1. Bandit- What has four paws and an old soul?
  2. Selfish Love- A single mom, a young musician, and a Christmas wish.
  3. Armistice Day- A man back from the war is accommodated by a lovely woman.
  4. Coming Back Home- What the hell was she doing in my shed?
  5. No Strings Attached- Haunted by the past, can a legend & a single mom find love?
  6. That Little Spark- A Valentine’s Meeting Leads to So Much More.
  7. Save the Last Dance for Me- A young girl & an older man fall in love through dancing.
  8. Santa Mike- Can a curmudgeon become Santa and find love in the process?
  9. Love Songs in Age- Lessons in literature, life, love and loss.
  10. Mentor- Years after being her online mentor, they meet.
  11. Home is Where The Heart Is- A sweet gesture gets down and out Jamie much more in return.
  12. Hey Nineteen- Sometimes age is just a number.
  13. Autumn Light- An isolated widower finds unexpected salvation at Halloween.
  14. Mating Season- Things don’t always go to plan, but can be even better.
  15. PTSD and The Good Samaritan- A desperate need to find purpose and meaning lead to love.
  16. Something to Write Home About- A sexual exploration.
  17. All the World’s a Stage- A director falls for the young star of his son’s school play.
  18. The Personnel Manager- Ben is infatuated with Judith Denholm, the Personnel Manager.
  19. Hit and Run- A woman’s inattention leads to a lifetime of love.
  20. The Next Milf Porn Star- Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures.
  21. The Valentine’s Dance- Can a dreaded annual dance bring a man new hope?
  22. My Plus One- Age is just a number when the timing is right.
  23. The Smell of Horse and Leather- A young woman finds more than she expects for Valentine’s.
  24. A Tutor for Samuel- The neighbor boy needs help with more than just homework.
  25. Martha’s Second Chance- An older woman finds herself with a young man’s help.
  26. Little Packages- Second chances sometime come in little packages.
  27. Scrubs- Love and healing in the time of the aftermath.
  28. Angel Flight- A WWII veteran is the catalyst for love.
  29. Unforgivable- One parent’s criminal neglect changes the other’s for life.
  30. Migraine from Hell- A horrible migraine brings two unlikely people together.
  31. Caddy for Hire- The need for a job leads an older woman to lasting love.
  32. Try and Love Again- A song moves a former musician to return to his old life.
  33. Jenny from the Office Block- Callum wants his cougar. It starts with overtime.
  34. I’m Dreaming of a Hot Christmas- Everything comes together for a perfect Christmas.
  35. Georgia’s: Boiled Peanuts- Peanuts to sex in the attic. Maybe you been doin’ it all wrong?
  36. No More Beautiful Words- Sometimes happiness can be found in just a few words.
  37. Three Little Words- Sometimes love means just being there for each other.
  38. Karma- Waitress finds a special way to repay a widower’s kindness
  39. Just Cole And Jen- Man runs into son’s girlfriend on a college visit.
  40. Private Lessons- Hot teacher gives her virgin student some special lessons.
  41. Curveball- A chance meeting leads a retired Navy SEAL to love.
  42. Lauren- A room with a view leads to a life changing experience.
  43. My Christmas Star- He saw what others didn’t. And they hated him for it.
  44. Carwash- A trip to the carwash leads a woman to the perfect man.
  45. Country Roads- Death and misfortune bring two people together for life.
  46. Love Long Gone- A refugee from a storm – is she a trick or a treat?
  47. Ballerina- An Open House is the setting for new love.
  48. Love in All the Right Places- An older woman widens her net to find true love.
  49. The Wolf with the Red Roses- Regan’s Valentine’s Day isn’t quite what she expected.
  50. All Grown Up- Kimber reconnects with an old crush.
  51. Va-Cay- A new idea brings two people together forever.
  52. Lending Library- A small, wooden box leads two unlikely people to love.
  53. Five Minutes and Forever- An unexpected reward.
  54. How To Be a Good Mentor- A new teacher has issues. Can his mentor help him out?
  55. Yes, Ma’am!- A hypnotist reveals a Marine captain’s love for a LtCol.
  56. Sense of Smell- Tragedy brings two unlikely future lovers together.
  57. Random Acts of Kindness- A knight in…spandex…rescues a damsel in distress.
  58. Love is the Key- A botched ‘proposal’ changes an older woman’s life forever.
  59. Second Sunset- Can a late love be better than the first?
  60. Lakeside Park- Some memories last forever.
  61. Counter Surveillance- A young man spies on his older neighbour. She finds out.
  62. Laura’s Vineyard- College student learns about love from older woman.
  63. At Breanna’s Insistence- Teacher gets close to former students!
  64. Corpsman, Up- Running out of gas changes an older woman’s life forever.
  65. The House Sitter- One summer, a house, a dog… and a girl.
  66. B&B- Tragic losses bring two heartbroken lovers together.
  67. It’s Magic, You Know- A phone call changes a worried mother’s life forever.
  68. Someday- Pete’s friends ask him to play a final game.
  69. Visitation- A love of the elderly leads a younger man to love.
  70. Eye of the Beholder- One man’s quest for beauty leaves him empty.
  71. Teacher’s Aide- An older man’s sudden decision leads him to new love.
  72. Wired- Moving into a duplex brings two people together for life.
  73. Older Women- At 64 she showed him affection of the heart still existed.
  74. The Letter- A letter reunites two people four years later.
  75. Escape Room- Going to an escape room unites two lonely people.
  76. The Night Watchman- A famous painting brings two people together for life.
  77. Ginger or Marianne?- A lunch date with a friend leads an older woman to love.
  78. Quite an Uplifting Speech- My CEO needs to be de-stressed before her keynote speech.
  79. Jazz Man- A sax player changes a divorced woman’s life forever.
  80. My Math Problem- Nerdy CPA finds love in a shortage; will an equation end it?
  81. Things Change- Failed relationships bring two people together for life.
  82. Up, Up, and Away- A sense of renewed hope leads a widowed woman to love.
  83. Guest Services- Julie is not enjoying her stay. Enter Tyler.
  84. Wild Times in Scotland- A young lady meets an older gentleman.
  85. Living for Myself- 50 y.o. divorced woman begins a sexual odyssey in Paris.
  86. Kahlea- He finds the girl of his dreams in Vegas.
  87. Free Fall- Student discovers her true passion with older single dad.
  88. Memories of Linda- My memories of moments shared with my best friend’s mother.
  89. Anna Karenina- A love of books brings love to an unlikely couple.
  90. A Week in Miami- Middle-aged man finds unexpected love with Finnish beauty.
  91. Solitary Man- A young woman’s act of rebellion has a happy ending.
  92. Library of Congress- New librarian reads him like a book.
  93. Thank You, Janie- The perfect woman and a kick in the head.
  94. Miniature Gol- A round of miniature golf changes three lives forever.
  95. The Girl in the Mirror- A man meets the look-a-like daughter of his ex-girlfriend.
  96. Queen of Diamonds- An old friend brings her daughter to the high school reunion.
  97. If Things Were Different- Overdue changes allow an older woman the chance to find love
  98. If Things Were Different- Overdue changes allow an older woman the chance to find love
  99. It’s a Miracle- A speeding driver brings two unlikely people together.
  100. Major League Advice- A minor-league player gives his manager major-league advice.
  101. Spring Break- An overprotective mom finds love with a younger man.
  102. PADI Cake, PADI Cake- A love of adventure brings true love to an older woman.
  103. Hell’s Kitchen- Nepotism and a tragic loss bring two people together.
  104. Eva- A man finds love in the arms of his best friends mother.
  105. Brittany’s Do-Over- An awkward question puts a former student in a tricky spot.
  106. My Night with Chloe- My former sexy young intern has a very interesting secret.
  107. Perfect Timing- Late and Panicked, all was forgotten with an amazing kiss.
  108. English Lane- A song and a place remind us of lasting love.
  109. I’ve Always Been a Nurturer…- A teacher sees more than she should before Thanksgiving…
  110. Sketchbook- An older artist takes a young, inexperienced boy as her muse.
  111. All-Inclusive Summer- Daughter & her friends think Daddy’s been alone long enough!
  112. Ploughing the South Forty- Car accident leads to extended stay at the farm.
  113. A Boy’s Last Summer- Passions flare between an older woman and her summer hire.
  114. Always a Bridesmaid- Love finally comes to a girl doomed to never be a bride.
  115. After The Wife Walks In- It’s all fun and games until…
  116. Competition for ‘The Top’- A Marine widower finds love with an older widowed woman.
  117. On the Side- She’s too young, too lovely and too close. He must resist.
  118. Going on Thirty- A teacher’s world is turned upside down by a mature student.
  119. The Barista- Older gent runs into his beautiful barista on a NY train.
  120. French Exchange Part Deux- Miss V and me, among others.
  121. Base Pharmacy- A broken ankle leads two people to lasting love.
  122. All The Way In- Ms Dubinsky jumps on the “bad teacher” bandwagon…
  123. Midnight Basketball- A love of community brings two people together.
  124. Kassandra, Woman of Myster- Sometimes living with danger is exciting.
  125. Storm Warning!!- A stormy weekend away alone together changes everything.
  126. Negroni- Young waitress’s ride home leads to fireside massage & more.
  127. I’ll Carry Your Bag- Older caddy helps up and coming female pro.