Hi everyone!

Let’s just keep with the pen name and say my name is Maggie Hill and it seems a lot of you have really been enjoying my writing, and some of you not so much… Anyways, I thought I would take the opportunity to talk to you and introduce myself formally to everyone, say a little bit about myself, and also there is a point to this letter and we’ll get to that in the end. So, there are some parts of my stories that are true. I use myself as the main character, so the physical description is me.

I am 5’3″, I have a good body and would consider myself pretty cute, thanks to the genes given to me. I’ve always been kind of tomboyish and dressed not really to show any of it off. Skater shirts, baggy shorts and pants, dresses and skirts kind of feel more like a hindrance to my daily life and I get cold easily, so I usually have some sort of comfortable hoodie on. For that reason, the boys in my school never really noticed me, I may as well have just been another guy to them. If anyone had really looked they would have noticed my breasts were a bit large, I guess thanks again to the genes my mom passed down to me, I have 32C boobs and a hot sexy booty to match, not too large and definitely not small and I try to keep it tight with all the running I did for cross country in school. I like to keep my hair short, it made running easier and made washing my hair take less time than it used to.

I guess in the story of hair I also shave…. everywhere. Not sure why that’s so embarrassing to admit since I’m about to admit all the sexual desires I have to complete strangers, but the thought makes me blush now with people being able to picture me…pubeless. Is that even a word…I guess a better word would be hairless down there. Oh god, I’m blushing, and all flushed just thinking that someone I may know may stumble upon this before I graduate and know I shave my body all over.

An absolute true and honest description of me, even the shave part, which I still do. But a few updates since I first started writing Maggie’s Slutty Fantasies, I’m 19 now, still not in school because I have taken a gap year to save up for the college I want to go to. My parents have jobs, but not really enough for me to put my college costs on them and I would feel guilty doing that anyways. I had a job for a bit, but because of certain world events, well I’ll get to that later.

The big shocking confession that no one believes, I’m still a virgin. All of the people I talk to for some reason assume that all girls lose their virginity in high school. Well, one, I didn’t want to end up 16 and pregnant, two, I live in a small town and didn’t want a reputation that I was the village bicycle and three, my parents are very religious and conservative and probably would have thrown me out having sex before marriage. I will also say that all the boys that I went to school with were immature, stupid, and boring, three characteristics that turn me off more than anything. My tastes have been more than, as the community would say, more than vanilla. I learned more about my sexuality after I turned 18, that they had a word for what turned me on and that was sapiosexual.

My body was only as turned on as my mind and being very intelligent, the cliché lines that I heard most boys say to girls I knew just made me yawn and feel sorry for the ones that gave it up so easily with such little effort put in. The things boys would say just to get a girl to put his cock into her mouth, even saying the words I love you, just to get a blow job. I mean the thought had crossed my mind a few times, a boy using my mouth and treating me nothing more than a sexual object and not a person. But then I would realize how cliché the idea was and the slight high would very quickly wear off.

I later in my research learned that I was definitely the exhibitionist type. I read stories about girls being left in situations, naked and vulnerable. Given tasks that they had to accomplish or else be exposed to everyone they knew. Some forced to live their lives completely naked and get used to the exposure or just simply not be allowed to wear underwear, always on the edge of exposure by the hem of their skirt. I tried it a few times myself, to be honest, I first started just going without panties under my shorts, you’d think wearing baggy shorts wouldn’t make it such a big deal, but it actually made it much more intense.

Either you don’t feel anything against your skin and worry that you may actually be bottomless, or you feel the draft coming up the leg of the shorts, teasing your bare skin. When they did touch my skin, thighs, mound, the material was rough and meant to last and it laid heavy on my skin. Finally, I always had to worry about how I sat, slender legs, big leg holes, sit in the wrong way if they rode up, nothing was stopping my virgin pussy from being exposed and I wasn’t exactly the most ladylike. The feeling of being exposed always felt like it was just about to happen, but never did.

Eventually, like any high, it was not enough, I saw a website that sold crotchless leggings and bought a pair, long shirts, and hoodies just barely covered me enough and no one thought otherwise with my leggings to know what I was doing. I always had to be on guard, watching the way I sat, how long my hoodie and shirt came to cover me, and not to walk too fast. When I felt safe enough, I went without panties and felt more exposed than ever, knowing that even one wrong move would clearly show my pale untouched virgin skin that contrasted the black leggings.

There were a few times I thought I almost got caught, times when I felt relaxed, used to the clothes I was wearing, and nearly forgot about my situation. Like sitting at my local coffee shop, drinking a delicious mocha latte, relaxing me as I sipped it. Seeing a man across the shop smiling at me and suddenly remembering nothing was covering my pussy. Thankfully he wasn’t looking below my waist and I put my backpack on my lap covering me once again. Even then, eventually, I got used to that and even though it was still a little scary, the high wasn’t as intense as the first time I started trying it.

It did give easy access though, and I still remember the first time I sat at the local pizza place, backpack on my lap and I reached under my hoodie and touched my clit in public. It was more intense than anything I had ever felt before. Feeling the steel chair under me, people walking feet away as I was rubbing my clit doing my best to keep a straight face. The hardest part was keeping my orgasm under wraps and the best idea I could think of was shoving my pizza in my mouth taking a huge bite, nearly choking on it in the process. Sometimes to this day, I wonder if anyone knew exactly what I was doing and they go home and masturbate remembering what they saw. Sometimes I go out late at night to the same spot and relive it in my head as all of downtown is dark and empty.

Now I just get my thrills at home, I sit at my desk like I am now, take off all of my clothes, put my legs over the armrests and with my curtains and window open I masturbate facing the window. When I’m really craving an intense experience, I do it with the lights on but even with just the glow of the computer monitor, it’s still very intense. I sometimes worry that someone will pass by and hear my moans or even worse the wetness of my pussy as I finger it. I would sometimes write on myself with a marker, slut, whore, pervert, fuck me, use me, blackmail me, anything dirty that came to mind.

It wasn’t until I started writing on myself that I realized how much I craved humiliation. The desire to be called dirty names, be used, treated like a slut even though I was far from it. I’ll admit, sometimes I wanted to be caught and would fantasize about it as I masturbated in front of my window for anyone to see. My hands caressing my tits, sucking on my fingers, rubbing my clit and spread so wide you can see the pink between my legs.

I would look up and see that someone would catch me and take pictures or video and blackmail me into sucking their cock or getting fucked for the first time. Sometimes it was a stranger, but growing up in a town that had a school that went from K-12, strangers were pretty rare, everyone knew everyone here.

The thought scared me most of all that someone who truly knew me would find out, make me live out my fantasies and push my limits to their edge, and then some. If they ever went through my browser history, they would be in for a real shock what my limits in my head were. Stories of girls getting blackmailed, gangbanged, tied up, stripped, cum in every hole, humiliated beyond belief. The stories that really turned me on were the ones where the girl accepts it in the end and even admits to enjoying it. Dozens, maybe hundreds of stories I read, but at some point, I couldn’t find a story that really spoke to me

That’s when I started hearing this voice within myself, “so if you can’t find it, make it.”

Very Field of Dreams, wouldn’t you say? Although in my case, if you build it, they will cum. At first, I didn’t really know what to expect and my only thoughts were, if my English teachers could see me now. They thought I was a terrible writer; never would they have expected over 100,000 people had read something I wrote. Probably wouldn’t have imagined the readers masturbating at the same time, but most people think of me as the innocent Christian angel, so that’s not a surprise.

My first chapter writing was very intense, sharing my fantasies, myself and exactly how I felt was more exposed than masturbating in front of the window. Also, for some reason talking so dirty, it wasn’t something I was used to, the uncomfortableness of it taking me out of my comfort zone turned me on as well. My goal was to write 50,000 words because the internet defined that as about the average amount for a novel. I was 18 and I was going to write an erotic novel, that was my goal. Eventually, I did it, but I didn’t feel like I could stop there and started on the second one which I’m currently halfway through.

I guess this letter finally gets to the point. On pandemic times, I have lost my job at the little clothing store I was working at. I mean the pay was good, the clothes weren’t exactly my style, but money is money. I have been looking, but stores are only starting to open back up and many have cut their staff majorly and reduced their hours. I guess i’m just looking for some suggestions on how to get by.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully I didn’t offend you all too much with my request.

Your Secret Slut,