1. Cum for Austin- Brother/Sister discover more than the joys of sex together.
  2. The Cunning Linguist- Lily helps her brother Greg overcome his small penis issues.
  3. A Mother’s Worry- 118-thousand+ words. Mom/Son, slow seduction. Sex-sex-sex.
  4. Threads: The Island- Kyle gets an inheritance, sisters and trouble.
  5. One Who Understands- A young man finds love close to home.
  6. My European Summer Vacation (With+)- An extended version of “My European Summer Vacation”.
  7. Chests ‘n Nuts Roasting- Family Christmas gets hot as cousins make an impromptu deal.
  8. Adventures of an Aunt-Eater- I help my Aunt Violet, and she deepthroats my husband.
  9. Legend of Lexi- Gaming sister is just too enticing.
  10. Elysium- Twenty four hours can change everything.
  11. Summer Sabbatical-Romance studies at Aunt Ava’s beach retreat.
  12. Quixotic Rapprochement- Ordinary life takes a turn.
  13. Alexis- A sister’s lifelong devotion is rewarded.
  14. My Cousin, My Escort- Paying for sex is a lot more complicated when you’re family.
  15. A Legacy of Shadows- Man returns home to his sister, lost love, and secrets…
  16. Just One Kiss- Between a brother and sister, even one kiss can be trouble.
  17. Jake and Grandma: Hotel Sweet- Sparks fly when Jake and busty Grandma have to share a room.
  18. Twice as Nice- Sean dates his mother’s best friend.
  19. The Thin Line Between- The line between love and hate is thin. Love always wins.
  20. Alexis, reprised- A composition for a younger sister.
  21. Family Reunion- Remembering younger years and a family reunion.
  22. Crash Into Me- Two sisters find love after tragedy.
  23. Trawling Atlantis- A forbidden love. A decade apart. But their love endured.
  24. Free Birds in the Bayou- A pair of debauched twins try to get their dad to join them.
  25. The Anonymous & The Curious- Father submits to curious game for daughter’s slumber party.
  26. My European Summer Vacation- I discover love and so much more.
  27. Double Exposure- Photographer son, designer sis, & model mom; shenanigans.
  28. Eventide- An impulsive act brings twins together.
  29. A Mom, Her Son, and His Lap- A naughty mother takes a ride on her son’s lap.
  30. Slow Dancing- Emily Anderson finally finds love.
  31. London Girl- The arrival of a foreign cousin changes a girl’s life.
  32. Sex Lessons From Grandpa- Teenager begs grandpa to help her friend learn about sex.
  33. In The Grace of Liars- A broken family is healed by the illicit love of two cousins.
  34. The Fenyx Lounge- Bro/Sis unknowingly perform sex show together at elite club.
  35. Happy Birthday to Me!- My slutty, busty niece comes to live with us. Yikes.
  36. Falling Up- Siblings realize how much they need each other.
  37. Heart’s Fall- Man reconnects with his old flame, but she has secrets…
  38. Farm- A middle aged man finds love with an unexpected young woman.
  39. Spellbound- A new home has a strange effect on Emma and her son.
  40. Thanksgivings- Repercussions of Thanksgivings past bring siblings together.
  41. Hot Sand: Carolina- A mother chaperones a vacation to a Southern island.
  42. Milk Donation- Mom needs support to donate milk again.
  43. The Liberation of Amy- Young widowed father falls for his beautiful mother in law.
  44. The Afflicted- A Sweeping New Tale of a New Breed of Vampires.
  45. A Daughter’s Helping Hand- Ella’s mission to save her parents’ sex life.
  46. What I Did On My Christmas Vacation- Teaching Mom and Sis the Big O.