Let’s face it. Every college professor knows that the fastest way to get escorted off campus for good is to have sexual relations with one of your students, undergraduate or graduate. That isn’t saying that a professor can’t have sex with a student, just not one that he has in his class, or who works for him. This is one of the biggest no no’s that every faculty member who values his or her job has to keep in the forefront of their mind. As a faculty member at a Midwestern university well known for its partying, it’s not all that unusual to have a student make requests to “improve” their grade by means other than diligent intellectual effort. As a general rule they always get the same answer, unless they plan on sleeping with every boss they’ll ever have, they might as well get used to being evaluated on their intellectual performance rather than their bedroom performance. This rarely sits well with the student desperate to pass after not putting in the needed effort, but it does keep one out of trouble.

Not all students that come by for special assistance are doing so because they are struggling in class or even need any kind of additional help with their grades or assignments. Sometimes, for reasons I have never quite understood, some young ladies are just attracted to older men, or to particular older men. These students are always the most difficult to deal with because they are easily hurt, and hurt students often do things to hurt those they perceive as having wronged them. More than one faculty member has been accused of things that never happened, by a student who wanted things to happen that didn’t.

It was obvious to me after only a few weeks in my class that Sara was one of these students. Extremely bright, excellent work ethic, always on time for class and always on time with her assignments. Those are traits I like to see in all students, but where I grow concerned is when the office visits start becoming extremely frequent. Requests for help in homework problems that she clearly understands, stopping by to drop off “innocent” little gifts, like a piece of chocolate or a funny cartoon found in the paper, all these add up to a young lady clearly infatuated with a professor who is more than twice her age.

I’ve always tried hard to learn something about as many of my hundred plus students as I could, but reality often rears its ugly head. I learn maybe twenty of my class, those that sit in the front and are extremely attentive, and those who sit in the very back and think they are trying to slide by without being noticed. Sara definitely fit the first of those two groups. She sat in the front of the class, always attentive, never doing anything provocative or overt. It was almost like she was concerned about keeping her feelings for me from everyone else.

By mid semester she was stopping by twice most days, sometimes just to wave hello in my door and other times to stop and sit for a “chat” for a few minutes. I had tried to gently push her away, letting her know that I appreciated her studiousness in class, but that she should probably find other things to occupy her time than frequently visiting my office. Her response was that it was “not out of the way” and she just enjoyed poking her head in to see me. All in all she tried to make it seem very innocent, but I could tell by the slightly more revealing dress she wore almost every lecture that it was growing quickly out of control. Her clothing had gone from conservative, to revealing to downright slutty at times. I was going to have to do something, and soon!

Dr Hanna, as her students called her, because they frequently stumbled on the Chinese pronunciation of her last name, was a relatively new addition to our department. This was only her third year, which didn’t make her an ideal choice to take this kind of a problem to, but I knew that she also had Sara in her class. She was also one of the faculty advisors for the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, of which I was reasonably sure Sara was a member. Between the two sets of interactions with Sara I thought she might already have some rapport with the young lady.

“Hanna!” I said pleasantly as I stepped into her office. She looked up at me with her large dark brown eyes, which always seemed to accentuate softness of her facial features.

“Gregory? What can I do for you today?” She asked pleasantly, pushing back from her desk and leaning back in her office chair as I stepped around her desk to settle in a chair she kept for students to use.

“I have a bit of a problem with which I’m hoping you might be able to help.” I said quietly, trying not to stare at the short hemline of her gray skirt that had ridden up her thighs. My mind suddenly wondered if I were still standing in front of her desk, instead of sitting beside it, if the very short skirt had ridden up far enough to expose her underwear. For that matter I suddenly wondered just exactly what kind she wore, being single and half my age and all. My mind wondered if she wore some form of small thong panty or something more… demure. I pushed away the thoughts and finally responded to the reply she had long since formed.

“Um, you have Sara Deshel in your class, don’t you?” I asked, dragging my eyes from her creamy thighs up her body toward her face, pausing briefly on the cleavage displayed by the several open buttons on her gray silk blouse. It had always interested me just how large her breasts were, compared to most women of oriental descent, easily a full D cup or more. Damn what had she just said?

“I’m sorry,” I said, finally dragging my eyes up to her face.

“I said, yes I do, is there a problem?”

“Well, in a way. I know you’ve only been teaching a few semesters, but you do seem to do a lot with the Zeta sorority, so I thought you might be able to help with the young lady.”

“Oh? You want me to set you up on a date?” She asked, the corners of her lips turned up in a smile, the corners of her eyes crinkling slightly around their upturned outer points.

“Huh?” I asked stunned. “No, no. Just the opposite.” I added as she laughed quietly.

“I know. It’s fine. Yes, Sara is one of mine. In fact, she’s been in my office on a number of occasions oozing what I can only characterize as a rather intense desire to get into your pants.”

“Say WHAT?”

“Oh not in so many words. But it’s clear when she talks about you, which is surprisingly frequently, that she has much more than a passing interest in how you look, how you sound, how you move. Should I go on?”

“Not really!!” I said emphatically. To say the turn the conversation had made was uncomfortable would be an understatement.

“Oh, that’s a shame. I thought maybe you’d enjoy hearing that she thinks you have a really cute butt, she likes the little bit of gray in your hair and oh yes, she fantasizes about just exactly how big that bulge in your pants would be if she could get it out.” Hanna said with a devious little grin.

“Oh lord.” I groaned, thinking that this couldn’t really get too much worse.

“I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing either.” Hanna added with a sigh.

“See what?” I practically snapped.

“What’s making that.” She said, nodding almost imperceptibly toward my lap where her eyes were currently glued.


“The bulge in your pants. It is pretty large, isn’t it?” Hanna asked with a smirk on her face. “To be honest, Sara hasn’t made any secret of her desire to get to see you around the sorority. I know of at least half a dozen girls that have scoped you out. Personally I think I’d be flattered that I could still have that kind of impact on young ladies at your age.”

“Seriously? I’m fifty one! What the hell would a twenty something see in me?”

“I’m a twenty something.” She answered with the smirk still pasted on her face. “I hear older men are more experienced and can really treat you to some fantastic sex. I’ve always wondered if it were true. Might be interesting to find out.”

“Good lord Hanna! You’re not helping!” I practically squeaked, feeling the heat in my face from my obvious embarrassment.

“Oh goodness, you should see yourself. I can’t think of the last time I was with a man that embarrassed that still had his pants on!” Hanna said laughing.

“So you’re just pulling my leg then? She really isn’t going around talking about my butt and crotch?” I said feeling some relief.

“Oh she most definitely is. I just think it’s funny that you are so embarrassed by it. You’re a good looking man. Good shape, no pot belly, well mannered, obviously sensitive. No, I can see why a younger woman might want to sample your wares, especially when you’re turned on. You do have a pretty prodigious bulge in your slacks. I don’t suppose you’d want to just whip it out and let me see, would you?”

I sat for several seconds taking in her comments, more stunned than anything else. I didn’t know whether to believe her or if she was just joking rather crudely. “I don’t suppose you’d like to just pull your skirt up and your panties down and let me see you, would you?”

She looked at me for several long seconds. “Maybe.” She finally answered, the little grin coming back to her face. “At least I might if I were wearing any.” She said as she swiveled her chair around to face me, her knees pointing almost directly toward me and slightly apart.

“Oh lord.” I said in frustration, getting up and walking from her office before the conversation could deteriorate any further and before I could let myself look up under the hem of her skirt, a view I suddenly realized she intended me to have. Now instead of having a single student apparently panting after me, I had one of my colleagues teasing me along those same lines.

I walked into my own office and plopped down hard in my chair and rolled back under the desk to start working at my computer again. It took at least half an hour for me to get my mind off her legs and back to the tasks at hand.

“Gregory,” Hanna said quietly as she walked into my office, drawing my attention up from the computer screen to where she stood.

“Oh, Hanna,” I said, sitting back in my chair slightly. “I’m sorry about before. I just thought…” I was saying when she interrupted me.

“Gregory… Greg.” She said as she stepped around the side of my desk and sat on the corner, one leg resting on the desk pointed generally toward me, the other stiff and straight, propped against the floor to keep her from sliding off the small corner she had chosen. Her hands moved to her knee and rested there as she looked down at me. “I’m sorry I embarrassed you. I wouldn’t have thought you were the embarrassable type.”

“Just caught me off guard, that’s all. I thought maybe you could help me with Sara.”

“I’m quite sure I can, at least to some extent.” She said, her fingers gently stroking her own knee. “You know, I wasn’t just teasing earlier.”

“Teasing? Which part? That you wanted me to whip it out for you or that you weren’t wearing any underwear?” I asked with a frown.

“Fascinating that you should focus on those two particular statements. But since you’ve chosen them, let’s go ahead and stick with em. How about the second first? Would you be interested to find out just exactly what kind of underwear I DO have on? Or was it an idle curiosity?”

“Huh? I don’t recall asking anything about your underwear,” I answered a bit confused.

“Oh you didn’t ask, at least not in words. But I could see where your eyes were when you came into my office. They lingered a very very long time on my legs and on the hem of my skirt. In fact they stared there even longer than at my boobs.”

“I wasn’t staring at your boobs!” I protested.

She lifted one hand from her knee and reached up to the middle of her blouse, toying with the top buttoned button on the gray material, one several buttons down from the neckline, right between her breasts. “Really? I could have sworn you were staring at my breasts.” She said in a slightly deeper tone, her fingers teasing the button out of its hole before sliding down to the next button down and teasing that one out of its hole as well. “I’m surprised. I’d pegged you as a tit man.” She continued as she flicked that second button out of its hole and moved down to a third. “I personally think my breasts look pretty darn good.” She flicked the third button open and slid down to the fourth, the last one above the waistband of her skirt and began teasing it as well. She grinned a little as she flicked that last button out of its hole, and moved her other hand up to the gaping blouse.

“Hanna, I don’t think…” I said, stopping in mid-sentence as she spread the front of her blouse apart exposing her bare skin from her navel all the way to her neck, her large breasts encased in a sheer tan bra that allowed me to see practically all of her, including her round puckered areola and her rigid nipples. She slid her hands up to her bra and squeezed her breasts together, letting her thumbs tease back and forth across her nipples.

“I see that you really are a breast man.” She said with a giggle. “At least it seems so by looking at that.”

“Huh? What?” I finally said, shaking my head slightly to get my brain back from where it was after staring at her practically bare tits.

She nodded and looked toward my lap as she pulled the blouse closed over her breasts. I looked down and could see that my pants were bulging seriously as my cock tried unsuccessfully to grow further but was trapped, partially bent inside my briefs.

“Oh damn!” I grunted, quickly covering the bulge with my hands.

She slid forward on the desk, the hem of her skirt hiking up her thighs farther as she moved closer to me. I couldn’t help but stare as the skirt slipped up as high on her thighs as it could, exposing a triangle of creamy skin at the juncture of her legs. With that slightly crooked grin she seemed to sport so very often she spread her legs apart further as she bent over, leaning toward me and reaching a hand out for mine. “Why don’t you let me help you with that?” She cooed softly as she pushed my hands away and reached for my belt, my eyes staring at her completely shaved pussy now visible barely more than a foot in front of me. I’m still not sure why, probably just stunned shock I suppose, but I didn’t lift a finger to stop her as she undid my belt, the button of my pants and then slid the zipper down.

“Ohhhhh now this is nice.” She practically whispered as she pulled the elastic waistband of my briefs away from my skin and reached down in, grasping her petite hand around my cock and gently drew it up and out until at least two thirds of it stuck out the top of my briefs. “Oh yes. Very nice! I can see why the girls are interested.” She said in a husky voice as she gently stroked my still growing member.

“I think we should…” I started to say, thinking that this was a rather dangerous position to be in, closed office door or not.

“Yes I agree. I think we should definitely fuck.” She said stepping closer and standing a bit more upright. She pushed the waistband of my briefs down as far as she could as she lifted her right leg over the left arm of my office chair. She let her weight rest partially on the arm as she pointed my cock at her pussy, partially covered again by her very short skirt. I could feel, more than see, her rub my engorged head between her lips, drawing moisture from her own pussy to lubricate my head, her incredibly soft wet lips teasing the tip of my head enticingly. She worked me deeper between her fat round shaved lips until I could feel my head bouncing across the entrance to her tunnel, my head trying to press up into her of its own volition. She reached the hand that had been holding my cock for the back of my chair and slid her body closer to me, resting both legs on the arms of my chair, my cock head still nestled into the entrance to her depths. As she lowered her weight down onto me I could feel my head press up into her, her tight tunnel resisting its advance until my mushroom head suddenly slipped up into her. “Oh my god, yes.” We moaned softly in unison as she let even more of her weight down, pressing herself farther down my shaft.

She let me slide up into her until my unlubricated shaft grabbed at her lips. Stopping and staring down at my eyes she started to slowly lift and lower herself on my lap, working me deeper into her tight tunnel with each new stroke. “Ohhhh god damn.” She moaned when my engorged head pressed against her cervix, unable to take any more of my length inside. “So fucking big inside me.”

At that point I was beyond caring who walked in or why. I reached up and spread her blouse, tugging the delicate cups of her sheer bra down to free both her large soft breasts. I wrapped my hands around as much of them as I could and aimed one of her rigid nipples at my mouth as her arched her back in to push them closer to my face. Sucking it quickly into my mouth I swirled my tongue around the rigid nipple as she rode slowly up and down my shaft, her legs using the arms of my chair as levers and her hands holding the back of the chair behind my head for balance.

“Ohhh my god. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m really fucking you in your office.” She moaned softly as she continued to stroke up and down my shaft, my head banging into her cervix with each stroke. Her soft tunnel caressed my cock and sent warm tingles flowing though my body as her pace sped up with each passing minute. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, I hadn’t had any sex in quite a few months and the teasing she had done in her office had already primed the pump so to speak.

Unable to hold back much longer, I grunted a warning to her, “I’m gonna come!” immediately going back to sucking and nibbling her left nipple.

“Uh huh. Me too.” She panted, as my cockhead slammed into her cervix over and over again.

“UHHHHHHH!” I groaned as my body suddenly convulsed, jamming my cock hard up into her and pushing a hot gush of cum out into her pussy!

“OH SHIT!” she squeaked loudly as her own body began to tremble, her strokes suddenly erratic and uncoordinated, her pussy clamping and spasming around my surging cock. “Ohhhhh god I’m coooooominnnng!” she breathed softly as she let her body rest on me, my cock spurting shot after shot of cum up into her pulsating pussy.

I released her tit from my mouth, continuing to hold them both as I leaned back to catch my breath. She slowly leaned toward me, her forehead lowering until it rested on mine. “Oh my god I don’t believe I just did that.” She whispered.

“I can’t believe we just did that either. Damn.” I agreed.

“I suppose I should get off, huh?”

“Well, the door isn’t locked. Hell anyone could walk in and see you sitting on my lap like this.”

“Not to mention my tits hanging out.” She said with a giggle, reaching to tuck her breasts back into the sheer bra as I let go of them. “Damn. I suppose you’d get a really big head if I told you I’ve occasionally fantasized about doing this, wouldn’t you?”

“No, but it would beg the question of why? I mean I haven’t done anything that I can think of that would have encouraged it, have I?” I asked thinking back over my interactions with her over the last three years.

“You mean besides staring at my legs and my boobs when you come into my office? Not a thing.”

I blushed a bit before responding, “I didn’t know it was that obvious.”

“It is, but then the bulge in your pants after you do is pretty obvious too. Now I need to find something to stem the flow here.” She said, twisting around on my lap and looking around on my desk and side table. I keep a roll of paper towels on my desk for napkins when I eat so I reached for the roll and ripped several off and handed them to her. “Ohhh lord that’s a lot of cum!” she giggled as she lifted off of me and slipped the folded paper towels between us to catch the flood that was uncorked when she stood up. She hiked her skirt to her waist, bending slightly to look down at herself as she held the paper towels to her pussy to catch the flow, and in the process gave me a fantastic view of her completely shaved pussy and mound.