This is my first time writing erotica, so please let me know what you think! If it’s not too terrible I’ll try to write more!

My phone buzzed in my pocket as the professor droned on about the significance of John Soane’s work within architectural history. I pulled my phone halfway from my pocket glancing at the screen to see a text message from Natalie. I pulled my phone discretely into my lap and opened the text, “Hey! I have a favor to ask, any chance I might be able to crash with you in 2 weeks for a night?” I tapped out a quick “Absolutely! To what do I owe the surprise visit?” and turned back to the slide of the Bank of England building at the front of the room and waited for a reply. “Thanks!! I’m going down to Florida on vacation with some people and my broke ass can’t afford a plane ticket so I’m driving solo and you’d be the perfect stopping point to crash for the night. And of course I’d love to catch up…wouldn’t want you to think I’m just using you for your couch” I found myself wondering how she could afford the vacation but not the flight before remembering Natalie was pretty frugal and was likely driving just to save the money even if she could afford it, but who was I to deny a gorgeous friend a spot to sleep? I told her to let me know when she thought she’d be getting in to town and leaving the next day and slid my phone back into my pocket.

Natalie and I had both gotten our bachelor’s degrees in architecture together a year and a half ago and kept in touch through texting and seeing one another at random mutual friends’ weddings. We hadn’t been super close but definitely spent plenty of time together during our undergrad years. Since graduation I had moved on to grad school while she transitioned into a business career having not liked architecture as much as she had hoped. Even in the college environment where beautiful women were plentiful, Natalie had stood out; she worked out almost daily and knew how to walk that fine line of being in perfect shape but never getting too muscular. She stood about 5’8″ with long toned legs that ended at a tight sculpted ass, a flat stomach that she often showed off with crop tops on nights out, and a set of B to C cup breasts that seemed too perky to be real. She had a body to die for but her face was what put her over the top.

She had a radiant smile, beautiful blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair that cascaded around her shoulders. Her complexion was flawless, her cheekbones perfect, and a small cute button nose that she would crinkle up when she laughed really hard. All in all, she was gorgeous. Our friendship could only be the result of our having been in so many classes together; I’m not a bad looking guy, 6’2″ in decent shape but not overly muscled with blue eyes and brown hair, but at no point in my life had I been welcomed into a group of stunning women before Natalie had started inviting me and some other architecture people out with her sorority sisters. Either way, there was never any misconception that this was a friendship and nothing more, I was there because I was moderately intelligent, I occasionally made her laugh and I would buy her a drink every now and then.

Two weeks went by and Natalie had let me know she’d be arriving just before 7. We made plans to grab dinner and go out “like the old college days” with some of my friends. I had warned my friends that week that she was gorgeous and showed them some pictures and had to endure the typical “damn dude! Look who’s getting lucky this weekend!!” I reassured them that nothing was happening and we were just friends but to no avail. It got so bad that my two roommates said they would stay at their girlfriend’s places to give us all the space we would need. I tried to convince them to stay at our place so Natalie wouldn’t think I had planned it all out to get her alone but they wouldn’t heed any of my pleas.

Natalie called me as she pulled in to make sure she was at the right place and I went out to greet her. She hopped out of the car wearing capris length yoga pants and a loose fitting blouse. God damn I had forgotten how good she looked. She walked up, smile beaming, and we hugged hello. We made small talk about how her drive went and her vacation as I helped her carry her stuff inside. She asked what the plan was for dinner and I told her we were going to be meeting some friends around 7:30 and then hit a few bars for the rest of the night. “Sounds great! Any chance I can grab a shower and change before we head to dinner?” She asked. “Sure, we just need to leave in about half an hour so if you can manage in that time, go for it.” I showed her where the bathroom was, gave her a towel, and left her to it. I went to my room and changed into some jeans and a V-neck t-shirt while texting my buddies back and forth, still trying to convince them nothing would happen. As I was grabbing my shoes I heard the bathroom door open and the creak of the floor as she walked down the hall. I looked up to see Natalie wrapped in a towel that wasn’t near long enough, standing in my bedroom doorway, the towel hiding hardly any of her long glistening legs. “Just need to grab some clothes and we’ll be ready to go!” She said walking over to where her bag was sitting on the floor. She crouched down, unzipped her bag and started rummaging around for something to wear. I told her I’d let her get dressed and made a move to leave.

Before I could close the door Natalie stopped me, “Wait! What are the places like that we’re going to? Like what should I wear? Casual? Dressy? Sexy?…..or are we hitting the shitty undergrad bars and I need something slutty to fit in?”

“Haha, no, no shitty undergrad bars, we won’t be losing any shoes to sticky floors tonight. You could go casual or dressy, there will be a solid mix of both where we’re going. Although nobody would protest in the slightest if you decided to go sexy or slutty.”

“Oh I’m sure they wouldn’t,” she retorted, “but ok, which one would be better?” She said as she stood up pulling two dresses out of her bag and holding them up next to her. One was your classic little black dress, spaghetti straps, v-cut neckline, and a hem line that fell about mid-thigh. Yes, that would be wonderful to sit next to all night. The other however, was a summer sun dress, white with small dark blue polka dots, scoop neckline, and a loose fitting skirt that fell just above the knee. I’m a sucker for a sun dress so I faked a little indecision before pointing at the white one.

“Oh, are we going dancing? That could play a role in things.”

“I don’t know, would you like to?”

“Absolutely! I haven’t been dancing since undergrad! Ok that changes things a bit.” She held the two dresses back up and asked, “Which dress do you think I’d be sexier in.”

“Haha so dancing now changes things from what would work for the bar to what’s sexier?”

“Well…yeah. If I don’t feel sexy I’m certainly not going to feel great grinding all up on you.” My dick twitched in my pants at the thought of her ass grinding into me and made me pause for a second.

“Then shouldn’t you pick what dress would make you feel sexiest rather than me?”

“Well I’ll be dancing with you all night right? And I’d feel sexy knowing you think I look sexy…don’t debate it, it’s just a girl thing. So which dress?”

“I may have undersold how much I appreciate the white one before…still the white one.”

She broke into a big grin, “You like it that much huh? Good to know. Ok shoes, which ones?” She tossed a pair of brown wedge sandals with a shorter heel out of her bag, some dark blue flats, and a white pair of taller heels.

“For comfort, the flats obviously. If you’re still looking for sexy, the sandals.”

“Good choice. I love those.” She said tossing all but the sandals back into her bag.

“Anything else you need help with? Jewelry? Underwear? Major life decisions?”

“Haha, Depends I guess. How sexy do you want me to feel?” A mischievous and daring grin falling across her face.

“Ooo that’s a dangerous question. Dare I say as sexy as possible? Or would the more politically correct answer be ‘as sexy as you choose to feel?'”

“Screw political correctness, that’s no fun. So…let’s see…” She bent over to rummage through her luggage again only this time she didn’t crouch as she had before. As she bent over the towel pulled up and revealed to me the underside of her gorgeous ass and a slight glimpse of her pussy. A sight I never imagined I would see, and it was better than I ever would have hoped. Her ass was smooth and tight with the perfect plumpness. As she bent further her cheeks spread ever so slightly giving me a glance at her tightly puckered asshole. My dick strained my boxer briefs, growing down one leg, thank god they kept it from pitching a tent. I gawked for a moment before regaining my composure and averting my eyes. “Uhh Nat…you’re peeking out of your towel a bit, just FYI”

She glanced down at her chest first, checking to make sure she didn’t have a nipple peeking out the top of the towel before realizing what I meant and turning bright red. “Oh…sorry…haha usually guys have to buy me dinner and a drink before they get that kind of peep show” she laughed nervously.

“Well shit, I’ve bought you plenty of drinks and never gotten close to a peep show before!”

“Yeah well see, you forgot to buy dinner, that’s where you went wrong.”

“Ah, devil is in the details. Well I was going to buy you dinner tonight anyway so we’ll just say I got my peep show early”

“Oh you don’t have to do that! I should be buying you dinner for letting me crash here!”

“No trouble at all, and even you said you’re driving because you’re broke, so let a guy buy you dinner if he wants to.”

“Fine but I’m at least getting a round of drinks.”

“Fair enough.”

“Ok back to clothes…not that clothes matter now since you’ve basically seen everything. I believe we were going with ‘as sexy as possible’ as your answer? So if that’s what we’re shooting for…which is sexier?” She said, holding up a lacey strapless white bra and matching thong in one hand, and a plain white strapless bra and light pink thong with a small white bow on the front. “The plain white one is a push-up…so ya know…shows the girls off a little more.”

“Jesus…I’m not sure you need the help showing the girls off, but….fuck I don’t know. Can’t say I’ve ever been in the position of picking out a friend’s lingerie before.”

“Haha aww don’t I feel special,” she said mockingly, “I’d show you more but with a white dress the options are a little limited. So…which one do you want to dance with tonight?” She pried, eyes twinkling; she knew how much of a tease she was being for sure. This was turning into one hell of a night already and it wasn’t even 7:30.

“If I must choose, I’m not a huge lace guy, give me sleek and simple any day. Maybe that’s the modern architecture coming through a little too much, but I’ll go with the pink and white.”

“Haha you nerd. Ok I think that’s all I need you for. For now at least.” She teased and shooed me out the door.

I went and crashed on the couch, completely baffled by what had just happened. Did I seriously just pick out Natalie’s entire outfit, lingerie and all? Natalie’s….of all people, the hottest most unachievable woman I’d ever had the pleasure of knowing. That was the most surreal 10 minutes of my life, but it was over now. I shook myself out of my daze and settled back into reality where I knew we would go out to dinner, joke, have fun, she’d be a little flirty per usual, we may dance a bit, and then we’d come home and we’d go to bed with her in my room and me on the couch exactly as it was meant to be. I let out a sigh and stood up as I heard the door to my room open.

Bouncing around the corner from the hallway came Nat, looking drop dead gorgeous as anticipated. “Everything to your liking?” She asked

“Better than advertised. Ready for date night?” I asked, sounding far more confident than I felt with such a leading question.

Her eyes widened slightly as she smiled back at me, “Oh so it’s date night now huh? Jeez, you flash a guy a little ass and all the sudden you’re dating, what happened to keeping things casual?” She teased.

“Well pardon me, but we gentlemen don’t believe in catching a little ass and then kicking it to the curb. We believe in dates and etiquette; pulling out chairs, opening doors, and walking a lady home at the end of the night… the hope that she’ll let us be the piece of shit we actually are for the rest of the night.”

“Hahaha, I doubt you could convince me you’re a piece of shit. I’ve seen too much to the contrary.”

“Haha thanks. Well, shall we?” I asked, offering her my arm.

“Gladly” she said, grabbing my arm with both hands and grinning ear to ear. If I wasn’t careful, I might think she had a thing for me with a smile like that.

We walked down the sidewalk toward the main hub of campus chatting about school and how work had been, making jokes at each other’s expense and having a good time. As we approached the restaurant the conversation lulled and she leaned against me resting her head against my shoulder as we walked along. It felt exhilarating walking down the street with Nat on my arm, people looking at her, looking at me, then back at her. I even made eye contact with a few guys who gave me a nod and look as if to say “wow….well done, how’d you manage that?”

We arrived at the restaurant and met up with my friends. Dinner was loud and full of laughing and prying questions for Nat. She took them all in stride and joked along. Towards the end of dinner I brought up plans for the rest of the night, “So where does everyone want to go? Natalie requests a place with dancing if possible.” A few of the girls chimed in excitedly that they wanted dancing as well. A few guys groaned but acquiesced. We set a schedule for a few nice bars that grad students frequented before heading to a spot with a large and often busy dance floor later in the evening. We got our checks and I had to listen to the jeers from my friends as I told the waiter to put Nat’s dinner and drinks on mine. She brushed them off by saying she was buying drinks later, but I still got a few winks from the guys.

After the first bar I could tell Nat was feeling the effects of the margaritas at dinner and a few of the vodka cranberries she’d had at the first stop. She sat closer to me, leaned in to whisper things in my ear more frequently, clinged to my arm a little more as she laughed at things I said, and at one point her hand found itself resting on my leg. It was all great, but I had to keep telling myself it wasn’t real. I’d known her for six years and she’d been flirty before; never like this, but we’d never been out just the two of us before either so I assumed all her attention was directed at me because I was the only one she knew.

As we walked to the second bar, taking our time as we walked behind the group, she clung to my arm, her head on my shoulder. “You doing ok?” I asked.

“Fantastic.” She replied, “This is nice. I missed hanging out with you.”

“Missed you too.” I said, and with a slightly bold move, I took her hand in mine and kissed the back of it.

She locked eyes with me, squeezed my hand tight, and smiled, “Oh you’re going to be a problem for me aren’t you?”

“A problem? Me? Never.” I teased, “Besides, I would never want to bother you.”

“Too late. You’ve got me all kinds of bothered,” she chided, “It’s ok though, you’re a good kind of bothersome.” She said, returning her head to my shoulder.

“Whatever that means.” I responded, trying to pry a little more out of her before I went making huge assumptions and getting myself into a world of trouble.

“That means, Mr. Gentleman, if you walk me home tonight, I might just let you show me…what was it? What a piece of shit you really are?”

“Haha oh now you’re getting really dangerous because I’d say you’re getting a little too tipsy to be making decisions like that and I wouldn’t want you regretting anything,” I cautioned.

“Regretting anything? I’ve only thought about it for the past three weeks. I’d say if I was going to regret it I would have come to that conclusion a while ago.”

“Three weeks?! You only texted me about staying 2 weeks ago.”

“Well…I didn’t know if I had the guts to ask you when my cousin goes here too and I could have easily stayed with her instead. But I did, and now I’m here, and I’m glad I did, so don’t think I’m regretting a thing. Nor will I regret anything else that happens.”

I couldn’t hear myself think my heart was pounding so fast, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She came just for me. She wanted me. She wanted all of me. I spun her in front of me, wrapped one arm around her waist, my other hand cradled her neck, and I kissed her. I felt electricity run through me as she kissed me back. It was passionate, but also an intense desperate sort of kiss, something that had a lot of time building up behind it. I finally let her go, slowly opening my eyes to see her staring back with a soft, adorable sort of embarrassment.

“What?” I asked

“I don’t know…I just kind of realized how desperate what I just said sounded.”

“Haha well I wouldn’t worry about it considering it took that act of desperation and more for me to realize what you thought.” I said as we began walking after the others who thankfully hadn’t seen any of the kiss. It would have been unbearable if they had.

We got to the next bar, both of us giddy as could be and joined in everyone else’s conversation as we caught each other’s eye periodically and smiled knowingly. I still couldn’t believe this was happening but I definitely didn’t want to wake up.

“I can’t wait to get you alone, but I also can’t wait to get you dancing. I don’t think we’ve ever danced together!” Nat whispered in my ear

“No we definitely haven’t, I would have remembered that for sure.” I responded

“Mmm get you all up on me before you get all up in me” she cooed

“Be careful or you’ll have me pitching a tent in the middle of the bar.” I laughed

“Oh really? Well I’ll just wait for when we’re dancing to tell you all the things I want you to do to me so I can feel that tent being pitched while I grind my ass against it.”

Damn did she know how to get my mind racing. Now I was missing half of every conversation because I kept drifting off to think about what she would possibly say later, and god help me if I thought about what we might actually do later.

Finally someone roused everyone from their chairs to get us all moving towards the final stop for dancing. We walked to the next bar arm in arm, stealing glances at one another but never saying anything, the glances said everything we needed to know.

We showed our IDs at the door and walked into the loud thumping music. The bar was packed with people 2 and 3 deep trying to get a drink, and the hope of getting a table was nonexistent. One of the girls led the way as we all wove our way through the crowd over to a small tucked away corner where there was a bar ledge mounted to the wall. Over the pumping music I heard someone yell “shots then dancing?” Everyone nodded and a few people left towards the bar to get a round of shots. As we stood watching everyone in the bar talking, flirting, and dancing Nat started swaying to the music, her hips twisting and flowing to the beat smoothly as her dress fluttered around her. The other girls started doing the same, not really dancing but feeling the music and letting their bodies move subtly as we waited for our drinks. The guys all stood completely still, watching the women throughout the bar gyrating and moving seductively against other guys and girls, lost in the music and the eroticism in the air.

Eventually the few that had left returned with handfuls of shots. We all raised our glasses to one another silently and downed them. The guys had barely set their glasses on the bar rail before the girls had paired off with them, grabbing their hands and towing them out into the throngs of people. I turned to find Nat staring at me seductively. She held out her hand and I let her lead me out into the masses in a direction opposite where the rest of our group had gone. I called over the music that they had gone the other way, but she either didn’t hear me or didn’t care and proceeded into the crowd until we were in the middle of everything. She turned around, smiled and leaned up close to my ear “I know they went the other way, but I’d rather they not see how I plan on dancing with you.”