Tarsa nervously looked out at the circus of leather, latex and flesh in front of her, tugging the hem of her short maid’s dress.

“Come on Tarsa, if you’re not a bitch about it, you’ll have a great time.” Her boyfriend Ron jibed, walking past her in his heavy leather ‘dominator’ coat. Tarsa suppressed a scowl at Ron’s latest annoyance at her for being anything other than a sex object. It was his idea to come to the Berlin Fetish Market after-party, and Tarsa objections had been met with the usual rounds of moaning, begging and temper tantrums until she agreed to come for a quiet life.

Tarsa headed straight towards the bar to get some drinks, while Ron decided to mingle on the dance floor, barely containing his excitement at all the submissive women in the crowd.

At the bar, she ordered enough drinks to numb her for the night, and a beer for Ron. She sat on a bar stool and felt a shiver run over her as she realised that with her short skirt and thong, her bare buttocks were touching the leather of the seat.

Two shots in, Tarsa began to relax a little, not enough to join the woman in a gas mask being spanked by her boyfriend, but enough to feel comfortable at the bar in an outfit picked out for her on the Chinese section of eBay during one of Ron’s late night wank sessions.

“Haven’t seen you here before.” A smooth voice asked from next to her. Tarsa turned to see an older lady in a very extravagant purple and black dress, the kind a widow would wear while telling the police she had no idea what happened to her husband. “You interested in trying anything out or just here for the show?”

“Oh, me, no” Tarsa stuttered. “I’m just here for…”

“Your partner? Oh don’t say a word, let me guess who you’re with.” The lady interrupted. She cast her eye over the crowd and her face broke into a mischievous grin the moment it landed on Ron. “I’m guessing you came in on the arm of Mr. Tall, dark, and enthusiastic over there.”

“Yeah, he’s into this sort of stuff.” Tarsa sighed.

“I figured, wallflower putting away drinks like you are. Anyhoo my name is Louise, I’ll stay with you if you want, nothing kinky, just some nice company.” Tarsa was happy for the company, considering the alternative was joining Ron, currently getting very carried away in a conversation about proper whipping technique with a large bearded man.

Louise turned out to be great company, Tarsa didn’t feel like talking so Louise got the conversation flowing with her life. Tarsa couldn’t believe that someone could actually be a millionaire selling sex equipment and organising fetish parties but Louise seemed to have a perverted entrepreneurial flair to her. Eventually conversation turned to Tarsa’s life.

Louise was politely interested in Tarsa’s life, although the loud music and party atmosphere had ramped up and didn’t allow her to communicate everything.

“Iranian immigrant… dad died… met Ron at Stuttgart University… technical engineer for a security firm.” Louise’s ears perked up.

“You want to go outside for a cigarette?” Louise yelled, Tarsa was not a huge smoker but decided that the smoking area would be more enjoyable than watching Ron getting more and more handsy with other women.

Outside, Louise gave Tarsa a cigarette and lit her own at the end of a long luxurious cigarette holder.

“So Tarsa, technical engineer for a security firm? That means you know a lot about locks right?” She asked as casually as she could muster.

“Yeah, these days it’s all electronic, it’s as much about programming key cards and secure encryptions as it is physical barriers.” Tarsa replied, happy that conversation felt more on her home turf now.

“Hmm, how would you feel about a freelance project on the side?” Louise asked bluntly. “I’ve been looking for some innovation in my product line, and someone who creates security systems seems like just the sort of out of the box thinking I could use.”

Tarsa was unsure about taking a job with a woman she had just met at a fetish club, but she had to admit she could use some extra money and maybe a creative project would help with the fog of misery that had been hanging over her life recently.

“OK, what did you have in mind?” Tarsa asked.

“Not how I work sweetheart. Give me your bank details and email address, I’ll wire you €500 and send you a date and location to present your prototype.” Louise announced, getting out her phone.

“You always give €500 to people you just met without even knowing what you’re going to get from them?”

“Actually I don’t do business with anyone I haven’t seen in a skimpy maid’s outfit, so you’re just lucky on that front.” Louise quipped, Tarsa was very unsure about everything, but the way she saw it €500 was €500 and sure enough it was in her account before she had finished her cigarette.

By the end of the night both Tarsa and Ron were jubilant with excitement. After Tarsa had finished listening to all Ron’s tales of ‘not technically cheating’ debauchery she told him about Louise’s offer. They stayed up all night chatting about what Tarsa could make with €500. Ron’s suggestions tended towards the more sadistic but at their core Tarsa was able to pick out some key themes and she got to work the next day ordering the supplies she would need.

“Good afternoon Louise. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.” Tarsa announced in a very stylish living room. Louise lounged on her sofa, nursing a hangover that could floor a rhino, idly petting a chihuahua. “When you asked me to build a product, I knew that €500 should buy you more than just a new kind of handcuff.”

“Fuck me, I gave you €500?” Louise interrupted. “Sorry Hon, genuinely don’t remember much of that night.”

“Alright…” Tarsa continued, thrown by the revelation but not discouraged. “Well let me show you what I got. How would you feel about a new total integrated bondage system? I give you the DomBox.” Tarsa pulled back the table cover and revealed an intimidating black box with a single red LED on it.

“The DomBox is the first step on a build your own bondage system that your clients can use in the comfort of their own home. Let’s have a demonstration.” Tarsa went and put a pair of handcuffs on Louise, who responded with an encouraging smile. “Now the only way to unlock those cuffs, is to hold them in front of DomBox when the light turns green. How do you get the light to turn green? Well that’s where the app I have programmed comes in.”

Tarsa got out her phone and excitedly showed Louise the DomBox app.

“It’s pretty rudimentary at the moment. There is a button here that will turn the light green, for if you are doing couples play and you want someone else to hold the key to your freedom, then there is a timer, for if you want to be tied up for a length of time. Finally the DomBox has a microphone that will turn the light green if it hears the safe word. Greengrocer!”

Almost immediately the light on the DomBox turned from red to green and Louise obligingly held the cuffs over the box and felt them release from her wrists.

“But this is just the start, anything can have a DomBox clasp put on it and the DomBox app has infinite customisations. Imagine locking yourself into a harness that won’t be released until a random and unknown amount of time passes. Imagine exposure play where there’s a pedometer in the handcuffs and they won’t be released until you have walked a certain distance. Imagine microphones that wait for you to say a degrading sentence before DomBox will release you. This is the start of a journey where the possibilities for couples bondage or lone kink explorers are pretty much endless.”

Tarsa looked expectantly at Louise for a good minute before the hungover kink magnate realised she had finished.

“Do you have any trademarks on this?” She asked.

“No, I just developed the technology.” Tarsa replied.

“Alright, as far as I am aware no other company is developing something like this. Keep it on the down low and I’ll fund more development while we wait for the trademark. I’m actually genuinely impressed, this might end up being the best drunk purchase I’ve made in a while.”

Tarsa grinned from ear to ear as she was sent away with a signed contract, a company credit card, and another €500 to develop the DomBox further.

Tarsa reached for another bottle of wine, her eyes filled with tears. It was her second night at the out of town hotel she had booked in a hurry after storming out on Ron.

It was bad enough when he tried to control her and push for her to do sick fetish stuff, but ever since she had gotten the contract to develop the DomBox, he had started to try and control her professional life too. He started suggesting the sickest shit for the DomBox, and every time she finished a new function he would immediately pressure her into testing it personally with him holding the controls. Eventually after a hard day at work, she snapped and told him to either leave her alone or she would be testing the DomBox on him in his sleep. Anyone with an iota of emotional intelligence would interpret that as a sign to back off but it just made Ron double down on being a control freak. Tarsa actually felt great when she packed a bag and told him to go fuck himself.

On the table in front of her, among the empty wine bottles, was the DomBox with its latest attachment, a small safe that could hold analogue keys or a phone, that could only be unlocked when the light turned green. There was also the slave collar she had been filling with every sensor imaginable to coordinate with the DomBox app. Tarsa was due to meet with Louise tomorrow, but she was certain Louise wouldn’t begrudge her a small hangover all things considered.

Louise warmed up the app to check her latest addition, GPS tracking on the collar. The little blip on the map confirmed that the collar was working. She decided she could go for a walk to clear her head and test the collar while she was at it, setting the DomBox to turn green once the collar had travelled to the hotel pool and back.

“Why don’t you do it naked?” She slurred in a mocking imitation Ron voice. “You’re such a bitch if you don’t do everything I tell you.” Tarsa stopped and swayed in front of the hotel door.

“You know what,” she said to nobody in particular. “I will do it, just because it’s what Ron wanted, I’m going to walk to the pool and back naked and he’s not going to get to enjoy it because he was a dick.”

Tarsa slipped off her sweat pants, vest, and underwear, leaving them on her hotel bed. She affixed the collar around her neck, enjoying the feel of cool leather constricting around her. She picked up the DomBox to take with her when she had another idea. She took the key card to her hotel room and slipped it into the DomBox safe, clicking it shut.

She opened her door a peek and looked out down the ground floor hallway. It was mid-January so the hotel was pretty much empty due to the holiday lull, even if it had guests, it was 2am and Tarsa was certain they would be asleep. A draft hit her as she opened the door wider, covering her body in goosebumps and forcing her to retreat back to room with embarrassment.

In her room, Tarsa closed her eyes and saw Ron’s mocking face. She heard his voice saying “I always knew you were a prude without me.” She gritted her teeth and with a mind full of rage she jumped out of the hotel door with the DomBox and shut it behind her before she could change her mind.

Tarsa let a little squeak escape her mouth as she tried the hotel door handle and found it locked. She was now going to have to walk to the swimming pool and back naked if she wanted to get back into her room. For a second she contemplated leaving the DomBox outside her door, but quickly changed her mind as she was testing it and needed to know if anything went wrong, plus she didn’t want anyone stealing it.

The layout of the hotel flashed through Tarsa’s mind, she didn’t know the hotel too well but she had wandered the halls the night before to test the collar’s pedometer. As far as she could remember the pool was a chained off outdoor area at the back of the hotel, currently closed off for the winter months. The direct route would take her right past the 24 hour reception, so instead she decided to walk out of the way to some nearby stairs, up to the second floor, along the corridor, find another set of stairs on the far side of the building, back down to the ground floor, and along to the back door that lead to the pool. Her legs shook as she began her long journey.

Tarsa felt a little thrill run through her as she pushed open the door to the stairs not knowing if anyone would be on the other side. To her relief the stairs were empty, she walked up them and into the second floor corridor. The corridor was in pitch darkness, as Tarsa took her first step, the motion sensors turned on the lights above her, shining a spotlight on her naked body. In shock she dropped to a crouch, letting the DomBox clatter to the floor, her arms wrapped around her exposed breasts as they rose and fell with her rapid breathing.

Tarsa regained her composure and began to slowly and surely walk down the corridor, every few steps a new light would turn on, her nudity banishing the darkness and her heart racing at the thought of how exposed she was. About half way down the corridor she saw another set of stairs, peeking around the door to the stairway it became clear that these stairs lead to the reception area, so she would need to keep walking.

The hallway swirled as the combination of adrenaline and alcohol surged through Tarsa’s blood. Each light that popped on causing her to jump at the prospect that she would be lit up for some unseen watcher. The DomBox nestled under her right arm while her left did a terrible job of covering her streaming pussy. After a while Tarsa noticed the end of the corridor coming up on her fast, surely there must be stairs soon? She had scanned every inch of the walls as she walked hoping for another stairwell and it was looking like there may not actually be one.

The corridor came to an almost dead end without another stairwell on sight. Instead it had a small glass door labelled ‘fire exit’. Tarsa peered from the door, outside there was a rickety metal staircase leading down the side of the building. For Tarsa the choice was stark, either definitely be seen by the receptionist but stay inside in the warm, or take the staircase and run around the outside of the building in mid-January. She reasoned that this hotel was fairly remote, on the leafy outskirts of Berlin flanked by other hotels, if she was fast enough she could go outside and get it done without being seen.

A shiver ran up and down her as Tarsa pushed the fire escape open. The cold air whipped around her body and as she took her first step, her foot tingled at the feeling of cold metal on her bare flesh. She turned and pushed the fire door to, making sure not to close it entirely, before turning to begin her descent.

The first thing that struck Tarsa was that the fire escape was clearly visible from the road in front of the hotel, anyone out late at night could look up and see her naked body high above the trees. She dropped into a crouch and with the sudden movement the fire stairs shook and the sound of rattling metal wrung in Tarsa’s ears. She gritted her teeth until the rattling stopped, hoping that nobody in the hotel was awakened and curious. Despite her desperate need to get down to the ground, she was going to have to be careful not to make any sudden moves.

Slowly and steadily Tarsa crept down the stairs, her body shivering with excitement and cold. At one point a car drove down the road and Tarsa had no way of knowing if they had seen her or not. Eventually she reached the ground, her feet prickling with the cold dew on the grass. Freed of her need to go slow and steady, Tarsa sprinted down the thin garden between the buildings and towards the pool.

As Tarsa got further from the road, she had to slow down to give her eyes time to adjust to the darkness, the only light coming from the red LED on the DomBox, keeping her mindful that her journey wasn’t over. Eventually she reached the concrete clearing that surrounded the pool, the pool was surprisingly sizable as it served all the surrounding hotels, their buildings overlooking the flat and exposed shared area. The pool was uncovered and the mid-January freeze had frozen the surface solid.

Tarsa sprinted across the concrete and hid behind a vending machine, timidly looking out over the area. There was the hotel she had just come from, small and sleepy, no lights on there. There were also two other hotels, much taller and more foreboding, both with a smattering of lights shining out of the rooms. The lights could have just been left on by a careless cleaner or absent minded guest, but it was also likely there were awake guests in those rooms, just waiting to look out of the window and get a glance of Tarsa’s naked body.

Tarsa made a break for it and hid under one of the patio tables dotted near the pool, intently looking at the red LED, desperately willing it to turn green. As she sat under the table, feeling her bare bottom start to turn numb on the cold concrete, Tarsa thought back over how she had set up the GPS, she remembered choosing the pool, but as she thought back her mind swam with the memory of clicking right in the middle of the pool and the little red pointer hovering over the middle of the square of blue.

“Patch note: allow distance tolerance on GPS trigger.” She angrily whispered to herself. She looked out on the pool, she was happy that it was frozen as neither the DomBox nor the collar were waterproof (another patch note Tarsa thought through), but it was still totally exposed with three hotels overlooking it.

Tarsa took some deep breaths before crawling out from under the table, shivering as she approached the pool edge. She lowered herself down and felt the ice embrace her foot. She yelped in surprise before covering her mouth with her spare hand. Quickly she ran to the centre of the pool, ignoring her now numb feet and began hopping up and down waiting for the collar to communicate to the DomBox that she had made it to the coordinates.

At the same time the light turned green on the DomBox and Tarsa heard a loud catcall echo around the pool area. She looked around to try and figure out who had seen her and as she did so the bottom of the DomBox opened and her room key clattered onto the ice. She dropped into her hands and knees and began frantically searching for the key while the loud leers continued, apparently attracting the attention of a second man who joined in yelling his appreciation of Tarsa’s body. Once she found the key she took off, sprinting back to her room, her body bright red with embarrassment.

Tarsa collapsed back into her room, her body shivering and covered in goosebumps, her nipples stiff enough to stack CDs on, and her pussy streaming with excitement.

“Fuck you Ron.” She whispered to herself as she climbed into bed and masturbated herself to sleep.

Tarsa rang the doorbell while cannonballing her second energy drink of the morning, trying to drown out the high pitched yipping of Louise’s chihuahua. A perky Louise answered the door and immediately got the measure of Tarsa’s situation.

“Good morning” Louise chirped. “Come in and sit down, we’re not in a hurry today.” Tarsa was happy for the invitation and slumped on her sofa. Louise put the kettle on and began preparing an elaborate coffee that she knew worked wonders on hangovers, trying to find a tactful way to broach the subject.

“Wanna talk about it?” She settled on.

“Been a rough couple of days” Tarsa admitted. “But the DomBox is better than ever.”

“We have all day to talk about the DomBox, I want to know how you are doing. I don’t want to overstep my bounds but my guess would be you gave Mr. Small, dark and loathsome the boot.” Tarsa gave a slow nod of agreement. “Honey, I don’t know if this is what you need to hear right now, but when you hang around fetish clubs as long as I have, you recognise small dick energy when you see it.” Tarsa gave a small chuckle.