people who like the series at all, tend to be very enthusiastic about it (2 more stories are done and will be released in 2022 where Buffy finally gets her asshole destroyed).

While my illustrated stories are read by thousands, they receive almost no comments or votes.

The reality is I know I’m not one of the best writers on Literotica. I’m good, but I’m not at the same level as some of the writers posting here, and I never will be. I accept that. (Please understand this is not me asking for validation or pity. I get a lot of validation from the many compliments, emails, reads, scores, and the odd win, so no worries).

Amazing writers in regards to style, grammar, characterization and plot: include: TxTallTales, BrokenSpokes, blackrandi1958, harddaysnight, gabethewriter, MsCherylTerra, and Tefler… just to name a few (I’m sure there are many more since I don’t do a lot of reading erotica).

My fan base does indeed help me win some annual awards… yet they don’t help me to win contest stories. This is how I know I’m not as accomplished as some of the others.

Which is fine.

I write hot porn.

I write good characters.

I write about a variety of topics and themes.

I write what turns me on.

But I do resent, a little, being accused of having a fan base that overrates my scores. I believe I also have some detractors who limit my scores. It goes both ways… not just for me, but for most writers on Literotica. I’ve seen many great writers receiving poor scores or having their scores drop because of haters.

It is what it is.

In the end, as I’ve once again rambled… my pet peeve is being judged superficially.

I also hate that I allow myself to become annoyed by a few negative comments, when I know intellectually that the majority of my readers enjoy my work.


I, I assume just like many other writers, appreciate constructive feedback. I know I’m not perfect. I know I use my darling words too often: ‘Knees’ and ‘plethora’, among others. I know sometimes I overuse key descriptors. From your comments, I hope I’ve improved at least a little.

I even like when someone rips my story apart… even if it hurts a little… since half the time the rant is actually spot on in some ways. The person has actually put some thought into it.

What drives me nuts is anonymous comments or criticism like:

Trashy, crap writing. 1 star. (I feel pretty confident that none of my stories are worthy of 1 star… well almost none. I also know that I’m pretty strong grammatically. Thus, maybe it was seen as a terrible plot by this reader; or maybe he/she hated the characters; but no way was it crap writing).

You used to be great. Those days are gone, it seems. What happened to you? I wish there was a zero stars. 1 is too high for this story, but I guess it will have to do. Ouch! I can’t recall which story or stories prompted that, but I don’t feel my stories have gotten worse over time… although now I write about a wider variety of themes, some of which certain people may not like.

As has become common with you, your story ideas are great, but your dialogue is dumb AF. No one talks like that outside of Beavis and Butthead or the jackass movies. You used to be pretty good, so now you still get good scores, but that’s really just from your reputation. You had a chance with that Training Of story, but it looks like you gave up on that, and went back to the dumb AF dialogue. Sad.

Dialogue is tough to write, and no doubt there’s some truth that my dialogue can be corny, and I use too much of it during the sex scenes. That said, comparing it to Beavis and Butthead seems a bit extreme. Oddly, the next Training of Cecilia story is done and is in editing… also oddly, that story largely includes extensive dialogue… so go figure.

Will never, ever, for the life of me understand why you write these tiny, unfulfilling epilogues at the end of every half-decent story. Why not just keep it going at that point and flesh it out, or if you can’t be bothered, then stop and write a part two if it gets enough views and interest? You’re just shooting yourself in the foot every time you do this. This one actually has a good point, and the criticism is fair. Alas, when I write epilogues like that, it is

Lastly, although he/she at least uses a name, Xzy89c1, his/her comment is ironically almost always the same: Same plot as half her stories…. What’s interesting about this comment is the person is half right. My themes definitely are consistent. Most of my stories at least mention stockings, most of them have someone submitting (invariably much more easily than would ever happen in real life), in most of my stories someone is led to accept a new revelation about their sexuality, and most of my stories are written in a similar style. That said, I write about a variety of themes: lesbian, incest, interracial, illustrated, mature, transgender, anal, and lots more. So this is erotica, and many plots have some similarities, but I also feel there are differences. Oddly, this comment was last made about a freeuse story, which I’d never written about at all, until that one.

11. Have you ever been involved with incest personally?


Although I have many fantasies… some very kinky… some quite perverse… my attraction to the idea of incest is, for the most part, mostly about the taboo of it.

I would NEVER remotely consider any sort of sexual encounter with my own kids.

On the other hand, as I’ve written about in the past, including exploring it in a couple of actual stories, the idea of a lesbian encounter with one or both of my adult sisters is a constant fantasy of mine. If the opportunity presented itself, I imagine I’d take it.

Although incest is by far my most popular category, and without a doubt it garners the most reads (incest does too, although I imagine my also popular illustrated stories are often not read, but just the pictures scrolled through), the majority of my readers would never actually commit the act.

12. You write so prolifically about men being either coerced, caught/forced, taught, conditioned or just plain becoming cocksuckers, submissive, bi, sissies, cucks, betas, property & slaves. What’s your personal desire for the future of men?

Honestly, although I write a variety of stories where men submit to women or to other men, and I even have some fanciful stories that look forward to a future society where women are in overall charge… what I really want in real life is for men and women to be truly equal, and to be allowed to explore their sexuality without being judged for their inclinations or decisions.