1. Not-Valentine’s Day – A relationship evolves with the help of a yearly tradition.
  2. Shifting Perspectives – Kyle MacDenny travels to England, France, and beyond.
  3. A Fragile Cup of Witch’s Brew –I learned how to live and love and what being humane means.
  4. Self-Realization – The Cabin – A chance encounter leads to great things.
  5. Escorting on Accident – Engaged woman gets swept into a new life.
  6. Of Witches and Vikings –Rhiannon is invited to a party by a mysterious stranger.
  7. Nightingale –A tale of love lost and found in the hardest of times.
  8. Charity Dinner – Anita wasn’t expecting to meet someone at the party, but…
  9. Amanda and Grace Share Everything –College besties come home, kick off a summer of sharing.
  10. Maul Santa – Some Christmas presents last a lifetime.
  11. The Beach House –Strange happenings at a new beach house.
  12. The Most Valuable Gift – Ed wants to give the ladies a special gift for Xmas.
  13. The Last Time – A waitress and her former lover try to save the local bar.
  14. The Vermeer – High crimes and hot sex in this thriller.
  15. A Very Nellie Fantasy – Nellie explores her kinkier side.
  16. Red Lace Trilogy – Three stories, three women, one set of lingerie.
  17. Doing Business in India – Mixing castes, jewelry, prodigy, love, sex, and business.
  18. Steel Hearts: Amazing Grace –A girl discovers she has a stalker.
  19. Shifting Priorities – Kyle MacDenny learns hard lessons on a luxury vacation.
  20. The Study – A grad student participates in a study on human sexuality.
  21. In the Buff – Brett introduces a reserved woman to nudism.
  22. Broken Hands – Two broken hands requires help from sexy neighbor.
  23. Trailing Along – From ski slope to horseback with my new friend Sandy.
  24. Truth in Advertising – A night out and a chance encounter. Do you come here often?
  25. How I Met Your Mother –Camping trip turns into an adventure.
  26. Unconventional – My family’s favourite day of the year.
  27. Officer Barnes – Chance meetings lead to romance.
  28. The Blood Drive – Pure evil…for charity.
  29. Sammy Meets the NZ Guy – Sammy, Andy’s sister from New Neighbors, meets a guy.
  30. Life Raft – It was supposed to be an easy tubing trip, but then…
  31. Mismatched – Just some male fantasy.
  32. Lacy Underwear, or Not – Living with your ex can get hard…
  33. Accidental Valentine – Holly finds Keith and love on the worst night of her life.
  34. Do It or Lose It – Old friends reconsider their status after an erotic incident.
  35. Dating in the Dark – Despite a steamy first date, she still hadn’t seen his face.
  36. Her Eyes Did The Talking – A special 25-year old woman, the man she falls for, + more.
  37. The Fishing Trip – A College Junior goes hunting for trout and finds much more.
  38. The Flume at Falcon Rock – My little sister’s friend goes ‘clothing optional’.
  39.  Management Skills – When a relationship with your boss is strictly off limits.
  40. The Guest Room – I’m feeling shy at a party. And then I meet David.
  41. Newfound Lake –Virtual strangers forced together on the lake become more.
  42. Plain Old Dana – A young woman finds her inner vampiress.
  43. Adventure of the Incidental Ogle – Taking a long, lingering look can have surprising results…
  44.  A Sparrow Alights – Two people with shared sexual fantasies discover each other.
  45. Say My Name – I tease my partner and take what I want.
  46. Stress Relief from Skilled Hands – A bodyworker helps me with destressing and tension release.
  47. Love Shack – Summer leads to sex and romance on the beach.
  48. David Number Four – A dildo cast from her secret crush unlocks an erotic destiny.
  49. One Prince Revisited – Summer would never be the same…
  50. Frank and Elyse – Wounded souls find new hope.
  51. North Shore – I am what you desire, one night only.
  52. Our Neighbor’s a Porn Star! – Mother and son get a new neighbor. She looks VERY familiar.
  53.  Exposure Compensation Factor – Photog meets girl in a bar. It’s a small world.
  54. Escort Neighbour – The new neighbour is a world-class escort.
  55. The Girl from The Bar – A guy working at a bar meets the new girl and things build.
  56. Androshorts: That Bloody Woman! – Six weeks in a boat with a woman he can stand!
  57. Professor In Over His Head – Getting help with an amorous student isn’t what he expected.
  58. The Sensei – A lonely expat learns about sex from her neighbor.