She took the initiative quite eagerly. More eagerly than I’d ever imagined she would have.

“Why the fuck not?” She swears a bit, “Never waste a hard cock. You don’t know when you’ll see your next one.”

I wasn’t sure I liked the way her pretty mouth formed such filthy words so easily. She talks a big game, but I know she’s a little softy and nowhere near the minx her mouth suggests.

“You know why not. It’s wrong.”

“No, ‘wrong’ is doing a midget while a monkey watches. There’s nothing wrong about making the most of a beautiful man that loves the fuck out of you and has a hard cock.”

“Listen,” I implore, holding her face still and making her look in my eyes, “You can’t just unfuck someone if you regret it later.”

“You think I don’t know that after Troy?” Then she’s crying again and all I can do is hold her and rub her back as she sits on my lap and sobs into my shoulder while my unfortunate erection presses into her tiny thighs. She’d been enjoying a post break-up consolation hug and the weight of her and the fact I hadn’t got my rocks off in over a week conspired to harden my uncontrollable cock. It’s always had a mind of its own.

But this thing she suggested with just a wiggle of her hips and the raising of an eyebrow… This thing is a bridge too far. Her sister is asleep just down the hall.

“Don’t reject me now, Uncle Timmy.” She sobs into my neck.

“Not rejection, honey. Just trying to be sensible. Behind that door is lots of trouble.”

“I know. I know. I just need… I was going to fuck him eventually, just when… just when…” She holds me tighter unsure of words.

“Shh…” I tell her and kiss her forehead.

She’s quiet for a while and her breathing settles. Perhaps she is asleep. My dick is softening in any case which is the cause of the present predicament.

“I won’t tell her, Uncle Timmy.” She puppy eye’s me, “And it would be a good story to remember. Not a dumb first time like it would have been with him.” She pleads.

“It won’t matter, we will know. And the way we behave would change. She’s not stupid and we both love her. You’d never forgive yourself if you hurt her.” Reason seems to win the day.

“I know. I know.” And drying her eyes she untangles herself off me and wanders off down the hall where I hear the shower run.

That’s Jackie. My thirty-three-year-old wife’s younger sister. MUCH younger sister. She’s a change of life baby I suppose you’d call her. And, at eighteen she is going through her first big heartbreak. Troy, the subject of her fascinations, a twenty-year-old mechanic at their Dad’s garage dumped her the day before Valentine’s day. What a cunt.

Her parents are away this weekend, so she was staying with us as usual. She came home this evening a mess of tears and boozy breath. He’d had the decency to drop her home after delivering a relationship ultimatum, “Put out or get out.” He’d taken care to fill her to almost overflowing with cheap vodka lolly drinks but missed the magic mark halfway between one too many and one too few. She’d gathered her dignity and told him to go fuck himself, just like Patricia, my wife would have.

I’ll talk to Trish tomorrow. She’ll make some sense of it. Taking a final beer from the fridge I walk out to the deck to scratch my balls and try and gather my scattered wits. “Faark.” I tell the cool night air.

“Indeed.” Comes a voice that almost launches me over the railing. Trish laughs at me and wraps me in her arms.

“You’re a good man Tim.” She kisses my stubbly chin. “You navigated that well. I’m a lucky girl.”

“She frightened fuck out of me. I thought…”

“I know, I was watching and listening. Not because I don’t trust you hon, but cause well… I was worried when I heard her come home all upset.”

“Sure, sure, creeper.”

“You’re the one who got a boner.” She laughs at me.

“Mmmph… It’s been a long week with you away.”

“Let’s go sort that out hey?”

Lying awake next to my freshly shagged wife feeling wonderfully drained, physically, mentally and testicularly, my thoughts return to Jackie. Truthfully, my heart was a bit broken for the little girl I’d known since she was five or six.

“You’re worried about her aren’t you, hon?” Trish asks.

“Ah, I don’t know… I’d like to grab that scumbag by the throat and offer him an education.”

“She’ll be fine. It won’t be the last time a boy will disappoint her with his true colours.”

“And then…”

“I know hon. But you did that gently too. Trust me, she’ll be fine. She knows you love her. You always have. It was probably just the grog talking, you know what I’m like when I have a few.”

“I’ve just never seen her as anything other than little Jackie who loves her Uncle Timmy.”

“Well you have now. She’s not all pigtails and fairy kisses anymore and you’re going to have to get used to it. I’ve been watching her for a while around you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say, she’s just trying out all her grown-up moves on you cause you’re safe.”

“How? What?”

“I know, I know you haven’t responded, but; have you noticed how she is always touching you, how she wears skimpy things around you, how she is always trying to get your attention?”

“Not really. She’s been a lot more affectionate than usual, cuddles and kisses and that.”

“Well hon, she’s had a little girl crush on you since forever and now it’s confused with much bigger girl feelings.”

“Great.” I groan.

“Don’t worry about it I’ll talk to her in the morning. Now shut up and cuddle me, I’m tired and need your attention too.”


Trish and I have eaten breakfast and had our customary two cups of brewed coffees. We both have the day off, so we lounge around and watch some telly. It’s half past ten when I go to the loo and on the way past Jackie’s door I knock and say, “Hey sleepy head, you awake yet?”

“Go away…” She sounds sad.

“You alright darlin?”

“Just go away. GO AWAY!” I can take a hint, so I ‘go away’.

When I tell Trish she frowns and says, “I’ll go have a yarn. She’s probably embarrassed.”

Two hours later they both emerge from the bedroom. Trish to come and hug me. “She’ll be okay. You and I need to talk a bit more later.” Jackie only emerged to go and shower.

A bit later turned out to be around two o’clock when I was least expecting it. Smells of freshly mown grass and my old two stroke victa hung in the air while I enjoyed a six pack of Cascade beside the pool in my jocks. We have a tall privacy fence and I was hot and sweaty. Ordinarily I’d have taken my jocks off too and sat here naked after a swim, but I thought with Jackie around…

“Guess who?” A voice whispers and fingers cover my eyes from behind.

“Umm, Kat Denning in a bikini?”

“You wish idiot.” Trish laughs. “I brought more beer.”

“Shit I’ve already had four. We’re going out later, I’ll be drunk.”

“I’ve cancelled.”

“What?” It had been almost impossible to get reservations.

“Jackie needs us.”

“Oh. Right then.” My disappointment is hard to hide. Valentine’s day is also our wedding anniversary, so we try to mark the occasion each year with a simple celebration of sorts.

Trish sits beside me and opens a beer herself. “I’ve ordered Chinese take away for seven. It’s her favourite. Well make a fun Valentine’s night of things here and cheer her up a bit okay? If you’re good, you never know.”

“Hubba hubba. Two nights in row.”


When I look across at her she is chewing her lip. This is bad. Very bad. This is the thing she does when she is working out how to get me to do something, I am not really interested in doing. She did this same thing when she wanted to go on that bloody cruise last year. I hate cruises. You can’t even fish from the boat. If I’m on a boat I want fishing, damn it. So, I brace stoically. Well, I drink my beer and hope for the best.

Jackie calls from the door, “Hey guys, you right for beers?”

“All good darlin,” I call, “Help yourself if you like.”

And she does. She strolls around in front of where Trish and I stretch on sun lounges and bends from the waist in front of me to fetch a beer from the ice bucket. Ordinarily I’d ask her to grab me one too but suddenly I can’t speak. I look at Trish and she is smiling at my predicament with a bit of a self-satisfied, ‘I told you so’ look on her face.

Jackie is wearing, well almost wearing, a tiny thong bikini like one that I bought it for Trish when we went on our honeymoon. It’s one of those ‘Wicked Weasel’ ones that are called wicked for reasons. As Jackie had bent over, I was treated to the sight of eighteen-year-old buttocks divided by a thin white strap of material that drew a line between her cheeks, over the darker star of her bum and between the puffy lips of her barely contained pussy.

Turning to face us Jackie says, “Thanks Uncle Timmy, you’re the best. Hey, mind if I drink it in the pool?”

“Knock yourself out hon,” Trish says.

“Um… should you tell her?” I ask Trish as Jackie walks away. That suit turns transparent when it’s wet.

“I kinda think that’s the whole point idiot. Do you think she bent over like that by accident? She wants you to see her all grown up now.”

“Fuck…” Shaking my head I adjust my shorts and finish my beer in one swallow, “Where did she even get that?”

“I gave it to her.”

“What? Why?”

“We had a long talk this morning.”

“Yeah almost two hours. What’s…? Oh god… What are you plotting?”

“Hmm… Listen, hear me out. What I’ve got to say is… um… unconventional, but I think…” Then she bites her lip again, “Tell me about your first time.”

“What? Fuck no.”

“Why not?”

“Because it was fucking embarrassing, that’s why.”

“Tim, you’re being loud, hon. Shh. That’s the point, tell me about it. I want to know.”

“You’re fucking serious, aren’t you? Fuck.”

Resignation is knowing in your relationship that you are the male and as such the schemes and scripts are not under your command. You are simply a willing actor in your wife’s screenplay. Even when you think you are making choices and acting autonomously, chances are your path was set for you.

“Amy Johnson.”

“Hmm… That was who, now how.”

“In my bedroom when I was supposed to be helping her with homework. She made me kiss her then took off her pants and sat on my dick. Her pubes scratched my knob so bad I had marks like carpet burn. I cum in about six seconds. She laughed at me and told her friends later. Fucking happy Trish?”

Opening another beer, I realise I’m angry, “Sorry. I told you it was fucking embarrassing. I can’t believe I told you.”

She’s quiet for a moment then says, “Paul Davis. Graduation night. He came in his pants trying to get them off, then made me suck him till he got hard again. I thought if I didn’t, he’d tell his friends that I was frigid. He fucked my mouth too hard and I puked. When I finished cleaning myself up, I was crying and he bent me over the sink and stuck it in me anyway. Two thrusts later he came just as the pain was settling. Not something I’m going to write a movie about either.”

“Fuck.” That’s probably the limit of my vocabulary at the moment.

“She loves you.”

“What?” Part of my slow male mind is catching on and I turn incredulous, to face her, “Are you seriously…? Don’t even…”

Trish shrugs. “As I said; it’s unconventional. But it’s not illegal, she’s not related to you by blood, not even immoral-”

“She’s your sister. She’s my little Jackie.” I cut her off.

“She’s not little anything anymore Tim. As you can quite clearly see if you look over there while I get changed and get some more beers.”

I can’t. I can’t look at Jackie like that. I won’t. She giggles from the pool and there is a sudden splash. The pool mattress has dumped her, and she is struggling to climb back on. Her left leg is on the mattress and her right leg in the pool and I can see straight through the now transparent white material to the open lips of her young vagina. The shaved lips. Of my wife’s sister’s vagina. My little sister in law’s vagina. Her virgin vagina.


I watch as she mounts the mattress finally, drinking in her nubile youth until finally as she settles, she yells out, “Uncle Timmy. I lost my beer. Can I have another one ‘puweeeze’ Uncle Timmy.” She’s called me Uncle since she was tiny. It was the easiest way to explain ‘brother-in-law’ to her. She already had another uncle.

My erection tells me that walking is silly. I am wearing only black cotton briefs. They are ridiculously tented and my game is up.

“In a second darlin.” Picking up my shirt, I grab a beer and hold my shirt in front of me then make my way to the edge of the pool to hand it to her. Her twinkling eyes show me that she knows exactly what she is doing as she adjusts the tiny triangle of transparent material over her nipple while she reaches for the beer.

“Best uncle ever.”

I smile at her, sit her beer on the poolside and tip her off her mattress. Teasing little bitch. I realise I’m being played by two, not just one, very smart women.

“I think you’re old enough to drop the ‘uncle’ bit now. Just Tim hey?” I tell her when she resurfaces. Handing her the can of beer I sigh, recognising the fact of that. It’s almost sad to let go of the ‘little girl’ and acknowledge the young woman who smiles up at me and says a little hoarsely, “Thanks…. Tim.”

Shaking my head, I wander inside to ask my one and only EXACTLY what she’s plotting.

“You Studly, have a valentine’s dinner date with two gorgeous, if I may say so myself, women this evening. You are going to be your usual charming and affectionate self.” She frowns pointedly at me and insists, “To both of us…”

I’m not sure what sort of expression I’m making but I am sure it hints at confused panic and lots of questions.

“After dinner, you are going to escort said ladies to the hot tub and entertain us with your wit and charm. We’ll see how we feel and follow things from there.”

My jaw is somewhere near my upper chest as my head struggles with the dissonance her plans suggest to it. My other smaller head simply swells with blood and nods in anticipation.

“And by ‘follow things from there’ I mean; I would really like you to consider introducing my little sister gently to the world of sex. I’m sure it won’t be a chore and I’m absolutely positive it will not harm our relationship. We both love her and care for her and she very much wants it.”

“Ah…” There are words forming in my head, but they don’t convert to spoken noises.

“Relax Tim. Take a deep breath. Look at me.” She holds my jaw gently. “I love you. It will be okay. Let yourself enjoy it. In fact, I think it will be beautiful. I’m really excited for her and kind of jealous that I didn’t have someone kind and loving like you to… you know.”

Sipping my beer seems to be a good idea, so I do that. I recognise the fact that this ship has sailed. Its course has been set and I am not the captain.

“Doesn’t sound like I have much choice in the matter.” I sort of grumble.

“Oh hon.” She looks at her nervously fidgeting hands. “I really hadn’t thought… Well I thought that you know, most men would… Look, I’m sorry. If it’s something you really don’t want to… or just can’t get your head…”

Satisfied she knows I at least need to consent, I put her out of her misery, “All aboard! Operation Cherry is underway.” I make a toot toot gesture with my right arm. I think I’m being funny.

What I am being however, is ‘assaulted’; as first my wife wraps her arms around me and then a wet small thing launches from somewhere behind me where she has clearly been listening and jumps up piggyback style to hug me and kiss me on the cheek.

“Thank you, Uncle Timmy. I love you so much.” She showers my stubbly cheek with little kisses.

When I am finally released, I’m smiling. Confused still, but smiling and things are starting to gel in my frazzled mind. I think I’ll take it back outside and throw another couple of beers at the poor thing and see if it can work through this sudden, (well I should have seen it coming), turn of events.

By the second beer, it’s all kind of making sense. Except for the performance anxiety I’m now feeling. I’m quite used to disappointing one woman at a time and at thirty-five, I’m not back to back boners anymore. When Trish is interested in round two, it usually takes about ten minutes and a bit of oral to get the old man at attention. The fact that I’m thinking about logistics surprises me as it suggests that I’m comfortable with the idea.

“What’s on your mind lover? You ok?”

I hadn’t heard her approach. “Yeah. Actually, it’s starting to make sense. I’m just worried about a couple of things.”

“Good. You’re a good man. The fact you’re worried means you love us, and you care about us. I wouldn’t have suggested it if you weren’t that kind of man. Now spill.” She pats my thigh as she sits on the sun lounge beside me.

“I’m thirty-five Trish. Not some teenage…”

“Ah… I hadn’t thought about that. You can usually manage a second time with a little inspiration. I’m sure between the two of us, we can keep you going.”

“I spose. And well, mostly I’m worried about how it will change my relationships with each of you.”

“How so.”

“Well, we’ve been monogamous. Well, I know I have and hope you have… and will there be jealousy? Will it mean you’re free to find someone else to bonk? It just opens those doors; you know what I mean?”

“Ok well. First, I have been completely faithful since we first started dating. I admit random attractions, I’m only human, but I have recognised them and put limits in place. Not once have I acted on them. Second, No. I do not want this to open our relationship up to include other people. Third, No. I don’t feel an ounce of jealousy, just a lot of happiness for Jackie.”

“Oookay…” I suck a deep breath in as I process her words. “Also, my relationship with Jackie. Sex changes things you know. It changes feelings. It’s a whole new level of intimacy and crossing that bridge kind of chemically changes emotions sometimes…” I really suck at explaining what I mean at this moment, but Trish is nodding.

“I’ve considered that. Look, we both already love her. She already loves and trusts you. Whatever happens, she’s part of our life forever. I agree that changing your relationship with her to a sexual one will change that love significantly but I don’t know exactly how and I’m sure the three of us will maturely cope with whatever occurs.”

“I hope so. I’d be really heartbroken if she regretted it and I lost… ah…”

“Haha. I think you’re more likely to have to cope with her wanting to continue a sexual relationship.”

“God. I hadn’t thought of that.”

“It’s okay. We’d work that out too. You know I love you. Now stop worrying. Try and relax. We’re off to the shops for a few things. Be back around four. Need anything?”

“Ha. Maybe some vitamins by the sound of things.”

I’m rewarded with a big sloppy passionate kiss.

“Rest up studly.” She winks at me then wanders off back into the house.

As I listen to a light plane moan through the clear blue sky, I let thoughts just flow through my head without chasing them too far. Sometimes the problem for me is that I catch random thoughts and worry them into an issue when they shouldn’t have been one. I’ve learned to ‘play catch poorly’ over time. By that, I mean when a thought is thrown at me, instead of reaching out to catch it as is instinctual, I dodge and say, “missed me bitch.” I’m not sure how mentally healthy this practice is but it helps avoid unnecessary worry.