1. Scent Marked – A biologist learns her power on the trail of the snowleopard.
  2. I’ll Need to Change the Sheets – Bec is breast feeding. David isn’t her baby.
  3. Coed Blowjob Buddies- Two cumslut coeds share their fetish for sucking off guys.
  4. An Obsession…or Two- College girl learns to appreciate anal sex and pee play.
  5. The DomBox- Engineer creates a device to automate bondage predicaments.
  6. Free School – Graduating to Freedom – 18yr students learn the free use world in special lessons.
  7. Jackie Makes Things Right  –Jackie finds Brandon AND a love for strapon man-fucking.
  8. A Crappy Holiday Get Together- A strange, intimate and embarrassing holiday get together.
  9. Just Say Their Names – Noblewoman endures tickle torment to save the revolution.
  10. Spiced-Up Marriage: A Big Surprise- Husband and wife explore same-sex curiosity together.
  11. Fucking Pantyhose – Young man’s kink develops with encouragement.
  12. Michelle’s Arms – A lame opening line opens the door.
  13. Jenna, Sucker for the Team- Jenna has an oral fixation that the boys on the team love.
  14. Office Mistake Turns to Home Fun- A creampie fantasy is realized by two co-workers.
  15. Glamping – Gender ambiguity on the road.
  16. The Summer of Moira June- A man meets the BBW of his dreams during the summer of 2000.
  17. Strap-on Secrets- Comforting best friend leads to unexpected secrets.
  18. Aaron Convinces Felicia to Try This – He leads his bride to discover strapon delights.
  19. Dr. Chloe Burrell, Sex Researcher –Researching strapon fantasies in, and out, of the lab.
  20. Lucy and John- Naked yoga leads to piss drinking and fucking.
  21. The Reader – A novelette: a woman is hired to read in the nude.
  22. Wet Relations – An Asian boy’s initiation in bisexual incest and watersports.
  23. Modeling Her New Toy for Him- Jenelle finds true love at the end of her strapon.
  24. Milking Assistant- Working late leads Jim into a milky situation.
  25. Dominant Ass Eating – I reacquainted myself with an unexpectedly submissive girl.
  26. Second Coming – My Second Visit – My second visit to the gloryhole.
  27. Rebecca’s Mature Feet – Andrew has a foot encounter with his friends aunt.
  28. Watching and Being Watched is Fun… – An adventurous day exploring leads to discovering pee fun.
  29. Click and Collect: Amie’s Present – Wife’s fetish is to be boxed up as a present for her husband.
  30. Toes a la Mode (Ma Cheri) – Foot encounter in movie theater leads to more.
  31. Mo’tul of Clan Fire-Eagle – An she-orc meets a halfling girl and is immediately smitten.
  32. Golden Girls – Young widow is introduced to kink by her sister-in-law.
  33.  Smooth Operator –His shaving kink freaks out his gf. Her sister, however…
  34. Cosplay – Dr. Lowenstein has a new patient.
  35. A Smokey Night with Mrs. J. – An older woman discovers and indulges his smoking fetish.
  36. Secret Treasure – ShaeLee discovers one of nature’s precious gifts.
  37. Caught by My Father-In-Law – I am caught outside experimenting with my new fetish.
  38. Rachel Foots the Bill –A man and a woman discover the pleasure of foot sex.
  39. Protecting Les – Mal tries to protect her friend Les from his evil girlfriend.
  40.  Cheryl’s Irresistible Legs – Sexy coworkers legs lead to kinky relationship.
  41. Old Friends, New Lust – Ava runs into an old friend with a milky fetish…
  42. Gender Issues- Sexual ambiguity on New Year’s Eve.
  43. Preggo at the Party – A horny guy finds a horny pregnant girl at a sorority…
  44. Lactation Loving Lesbians – Straight girl finds lesbian and they share lactation fetish.
  45. An Appointment with Dr. Cooper – Jessica scores an appointment with Dr. Cooper.
  46. Unexpected Visitor – After being caught playing, the best day of his life begins.
  47. The Colour of Love – An alien symbiont and rubber skin.
  48. Kinky Tales: I’m Pegged By My Wife- Married man begins to fantasy about being bottomed by wife.
  49. Getting to Know Her – There’s enormous boobs… and then there’s Jessica.
  50. Pierced by Cupid’s Arrow – They find love at the end of her strap-on.
  51. Father Figure – A man discovers the pleasures of Daddy/daughter role play.
  52. Contest: Alternate Chapter – Danielle spends three hours with her perverted ex.
  53. Caught Out at Work – Underdressing at work leads to unexpected fun.
  54. More Than Skin Deep- A boy, a girl, & the most advanced computer chip ever.
  55. Jennifer’s Foot Job – Jennifer has a fetish for giving footjobs.
  56. Monica Meets a Cumslut- How this cumslut won the girl.
  57. Needlepoint and Cream Pie- Cyleste discovers Brett is a cumslut and loves it.
  58. Valerie Finds Her Man – Finding a man to love her and her strapon was a challenge.
  59. His Dream Girl – After Jacob asks her out, Emily’s body begins to change.
  60. Reunited with Panties- He has an unexpected encounter with a former lover.
  61. Something Afoot – What is sister’s hot friend up to? Something is afoot…
  62. Golden Discovery- A couple discover their pissing fetish.
  63. The Gentlemen’s Panty Club- A young man joins an exclusive fetish club.
  64. Justin’s Starring Role – What Candace likes to see