Danielle Davis was on her knees with her awesome little ass pointed right at me. Her knees were spread wide for balance in the old papas san chair. Her silk panties were stretched between those knees, a very obvious wet spot in the center of the crotch. Her right shoulder was down against the back as she turned her head and looked at me. She had this faint shy sexy smile on her lips.

As for me, I was frozen with a very definite deer in the headlights look on my face. It was slowly changing to awe as my eyes locked in on her well-displayed sex and the tight pucker of her asshole. The skin around her anus was a shade or two darker than the surrounding skin and at the center was a very distinctive ring at the opening.

I was finding it hard to breath and I kept licking my lips. My manhood was stiff, hard, and hot along the inside of the left leg of my levies. My first urge, as my shock lessened, was to fall to my knees and bury my face between those firm cheeks and my tongue as deep in her ass as humanly possible.

The fact that she was just eighteen, probably a virgin, and my best customers daughter, all warred with this urge. The last part of that was the main problem, that and the fact that we were in his house and he was home. I was supposed to be fixing the family computers and Danielle’s was the last.

She wasn’t supposed to be home yet. She was supposed to be at work for another hour. I hadn’t expected her so I hadn’t knocked on her door. I was dead meat if her dad came down the hall and why the hell was she in this position in the first place, my mind yelled in shear panic.

She didn’t move, I didn’t move, and this could have gone on forever as far as I was concerned, but something had to give before her old man showed up. I took a deep breath to ask the question my mind was yelling but all I could do was lick my lips again.

“You do that one more time and I’m going to come all over myself,” Danielle whispered softly.

“I think I already have,” was my witty reply.

She giggled as her hand moved to her sex and rubbed lightly over her smoothly shaven outer lips. She bit her lower lip as a finger slipped between the folds of her sex and she moaned softly as the finger rubbed up and down. Her eyes closed for a second.

Opening her eyes, she whispered, “If daddy wasn’t home I’d let you use that tongue on me until I screamed.”

“I have a feeling that wouldn’t be long,” I whispered in reply.

“You certainly have that right, it’s one of my favorite fantasies.”

“How do you feel about dieing?” I asked.

She sighed and got out of the chair, the panties falling to the floor around her ankles. Standing there facing me she was breathtaking to say the least. Tall, slender, with small well-rounded tits and narrow hips, she was the perfect picture of a very healthy young woman.

When she stuck the finger that had rubbed her sex in her mouth, my breath caught in my throat. Removing the finger she smiled and said, “I taste oh so good.”

I licked my lips again and nodded. “I’ll just bet you do.”

Her hand dropped to her sex and moved there for a second. When she moved her hand she shivered and took two steps toward me. She held a finger up in front of my face. “Want a taste?”

When I opened my mouth to speak, she shoved the finger in and giggled. She moaned softly after that as my tongue and lips worked the finger over. She was absolutely right; she tasted fresh, sweet, and wonderful.

“Dad leaves for work at six and calls to check on me at eight, I plan on getting off big time by eight thirty at the latest, sooner if things work out. Are you going to be here to help?” She asked as she popped her finger out of my mouth.

My mind swirled and whirled as it spit out a ton of smutty thoughts at that idea. All I could do was nod. When I did, she grinned and brushed past me and quickly crossed the hall to the bathroom. My heart was pounding as I turned to watch her until the door closed.

It took a dozen deep breaths before I could function enough to sit down at her computer and turn it on. My mind was still in flights of fancy as it booted up and my dick was in a painful position with me sitting down. I stood up to rearrange things and had just sat back down when Dave, Danielle’s dad walked into the room.

“How’s it coming, Bill?” He asked.

My brain spit out several snide remarks about everyone coming nicely but I ended up saying, “I’m just getting started. Danielle was in her room and getting ready for a bath so I had to wait a few minutes.”

“Work must have been slow if she’s home this early.”

“I guess so, she didn’t say.”

I heard him knock on the bathroom door and when Danielle acknowledged it he said, “Don’t be using all the hot water, I need a shower before work.”

Her reply was muffled to me but he must have understood because he said, “I don’t know you’ll have to ask him yourself, but I don’t have a problem with it.”

Danielle made another muffled reply and Dave turned back to me. “Kids, they are so impatient. She’s lost some folder or the other and wants to know if you can find it for her.”

“I’m in the middle of clean up right now and have some other stuff to do but no problem, I’ll look for it when I finish what I’m doing now. Did she say what the name of it was?”

“Something to do with a self portrait or something like that. An art project most likely, she’s borrowed my digital camera a few times lately. She wants to go to art school. That’s her latest thing anyway. I hope she finds what she likes pretty soon. She needs to get some kind of training so she’ll have a future.”

“Even with training it’s hard,” I told him. “I have three years of computer courses and a ton of experience and I’m still struggling to make ends meet. I’ve got the job at the electronics store and I do this type stuff on my own on my days off and weekends. I need to finish college but I haven’t the money or the time.”

“Have you ever checked on a job with our company. The computers are always crashing and locking up. They have a service contract with some asshole but he’s way to busy and hard to contact. Then when he does show up, he just gets things back up and running, not fixed.”

I turned and looked at him. I had never even thought about the company he worked for, I wasn’t even sure what they did. “No sir, I didn’t even know the plant had computers.”

“We have tons of the damned things, from the robot controls on the production line, to the offices, and especially in research and development where I work. I could hardly get anything done without the computers. Come by on your next day off and I’ll introduce you around.”

“I’d appreciate that but most companies want a sheepskin for stuff like computers.”

“If you can take care of the company computers like you can mine then I think we can use you, sheepskin or not. Anyway, the company has an excellent training program. Danielle is in the art department and they are talking about putting her through school and I have a couple of kids from the college working for me.”

“I’m off next Tuesday so I think I might take you up on the offer,” I told him with a grin. A job at the plant would pay a hell of a lot more than the minimum wage I was making now.

Danielle came out of the steamy bathroom wrapped in a large towel and said, “If you two are through gabbing, I need my bedroom for a few minutes.”

Looking at me she went on, “You can come back when I’m dressed to finish up and help me find my pictures. They vanished and I can’t find them anywhere. That’s why I’m home early, I need them for a new layout the art department is working on.”

“No problem,” I told her as her dad and I left the room.


I followed Dave to the kitchen and sat at the counter sipping the beer he had offered me. He sat down with one of his own and looked over at me as he sipped on it. Finally he said, “My daughter is quite taken with you.”

My mind gave a little leap as flashes of her superb ass crossed my mind. “Uh, yes sir, I think you may be right but I really hadn’t noticed until today.”

Dave cocked his head questioningly but I held my peace. After a moment or two, he smiled and shook his head. “She talks about you all the time and I figured you two might have something going on. I’m not prying, she’s of age, but I am her father after all.”

“We see each other around and talk but we aren’t dating or anything. She’s a nice girl and all but she’s a little young.” I wasn’t sure what to say which was probably very obvious.

With a grin Dave nodded his head. “That’s kind of what I figured, that it was one sided and you didn’t have a clue.” He paused a beat and asked, “Did something happen to change that today?”

“Uh, not really, it’s just the way she showed an interest in me today, it was different, more forward, like she was trying to catch my eye.” This was as close to the truth as I wanted to get with him.

“Ah, she must have decided the subtle approach wasn’t working and stepped it up to the next level. That’s a common tactic among women, believe me, I’m talking from years of experience. If her mom hadn’t died, we would have been married twenty-five years next month.”

“I’m sorry to hear that sir.”

“It’s old news, Danielle and I have been on our own for the last five years, and we’re both still alive. It’s hard being both parents and hard not to have a mom, so we are pretty close. She’s independent and high-spirited like her mom, which has helped a lot. I just don’t want to see her hurt.”

“Not in this life time,” I said honestly. “I’ve liked her since the very first time I saw her.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Just chalk this talk up to a father’s concern.” He sighed and looked toward the hall and his daughter’s bedroom. “Go finish her computer and find her files, I’m going to go see how much hot water she left.”

“Yes sir.” I said as I head for the hall.

My mind was racing a little from our little talk but I understood a few things that had always puzzled me. Danielle was outgoing but shy, which never made much sense. Without a mom she probably didn’t have anyone to ask about things. Her dad was there but some things you just didn’t talk to the opposite parent about.

And she was always hanging around and I found her looking at me more than was just accidental. I thought it was my fantasies hoping to come true that made it seem that way. But now…. I let the thought drop as I stopped at Danielle’s open door.

She was lying on her bed and dressed like any teen-age girl would dress at home. Sloppy sweats, no shoes, and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had her makeup on and her lipstick, which made me smile. She wasn’t missing any tricks with me around.

The front of the sweatshirt was cut at the neck and hung open, giving me a good view of her bare breasts underneath. I was very obvious as I looked, so she knew that I saw. She grinned as I did and then giggled. I walked over to her desk and sat down.

She turned on the bed so she was facing me and shifted her shoulders so the shirt opened even wider than before. It hung off one shoulder and exposed her right breast entirely but it was hidden from view from the door. Her nipple was hard and pointy and I licked my lips while thinking about sucking on it. My dick was growing harder and more uncomfortable by the minute.

Her eyes dropped to the bulge in the leg of my levies and she smiled as she asked, “Are you through updating and straightening up my computer, because if you are I want to show you some pictures that will make that thing explode.”

“And what if your dad walks in while I’m looking at them? What will he say before he kills us both?”

“I think you can find something else to do on my computer until he’s ready to leave for work, if you’re that scared of him.”

“What makes you think I’m scared of him? It’s you that has me the most worried,” I said as I ran a search for pictures on her computer.

“And why is that?”

“I never took you for the teasing kind,” I replied as a list of folders came up. One was hidden in a directory that wasn’t supposed to have graphic files in it.

“Who said I was teasing, I’m dead serious.”

“Nice choice of words,” I replied hoping the sarcasm came through as I opened the directory and switched to thumbnail view. My breath caught just a little as I looked down the rows of little pictures. Even this small they were something else, at full size they would give me heart failure.

“You found the hidden folder I take it.” Danielle said and then grinned as I only nodded. “Good, then wait until later when I can get into some of those positions for you. I think you’ll find a place for that tongue of yours among other things. If you notice in a few of them, my little vibrator is clearly visible.”

I nodded again and shifted in my seat. My rock hard dick was painful now and was in bad need of repositioning. Slowly I stood up and shifted it out of my pants leg. It now made a long high ridge across the front of my pants pointed at my left hip. I sat back down and looked at the girl on the bed.

Now it was time for Danielle’s face to get that deer in the headlight look, her mouth open, and her eyes wide. “Is there a problem?” I asked softly.

She shook her head and then nodded, her eyes never leaving my lap. “Is that a yes or a no?”

She looked up at me and swallowed hard. “It’s a lot bigger than my little vibrator.”

“One should always be careful what they wish for, their eyes might be bigger than their body can handle,” I told her with a big grin.

“No shit!” was her whispered reply.

“Are you two still at it?” Danielle’s dad said from the door.

We both jumped and Danielle dropped her hands in front of her chest. “Bill has found part of my pictures but needs more time to find the rest,” She said smiling at me. “It might take him a while to recover them for me.”

“Okay, them you two have fun. I need to stop and get gas on the way to work so I’m leaving a little early. I left your money on the counter in the kitchen Bill and thanks. My main computer is humming like a dream. I left a little extra for you helping my daughter with her stuff.”

“There’s no need for that,” I protested.

“Hey, never turn down extra money,” He said with a laugh. “I’ll see you kids later.”

“Night dad.” Danielle called as her dad left down the hall.

“Later.” was his reply.

A minute or so later, his car backed out of the drive.


Neither of us moved, and then Danielle sat up and moved over to sit on the side of the bed. She whipped the sweatshirt off over her head and tossed it on the floor. Her hands ran over her breasts and she shivered as they rubbed across her nipples.

“God, your eyes on my breasts were driving me up the wall and when you stood up and moved that thing of yours, I nearly creamed my pants.”

“When your dad snuck up on us, nearly shit mine,” I told her shaking my head. “You like to live dangerously don’t you?”

“I don’t know, this is my first time so I’m just going on instinct.”

“Well you sure have my attention but when your dad is around you need to cut it down several notches. He doesn’t have a sense of humor where you are concerned and my ass would be hamburger. You’re instigating but I’d pay the price big time.”

Danielle sighed and dropped her eyes. “Sorry, I was trying to get your attention and since I hadn’t been able to in the past….” She let the sentence trail off and then went on, “Doing it here gave me more leeway in what I could do even with dad home. The shock value and not being able to run on your part entered my mind also.”

“Shock is right, I’m still trying to find my teeth from that little stunt in the chair and running away never crossed my mind. Now running toward you is another story all together.”

“Oh yeah, and what were you going to do then?” Danielle asked, looking up at me through her lashes.

“You’ll blush if I tell you.”

“Try me.” She whispered with a catch in her voice.

“I was going to fall to my knees, bury my face between your awesome ass cheeks, and see just how far up your ass I could shove my tongue.”

Blush wasn’t the word for it. The red flush started in her beautiful breasts and washed upward to disappear at her hairline. Not to mention her eyes going wide and her mouth dropping open. A few seconds later, she moaned softly and fell over backwards on the bed.

When I laughed, she giggled and whispered, “That is so unfair. I would have died if you had. I would have come my brains out, screaming my head off first thought.”

“Yeah and dad would have been in here so fast.”

“Well, he ain’t here now.” She whispered as she sat up grinning at me.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Look, I like you and I think the world of you but–.”

“Oh no you don’t. I used to see you up in the corner of the stands when we were in school. You with your dark look and drooling face as you watched me at cheerleader practice, you hardly ever missed a day. I even considered become a Goth so you would talk to me.”

“You a Goth, no way, you just don’t fit the part.”

“Don’t I know it. I bought the clothes, the dark lipstick, the black nail polish; I just couldn’t get the dark attitude. I was to outgoing and had to much energy to pull off the depressed look.”

“I still wouldn’t have had the nerve to talk to you. You were far to pretty for a geek like me,” I admitted.

“Geek or not, I loved your brooding good looks. I also loved the way you looked at me, it made me squirm inside.” She paused to laugh. “If you hadn’t been up there I could have made head cheerleader a year earlier. You had me so messed up I couldn’t concentrate on the moves.”

“You looked great to me.”

“Yeah, well it would have been nice if you had told me that back then. I’ve spent years dreaming and fantasizing about you.”

I chuckled and nodded. “Me to, you wouldn’t believe how many of my fantasizes you’ve starred in.”

“Oh yes I would, about the same number that you starred in for me. I lost my cherry to a hairbrush because of you.”

I looked at her sharply. “Huh?”

She laughed, jumped off the bed, and ran to her dresser. She picked up a brush with a long thick handle and held it up. “Yeap, this damn thing got my cherry and it’s all your fault. I was having one hell of a fantasy about you, rubbing the handle up and down my slit, and the next thing I know it’s inside me. I came my brains out.”

She walked over to stand next to me. All I could do was stare at her with my mouth open. Her hand on my chin, made me close my mouth. “I’m not sorry, not sorry at all but it’s embarrassing when the other girls talk about the boys who got their cherry and I can’t say a word.”

I grinned and nodded. “Yeah, that would be a little awkward to say the least.”

“They would ask me and I would shrug and go do something just to get away. They probably thought I was still a virgin or that I’d lost it to someone I didn’t want anyone to know I had been with.”

“Well, technically, in a sense, you are still a virgin unless….” I let the sentence fade as I realized what I was asking.

“There’s been no one other than this brush and my toy.” She said sharply.

“Sorry, I wasn’t trying to pry or insinuate that there had been,” I said trying to calm her with an apology.

She took a deep breath, sat down straddling my right leg, and put her arms around my neck. The heat on the top of my thigh was excruciating. It felt like I was being branded for life. Her knee between my legs was just brushing the bulge in the front of my pants and made me shift my hips.

“I’m not easy, even if I am throwing myself at you.” She whispered as she leaned in to kiss me for the first time.

It was a soft sweet kiss, as we both felt a little shy and awkward to start with. Slowly as we both found our way around our noses and get things comfortable the kiss heated up. Our tongues found each other and the duel was on. My hands found her back and I caressed and stroked the warm smooth skin.