1. Save World Get Girl – She’s ready for player two.
  2. Imperfections – Sometimes flawless is not the ideal.
  3. One Way to Graduate – Disabled girl finds something new at an aftergrad party.
  4. The Wingman – Always the wingman, never the stud, changes.
  5. Inverted Intimacy- How long can naked friends resist becoming lovers?
  6. The Super Brain is Super Sexy – Two high-achievers discover each other, and themselves.
  7. Huginn’s Yule- …or, How the Jólfaðr Came Calling on Yuletide Eve.
  8. Androshorts: The Village Witch – Strangely attracted to the strange woman.
  9. It Started with a Unicorn – A good deed launches a friendship – and so much more.
  10. One Night in Xanadu – A Princess of the Xiongnu and the Old Way.
  11. Alice and I –An old friend comes back to town.
  12. The Witches of Huntington – Widower meets the neighbor girls.
  13. F is for Fail – Chinese Parents Set a High Standard for Success.
  14. I Married a Heptapod – A Sweet Young Girl and a battle-hardened Space Marine
  15. No Worries – Two troubled teens face their feelings for each other.
  16. Band Camping – This one time while camping…
  17.  Sofia – Vietnam vet, girl with learning disabilities, lifelong love.
  18.  Zeb’s First Time Experiences –Zeb details some of the first time sexual experiences!
  19.  Bathers and Black Squirrel – A retired professor reminisces about young love lost.
  20. Under the Milky Way- Confessing love to a best friend is never straight forward.
  21. Camp Natural- Cameron learns the nudist life with help from two girls.
  22. No Tan Lines – Winter in Florida, a Girl, a Guy, and a Boat.
  23. Adventures of Jason, Teenage Stu- Shy, hung teenager has his first sexual experience.
  24. Every Christmas Needs a Virgin- Angela gets an unexpectedly wonderful Christmas gift.
  25. The Bully’s Birthday- A bully is lured in by the silence of a mysterious girl.
  26. Understanding Sonia – Archie works to understand the very complicated Sonia.
  27. Third Time Getting Lucky – Instant messaging engineers engineers’ relationship..
  28. Goodbye, La La Land- Gary and Kathleen discover ‘Real Life’ together.
  29. Fingerprints on My Heart- A Chinese girl, a married man and a kind of romance.
  30. Harrowing Halloween- Chris’s best friend is beautiful, smart, and also a ghost.
  31. Once is an Accident – I took my friend Tess’s virginity by accident.
  32. My Angel of Mercy- Love and Lust can be powerful healers…
  33.  Four Inches- In a question of height, which ones count.
  34.  You’re Alex?- Alex decided to make some changes in her life.
  35. Meaningful, Meaningless Sex- She went to Spain to lose her virginity.
  36.  Maleficent – A sexy witch leaves a shy guy frustrated
  37.  Operation Minnow- First mission for him and many firsts for her.
  38. That’s What Friends Are For- Justin’s best friend Samantha will do anything for him.
  39. Waiting in Line for the New iPad- Waiting outside the Apple Store becomes a magical experience.
  40. 1BR Apt.- She could be just the thing.
  41. The Demon Queen of Hell – The consequences of banging the Demon Queen of Hell.
  42. I Really Can’t Stay- What will people think, doll?
  43. The Virgin Valentine- Ryan’s V-Day gift from Gwen takes an unexpected turn.
  44. Tied to Sam- Can Sam & Cora express how they feel about each other?
  45. A Ski Adventure – Chloé and Michel get together in Chamonix.
  46. To Be or Not To Be a Doctor- Two cultures meet — and two hearts learn to beat as one.
  47. A Lifetime in One Moment – Virgin & lonely widow share love, briefly.
  48. Company Policy- They find their Valentine’s, snowed in at the office.
  49. Precious Jules- Some things are rarer than gems, love is a good example.
  50. Hanky Panky – You can’t trust a gweilo guy with a nice Chinese Girl!
  51. Loving Eyes- Sometimes it’s foreign eyes that see most clearly.
  52. Chinese Eyes –Sand, sea and surfing and a sweet Chinese girl in Oz
  53. It All Works Out In The End- A stupid accident leads to a life-altering change.
  54. Natalie’s House: First Time Fuck- I take a young man’s virginity as a favor to his aunt.
  55.  Her Last Affair- She gave him the courage to take a chance on love.
  56. My Irish Virgin- Coed learns about sex and love.
  57. Delayed Action- Naive 18-year-old meets a very naughty tutor.
  58. A Teddy Bear for Christmas- A romantic little Christmas tale.
  59. Corpulent Carl- Bullied, overweight, teen overcomes.
  60. The Masks We Wear- What happens when the masks come off?
  61. Living with Omega Theta Pi- A purity ring can only go so far.
  62. Belle – Are there really 44 year old virgins?
  63. From Charity to Chastity- A teacher’s concern paves the way to his future.
  64.  Camp True Touch- Intimate journey of love, acceptance, and sexual awakening.
  65. Nothing Between Us- Two friends let it happen.
  66. Daphne’s Crush- Boy! How Bette’s little sister has grown.
  67.  Is That Really You?- Former best friends meet again in college.
  68.  Summer Sucks!- His summer job clients suck. Literally.
  69.  Scout’s Oath– … to help other people at all times …
  70. Things That Go Hump in the Night- Peter meets a ravishing girl on Halloween.
  71. Childhood’s End –First loves are never forgotten.
  72. Sometimes Harder is Best- A Chinese college girl meets the guy of her dreams…
  73. New Beginnings- A tragic accident brings a new family together.
  74. The Gateway to Sin- A single dirty magazine turns a nice guy’s life upside down.
  75. Oktoberfest Sex-Geschichte- Lederhosen! Beer! Nerds! College! Sex! True Love! YAH!
  76. Prom Night Pegging- Prom date reveals how naughty she really is…
  77. Dreams of Kerry- Childhood friends meet again in college.
  78. Luscious Young Neighbor- Their union was destined to happen.
  79. Jewels, The Next Day- Jewels helps her friends with their self-esteem.
  80. A ‘B’ or not a ‘B’- Young guy struggles with a life-changing decision.
  81. The Indian Serenade- A shy model captures the artist’s heart.
  82. Summer Awakenings- A nerdy kid gets the tutoring he’s been lacking.
  83. A Kiss is Still a Kiss- School beauty is cast as Juliet against his Romeo
  84. Sleeping Beauty- Wife pays babysitter to do more than just sit.
  85. Spring Break- Guy meets his dream girl – until she takes off.
  86. A Friend For Life- Doing the right thing brings sex filled benefits.
  87. Beth & Michael- The woman of his dreams finally becomes his.
  88. The Only Time is Forever- Senior neighbor helps teen girl to blossom.
  89. Danielle Davis- True love finds a way if you help it along
  90.  Finding Home- A wounded Marine finds peace and love in an unlikely place.
  91. The Beach Cottage- First time for student and older woman.
  92. Through The Lens- Telescopic Voyeur has dreams come true.
  93.  Life is a Carnival- It was the Summer of 1978 when the roadshow came to town.
  94. April Fool’s Games- Sexy Fun and Games Abound for Ted and Gorgeous Joslyn.
  95. Snowbound with Her Crush- Ellie’s dream comes true, when Dex gives in to temptation.
  96. April and September- An engineer and musician have a tender encounter.
  97. A Gipsy at the Door- He finds having his palm read goes further than that.