1. Hey Twister—Letters To My Dead Twin- A record of grief and unexpected love
  2. The Letters- Two cousins re-enact their grandparents’ love letters.
  3. Literotica Interview with HeyAll- Answers to an interview regarding my erotica.
  4. Maggie’s Letter to Her Readers- To all of my followers and people that I gave orgasms to.
  5. Perfect Day- A letter from a wife reminiscing about past perfect days.
  6. Until Then- One woman’s love, captured in letters.
  7. The Seduction of Sylvia- He reached across an ocean to claim what was his.
  8. Memoir of a Lame Girl- She opens herself to him.
  9. Caressing the Veil- Young widow writes a letter to her love.
  10. Where Do We Go From Here?- Open letter to my Literotica family on the ending of an era.
  11. Why I Love To Eat You- A husband’s essay about how he loves to eat you.
  12. Inexcusable- A letter explaining himself to his bride-to-be.
  13. I Wish I Could Tell You- A secret letter to my sir.
  14. Lois’s Letters- She confesses deviant sex habits to old college flame.
  15. The Writer-Author explains to wife about writing erotica.
  16. Just Listen- Online chat leads to first-time phone sex.
  17. Bee Mine- She turns to friend for comfort & finds something more.
  18. To You- My desires of an enquiring submissive.
  19. A Secret Admirer- Jack recieves several letters anonymously.
  20. Dear Sir, I Love Your….- A tribute to your cock.
  21. Letter to Sheridan- Keep the peace and all of that.
  22. Riverbanks- A letter to my husband on our wedding anniversary.
  23. Email From James- Away on business, he shows how he missed her.
  24. Diary of an Oversexed Woman-Misc Sexual Encounters.
  25. Lisa Sweet Lips: College Cocksucker- College girl with a fondness for oral pleasures.
  26. My Arousal: A Note- In a note to a crush, she describes her self-pleasure.
  27. Tacitus Salutem- Reporting a barbarian ritual on spring equinox.
  28. True Confessions- A love letter from her to him.
  29. One Hundred Days-Letter to deployed husband.
  30. The Good Morning Kiss- A love letter for her lover
  31. Happy Trails…now Fuck off!- A letter to my cheating wife.
  32. Massage- A phone conversation for an oral massage.
  33. Phone Sex- It can be so, so good.
  34. Affairs- Sincerity is key; fake it well & succeed!
  35. A Very Good Morning…- How many strokes would you take?
  36. Ally’s Letter to Jack- A begging letter to the man who owns my mind and body.
  37. Seducing My Lover’s Wife- Seduction via email with her lover.
  38. Beauty Treatment With A Difference- She finds a beauty parlour devoted to sexual fulfilment.
  39. What A Girl Wants- Letter to a secret lover.
  40. Things You Don’t Know-Confessions about the way you fuck me.
  41. The Joy of Eating You Out- This man is so hungry for you.
  42. Email from Lisa- Traveling on business, friend gets her cum.
  43. I Know You Want Me- What if we got together?
  44. A Letter from Old India- A Dutch noblewoman writes home from colonial India.
  45. Craving You- What a cunning linguist thirsts for most.
  46. Chat Hypnosis- Man gets over his head and changed.
  47. Dear Lady, I Love Your…- A paean to Pussy.
  48. Suck Him for Me- Wife makes her case using powerfully suggestive persuasion.
  49. Texting Threeway-My wife keeps posted me about her date via text messaging.
  50. A Different Halloween- Letter telling cousin about weird Halloween.
  51. An Unknown Letter to My Husband- Things she can’t say.
  52. A Direct Tease To A Female Admirer- After some heavy flirting, a tease.
  53. More Than a Shopping Trip- I was tired and went to the restaurant and there she sat…
  54. Trying To Make Sense- She writes him about what happened.3
  55. Letter to a Lover- Oh, what she’s dreaming of doing to you.
  56. Naming A Town- Letters tell the tale of how DeGarde and Bender got their name.
  57. The Deal- Boss and secretary agree to act out each others’ fantasies.
  58. A Slut is Born- Finally, she finds something she can relate to.
  59. Morning Surprise- Male guest accidentally walks in on Catherine naked.
  60. To My “Baby Sister”- Why he’s only had eyes for you.
  61. Found in a Skip- Darren’s letter to ex in 750 words.
  62. Our Bedtime Story- For her lover.
  63. Incestuous Emailing- Cybering with my son.
  64. A Letter to “V”- Master introduces Himself to a new sub.
  65. Lusty Email- She lets you know how hot she is.
  66. Love Letters: Daddy & Daughter- Between a Master/Daddy & his slave/daughter.
  67. 100 Things I Love About You- A letter about love, lust, fantasy and reality.
  68. Megan’s Story: The Love Letter-A letter of love from one dearly loved to another.
  69. 1727- He carves her a memento before he sails.
  70. A Letter from Dear John- Karma is a bitch.
  71. A Foreign Affair- Instant message has an unexpected conclusion.
  72. A Letter to My Sexy Fucker- Her email buddy is out of town.
  73. Dear Joan- “Dear Joan” letter to a war zone doesn’t bring peace.
  74. A Sexual Fantasy-She tells you what she’d like to do to you.
  75. Letter to the Ex- The title says it all.
  76. Never Too Old for Love and Sex- Elderly couple finds true love at the nursing home
  77.  A Letter From Jules- Fan writes about their day at the movies.
  78. The Amateur-Female grad student decides on rate for her services.
  79. Dear Agony Aunt- Advice column letter goes awry.
  80. Take Control of Me- Her fantasy for him.
  81. Seriously, Just Give In!- Student’s notes change teacher’s mind.
  82. ScoutMasters Paradise- A Boy Scout Master stumbles across a Girl Scout Leader.
  83. Y is for You- What it means to love someone.
  84. The Letter, a Renegotiation of Love- Never satisfied, a spoiled wife wants more but gets less.
  85. Journal of a Victorian Gentleman- Living in Victorian England had its benefits.
  86. Dear Professor- A letter I’ll never have the guts to send…
  87. My Moment of Weakness- Confessing sins to a friend.
  88. First Letter from a Navy Hot Wife- Hilka writes an erotic letter to her Navy husband.
  89. Letter From The Grave- Dying wife will get her twisted revenge from the grave.
  90. Camping With Steff- Catherine camps with Roger and Steff and flashes them both.
  91. My Dear Sweet Fuck Toy –Thank-you note for great sex.
  92. Torn- She pours out her anguish to her husband.
  93. Trying To Make Sense: His Response- He writes her back.
  94. Cell Phone Text Messages- She sent him details of her masturbation.
  95. Edwardian Lady’s Diary Erotic extracts from an Edwardian lady’s diary.
  96. Hello Sailor- Pregnant wife writes to her husband in the Navy.
  97. Dear Sir- A different kind of Dear John letter.
  98. Fancy Meeting You Here-Daddy meets his daughter in a strip club.
  99. Thinking of You- A short little fantasy written for *him*.
  100. Scamming the Scammer- I am targeted by a scammer.
  101. Purple Passion- Daughter takes control of Daddy for a surprise.
  102. Letter to a Super Stud- A story of revenge and punishment.
  103. The Ex-Wife- An Ex-wife writes to an Ex-husband.
  104. Confession to My Husband- Mutual masturbation on a hen weekend.
  105. A Letter to Alyssa- I explain to Alyssa why her boyfriend cheated with me.
  106. A Cyber Experience- One sided “cyber sex” created for a girl’s first time.
  107. She Agrees to be a Hot Wife- She agrees to be my mistress and cuckold me.
  108. What I Want- A message to his lover from across the miles.
  109. Confessions Of A School Nurs- Older woman teaches young cocks.
  110. Daddy Takes a Side Trip Home- 18-year-old daughter becomes his plaything.
  111. A Letter to My Wife- A man describes a sexual encounter to his wife.
  112. His Depraved Pet- A master gives his slave instructions
  113. Grandmother’s Secret- A diary explains a lot.
  114. From a Loving Wife-A story of erotic degradation.
  115. A Last Thought- Letter to a departed lover.
  116. EuroLetters- She writes to her friend about her sexual adventures.
  117. The Ex-Husband- An Ex-Husband replies to his Ex-wife.
  118. A Letter to Jin- Moving in with my father in law causes problems.
  119. Motherly Love- She writes her adult son a love letter.
  120. A Lover’s Lament-She misses you.
  121. A Dear John Letter-… Of a different kind.
  122. Letters Found by a Widow-She discovers her late husband’s long affair with his sister.
  123. At the Laundromat-I read a memo posted on the bulletin board.