1. The Shack: The Milk Run- Delaney and the Camp Mayhem girls on a babysitting gig…
  2. The Shack: An Unstoppable Ma- One fucking surprise after another…
  3. The Shack: An Unreasonable Man- Needles&Delaney should come with a fucking warning label.
  4. The Shack: An Implacable Man- You’d think people would learn to leave them the fuck alone.
  5. The Shack: Ladykiller- The Girls of Hollywood.
  6. The Shack: The Guardians- Dancing with the Monster’s Daughter.
  7. The Shack: An Angry Man- Needles is just having one of those fucking days.
  8. Learning the Smuggler’s Blues- Hi, I’m Wendy, Fly Me!
  9. Vodka Sting- Clowning around with Cons and Cops.
  10. I’m 51- You’re never too old to start again.
  11. Afterglow- A hitman and a drug mule complete their last job.
  12. The Unicorn- An average guy. A retired model worth millions. Can it work?
  13. Behind Blue Eyes- Love and Vengeance.
  14. Tales from the Shack: Nobody-The Raggedy Girl.
  15. The Last Chimes of Fall-While suffering a heart attack, Brent remembers his 3 loves.
  16. What Rough Beast- Treachery has its consequences.
  17. The Baltimore Bitch-Change happens. How you handle it matters.
  18. Five Whores for Denver- And it all happened movin’ west…
  19. Equation- Sometimes love adds up.
  20. Drive- Hal struggles to deal with Lisa’s cock teasing adultery.
  21. Vagabonds- How will two homeless kids change a divorced couple?
  22. Shameless-A tale of a Knight, Monsters and a Tarnished Angel.
  23. Bad Day at the Greasy Grass- I hated O’Brien.
  24. Beyond a Shadow- When does logic stop being logical?
  25. Tequila Shuffle- Doin’ the Shuffle.
  26. Little Bright Eyes- He saved her so she returned the favor.
  27. Pauline- A Just Plain Bob’s Pauline French tribute.
  28. Androshorts: A Christmas Affair- She wants children, and considers the simplest option.
  29. I Started Out Roasting a Pig- …and ended up cooking a goose.
  30. Grief- Love hurts.
  31. Goin’ Back Home Again- A musician struggles with his collapsing marriage and career.
  32. Kept- Playing for keeps.
  33. The Low Road- Sergeant Schnell was a loser…
  34. Pogo’s Very Long Da- Love’s Strange Forms and The Perils of Hunting Monsters.
  35. Beyond the Pale- Life’s better the second time around.
  36. A GOR-y Halloween Party- Halloween Slave Auction, and the girls of GOR.
  37. In Our Bones- The cost of love.
  38. His North Star- A miner’s wife helps a lost doctor find his path.
  39. Balance- A woman struggles to regain her equilibrium.
  40. The Gift- Alone at the convention.
  41. The Short Happy Life of Island Bill- Sometimes a change of location helps.
  42. The Old Man and the Sea- March or Die.
  43. Monster- On the Origins of Monsters.
  44. Dulce et Decorum Est- Family Matters.
  45. A Perfect She-Devil- An UnCivil Woman in the Civil War
  46. Art of Deception – Light and Shadow- Adam and Carina rekindle their rivalry.
  47. An Unexpected Reaction- To an unacceptable situation.
  48. It’s In The Wrong Catagory- And the title has nothing to do with the story.
  49. A Little Bit of Death- Reaching your breaking point.
  50. Ask Aunt Agatha- An advice columnist needs help.
  51. For Whom the Bell Tolls- Holding on for a Hero.
  52. Domestication- Is she wife material, or can the claws ever be sheathed?
  53. Just Supposed to be a Summer Job- A small moment leads to much more.
  54. The Shack: A Parable of Wolves- Through Angel Eyes.
  55. Carol’s Christmas- A Saddletramp Christmas story.
  56. License to Kill- Secret Agent/Super Villain, it’s all just perspective.
  57. The Honey Trap- You have to use the right bait.
  58. The Old Way-He builds life with two wives in Colorado mountains.
  59. A Case of Self Defense- A courtroom thriller.
  60. Blue Topaz Eyes- A unique meeting in a dangerous world.
  61. Love is for Suckers- Men always take the women they love back, don’t they?
  62. While You Sleep-You’ll never even see, this lonely watch I keep…
  63. O.I.N.D. GILF-Ray leaves his cheating fiancee for her Hot Granny.
  64. The Fury-Hell on Heels.
  65. Second-Hand Barbie- First rate wife.
  66. We’ll Go No More a Roving- The Past is Prologue Now.
  67. The Last Ride- The Last Ride of Iceman and Gypsy Jane.
  68. The Accidental Nudist Cabi- A weekend outing goes awry for three couples.
  69. Interest- Can love give you a dividend?
  70. An Interview with Superman- A cheating wife drives a man to extremes.
  71. Bless This Broken Road- Sometimes even broken roads can lead to somewhere good.
  72. The Shooting at Our Merciful Lord- Betrayal and despair bring a new beginning.
  73. Billie Jean-…is not my lover, She’s just a girl who claims that…
  74. Blue Eyes Crying- My life, a truly loving wife’s story.
  75. Three Strikes And A Home Run- Three time loser finds love with a two time loser.
  76. Before I Forget- A man with Alzhiemers says goodbye.
  77. Weaver- She saw his future in a whiskey glass.
  78. The Shack: Necessary Evil-Doing what has to be done.
  79. The First Deadly Sin- Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave.
  80.  His Guiding Ligh- Could the light lead him to love?
  81. Art of Deception- An art forgery detective takes a new case.
  82. Fool Me Once- Fool him twice? He won’t let that happen.
  83. Al Andalus- My wife is sleeping with who?
  84.  Leave Me Breathless- I help my dad pick himself up after mom’s betrayal.
  85. Justice- Love is a life sentence.
  86. The Food Desert- Right place, right time.
  87. . Mystery Woman- She had no idea who she was, but someone wanted her dead.
  88. A Dangerous Man-A Karin Roland Mystery.
  89. Did You Really Mean It-Good friends in bad situations.
  90. Good Enough for the Goose…- Stealing an accountant’s wife can be dangerous.
  91. The Harpy- The good ones are all a little crazy, aren’t they?
  92. A Clean Well Lighted Place-Don’t Mess with the Doctor.
  93. Pogo and Spooky-Whipped cream, corn oil and altered lives.
  94. Driving Home for Christmas- Looking back on Christmases gone by.
  95. Rocket Man- I’m not the man they think I am at all. Oh no no no…
  96. As I Lay – Dying?- Does a man make his own luck in life?
  97. Flowers for All Occasions- A Sheriff Pat Quinn Story.
  98. Undying- Karma is karma.
  99. Fortune- Gold does not always glitter.
  100. Enforcing The Pre-Nup- Just stick to the terms, dear.
  101. Terrible Taste In Tees- It’s a good living.
  102. Badge of Betrayal- A near tragedy, a wife’s betrayal, but the good guy wins!
  103. The Sun Also Rises- Carpe Diem.
  104. Traveler- Is it possible to leave everyone behind and start a new life?
  105. Duty- Rendering Honors.
  106. Teacher. Lover. Friend.- It was complicated.
  107. Where’s Buster – Redux- The River of Life Rolls On.
  108. Gun Gun Teddy Bear- The Monster Before Monster.
  109. I was Gonna Learn to Fly- She wanted the footlights and I was going to learn to fly.
  110. Best Wife Ever- After 50 years, she earned the title.
  111. The Agnus Dei Gambit- A Short Journey to Armageddon.
  112. My Sister Moves In- Wife’s sister needs a place to live and moves in.
  113. If I Fell- Can a wife keep her promise to be true?
  114. Cat in the Rain- I Hardly Knew Ya.
  115. The Hermit- These damn women…
  116. Tuff as Nails- Having nothing to live for made him a dangerous man.
  117. A Family Torn- Recently divorced, they were a family being torn apart.
  118. American Beauty- Being beautiful has its disadvantages.
  119. Jacob’s Ladder- Exploring Life’s Many Rooms.
  120. Slow Dancing with a Fast Woman- It’s not about hiding from the storm…
  121. Race among the Ruins-Why try? this one is out there…She cheated, He moved on.
  122. CvsN 05: Altogether Now-Jack’s best friend & his wife join Jack.
  123. The Art of Divorce-An artistic and classy cheating wives tale (ha ha).
  124. More than I Deserve- I threw it all away.
  125. Where’s Buster – Redux- The River of Life Rolls On.
  126. Relentless- She’s back.
  127. 3 Coins in the Fountain- While on vacation in Italy I made a wish.
  128. The Red Headed Waitress- Someone is trying to destroy her marriage – who and why?
  129. Turn the Page- On a long and lonesome highway.
  130. Miz Sarah Strikes Back-Never underestimate an Agnes Scott grad!
  131.  The Big C-An offer of friendship brings complications.
  132. The Empire Builder-It happened one night.
  133. Hot Chocolate for Christmas Eve- It’s a family thing.
  134. Fool’s Gold: Claim Jumpers- A Wine and Old Lace story of betrayal and survival.
  135. Let Go- CEO wife fires husband. What follows is the aftermath.
  136. The Monster- He learned of his wife’s deceptions just in time.
  137. Condoms and Pantyhose- Gone fishin’.
  138. Islands in the Stream- It ain’t over until it’s over.
  139. Someone to Love Us-All they needed was a chance. He gave them one.