“Hey, Sally…Give me a hand with this trunk, will you? It must weigh a ton!”

“Look at all that dust! I bet it hasn’t been moved in decades.”

“Maybe it contains those doubloons you said we might find.”

“Actually, John, that was just to get you to help me. My folks said that clearing out Gran and Grandpa’s attic was the one vacation job I absolutely must get done while they were away, and I thought it would be much more fun with you to help. Thanks for coming over, by the way.”

“You’re welcome; You know I love hanging out with you and I’ve been missing you bunches since we went away to college. I didn’t really think our grandparents had doubloons in the attic, you know. More like bats in the belfry! Still, I do miss the old dears.”

“Me too, and I’m going to miss this old house. I used to love coming back here in the woods to visit; it’s so secluded and peaceful. Lucky for us, Mom and Dad have maintained the pool so the house will show better.”

“Good, Let’s swim when we’re done in this stuffy attic.”

“Sounds good. Can you get this thing open?”

“Hmm…it’s locked. Maybe the contents are valuable after all. Let’s see if I can pick it…Voilà!”

“Brilliant! What’s in it?”

“Just papers, by the look of it; no doubloons anyway.”

“I think these on top are letters; there must be dozens of them!”

“And here’s another bundle – the writing on these is different, though.”

“Oh wow! Do you think they’re love letters that Gran and Grandpa wrote when they were dating, way back when?”

“I think it was called ‘courting’ in those days.”

“I wonder if they’re hot. Hey, I’ve had an idea!”

“Uh-oh…Your ideas usually get us in trouble of some sort, Sal. What is it this time?”

“Let’s re-enact them! We’ll read them to each other and whatever the letters say Gran and Grandpa did, we do too. What do you say?”

“I don’t know…It sounds a bit like Russian Roulette.”

“What?…You think they got up to things you wouldn’t want to do with me? Gran and Grandpa? You must be kidding! I thought you fancied me.”

“I do, Sal; I always have. But what if they got into some heavy stuff? You know…real sex.”

“Like I said – Gran and Grandpa? Way back then? I doubt it, but we can always hope!”

“And I thought you were still an innocent little virgin.”

“Ha! I lost my cherry over a year ago, if you really want to know. And now I’m living in this coed dorm, which I’m sure is a mechanism designed by caring adults to teach young people like me more about the opposite sex than they could ever possibly want to know! On top of that, there’s my roommate; she doesn’t know what a sexual inhibition is! How about you, though? You’ve always seemed pretty straight-laced to me.”

“Oh, I’ve had my moments too, you know…just not so recently. So, OK, we’ll do it! Re-enactment – here we come! Let’s take the letters and read them by the pool; I need some fresh air.”

* * *

“You look great in that bikini…what there is of it.”

“Thanks, cuz; I bought it with you in mind. You don’t look so bad yourself. I’ve always fancied you, you know; ever since we were little. That doesn’t shock you, does it? Come and lie here beside me. Now, where are those letters? You read the ones from Grandpa and I’ll read Gran’s.”

“You’re on…And whatever the letters describe them doing together, we do…sort of in their honor. As far as possible, anyway. They seem to be in date order and the first one’s from me. Ready? Here goes!”

Huntingdon Military Academy

Monday May 2nd

Dear Miss Grant,

I hope you will not think me too forward in writing to you, but I wanted to say how very much I enjoyed dancing with you last Saturday. I must confess that the campus here sometimes feels more like a prison, since we almost never get to meet young ladies and are allowed out only on Sundays. The dance was a real treat, even though we were chaperoned the entire time. I cannot imagine meeting a more charming and beautiful group of young ladies, of which you were without a doubt the most charming and beautiful! I sincerely hope that you and I may meet again very soon. Yours, with admiration, Jack Stevens.

St. Ignatius College for Girls

Thursday May 5th

Dear Jack (if I may address you by your first name on such brief acquaintance),

I was hoping you would write to me, and fully intended to write to you if you did not write first. Is that very forward of me? Being cooped up here all week with only other young ladies for company is soul-destroying at times, and dancing with you was like a breath of fresh air. Like you, I am allowed out only on Sundays, and if the weather is pleasant I usually take a picnic lunch and sit by the river just below the old weir; perhaps you know the spot? I find having a few hours’ solitude helps me through the next week. Yours in anticipation, Georgina Grant.

“Forward little hussy! Come on, ‘Jack’; you have to waltz me once round the pool! Did you know that my middle name is Georgina? I think I was named after Gran, so this is perfect. Hey, where did you learn to waltz?”

“Military Academy, my dear.”

“Now you sound like Clark Gable in ‘Gone with the Wind’! Next letter…”

Huntingdon Military Academy

Monday May 9th

Dearest Georgina,

Thank you for letting me know where I might find you, because yesterday is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. I know I deprived you of your precious hours of solitude, but I hope that the delightful time we spent together provided some compensation. I have a confession to make: whilst you were asleep I took the opportunity to go swimming in the river, but not having brought a swimsuit with me, I was forced to swim naked. As I swam, I fantasized about us doing it together one day. I hope you will forgive this boldness, but my mind is full of only you. Yours with growing affection, Jack.

“Are you sure this is such a good idea, Sal?”

“What? Are you shy? We used to take baths together, remember?”

“Not after that time our Moms caught us playing doctor. You were the doctor, as I recall; checking me out for something or other.”

“I remember it perfectly. I’d seen all those TV ads and I needed to see if you were suffering from ED – whatever that was! But I knew I had to see your prick if I was going to cure it. No problem in that department now, by the look of that bulge.”

“I think you cured me when we were eight.”

“Ha! Come on, then; off with your swimsuit! Don’t be shy.”

“OK, but remember that Gran was asleep; she probably didn’t see Grandpa. You must shut your eyes.”

“Must I really? OK, I suppose…Are you naked yet?”

“Yep, but you must keep your eyes shut.”

“Hey, that’s quite sexy, knowing you’re lying stark naked right next to me and all I have to do is open my eyes to see you…What’s that warm thing I can feel against my leg? Could it be that your affection for me is not the only thing that’s growing, ‘Jack'”?

“Umm…Sorry, cuz!”

“Hey, don’t apologize! This is great, but how can I read the next letter with my eyes shut? I’m going to cheat…Oh nice, really nice! and it’s much bigger than the last time I saw it.”

“I should hope so too! Stop staring at my prick and read the next letter.”

St. Ignatius College for Girls

Wednesday May 11th

My Dearest Jack,

I too have a confession to make: on Sunday by the river, I awoke when you had just taken off your clothes, but please do not worry: I was thrilled to see you naked! You are the first man I have ever seen in that condition – even in pictures – because the nuns here take care to censor all the art books in the library. I suppose they are trying to keep us from having impure thoughts, but if they only knew! Looking at you naked gave me physical feelings unlike any I have ever felt before, as well as the most impure thoughts. I was fascinated by the sight of your p; it was larger than I had expected, and I loved watching it flop around as you walked. As I expect you know, I have nothing like that down there, but looking at you made me feel very warm and wet. I am looking forward to Sunday more than I can say. Yours in breathless expectation, Georgina.

“OK, let’s see you flop! Hmmm…Looks more like swaying to me, but I guess that’ll have to do. It’s certainly giving me some impure thoughts!”

“And making you warm and wet, perchance?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“I’m looking forward to that, and here it comes, I think. Are you ready?”

Huntingdon Military Academy

Monday May 16th

Darling Georgina,

Yesterday was like a dream come true. When you took off your clothes for me, with barely a hint of shyness, I found myself aroused beyond belief by the sight of your beautiful naked body. You commented at the time on my physical reaction, which I was powerless to control, so strongly did the sight of you affect me. My p has a mind of its own sometimes, like right now as I recall your beautiful breasts and the dark triangle of hair between your legs. You are the first woman I have ever seen naked save in pictures, and I found the experience thrilling beyond words. I have re-run the events of yesterday in my mind many times, each time eliciting the same bodily reaction that you witnessed. I must confess that in my dormitory bed at night I have been guilty of relieving the tension, but very quietly so that those I sleep beside will not suspect what I am doing. I am already counting the days until next Sunday. Yours in body and soul, Jack.

“OK, Sal; lose the bikini! First undo your top…Oh, nice! Your breasts are fantastic, and somewhat larger than when I last saw them, too.”

“‘Somewhat’! What’s this ‘somewhat’? No touching! – not yet anyway. We mustn’t get ahead of the curve here, though there’s no curve in your p! It’s as straight and stiff as a poker.”

“What do you expect when you’re sitting beside me topless? I love your pink nipples; are they always that big?”

“No, you’ve got me excited so they’re getting hard, just like your prick.”

“I know what Grandpa meant about a dream come true. At least, it will be when you peel off your bikini bottom. Here, can I help?”

“No! The letter said she undressed herself.”

“And with ‘barely a hint of shyness’, so let’s see you do that! I bet that means she didn’t turn her back on him. OK, that’ll pass, ‘barely’, and lovely it is to gaze upon. I’m glad to see you don’t shave your pussy.”

“You’re falling out of character, ‘Jack’. I don’t remember Grandpa saying that, and he would probably have called it her beaver, anyway. Now, what do we do about ‘relieving the tension’?”

“He did that alone, thank goodness, and we agreed to re-enact just what they did together.”

“Pity; I’d enjoy watching you relieve your tension. OK…Ready for the next chapter?”

St. Ignatius College for Girls

Thursday May 19th

Jack, My Darling,

I have puzzled long and hard over the bit in your last letter about ‘relieving the tension’. I thought of asking one of the nuns here what you meant, but decided that she might ask to see the letter itself, and that would never do! Perhaps you can explain it to me on Sunday, which is now only three days away! As for my naked body, I would have been devastated if you did not find it attractive, and I am delighted that it affected you as deeply as it evidently did. I was moved by your unmistakable physical reaction; I had no idea that your p could do that, or get so big! I suppose it is in preparation for what comes next, although I must confess to being very unsure exactly what that is. Maybe you can explain that to me too. Your Georgina.

“God, she was innocent! Can you believe it? How times have changed.”

Huntingdon Military Academy

Monday May 23rd

Georgina my sweetest innocent love,

Now you know what I meant about ‘relieving the tension’. I had intended just to tell you about it, but when you asked me to demonstrate, I found myself unable to refuse. I hope you were not shocked by what happened. The pearly white liquid that spurted from the end of my p is my semen, and it contains the sperm that could fertilize your eggs. I am sorry that I splashed it on you; take care to keep it away from your v unless you want to become pregnant and have a baby! When you said that you, too, had tensions to relieve, I did not understand at first, but when you took my hand and put it between your naked legs I realized what you had in mind. I had no idea that the lips around your v would feel like that, all wet and soft and swollen. I hope I helped you as much as you had helped me. As for ‘what comes next’, I am as inexperienced as you in that department, but some of the lads here talk openly about it: whether from experience, imagination, or wishful thinking I do not know. As far as I can gather, my p, when hard (as indeed you have seen it), slides right up between your legs and enters your v. After a while, it relieves its tension by depositing my semen inside you, an act that I know would give me the greatest pleasure in the world, and which I hope would not be too unpleasant for you. As I learn more I will share the details with you, if you so wish. Your infatuated Jack.

PS. I sincerely hope I have not shocked you by writing so plainly.

“Er, ‘Jack’…Would you please ‘demonstrate’ for me? I need to be shown how it works, you see.”

“Oh God…I knew this wasn’t a good idea. You really want me to jerk off in front of you?”

“Have you ever done it before? In front of someone, I mean.”

“No, this would be a first for me. How about you?”

“Do you mean have I watched someone, or have I masturbated in front of someone?”


“Now I’m embarrassed. But if you must know, the answer is yes to both, but it was a girl both times. Does that count? The same girl, in fact: the uninhibited roommate I told you about. I got incredibly aroused both times. But I’ve never watched a guy jerk off, so you’ll be the first.”

“Will you tell me about it?”

“I might, sometime, but right now we have to follow the letters. Do you think men masturbated differently back then? Show me what you do when you need to ‘relieve the tension’. Go on, don’t be shy; it’s only me.”

“Well, if you must know, I do it in several different ways depending on the moment and where I am. But if I’m in bed, for example, I grasp my shaft in my left hand…like this, just back from the head of my prick, and slowly slide my foreskin up and down over the head…like this.”

“What do you think about while you do that?”

“Honestly? You, usually.”

“Me? Cool! Doing what?”

“It’s my favorite fantasy: we’re alone together somewhere secluded – like this, in fact – and we’re making out.”

“Go on rubbing yourself like that while you tell me about it.”

“Right…You’re lying with your back against my chest and I have my arms around you from behind. I slowly slide my hand up inside your T-shirt, afraid that at any moment you may stop me, but you don’t. I cup your naked breast in the palm of my hand and feel your large nipple harden between my fingers. You quietly moan with desire and lean your head back to kiss me, our tongues entwining. Emboldened, I slide my other hand down inside your jeans and panties – something I have never done before…”

“Can’t imagine why not…”

“…until I can just feel the edge of your pussy hair with the tips of my fingers. That’s as far as I can reach inside your tight jeans without cutting off the blood supply to my hand. Then – and this always gets me going – you reach down and undo your jeans so that my hand can slide further down between your legs. Your mound fills my hand and I slide a finger between the swollen wet lips of your pussy. It’s the first time I’ve touched you there. Your breathing becomes heavy and ragged as I begin to rub your clit, and you say: “Undress me, John, please. I want you to fuck me. I’ve always wanted you to fuck me, and I can’t wait any longer.” And then somehow we’re both naked. I’m kneeling between your open legs which are wide apart, with your ankles resting on my shoulders as I rub my hard prick between the slippery lips of your pussy. “Slide it into me, John. I want you so much! I want to feel your amazing prick stretching my vagina and your balls banging against my ass as you fuck me. This is what I’ve been dreaming of; come into me, please, and come inside me!” And at this point in the fantasy, I usually ejaculate all over my chest. Or…on this occasion…yours – Oops, sorry!”

“Oh, God! I’ve never watched a guy come like that before; that was fantastic! I’m covered in your semen and just dying to kiss you. Talk about tension! I’m wet and open and ready. What are we waiting for?”

“Umm…Gran and Grandpa. They’re not there yet. But in the meantime I could ‘relieve’ you if you’d like.”

“Yes please, John…Quickly! Sit behind me and slide your hand between my legs, just like in your fantasy. Now slip a finger into my sopping vagina, pull it out all wet and slick and rub the sides of my clit – Oh, that’s heaven! I want you so badly…Would you gently pinch my nipples at the same time as you rub me? God, I’m going to come…Oh John…oh John…oh John…JohnJohnJohn…OH! Lovely, lovely, lovely. Now just hold me, please.”

* * *

“I need some time to recover after that. Were you planning to spend the night here, Sal?”

“Well, I don’t want to stay in this big old empty house by myself, but there’s no one at home either. What about you?”

“I could stay here with you, if you like. I just need to call my folks to let them know I won’t be home.”

“Will they mind?”

“No, they’ve given up trying to keep track of where I sleep…or with whom, for that matter.”

“Lucky you! While you call your folks I’ll order us some pizza – sound good?”

“Sounds great, and I’ll see if there’s any wine left in Grandpa’s cellar. What would you like?”

“Oh, I’ll take a bottle of 1990 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, please.”

“You’re just showing off. You’ll probably have to settle for Ripple!”

* * *

“The pizza’s here, Sal.”

“Good, I’m famished! I’ll get the door…At least I’ve got a robe on…Hello! What are you doing here, Julie?”

“Hi Sally! As soon as I saw the delivery address I hoped it was going to be you. Haven’t seen you since high school…how are you? And what are you doing out here in your Grandpa’s old house?”

“Clearing out the attic with my cousin John; I’m sure you remember him. John, are you decent? Look who’s brought us the pizza!”

“Oh my god, it’s you, the guy I lusted after all those years in high school! You were the hottest thing in our year: tall, shy, reserved, and utterly gorgeous! But all the girls knew you had eyes only for your cousin Sally here.”

“You never said anything to me, John…”

“Too shy and reserved, I guess.”

“What? We all thought you two were screwing each other!”

“Not yet, but hang around, you never know! How did you know this was our Grandparents’ house, anyway?”

“I used to deliver pizza here every week after your Gran died. Every Saturday night, regular as clockwork. Oh, this living room brings back some happy memories!”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this, seeing as how he was your Grandpa an’ all, but he was as horny as a billy goat! And after your Gran died I guess he was pretty lonely, too. The first time I brought him pizza here we got talking, and one thing led to another, and he ended up screwing me on that couch. Well…Don’t look so shocked! It was a sympathy fuck. After that, I always made sure this was my last delivery on Saturday night – just like tonight, in fact – so I could spend the whole night with him. And that wasn’t sympathy; even in his 80’s he could wear me out; I guess my hot young bod really got him going. I became very fond of the old dear. He made me laugh and gave me some of the best sex I’ve ever had – a winning combination in my book. I just hope I gave as good as I got. He kept on ordering the pizza, anyway!”