[Wednesday 6/23]

Hi. It’s me again. The guy who thought he was the luckiest guy on the planet a few short weeks earlier. Earlier than this story, that is. I had the incredible good fortune to meet Marsha and Kate over the Memorial Day holiday. To say we hit it off well would be severe understatement. Though we only had two more days after our first meeting, we promised to stay in touch and to try to get together over the summer. The odds were fairly high, since both our families liked to vacation at our properties on “the Thumb.” The odds were unfortunately also very high that we wouldn’t be alone.

So much for being a Hippie-Naturist. That’s what Marsha and Kate had decided to call me when they stumbled across me sunbathing nude on my family’s private beach. We’d had an incredible two and a half days of screwing our brains out, as well as just goofing around and getting to know each other, before we all had to go back to our realities.

For me and for Marsha it was back to college, to finish Spring Quarter. For Kate it was back to home… she’d just graduated high school and wasn’t starting college until Fall. I put in my mandatory two weeks to finish the term, then went back to my parents’ to rejoin the rest of my family. My next younger brother, Matt, was Kate’s age and had also just finished high school. He was lobbying our folks to let him spend a couple of months with his best friend, whose parents also owned vacation property near ours. And I think my parents were getting ready to cave.

“I think you ought to let him go,” I told them, when it came up around the dinner table. “He doesn’t start until the Fall… why not let him have one last summer fling?” Matt was looking at me like I had sprouted additional heads because I never supported him in any of his wild-hair schemes. My parents may have been looking at me weirdly for the same reason.

“And what do you intend to do with your summer?” my Mom asked. “Another ‘last summer fling’ for you, too?” She had a way of bypassing your eyes and going straight for your soul. I had a very selfish reason for wanting to be alone up at the house. Or rather, I had two reasons. But I wasn’t about to tell her that.

“Actually, I thought I’d get a bunch of the maintenance done on the house before everybody descends on it,” I told her. I wasn’t lying. I really did intend to do a bunch of the stuff the house needed. It’s just… well, that wasn’t all I intended to do.

“The gutters need cleaning and painting, the front porch needs to be stripped and painted… and since it’s concrete, it’s better to use the hydrochloric acid when no one else is around… the front hedge and walkway to the beach need trimming… there’s a lot of things to do to keep me busy, Mom, and I don’t have any good prospects for a summer job since Mr. Evans sold the Standard station.”

“You don’t want your brother’s help with all that?” Mom asked. I’m sure she was poking at my motives.

“Am I going to start a civil war if I tell you I’d rather not have him underfoot?” I countered. “There’s some stuff, like pulling out the dead wood and like that, that Matt and Jim could be helpful with. And Jim’s folks are only twenty minutes from our place. But otherwise? He’d just be getting in my way.”

My Dad finally chimed in. “I don’t see a problem with it, Hon” he told Mom. “They both have their own cars. You’re not going up until after the Fourth, because Mary and Luke are involved in the parade down here. So Matt could go to Jim’s, Mark could start on the house and everyone else can go up after my sister and her brood get here.” He was careful to express his opinion but leave the final decision in Mom’s lap.

“Okay, I suppose that’s fine,” she caved. “Just both of you, be careful!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I smiled. “I always am.” The look I got from both of my parents indicated I was probably wrong about that. Matt snorting into his milk didn’t help any, either.

“Buy what you need at Borden’s,” Dad told me. “Charge it to my account. I’ll call up there and let them know you’re working on the house and it’s okay. And if you could add putting up the screen house to your list, I’d appreciate it. Just don’t put it up between the trees we hang the hammock on.”

“Yes, sir,” I told him. “I wasn’t going to leave until the weekend, and I’ll put together a list for you and Mom to check before I go. And thanks…”

“Thanks?” Dad iterated, quizzically.

“Yeah… for understanding why it’s easier not to have people around when I’m trying to get shit done.”

Language…” That was my mother. My Dad just frowned.

“Okay, get stuff done,” I amended. “Anyway, thanks. Oh, and can I make a couple of long distance calls? I want to see if some of my friends are going to be around, for later.”

“Yeah, sure,” Dad told me. “Just keep it short.”

I agreed, we finished dinner, I cleared the table (my dinner chore that week) and I went to make my calls.

* * * * *

“Yeah, seriously… they won’t come up until, like, the 9th or so.” I was talking to Marsha. “I’ve got a shit-ton of work to get done around the house, but it will be only me. My younger brother will be partying with a friend of his on the other side of the peninsula, so no worries.” I paused to listen to her plans.

“Okay, so your whole family’s coming up. When?… Oh… Well, hopefully you two can get some time to visit down at mine… Your Dad wants to meet me? Shit. He doesn’t own a shotgun, does he?… Charter member of the Sand Hill Rod and Gun Club. Marsha, you’re not making me feel any better… Of course I’m going to sweat it! He doesn’t by any chance know… he does? Oh, fuck!…”

Few telephone conversations have left me pale, shaking and with sweaty palms. This one did.

“Okay, so I’m driving up Saturday. I want to get to the grocery before Vivian closes, so I should be there mid-afternoon at the latest. By the way, have you ever had their brats? I love ’em! Should I pick up extra for us?… Okay, will do. How’s Kate doing?…”

“Marsha, I don’t think I’m physically capable of doing that…” Marsha’s take on it was that Kate wanted me to fuck, and cum in, every one of her orifices while making her cum so hard that she passed out. All I got in response was laughing.

We wrapped it up and rang off. I went to start packing. I was about halfway through when Matt knocked at my open door. I looked over to him. “What?”

“So… you got something going on the side?” he asked as he stepped in and closed the door. “You never back me when it comes to me doing something on my own. Why now?”

“If I told you the truth, you either wouldn’t believe me or would be insanely jealous and would say something to the wrong person,” I told him. “So just be grateful that I’m on your side this time.”

“So is she a hottie?” he asked, unfortunately jumping to the correct conclusion.

“They both are,” I told him with a smirk. “If you’re a good boy, I might introduce you.”

“Both?” The shocked expression was worth it.

“Yeah… sisters. From up the beach. Remember the Morrisons?”

“Yeah… they had a nice boat.”

“Well, they sold the place to the Terneys, and Marsha and Kate are awesome. So keep your mouth shut and I’ll keep backing you.”

“You’re right,” he told me, getting over the shock. “Jealous. And yeah, I’d like to meet them.”

“Well, I’ll see you up there,” I smiled. “I’ve gotta finish packing.”

“Sure,” he told me. “See you up there. Oh, and if you stop by Bay House, would you pick me up a couple of bottles of sweet cherry wine?”

“I’ll let you know if I can get them,” I told him. “You can come by the house to pick them up, if I can.”

“Cool,” he nodded. “Two sisters… Jesus, you are one lucky fuck! Catch ya later…” With that, he exited, closing the door behind him. I made sure to pack some condoms and some primo weed. Then I hit the sack.

* * * * *

[Saturday 6/26]

My life tended to be feast or famine. When my life would get adventurous, everything seemed to happen at once. Case in point: I was north of Milwaukee, driving in a nasty rain, and I saw two girls hitchhiking on the side of the highway. I had several chivalrous reasons for stopping and offering them a ride, and a whole bunch of horny, lascivious ones. They accepted the ride and I realized it was White Knight time. They were both excellent examples of underage baby pussy. The soaked clothes were showing off the attributes that would net me twenty years in jail, so I had to become the Nice Guy. Which I did. They were trying to get to Mishicot and it was on my way, sort of.

We talked, I treated them to lunch at the A&W in Two Rivers and I finally dropped them off. As a “thank you,” they both flashed me, getting out of the car. I dutifully did not react. Much. After pulling away, I was harder than Pharaoh’s Heart, all the way to Vivian’s Grocery. Shopping with a hard-on is a bitch, especially when you don’t want the proprietress to notice it.

I got my groceries and got on up to the house, opening it up and putting the stuff away. It was just as I’d left it and it was easy to fall into the usual routine. Marsha had said her family wasn’t going to be up until the next day, Sunday, so I spent the rest of Saturday getting organized. I made a list of the things I needed to buy and headed north to Borden’s Ace Hardware. Dad had been as good as his word and Mr. Borden was waiting for me. I’d known him since I was a mini-kid and had even hung around with his daughter, growing up. He treated me like an old family friend and made short work of getting everything I needed loaded into my car. He wished me good luck as I drove away, swinging by Bay House on the way out.

Again, I was in luck. Suzy, a friend from a lot of years past, was clerking and sold me six bottles of sweet cherry wine. It cost me twelve bucks and a really sloppy, sexy kiss. I drove back to the house to sort out my supplies, wondering why I hadn’t gotten together with her more. Then I remembered her boyfriend.

I realized I should make sure the Jeep was gassed and ready to go, and found out that whoever put it away — it wasn’t me — left less than a quarter of a tank. So I burned the last part of the day driving back down to Vivian’s and gassing up. I filled the outboard’s gas tank and a couple of 5-gallon Jerrycans while I was at it. Then it was drive back to the house and start dinner.

I spent the evening tending some brats on the grill down on the beach and lounging around naked, fantasizing about Marsha and Kate. There was just enough breeze coming in off the lake to keep the mosquitoes at bay and it definitely felt good on my nethers. So good that I started getting hard, lying back in the canvas deck chair. Of course, my memories of the girls were contributory.

Not one to squander an opportunity, I started stroking myself, the sounds of the waves and the gulls providing a pleasant background to my imagination’s moans and cries of pleasure. For some reason, I got obsessed with a scene of sodomizing the two girls… something we hadn’t tried earlier, other than my tongue up Kate’s bum. I had this really nice movie playing in my head of them on all fours, side by side, while I went back and forth between them, doggy-style. I’d be fingering one while fucking the other, and they were both getting off like crazy. Would that it were real life.

In any case, I finished off with a spray of cum all over my chest and belly. When I got calmed down enough, I walked out into the water to rinse off, then came back to find out my brats were done. Poppy seed buns and a squeeze bottle of French’s and I was in heaven. I decided to retrieve my weed and a bottle of wine and just sit out under the stars, digging the tranquility, until it was time to hit the sack. Prior to Marsha and Kate, it was these kinds of moments I lived for…

* * * * *

[Sunday 6/27]

I was up on the roof, cleaning the gutters, when I heard the phone ring. Two long, two short. Two long, two short. There was no way I was getting down off the roof in time to answer it, so I just let it go. I’d use Mildred, the precursor to the answering machine, later. Right then, I needed to finish blowing the leaves and other shit out of the gutters with the hose. There was a reason for doing them first — they were dirtier than hell and it would be better not to dump that crud on fresh paint. I took my time and did it right, then climbed down and washed up before going to the phone.

I picked it up and toggled the hook, waiting for the operator.

“Hello, Mildred?” I asked when she came on. “This is Mark Engle. Somebody tried calling here a while ago. Did they leave a message?… Marsha Terney?… Okay, thanks. Can you put me through to them?”

Marsha had left a message with Mildred that the whole family was now up at their house and to call back whenever I had a chance. Mildred finally came back on to tell me that there wasn’t any answer. I thanked her and hung up. I considered my options. Next up on the chore list was going to be painting the gutters, but I wanted them to dry more before I started that. Ergo, they could wait until tomorrow.

Trimming the bushes and the walkway could be next, but honestly, I didn’t feel like it. What I felt like was seeing the girls. I finally got the wild hair to drive up there. Take the Jeep up the beach to see them. Net result, that’s what I did, making sure to stay out in the water a bit, so as not to piss off my neighbors. I parked next to their boathouse when I got there, but looking around, I didn’t see anyone. So I headed up the path that led to the main house.

The Morrisons had maintained a really nice place, with lawn under the trees and two houses… the main house which was sort of traditional and rectangular, and an A-frame guest house next to the covered in-ground pool. The Terneys hadn’t changed anything immediately noticeable. I saw a Caddy in the drive but no one to go with it, so I figured they must be inside. I walked up onto the porch to ring their bell and stopped dead in my tracks.

A very beautiful, very naked woman was sunbathing on the porch, and from the looks of her, she had to be the girls’ mother. Absolutely fucking stunning. Long before the term MILF was coined, the concept existed and she was the embodiment of it.

“Oh, excuse me,” managed to escape my lips before I could just quietly back away and escape. She came up onto her elbows and lifted her sunglasses to look at me while I froze. Then she smiled and I started to melt. And tent my shorts.

“Hi!” she greeted me. “You must be Mark.” I nodded, trying very hard to look at her face.

“The kids took the boat down to town to gas it up,” she went on. “They’ll be back pretty soon. You’re welcome to wait, if you want.”

“Um… uh, thanks, Mrs. Terney,” I told her. “I, uh… I think I’ll just go and wait back by the boathouse.”

“Whatever you’d like,” she smiled and looked pointedly at my crotch. She didn’t say anything. She just gave me a leer for the ages. I turned to leave and ran into a naked god. Well, man, actually, but he was incredibly handsome. I suddenly had no illusions about where the girls got their looks.

“You must be Mark,” he told me as he put out his hand. I took it out of reflex.

“Uh, yes, sir,” I nodded. This was the father of the girls I was fucking and despite Marsha’s comments, I wasn’t at all sure he’d be happy about it.

“That your MB out there?” he asked, nodding towards my Jeep.

“Uh, yes, sir,” I answered. He still hadn’t let go of my hand. “My grandfather got it after the war. Dropped from a plane one too many times and put back together by a guy down in Two Rivers.”

“Come on with me,” he told me, dropping my hand but putting his arm around my shoulder. “I want to show you something.”

He’s going to show me where he buries the bodies, I was thinking as we walked around the corner of the guest house. Christ, I am so fucked…

It was more than a little strange having a naked man with his arm around me, guiding me around the back of the house. I realized as soon as we turned the corner that he was taking me to the garage. There was a horse trailer next to it and I could see a temporary corral beyond it. He let go of me to open the garage door and I edged away a little, but I have to admit, my curiosity was getting the better of me. What he showed me was a CJ3A in pristine condition.

“Couldn’t get my hands on an MB that wasn’t a major rebuild project,” he told me. “By the way, I’m Don, and that was my wife Natalie on the porch.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Terney,” I told him as I looked at his Jeep. “I kind of figured out who you were.”

“Marsha and Kate have told us a lot about you,” he commented as my eyes were drawn to a tarp-covered motorcycle. I must have visually cringed at that because he went on, “and don’t worry about any of it. You’re good.” I breathed a premature sigh of relief right before he added, “and feel free to lose the clothes around here. You may have noticed, we’re pretty much nudists.”

Fear of the man had made me lose the hard-on. Thoughts about his daughters, naked, were bringing it back.

“Mind if I come down and look at your Jeep?” he asked, turning to leave.

“Uh, sir?” I ventured. I mean, I was still upright and breathing, so I let go of the idea of reaching room temperature sometime soon.

“Yes?” He paused, turning back towards me.

“Um… if I can ask… what’s under the tarp?” He broke out into a huge grin.

“One of my pet projects, still in the restoration phase,” he told me, walking over to the bike and pulling off the tarp. “1940 Indian Four. Technically, Indian Model 440.” I just about shit.

“How do you even find parts for something like this?” I asked, completely flummoxed.

“It ain’t easy, son,” he told me. “If I ever get her done, you can take her for a spin.”

“Sir, I’d be afraid to even breathe on her,” I told him and meant it. “That’s like, a $10,000 bike, or better.” Remember, this was back in ’71. He smiled and threw the tarp back over her.

“Let’s go look at your ride,” he smiled, and we headed out. I guess I was getting used to walking around with a naked man. I was not used to seeing his naked wife standing up on the porch as we came around the corner. Nor her walking up to me with a smile and a tall glass of cold lemonade.

“Before Don spirits you away,” she told me, “I thought you might like some lemonade.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Terney,” I told her, taking the glass and a deep pull off of it, mostly to give me something to look at that wasn’t her amazing tits and pussy. It was too late for my cock, though. He decided to come roaring back, making his presence known through the tent in my shorts. Despite the offer to join them sans clothes, I decided that I wouldn’t… because I’d be hugely embarrassed to confirm that this man’s wife was turning me on, big time.