“As you all should have learnt in this class, we live in a multicultural society,” droned Mr Bartholomew, the Downtown High social studies teacher, in his usual boring monotone. “For this weeks homework I want you to select one culture and spend some time immersed in the culture. I want a five hundred word essay on your findings by Monday.” There was a groan from the class, they’d been hoping to get away without any homework. A hand shot up at the back of the class. “Yes Danielle?”

“Can we pair up for this sir?” asked the blonde student. Danielle was the drop dead gorgeous captain of the school cheerleading squad. Every boy in the school desired Danielle and her best friend Devon, they were nicknamed the “Double D’s”. Partly for their names and partly for their remarkably perfect D sized racks. The two girls made every male in the school, both teacher and student alike, go weak at the knees and hard in the crotch. Danielle’s face was the perfectly sculptured face of an angel, fine featured with a flawless complexion, a face that a Hollywood Starlet would die for. Devon was equally beautiful, with the face of a she-devil that men would kill for, a living, breathing succubus put on the earth to tempt even the most strong-willed of men. Both girls had bodies that were every man’s ideal fantasy. Slim, toned figures, ultra long legs, tight, nicely rounded buttocks, curving hips to a slender waist and massive tits, who’s impressive size seemed to defy gravity.

Mr Batholomew sighed, every time he handed out homework Danielle would ask the question, and invariably the following Monday he would receive identical essay’s from both Danielle and her best friend Devon. “Very well,” he agreed, deciding it was not worth fighting it.

“Yippie!” squealed Devon in joy, tossing her long silky brown hair.

“Okay, that’s all,” said the social studies teacher. “I’ll see you all Monday.”

“What culture are we going to pick?” Devon asked Danielle as they headed for the door. Devon didn’t even notice Billy Myers staring at her perfect ass it swayed seductively in her short skirt. “Our gardener is from China I think,” she offered helpfully. “And I love Chinese food, especially the one with noodles.”

“No, I’ve got a much better idea,” said Danielle smugly as they headed down the hallway, drawing numerous leering male gazes at the slight jiggle of their ample bosoms and the movements of their long tanned legs. “The geeks.”

Devon frowned at that. “Ew, what about them?” she asked.

“We’ll study nerd culture,” explained Danielle. “I bet no one else will do that and we’re bound to get an A plus!”

Devon smiled, “That’s brilliant Danielle! Do you know any geeks that will help us though?”

“No,” Danielle admitted with a shrug that did mind boggling things with her massive jugs. “But they’re boys, when was the last time a boy said no to us?”

“True,” Devon said with a wicked grin. “Let’s find us some geeks!”

The two gorgeous cheerleaders made their way to the place they thought most likely to contain geeks, the school library. Sure enough, in one corner, amongst the boring science books that Devon and Danielle had never visited, sat David and Murray. They were both skinny, had thick rimmed black glasses, buckteeth and annoying laughs. Definite nerds and perfect subjects for the girls’ social studies assignment.

Danielle took a deep breath, causing her gigantic chest to swell out even further. “Let’s do this!”

With that both girl approached the two nerds who were in heated debate and did not even notice the approach of the two prettiest girls in school.

“The changes Jackson made were just sacrilege!” insisted Murray, his face passionate as he argued with his best friend David.

“No way!” protested the pimple faced David, equally zealous. “The book would never have translated to the big screen without making at least some changes!”

Danielle pointedly cleared her throat. The two nerds turned in surprise and both almost fainted at the sight of the two stunning girls standing in front of them.

“We need your help,” said Devon, after a moment as she realized the boys weren’t about to speak.

David swallowed, but still didn’t answer, his wide-eyed gaze draw involuntarily to Danielle’s swelling chest and low cut blouse. Murray nodded slightly but otherwise remained silent.

“We’re doing a social studies assignment and need to spend some time with you two,” Danielle tried to explain.

“With us?” Murray managed to gasp, why were the Double D’s even talking to them?

“Yes!” Devon confirmed cheerfully. “We need to find out what you guys do.”

“Do?” stammered Murray, David merely nodded again.

“Yeah, we’ll do whatever you do,” said Danielle.

“Do?” repeated Murray, unable to focus his thoughts.

“Yeah, like what are you doing tonight? What do you nerds do on a Friday night?” Danielle asked.

“D&D,” David said abruptly.

Devon smiled, “What’s D&D?”

“Dungeons and dragons,” Murray said after a moments silence when he realized David wasn’t going to answer.

Danielle groaned, “That’s so uncool.”

“No it’s not!” insisted Murray, automatically defensive. “It’s what’s called a role playing game, it’s kind of like acting.”

“Acting is cool!” Devon agreed. “I want to be an actress when I finish college.”

“Whatever,” shrugged Danielle. “When and where?”

“Um, 6 o’clock at my place,” said Murray. “My big brother Adam is DM.”


“Dungeon master,” the geeky teen replied.

Danielle rolled her eyes. “Okay boys, we’ll see you tonight then,” she said, flashing them one of her winning smiles which, had they been standing up would have caused them to go weak at the knees. Both girls then turned and left, making sure to put an extra sway in their hips and give the geeks a thrill as they departed.

“Isn’t Tony Saunder’s party tonight?” Devon asked her friend.

“Too bad,” said Danielle. “I want to get this over and done with so we’ve got the whole weekend to go shopping.”

“Good idea!” agreed Devon quickly.


The girls arrived at Murray’s house fashionably late at 7pm that night. Devon wore the same, very short, bright blue skirt and a tight fitting white v-necked t-shirt that she had worn to school that day. The skirt was slit up both sides displaying an ample portion of her long tanned legs whenever she moved. The v-neck of her top plunged deep into her cleavage, giving Murray an eyeful as he greeted the girls at the door. Danielle’s attire was equally sexy. She wore a pair of black, low-slung pants that were skintight across her beautifully tight round ass. To avoid a panty line she wore a bright pink g-string, the sides of which were visible above the top of her hipster trousers, displaying a teasing hint for the boys. Danielle also wore a pale pink crop top that came down just below the outthrust shelf of her massive tits and left her flat stomach bare.

Once Murray had managed to get his eyes back into their sockets he led the two sexy cheerleaders into his dining room where the boys had the table set up for their role playing game night. Murray’s parents were away for the weekend so they had the whole place to themselves.

Sitting at the head of the table, behind a small cardboard screen that covered a few books, sheets of paper and dice, sat Murray’s older brother Adam. Adam was four years older than the rest of them, he had grubby longish black hair that hung in a mess to his shoulders and looked as though it hadn’t been washing in several months. His stubbled face was unshaven and gaunt looking, but at least he did not share Murray and David’s need for glasses. The older geek’s eyes went wide at the sight of the two beautiful cheerleaders. When Murray had said that a couple of girls from school were coming around tonight he’d never even imagined anything like this.

“Um, you’ll need to roll up new characters first I guess,” he managed to squeak out as the two girls took their seats opposite David and Murray at the dining room table. The girls found a couple of complicated looking forms pushed in front of them, which Adam explained where their character sheets.

“So what class do you want to play?” Adam asked the girls.

Danielle shrugged. “Social studies?” she replied uncertainly.

“No, what class character?” Adam clarified. “Wizard, Warrior, Rogue or Priest?”

“I wanna be a wizard like Harry Potter!” blurted out Devon abruptly. Danielle turned to her brunette friend in surprise, wondering if she was actually getting into this goofy Dungeons & Dragons thing.

“What about you Danielle?” asked David, his voice trembling slightly as he tried to avoid staring at the swelling front of Danielle’s tight pink top.

“Warrior maybe,” she said with a shrug, picking one of the other’s at random.

“Now you need names,” said Adam.

Danielle screwed her face up, was this guy thick or something? “We already have names.”

“No I mean..oh never mind, just put your own names down,” Adam said with a sigh, it was going to be a long night he decided.

“My character is called Veldin the Black!” said Murray theatrically. “I am a mighty wizard like you Devon, only I’m 12th level.”

“And I’m Thrud the Barbarian!” exclaimed David, flexing his skinny arms as if he had muscles.

“Err, cool,” Devon said, glancing Danielle’s way and rolling her eyes.

“Now you need to roll stats,” said Adam, handing the girls a handful of dice each. They were all sorts of different shapes and colors and certainly didn’t look anything like normal dice to the girls.

“They look a bit like jewels,” commented Devon.

“They’re called gem dice. Roll the six sided one three times for strength first,” said David helpfully. Danielle rolled one of the dice at random. “No, the six sided one!” repeated David, pointing to the most normal looking of the dice.

With that the girls began rolling up their characters. The entire process took almost three quarters of an hour and mostly consisted of the boys handing dice to the girls and telling them to roll. Danielle and Devon rolled the dice as they were given them and watched the boys fill in various parts of their so-called character sheets. They had no idea what was going on and were quickly growing tired of this stupid ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ carry on.

“Right, all done,” Adam finally announced, much to the relief of the two beautiful cheerleaders. “Time to begin the adventure.”

“We haven’t started yet?” said Danielle in disbelief.

Adam just ignored her, he was starting to get pissed off at these two hot chicks turning up and ruining a perfectly good night of D&D. Hopefully things got better.

“Okay, the four of you are gathered in a campsite deep the Forests of Doom, it is dawn but no sunlight comes through the thick canopy of trees above. Veldin holds a lantern up as you all crowd around to gaze up the treasure map that Thrud holds in his big hands,” said Adam, dramatically setting up the scenario, ignoring the snigger from Devon. “The treasure map leads to a dungeon entrance about two hundred yards from your current position.”

“Let’s go get that treasure then!” said David boldly.

“What do you think ladies? Ready to go?” Murray asked the two girls.

“Sure, whatever,” agreed Devon.

Murray reached across the table and grabbed Devon’s soft hand. “Follow me m’lady,” he said gallantly, bending forward to gently kiss the back of Devon’s hand before releasing it. Danielle rolled her eyes at his display, but Devon gave a little giggle.

“I’ll draw my bastard sword and lead the way,” David said.

“The entrance to the dungeon is under a large rock, there is a small gap on one side by it’s not wide enough for any of you to slip through,” Adam said, describing the scene.

“So we’ll push it out of the way and head down,” said Devon, trying to get into the spirit of the game.

“Make a strength check,” said Adam, Devon just looked blankly at him. “Roll a D-20.” She still looked blankly at him. He picked up a 20-sided dice and handed it to the pretty brunette. “Roll this.”

“A fifteen,” Devon said, looking at the result.

“You can’t move it,” Adam replied, glancing at her character sheet.

“Why not?”

“Because you failed the strength check,” explained the Dungeon Master.

“I’ll try,” said David quickly, when he saw Devon about to argue further with Murray’s brother. He rolled the dice and also got a fifteen.

“You shove aside the large rock, revealing a stone staircase leading down into the darkness,” said Adam.

“Hey!” protested Devon, “How come he made it, I rolled the same as him.”

“Because your character has a lower strength,” explained Adam.

“Why? Because I’m a girl?” she demanded.

Adam groaned, “No, ‘cause that’s what you rolled for your strength before.”

“And I’m wearing magical gauntlets,” added David helpfully.

“Why don’t I have magical gauntlets?” complained Devon.

“Because you’re a brand new level one character, Thrud is level twelve and has been on lots of adventures,” explained an exasperated Adam.

“That’s not fair,” Devon said, giving Adam one of the cutest pouts he’d ever seen.

“Let’s just head down,” suggested Murray, trying to keep the peace.

“Fine,” replied the sulky brunette.

“You head down the dark stairs, Veldin holding the lantern aloft as you descend into the dungeon. At the foot of the stairs, an inhuman roar suddenly breaks the silence of the crypt. Out of the darkness charges three orcs, waving swords above their heads with looks of murder in their eyes,” Adam announces theatrically.

“I’ll charge and attack!” David said at once.

“I’ll shoot a fireball at them,” said Murray.

Everyone looked at the two busty cheerleaders expectantly.

“Um, I’m a warrior like David so I guess I’ll attack as well?” Danielle said uncertainly.

“I’ll shoot a fireball too then,” said Devon.

“You can’t, you don’t have that spell,” said Adam.

Devon bit back a moan, “So what spells do I have?” she asked.

Murray helpfully checked her character sheet for her. “As a first level wizard you have the Feather Fall spell.”

“What does that do?”

“It lets you float down from heights like a feather,” Murray explained.

“Well that’s not gonna be much use,” Devon said. “What the hell kind of wizard am I? I guess I’ll attack then too.”

Adam rolled some dice behind his screen. “You’re fireball hits one of the orcs, roll for damage.”

Murray picked up three of the dice and rolled them, “Thirteen.”

“The orc burns to death, two left,” said Adam. “Devon, because you’re only using a dagger you have the highest iniative, roll to hit, you need an eighteen or higher.”

“An eighteen? That’s impossible!” complained Devon.

“No you dumb woman, it’s a twenty sided dice!” said Adam, infuriated by the girl.

Devon swallowed her protest and rolled the dice that Murray handed her. She got an eleven.

“You miss,” Adam said. “Now you Danielle, you need a sixteen.”

“How come she only needs a sixteen?” Devon asked.

“Because she’s a warrior, she’s trained at this sort of stuff,” David said.

“No she’s a cheerleader.”

“Her character is a warrior, remember, role-playing, acting?” he reminded her.

Danielle rolled the dice and got a twenty. “I hit!” she exclaimed, smiling smugly at Devon, this was the first sign of interest Danielle had shown during the whole game so far.

“Roll a D-6 for damage now,” said Adam.

She rolled a 3.

“The center orc takes a painful cut across the ribs but doesn’t go down,” said Adam. “Your turn now David, you need a nine.”

David easily hit and then rolled two dice for damage, “Ten damage.”

“Hey, how come he rolled two dice?” objected Danielle. “And he rolled a six and three anyway so that’s nine not ten.”

“I’m using a bastard sword, you’ve only got a short sword,” explained David. “And I have seventeen strength so get plus one damage.”

Danielle shook her head, “I don’t understand this game at all, it’s worse than maths class.”

“The orc in front of Thrud is decapitated by the blow, just the one that Danielle wounded left,” said Adam. “The orc takes a swing at Devon,” he said, rolling another dice behind the screen. Devon bit her bottom lip and held her breath in anticipation as she awaited the outcome. “But it misses,” she released the breath. “Round two, are you all doing the same?” Adam asked.

“No, I’ll let the warrior finish the last one off,” said Murray.

“Okay, you’re up first then Devon.”

This time Devon hit and she whooped with joy.

“Roll D-3 for damage from your dagger,” instructed Adam.

Devon hesitated, “Now I know you’ve got a bunch of crazy dice here, but there’s no way you can have a three sided dice.”

“Just roll a six sided one and half it,” Murray explained.

“A four…okay so that’s two damage.”

“The orc dies from your attack,” said Adam. “They’re all dead.”

“Good work everyone,” Murray said to David and the two cheerleaders. “What does the corridor at the bottom of the stairs look like?” he asked, turning to his brother.

“It stretches off in only one direction,” replied the Dungeon Master Adam.

“Okay, lead the way Thrud,” Murray said to David.

“Sure,” said David. “After we take a few steps I’m going to stop and turn around,” he said. Devon and Danielle suddenly jumped in fright as David slammed his fist down onto the table with a booming thud. “None shall pass!” David boomed in his best Gandalf impersonation.

“You’re second in line Danielle,” said Adam, “he’s blocking your way.”

Danielle rolled her eyes, “I’ll push past the idiot.”

“None shall pass!” boomed David again, slamming his fist down on the table a second time and making the dice jump. “I’ll keep blocking her way.”

“Let me past you dick!” snapped Danielle, starting to get a little angry, what the hell was he playing at anyway?

“You must bare your bosoms and I will let you past!” David replied, his voice still booming although he had a cheeky grin on his pimple dotted face.

“Fine,” Danielle sighed and rolled her eyes heavenward again. She then reached up and started to reach for the bottom of her pink crop top, remembering the way Murray had kissed Devon’s hand and done such a good acting job.

David’s eyes went wide as Danielle started to pull her top up and he saw a hint of her lacy black bra. “No, I meant your character,” he said quickly and apologetically.

Murray slapped David on the back of the head. “Idiot,” he snapped, then looked Danielle’s way where she sat frozen with the bottom of her top still in her hands. “Sorry Danielle, ignore this fool. You’re doing a great job of role-playing, keep going.”

Danielle shot David a superior smile and then lifted her top up around her neck, unveiling her massive D cup tits, encased in a very sexy, lacy black bra. The bra lifted her already perky breasts and pushed them together forming an impossibly deep cleavage where the ample flesh of her upper breasts welled up against each other. The bra was rather low cut so there was plenty of tanned flesh for the three young men to feast their hungry gazes upon.

David’s eyes almost popped out of his skull as he took in the sight of Danielle’s massive rack in the sexy push-up bra. Adam and Murray also gasped in admiration, the impact of the remarkable sight sending thrills directly into their crotches.

“Wow those things are big!” exclaimed Murray in appreciation of Danielle’s lingerie encased hooters.

“So can I pass?” Danielle asked, her tone almost bored.

“Y…yes,” David managed to gasp after a moment, his voice a struggled whisper, his eyes not leaving Danielle’s exposed chest.

“Good,” she said, yanking her top back down, it hadn’t been the first time Danielle had flashed her bra to get her way and she smiled to herself as she realized that it seemed to work just as well in this virtual Dungeons and Dragons world as well.

This time Danielle led the way as the party of adventurers made their way deeper into the dungeon, in search of lost treasure.