1. Southern Heritage- A long ride home brings time for memories.
  2. Killing Me Softly- BWWM She was looking for a lover who would take his time
  3. Cabin Fever- Disillusioned Army vet learns to love and trust again.
  4. Coffee & Poetry- When words, mocha and love burn.
  5. The Valley Road- Forbidden love in the South.
  6. Hurrah for the Pirate King- Following doctor’s orders can lead you to surprising places
  7. Business or Pleasure?- A chance encounter leads to passion, love and conflict.
  8. Good Catholic Girl- It’s all any momma would want for her boy.
  9. Driving Miss Bea- Older black lady and her young neighbor.
  10. Fire Flies- A season for sunflowers, soulmates & skies lit with flames.
  11. The Huntsman- She’s on the run, but God says she needs a man.
  12. The Long Weekend- Watch us rock it out.
  13. Customer Service- Meeting your customer’s needs is good business practice.
  14. Bifrost- A warrior’s loyalty wavers.
  15. Chiaroscuro- What’s vanilla without some creamy chocolate?
  16. Lucky Bastard- Down on his luck, but his fortunes change…dramatically.