1. Payment in Kind- The case of a lifetime walked in, on high heels.
  2. The Chosen- Her choice was home and her family or the unknown.
  3. Roanoke- When worlds collide.
  4. Played by the Billionair- A prank, a bed and a sexy man. Problem: He’s the wrong one.
  5. The Verse- Destiny chooses a strange path on All Hallows Eve.
  6. The Warrior’s Reluctant Bride- A warrior claims his unwilling wife..
  7. Just a Friend- A trivial bet leads Jess to make an unwanted discovery.
  8. Jacob’s Ladder- Is he playing a game, or is this for real?
  9. The Spark- Raised up from the lowest tier, she was a pawn in their game.
  10. The Cursed Island- Their training ground became a hunting ground.
  11. The Cabin on The Blue- A post-apocalyptic story, with sex.
  12. Odette: Path – Choose your own adventure path C.
  13. Red Roses- Just how good of friends do you think we are?
  14. Nash- Their way of life was so much different than hers.
  15. E-Written: Pirate Hood- It was the perfect con, but he wasn’t counting on her.
  16. Persephone- Trying the new ‘Tinder for Rapists’ App.
  17. God of Mischief and Lies- He will fill her with dark flame.
  18. College Sports Clinic Encounter- Anya can’t help herself with her smooth black stud patient.
  19. Brielle- Escaping your demons isn’t as easy as it seems.
  20. The Club- He found the perfect victim.
  21. Lights End-Sometimes Gods are monsters.
  22. Ryne- He stole her into a new life.
  23. The Geodomes: Gamma- Trapped inside with strangers in this dystopian future.
  24. Odette: Path A- Choose your own adventure path A.
  25. Krampus Nigh- A bad man pretends to be the demon Krampus.