1. Santa, Baby- Not everything is sweet at the North Pole.
  2. It was a Dark and Stormy Redux- Apologies to E. Bulwer-Lytton, Washington Irving and Snoopy.
  3. Truck Got Stuck- Sometimes, feudin’ can lead to something a lot more fun…
  4. Not So Lucky in Love…- 18 year-old desperately trying to lose his virginity.
  5. Christmas Truce- I’m a wreck after the War. Who would want me?
  6. Ditzy Donna- A first time sex story as read by the son.
  7. The Judgment of Harris- Citius, Altius, Sexius: one judge, one sorority competition.
  8. The Christmas Curse- The Merry Misadventures of the Christmas Cursed.
  9. Hindsight- What would you do if you could go back to being eighteen?
  10.  White Castle Christmas-= Where can two strippers get a bite to eat on Christmas Eve?
  11. Proving My Sanity- To protect my family I must be sane.
  12. The Long Pull- Futa baristas make special ‘lattes’ with their ejaculate.
  13. The Double D’s Play D&D- Two busty cheerleaders are taught the rules.
  14.  Faster, Higher, Stronger,…- The most popular Olympics event.
  15.  Reality TV- One of the contestants on The Bachelor is not what she seems.
  16. What Will They Think of Next?- Fun with a remote controlled vibrator.
  17. TT Spalding-The St. John Case- A cryptic phone call ends this case. Is Maggie safe?
  18. What I Learned at Literotica- What Literotica has taught me about the realities of life.
  19. Life Is Like Shit – Not Chocolate- Payback is a Bitch! Husband turns the Tables on Conniving Ex.
  20. Twas The Night Before…- Christmas hijinks gone awry.
  21. The Bra Salesman Epilogue- The story comes to a close.
  22. The Editor- Editing the sexy way.
  23. The Spirit is Willing- You should be careful what you wish for.
  24. One Night Stand: FAQ- How to mount your piece.
  25. Lysistrata Redux- Embarrassed by a practical joke, the girls turn the tables.
  26. A Very Ditzy Christmas- Ditzy Donna and Ralph’s first Christmas.
  27. TT Spalding, The Van Harding Case- TT works on multiple cases with Bruno & Polly.
  28. How I Met My Husband – By Her- Telling my two best friends about an amazing night.
  29. The Case of Dixie’s Christmas- PI helps elderly woman on Christmas Eve.
  30. Oh, Jeeves!- The ghost of Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse is going to haunt.
  31. Cuntlet- Learning to masturbate – Not!
  32. My Last Will and Testicle- I, being of sound mind… Ha! Why start now?
  33. The Sisterhood of the Smiling Penis- It was a dirty job – someone had to do it.
  34. The Talented Taxidermist- This country boy stuffs more than animals.
  35. TT Spalding – Maggie’s Story- How Maggie and TT met (from Maggie’s view).
  36. TT Spalding-Polly’s Story- Polly returns to help TT on a case.
  37. The Retirement Years-Retirement can be hard work and a lot of fun.
  38. Read The Fucking Manual- He always wished women came with instructions.
  39. When My Parents Visit-Visiting parents put a damper on sex.
  40. It Didn’t Happen- None of this happened. It’s fiction. Isn’t it?
  41. A Short Disclaimer-A very brief note from the author. Like, super-brief.
  42. Ghost Lightning – A Halloween Story A ghost story told from the ghost’s point of view.
  43. Trading Up- Ian loses wife to businessman. She claims she’s ‘trading up’.
  44. The Collision- A fender-bender leads to unexpected passion.
  45. TT Spalding: The Pickering Case- TT pulls a fast one and makes his Christmas.
  46. Campfire Talk- A few of author’s own personal memories of Halloween.
  47. The Blowjob at the End of the World- A short tale of the apocalypse.
  48. Pleasing Traci- A simple “How To” on having sex with your favorite author.
  49. The Player Witch Augment- A witch doctor who helps inadequate men grows a magic penis.
  50. Earth Date- Earth celebrates her day.
  51. Lost Camera- His life changed when he lost his camera.
  52. Chuck and Sinitta Get Objectified- Porn for people who don’t like porn.
  53. Household God- We are given an African Joss
  54.  Write Me! Write Me Hard!- A quick look inside a smut writer’s head.
  55. The Bra Salesman- A man is mistaken for a lingerie salesman by a busty woman.
  56. Top 12 Signs Your Lesbian Erotica- …was written by a dude.
  57. That Fine Lin- How far will a geek go when he meets a sorority girl?
  58. Sleeping with the Competition- Female Viagra, spying, sex, and romance.
  59.  Send The Fools Further- A roadie and a dancer run an errand. Shenanigans ensue.
  60. A Flaming Pile of Christmas- Naked might be a bad first impression.
  61. What’s in a Cum Shot- Lisa’s deep throat dare and cum conflict.
  62. TT Spalding – PI- The Partridge Case.
  63.  It’s The TAX Man!- He hated his job.
  64. Without A Clue- Woman can’t understand why he would cheat.
  65. Fly On The Wall- A lawyer gets on a jury in attempted murder of the other man.
  66. A How-To Guide for the Aging Mal- Do not read unless you are over 50 & male.
  67. Hunt the Gowk- My supervisor sends me rushing around on an errand.
  68. Addicted to Feedback- A writer’s addiction and response to feedback.
  69. A Ghost’s Story for Halloween- A writer gets an unexpected interview with a ghost.
  70. Good Girl Reveng- Maeve gets back at her boyfriend, with Bluette’s help.
  71. Without A Clue – The Other Side- How could she possibly leave him?
  72.  Stupid Sexy Smartphone- His new smartphone wants sex, and world domination.
  73.  Steamed Mil- A curious man is invited by two futa into the showers.
  74.  Sex School: Practical Demonstratio- What it might be like if they taught sex in college.
  75. Lancie Pants0 – A tough Dom has to make a tough choice.
  76. Horton Hires a Ho- Gather round girls and boys, it’s storytime
  77. TT Spalding – Espionage- TT investigates industrial secret theft.
  78. Freakish Frida- Mother and daughter switch bodies, incest?
  79. A Civilized Cuckold,The Cunning Cad-Dealing with greed, money, infidelity — so politely!
  80. Ten Things Everyone Should Know- A revised do’s and don’ts manual about sex.
  81. Ho White and the 7 Dicks- The Grimm Brothers and Disney were wrong.
  82. Ducky the Demon Hunter!- Woman with unusual sexual appetites preys on demons.
  83. Sir Bertrand and the Dragon- Rescuing princesses is fraught with unexpected peril.
  84. LW Endings I’d like to See – I can’t write these stories, but I’d read them.
  85. This is Dead Set Seriou- While away things came into play.
  86.  Lecturer- I’m trying to do two jobs at once, from a wheelchair.
  87.  The Guidance Counselor- The day Jonathon met Layla
  88. Relatives from Out of Town – A Hall- Can someone avoid prophecy given by a girl kissed by the Fey.
  89. TT Spalding, PI – The Wordsworth Cas- TT does Maggie a favor, and is rewarded.
  90. TT Spalding – The Preston Case- The Preston Case.
  91. The Theater Student- Young man is seduced by an eccentric girl next door.
  92. What Dreams May Come- Passion. Sex. Rage. Murder? This one’s a real snoozefest.
  93. War Games- Unlikely circumstances lead to a dream coming true.
  94. Kowalski Gets Her Man- Where does undercover cop on nude beach pin her badge?
  95.  Pleasure Island- A pirate recalls an encounter with a beautiful woman.
  96.  TT Spalding, P.I.- The Waters case.
  97. Me & My Penis- One girl’s musings about her man’s member.
  98. Little Pink and The Wolf- Little Red Riding Hood’s wilder half sister.
  99. The Legend of Goldicocks- The true story that the Brothers Grimm never told.
  100.  Scouts Gone Wild- These scouts sell cookies in a variety of ways.
  101. The Recruitment of Agent Kira- Kira is recruited to become a federal sexual agent.
  102.  The Daily Swagger- A woman tries to hold her dignity in a free-use world.
  103. Penis Envy- She is shocked to wake up with penis between her legs
  104. Accidental Adam- The uniform doesn’t make the man.
  105. Jack Bauer Adjusts to Change- CTU is not what it used to be.
  106. The Sophomore Jinx- College girl explores her sexuality.
  107. Faye Fellatio Prequel 01: Halloween- Faye treats her neighbours to tricks for her college fund.
  108. Mr. Lucky- And you think you’ve got problems!
  109. Do Not Ejaculate For 24 Hours!- The forbidden is so darned tempting.
  110. . Turning Off The Terra-Slutter- A global alien attack makes women insatiable for sex.
  111. T’was the Night Before Christmas- Christmas Eve as it should have gone.
  112.  Losing Melba-A stroll down memory lane.
  113. Cheating 101 from Literotica-What I learned about cheating from our fine writers.
  114. Turning Off The Terra-Slutter- A global alien attack makes women insatiable for sex.
  115. T’was the Night Before Christmas- Christmas Eve as it should have gone.
  116. Losing Melba*- A stroll down memory lane.
  117. Cheating 101 from Literotica- What I learned about cheating from our fine writers.
  118. Shannon’s Offer- An unexpected opportunity leads to extraordinary measures.
  119. Pole McCoy Fits His Name- Backwoods man learns true value of his nickname.
  120. Sorry Charlie- Can things get any worse for Charlie?
  121. Conjugal Gifts 4 U- A college student gets the job of his dreams.
  122. Two Bags for the Bride- Tennis pro chooses the ugly sister.
  123. Telemarketing- Getting into a telemarketer’s panties.
  124. Alice With A Twist Ch. 2- It gets even stranger in Wonderland, the Queen is Bi!
  125. Cum Pirates of the 99th Century- I’m minding my own business when the wild women attack.
  126. The Fire Red Arrows- Cupid’s arrows put a new spin on office romanc
  127. Bedroom Conversations- What had I done? I’d fucked Gladys Detweiler 24 years ago.
  128. My BIG Dick- It ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.
  129.  Jimmy the Geek- She loved him, y’know…
  130. A Bit of Business- Short and to the point.
  131. The Password- Charlie caught up in procedure at Heaven’s Door.
  132. Male Secretar- A corporate executive meets her match: her secretary.
  133. Granddaughter’s Worry- She thinks her baby might have a hereditary disease.
  134. In a Perfect World- The ramblings of a perpetually horny aging male.
  135. Ginger Gangbangs the Gorillas- Some things are worth watching more than the World Cup.
  136. Hard to Stop Mysel- Wow, once the word got out.
  137. Mistletoe Kringle- Santa’s slutty daughter makes the naughty list.
  138. The Perfect Woman Is Hard to Find- Not the question he had planned to ask.
  139. Constance: Condom Conundrum- A night at a lake with “the guys”.
  140. A Farewell to Alm- A story of the whore to end all whores.
  141. How The Troll Grinched Litmas- A Troll learns the true meaning of Litmas.
  142. It Ain’t No Joke- It’s all in the cards. And family.
  143. Lingerie Homework- Jacqui and flatmate help perplexed male student.
  144. A Beginner’s Guide to Not Gettin’ Any- Humorous look at how an evening can go wrong.
  145. Belated Valentine- It is long after valentine’s Day but we both got a card…
  146. Do-It-Yourself Story Kit – Easy as 1-2-3 story in a box.
  147. Tattle Tale Pussy- A story snatched up, and told unwaveringly by her Vagina.
  148. Light Up For The Holidays- Being a Good Neighbor.
  149. Frieda the Cat- Something very different.
  150. Literotica Police- A day in the life of a Loving Wives hater
  151. The Genie- James found a bottle on the beach, or did he?
  152. The Invisible Ma- Potion made me invisible with an ‘electric’ sexual touch….
  153. Dear Dickhead- Proper etiquette is a “Thank you” for a memorable evening.
  154. Jake and Jed Meet the Thespians- A tale of the old west through squinted eyes.
  155. The Commodore’s Wife- Naval sex.
  156. Prank War- A decade long prank war escalates.
  157. Ramblings of a Mad Porno Surfer- A view of Internet Porno web sites.
  158. Coming Out Of The Close- Wife confides to her husband that she might be gay.
  159. Matthew’s Choice – A Halloween Stor- Is Matt at a Best Halloween Party Ever? Or caught in a Trap?
  160. Tore Up From the Floor Up- A car crash and broken bones won’t stop them from fucking!
  161. Look the Other Way- Happy Anniversary! (?)
  162. The Priest and the Love Doctor- A bit of fun between the sexes.
  163. Don’t Piss Off Lou- Sven’s wife cheats; Lou helps him out.
  164. The Rookie- Girl goes up to the ol’ bat for the first time.
  165. Life was Good!- Jill enjoys & shares Mike’s amazing organ.
  166. Carrots- A guide to proper preparation.
  167. I Hadn’t Expected That!- Miscalculation or miscalculation.
  168. April Fool- I can take a joke as well as the next man, but…
  169. Accident- Really! That’s all it was, and not my fault!
  170. Houseguest Nightmare- Her sister Clair came to visit.