Movement behind my property caught my attention; a youthful looking woman was walking her dog. Her dancing gait and arm movements were reminiscent of Julie Andrews singing the “Sound of Music” opening. Her athletic exuberance captivated me.

I spend considerable lengths of time in my backyard more than two hundred days every year, yet in the several years I’ve owned this house, I’ve never before seen anyone in the area behind it. Despite a back gate, I’ve ventured beyond my fence on just two occasions only to find little of interest. A retention pond sets between the edge of our residential properties and dense vegetation on undeveloped land beyond. A six-foot high flood-berm protecting residents from the pond provides a path of sorts but without connections to other trails or any signs of use.

During my two brief excursions, I failed to notice the vantage point into my yard the berm’s elevation afforded being located less than ten yards beyond my property. The dog walker enlightened me about that. Since I could see down to her knees, I immediately surmised she could see all of me over the seven-foot privacy fence that surrounds my backyard and swimming pool. Because of presumed privacy and my propensity for public nudity, I happened to be naked, reclined in a chaise lounge chair as she went by.

I watched to see if she would notice me lying motionless in full view. Deciding to leave the outcome to chance, I didn’t attempt to draw her attention with movement; she was nearly across the opening in the shrubbery anyway. A few steps from disappearing from my view, her head turned to look toward my yard. She seemed to hesitate then leap out of sight.

Moments later, I saw patches of her colorful clothing move behind the end shrub. I couldn’t see her face or head but I was certain she was peeking through the leaves. ‘Go ahead and take a good look, honey,’ I thought almost out loud. I enjoy women looking at my cock, especially when they show pleasant interest like this woman was doing. Her spying didn’t last long enough for my cock to stiffen because almost immediately, her dog wandered into view. The dog looked up as if called, then bounded back out of sight and the light clothing disappeared.

I waited at least thirty minutes for a possible return but she evidently left the berm a different way. After going inside to have lunch, I put on shorts and walking shoes to investigate the berm. I could see trampled grass where they had walked, especially where she lingered to spy, but I couldn’t tell where they got on or off the berm.

Turning to view my yard, I could see more than half of my pool surface. Undoubtedly, she had seen me on the pool deck at the far end. To the side, I could see the top half of the little hut that encloses the pool pump and swimmer conveniences. The lower half of someone using the outside shower would be hidden to someone on the berm. Now that I knew the sightlines of my exhibition stage, I hoped my voyeur friend would come around for another show.

* * * * *

When the woman walked her dog on the berm the next day, her actions proved she had noticed my naked presence the first time. I saw her dog first, drawing my attention before she stepped into the opening already looking toward my yard. Had she found my nudity to be repulsive or considered her vantage point an invasion of my privacy, she would either have avoided the berm altogether or kept her eyes averted. Instead, she slowly strolled across the opening, staring intently at my nakedness.

Her leisurely pace gave me time to note some of her physical qualities. She was slender and petite with short, blonde hair, giving her a youthful appearance. Unable to perceive finer details because of the distance, I didn’t recognize her as any neighbor I had seen before. I also reasoned she could tell little more than I was naked; well, maybe that I remove my pubic hair.

Several days passed before she appeared again but she added a twist to her routine; she stopped for a long look. Reclined and motionless, I may have appeared to be asleep. I was emboldened by her interest in my nudity with thoughts of initiating an encounter with her, bold enough to acknowledge my awareness of her presence; I waved to her. Visibly startled, she glanced side to side before meekly returning the wave, and then walked away with eyes averted.

That seemed to break the ice. She came almost daily to see me. I waited excitedly for her to appear, disappointed when she didn’t, regretful when I couldn’t be there for my role. Her waves of greeting became open and energetic, accompanied by a toothy smile. If she arrived while I was swimming, she would stay until I climbed out and stood by my chair facing her to dry off. After a number of visits, I could see her stop behind the bushes again as she as leaving, a practice I didn’t see the sense of.

As an exhibitionist, I reacted to the attention, of course. I could feel the heaviness build, my skin stretching. As long as my cock is when flaccid, I doubt she could see the difference from the berm, even the times full-fledged erections lifted off my belly. I often took care of my need for release immediately after she left. The routine was pleasant but I wanted to proceed to another level.

* * * * *

I was rinsing off under the outside shower after swimming. The afternoon had passed without my voyeur friend making an appearance. When I turned my back to the spray, I noticed her looking down from about fifty feet away. Despite knowing that she could not see below my chest, my cock tingled with excitement hanging free in her presence.

I waved and bellowed, “Hello!”

She waved back and chirped cheerily, “Hi there!”

Closer than ever before, she was still too far away to strike up a conversation but I decided to make the best of this opportunity. I gestured pointedly at the gate in my fence and she seemed to nod in acknowledgment so I walked toward the gate.

Determined to display my nudity, I intentionally swung the gate open wide. She stood there mouth agape, staring at my cock; one of her hands rose to cover her open mouth. She had come down almost to the bottom of the berm but had cautiously stopped about eight feet away. I stood silently, allowing her to take a long look.

She was wearing a white camisole under a floral-print blouse. Her white leggings were form fitting but not stretched tight the way some girls wear them. Her other hand at her side held a small black object and dangled a dog leash; her untethered yellow lab sat obediently beside her.

As if needing emphasis, she pointed at my cock. “You’re naked! Is this how you greet people?” Meanwhile, her eyes remained fixed on my organ.

At that moment, I realized the black object in her hand was mini-binoculars. Stopping in the bushes made sense now. She had taken extra measures to get closer looks. She probably had been eager for an up close look before I invited her down.

With tongue in cheek, I brought her intentions and my attitudes out in the open. “You expected me to be naked. I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

She looked up then, her eyes shiny with excitement. A blush colored her cheeks. Rather than admit or deny her interest, she sought answers to her curiosities. “Are you a nudist?”

I’m more of an exhibitionist, but accepting her label probably aligned with her expectations and provided an acceptable excuse for my nakedness. “I’m not hardcore because I practice mostly alone at home. Would you like to join me?”

“That is rather bold! Do you invite everyone to be naked with you?”

I chuckled softly. “I wasn’t inviting you to take off your clothes although you are welcome to at any time. I’m inviting you to come sit down, have something to drink, and have a friendly little talk.”

“I’ve never been naked outdoors and it doesn’t seem like something I could take up now. I must confess that you are the first naked man other than my husband that I have ever seen. I imagine I’ve lived a very conservative lifestyle compared to yours. What if I find your nakedness too big of a distraction?”

“I promise to cover up if my appearance becomes too hard on you.” I smiled broadly at my purposeful word play. She bit her lip to suppress her own smile, undoubtedly picking up on the double meaning.

Because she mentioned a husband, I looked her over. Although she had a trim figure, the conservative way she wore her clothing concealed any signs of aging. With a clear complexion and smooth skin even around her bright green eyes, I still believed she was no older than thirty. She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, suggesting she might be divorced; I’m careful about getting involved with married women.

She seemed still hesitant to accept my invitation so I decided to tone down the sexual content. “Perhaps you would be more at ease if we introduced ourselves. My name is Brett Saberman.”

“Thank you for that, Brett. I’m Anna Fessler and my dog is Greta.” Greta looked up at Anna and wagged her tail when she heard her name spoken. Without further ado, Anna started walking toward me. With her master’s first step, the dog trotted ahead to greet me first. Anna voiced a warning, “Watch out. She’s so friendly she might jump at you. Her nails may scratch … you in a bad place.”

I’d like to think I knew the word she decided not to speak, amused that my cock was still the focus of her thoughts. I wanted to work on this woman’s conservative ways, to get her to open up, speak her mind, and follow her impulses.

The dog never jumped on me because I bent over toward her approach. Greta sniffed my offered hand then pushed her nose under my hand before flipping it up as she pressed her flank against my knees. The dog’s behavior was indicating she liked to be petted which I did with both hands. I was using the petting as a visual distraction to hide the fact that my downcast eyes were actually watching Anna walk up.

Her slender legs were marvelous displays of toned thighs and calves as she walked with an athlete’s grace. Her bikini-style panty lines were visible across her twisting hips while her breasts were held motionless jutting out over her flat stomach. When she stopped two feet away, my lowered head was inches from her waist. Did she intend to be that close?

With hands at her waist, she stood with her legs slightly angled apart, enhancing her thigh gap. Her hips were tilted, thrusting her pubic mound forward. I found myself looking down at her beautifully sculpted sex showing just a hint of her Venus cleft. I wanted to see more of her body, my brain already imagining wild trysts with her perfect body riding my cock. My thoughts stirred my loins with anticipation.

I turned my head before straightening up, catching her leaning to see around my head and shoulders to get an unobstructed view of my cock. She was smiling. Perhaps she noticed my building excitement, if not the added length, certainly she saw the way the ridge flared out from my engorged glans. It was all I could do to prevent lift off.

I didn’t want to scare her off. Despite some obvious interest in seeing me naked, I sensed a moral uncertainty making her reluctant to get involved further. I enjoy seducing my partners with patience, slowly overcoming inhibitions over days and even weeks leading to an explosive culmination. Anna was a prize worthy of a careful approach.

I held my gate open and invited her into my yard. She asked if I wanted her dog on its leash but I told her Greta could have the run of my yard. As I turned my back to them to latch my gate, I heard Anna utter a sound of disgust. I turned back to see Greta hunched up, leaving a turd pile on a grassy patch next to the stone pathway.

Anna apologized profusely but I assured her it was just nature taking its course. Nonetheless, she untied a doggy poop bag from the dog leash and immediately cleaned up after her dog. When she bent over, she treated me to an intimate view of her sweet ass displayed before me. With her task completed, I directed her toward my lounge chairs, and then followed her, watching the fabulous undulating motion of her firm buttocks as she walked.

Did she know how sexy she was even in modest clothing? Did she know how easy she made it for me to study her body? Mentally, I threw cold water on my thoughts by cautioning myself about being disappointed if I learned she was unavailable. The hard part was ignoring her willingness to be with me while I was naked.

She elected to have sweet tea from the refreshments I offered. I took the baggie from her to drop in the trash when I went to fetch her drink, leaving her to settle into the lounge chair. As I prepared her iced tea, I looked out my kitchen window and noticed her taking a moment to adjust her clothes. First reaching inside her leggings to tug her panties, she carefully smoothed each clothing layer. I couldn’t tell if she was carefully avoiding a cameltoe or just being fastidious about how her clothing adorned her feminine features.

She turned her head when she heard my screen door bang closed. Carrying her drink and a beer for me in one hand and a bowl of water for her dog in the other, I could see her eyes zeroed in on my swinging cock slapping against my thighs as I walked. The sight evoked an audible laugh from her. “I never realized a man could have an issue with his penis moving while walking. Does it hurt?”

I handed her the sweet tea and responded as I stretched out in my chair beside her. “No, it’s not hitting my thighs that hard. Actually, like a lot of things when I’m naked, it’s a bit stimulating.”

“Stimulating? Do you mean sexually? What makes it stimulating?”

“Well, my cock is sensitive to touch like everyone’s is. So, yes, even touching against my own leg can be arousing but not intensely so. I mostly ignore the stimulation but the slapping is a constant reminder that my cock is uncovered.”

She blinked reflexively with a little head jerk when I used the word cock, visibly surprised to hear the term apparently, although she didn’t flinch at all when I said the word the second time. Sensitive to her reaction, I asked, “It appears that you didn’t like me using the word cock. I can call it my penis if that would make you more comfortable.”

“I’m sorry I reacted at all. It’s just that I seldom heard the word used so casually before, a sign of my really boring life.” She paused for a long look at my member. “I want to answer you this way. My husband had a penis; you have something more impressive. I have no qualms about referring to your cock by its rightful title.”

I noticed she said her husband had a penis, not has, and made a mental note. If she had a boring and conservative life up to now, she was coming out of her shell rather suddenly in my presence. She wasn’t done with the sexual topic either. “You said a lot of things arouse you when you’re naked. Do you care to educate a naïve woman?”

“I can feel the warmth of the sun, the tickle of a breeze, and the flow of water over it when I swim. But, those are all mild stimulations. What really turns me on is when a woman obviously enjoys looking directly at my cock; better yet, when she’s willing to talk about it.”

Amusement twinkled in her eyes; she seemed pleased to learn her mere presence had an effect on me. “You’re saying I’m turning you on by being here?” She turned her gaze and locked onto my cock lying flaccid down between my legs, as if she was trying to imagine my member erect. “I haven’t noticed any physical reaction. Besides, I thought nudist don’t get aroused from being naked.”

“Oh, I’ve come close to getting an erection twice today. On previous days, I actually developed full erections just from you looking at me long enough from the berm. My arousal is not from being naked but from your interest in my cock.”

“It sounds as though you are mostly an exhibitionist.”

“To be honest, yes I am.”

“Well, that is an astounding revelation! Here I thought I was a pervert because I enjoy seeing you naked. I justified looking because you seemed at ease with your nudity. Now I find out you have a perverted agenda to expose yourself to me.”

“I don’t dispute anything you said except I don’t agree that we are perverts because we find pleasure in displaying and observing the beauty of the human body in its natural state. If you can just let go of your puritan beliefs, you will find there is a lot more to enjoy in life living like I do.”

I intentionally implied that she might be naked with me someday, wanting to plant the idea in her head. Getting her naked might lead to fun things consenting adults often do but first I needed to determine her marital status, something that’s important to me if I want to get involved with a woman. I would get the answer without asking a direct question by engaging in small talk, offering details about myself to encourage similar responses from her.

When she inquired about my hard northern accent, I used the topic shift to lead a diversionary discussion. I mentioned that I moved from New York City about five years earlier, looking for a warm climate conducive to my lifestyle preferences. She then shared that she moved from Atlanta just months earlier but mentioned no other details about circumstances or reasons.

We talked at length about my experiences living in the Big Apple. She showed particular interest in cultural activities on Broadway that I attended. I learned she took singing, dancing, and ballet lessons as a child growing up with dreams of performing on a stage. In college, she studied the Arts while participating in competitive swimming and track events. Although she never saw her dreams fulfilled, she parlayed her interests into running her own dance school for children.

She was curious about my occupation since I never seemed to work, able to spend almost every afternoon swimming and relaxing. I gave her a simple explanation how smart and in some cases, lucky investments have allowed me to live comfortably without working a regular job. She was surprised that I effectively retired at thirty when I moved to the Miami area. Turning silent, she didn’t reciprocate with any details about her current occupation or means of support.

I initially read her reluctance to share more of her past as a sign of a recent divorce and an unsettled life that she didn’t want to explain. She proved me wrong immediately. She was so anxious to learn my personal information that she single-mindedly followed my answers with additional inquiries. When she finally did open up about her past, she surprised me with a background very different than I imagined.

“Forgive me if I’m being too forward. I think you live alone here. Have you ever had a companion live with you?”

“Not since I moved here. I had several live-in girlfriends in New York but most didn’t last because they didn’t understand me.”

She laughed sharply. “I bet! What girl can understand her man wanting to be naked around others?”

“Nude is how some people first meet me.” I saw her smile coyly when she recognized herself in that group. “Others get an early exposure. They all know what I’m about when they meet me. Knowing my activities didn’t bother those girlfriends until they moved in, then they wanted to change my behavior. There have been girls who enjoyed and participated in my exhibitionism. In fact, it was my girlfriend Mara who introduced me to being naked for her friends. My habits grew from that because I found it’s a special kind of excitement to be seen naked. Mara and I were together for several years.”