1. Dream Small- A trip down memory lane leads to an old flame.
  2. Full Count…- Friendship and love is found.
  3. Merely Players- After a lifetime on stage, Charlotte steps up for her family.
  4. Prussian Blue- A damaged man and grieving woman pursue absent sister-in-law.
  5. Sightless, Soundless, Speechless- A blind boy learns life, love, and ASL from a shy deaf girl.
  6. The Rehab- Following one’s dreams.
  7. The Void Bunny- No retreat. No surrender.
  8. Peace of Mind-What it’s like to feel that the edge is just inches away.
  9. The Six Feet Between Us-Finding love in the midst of a pandemic.
  10. Androshorts: Lords and the Lady- The Society Lady and her Reformed Husband.
  11. The Promise- Promises are meant to be kept.
  12. Save One Love- Adopted daughter helps wounded father find love.
  13. The Cotillion- A modern twist on an old fairy tale.
  14. The Link-A strange tale of the future of humankind.
  15. Outback-A broken man finds love and hope in an unexpected place.
  16. Sunflowers in Bloom-Madness in the English countryside, as told by a wallflower.
  17. Isla’s Summer-Isla breaks free from her isolation.
  18. The Mountain- Some mountains are higher than others.
  19. Her Fairy-Tale Life-She saves his life and he transforms hers.
  20. I Won’t Hurry You- A young, amateur hooker tries to entice a soldier.
  21. Jonas Agonistes- A veteran suffers into love.
  22. Josiah, Emergent- Sometimes love is the only reason to heal.
  23. Ten Days at Sea-Ten days can sometimes be enough. Sometimes.
  24. A Touch of Grace- A brave little girl who joined two broken hearts.
  25. The Forests of the Night- Life Happens.
  26. Pie Thief- Boy meets girl. Sometimes it isn’t complicated.
  27. The Perverted Poet Society-A short romance.
  28. Valentines for Cinderella-Ray finds ways to win his reluctant ballerina.
  29. That Girl and her Fairy Godmother- The estate girl makes good, and finds her way up and out.
  30. The Chance at Willow Manor- Man loses wife, and discovers ghost, before finding new love.
  31. Snowdrops-A survivor’s reunion with memory, sorrow and snow.
  32. Occultation- Fear, uncertainty and their ability to mask what could be.
  33. The Minister Takes a Break- Can a falsehood lead to true love?
  34. Crimes, Torts, and Trials- Courts and Courting.
  35. The Unexpected End Of Love- Saying goodbye to Jen.
  36. Faith, Hope and Love- A Holiday Romance.
  37. The Muse-Life in fiction.
  38. The Festival-Letting loose in Key West.
  39. The Songbird-The love of music brings Jack and Cate together.
  40. Finding Uncle Billy-Love is only between equals.
  41. A Lifetime of Valentines- A man recounts memories of Maddie, the love of his life.
  42. Mausefalle- Stalingrad to Ankara.
  43. Redemption of an Idiot-Sometimes it takes a while to grow up.
  44. The Rhythm Method- A twisted tale of a beauty and a beast.
  45. Bent, Not Broken-She wants her first time to be special. Can he help her?
  46. The Circle of Love- Special daughter helps mom find love again.
  47. The Neapolitan Question- What will he risk to grant Jane her wish?
  48. Elephant- The elephant can’t be ignored; neither can love.
  49. Sliding Into Home- A ball player’s retirement isn’t what he planned.
  50. Summer on the PCT- Falling in love over 2600 miles.
  51. Please, You Take Her- Birds, jungle, dyslexia, tour guides, what could go wrong?
  52. Wine and Spirits-Her love still haunts him. Can he ever love again?
  53. Heather’s Exquisite Map of Tassie- Penetrating deep into her bush.
  54. Falling Down- The third part of my Falling series! Hope you enjoy it!
  55. A Pair of Lost Socks-The pandemic brings estranged lovers together.
  56. Havana, Baby!- A vacation turns into something more.
  57. The Triple-A Boinkathon Covenant- A marriage is spiced up with a highly erotic contract.
  58. A Summer By The Lake- She fell in poison oak, then love.
  59. Poolboy Benefits- She’s desperate for help. The question is, how desperate?
  60. Share the Road- An engineer, a lawyer, and a sailboat…
  61. All Because of a Rusted Swing Set-Can a rusty swing set bring about true love?
  62. Who Knew?- She did, he didn’t.
  63. Andy-A small boy brings a couple together.
  64. Milk and Cookies- A chance encounter leads to a steamy Christmas connection.
  65. Binding Ashes- If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up.
  66. Dark Handsome- And the Princess of Porn Part 1.
  67. Words with Friends with Benefits- Two friends try to improve their game.
  68. Naked Beneath- Even when life lays us bare, love still remains.
  69. Unseen Love- Isolation brings them together.
  70. Just Being Friendly- I guess Barney couldn’t live without Cheryl after all.
  71. In Dreams- A young woman goes to work for her dream man.
  72. Ho, Ho, Hoes, Merry Chrissymas- Soon to be step Bro&Sis; conflicted couple deal w/attraction.
  73. Journey of the Next Door Valentines- Japanese girl immigrates, and finds her Valentine next door.
  74. Triumph-Sometimes healing is as simple as being open.
  75. The Light At The End- They hold to each other till they find the light at the end.
  76. Risk Your Heart- Hot sex for a hot summer may or may not go the distance.
  77. Not Another Christmas Movie- Christmas is the time to say “I love you.”
  78. The Billionaire’s Assistant- Marrying her boss wasn’t part of the job description.
  79. Androshorts: Passion and Compassion- Ex needs to lockdown with him and he finds out why she left.
  80. A Christmas Gift-A sequel to “Peace of Mind”.
  81. The Lady of the Lake- A nude man and engaged woman meet on a island.
  82. The Unbucket List-Layla’s beaten cancer – and Smitty’s helping her celebrate!
  83. Nellie and The Bastard- It’s time for Nellie to grow up.
  84. Bengali Tigress-Erotic encounter with woman from Bangladesh turns to romance.
  85. When We Were Young- Once upon a time they were sweethearts…