Grace stepped out of the car and stretched. She loved the restored Kombi her brother had given her for this trip, and it was a pretty smooth ride for its age. Not that she would have expected anything less from her brother and his mates, the car-obsessed asshats. They ensured her ride was fully serviced every three months. Admittedly, it was not just cars, anything with a motor got their attention, and if they could make it go faster, that was even better.

She walked into the mechanic’s workshop looking for a face she knew and frowned when a stranger with a grim expression noticed her and came toward her. She backed away, cursing her brother Teddy, who assured her only his club brothers would be there. She kept walking backwards through the wide roller door she had entered through as the stranger continued to close the distance, raising his voice and slowing his speech as if talking to an idiot.

“This is private property. You can’t just stroll in here. Accidents happen when people come into our workshop uninvited. What! Do! You! Want?” He shouted in single words until she turned and fled back toward the van.

She climbed into the van, locking herself in and staring the man down as he continued to shout at her. She had just started the engine, intent on calling her brother and telling him that his friends could come to find her for the parts when the shouting stopped. A guy she knew stepped into her line of sight, waving his arms and smiling widely.

“Grace, wait!” Beau yelled, trying to get her attention. “Sax didn’t know it was you. It’s all good, don’t leave. You came all this way to leave the gear here, so we didn’t blame Teddy for his fuck up. At least let us unload it before you go.”

“Beau, you tell that guy to fuck off, or I am gone,” Grace said, her eyes stinging with the residual panic coursing through her. Coming to the Pack House was such a bad idea. She had no idea how she let Teddy talk her into doing it by herself.

“He’s gone. You’re good,” Beau said, walking to her door and opening it. “I need the keys to open the back. You can stay there if you want. It’ll just take a minute, but I need those parts today, Gracie.”

“Whatever,” Grace mumbled and turned off the engine, handing over the keys. “Just get your shit so I can go.”

“You’re not driving back tonight, are you?” Eli asked as he came into view.

“No,” she shook her head but didn’t elaborate.

“Where are you staying?” he asked, frowning at her and wondering why the guys hadn’t said she would be staying with them tonight.

“Not with you idiots, that’s for sure,” Grace rolled her eyes. Then seeing Beau start back towards her as well, she added. “The band’s playing in Eversley. I’ll be perfectly safe without the big brother detail, thank you very much.”

“You got a room with the band?” Beau narrowed his eyes at her.

“No, I’m staying with a girlfriend, geez! Get your shit and let me go, or I will never help you dickheads out again,” she threatened, but it was ruined by the half-laugh she gave at their unimpressed expressions.

“At least, get out of the car and give me a hug,” Eli demanded. “You can stay five minutes and be social at least. It’s your first time at the Pack House. Take a minute to look around.”

“Yeah, tried that and didn’t feel welcome, so I’ll just be heading off as soon as Beau gets your shit out of the van,” she grimaced and looked toward the open roller door where the same guy was leaning back on the bonnet of a muscle car. Grace shivered involuntarily. Men like him, aggressive and intimidating, still freaked her out even so long after the attack.

She’d been sassy when she was younger, buoyed by the constant companionship of her foster brother and his friends. She had learned the hard way that on her own, her sassiness was not deemed cute or funny by everyone, and not all men appreciated a strong young woman who wouldn’t put up with their shit. She had learned her lesson well and had the scars to prove it, both physical and mental, but she had moved on. Mostly. Except from assholes like the one still staring at her now.

“You met Saxon?” Eli asked, following her gaze.

“Not exactly,” she said truthfully. “Look, Eli, I need to get going. I never planned to stay here longer than I needed to unload. I need to make it to Eversley by mid-afternoon, and I’ll be cutting it tight in this van,” she gave a half-laugh, but the truth was she loved it.

“Okay, Okay. Hug me, and I will help Beau with the last boxes,” he agreed.

“Hey! Not fair,” Grace complained as she stepped down from the van and found herself wrapped up in the arms of both of her brothers’ best friends, who squished her like a sandwich between them. A bike roared into the lot, skidding to a stop, and Grace found herself pulled out of Eli and Beau’s arms and into the big broad chest of Mitch, who swamped her with his sheer size as he pulled her from her feet. “Mitch! We talked about this! Put me down!” She drummed her fists on his broad chest.

“We also talked about eloping, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon either,” he rumbled from deep in his belly, his body shaking with mirth. “Alright, let’s go,” he said, placing Grace on her feet again and trying to guide her toward the packhouse.

“No. No. No. No. No!” Grace wriggled from his arms. “I need to be on the road again. I’m staying in Eversley for the weekend. Call me, and we’ll grab a drink or something, but I have people waiting for me who will worry if I am late.”

“You finally make it to the packhouse, and you’re not going to stay?” Mitch looked crestfallen.

“I can’t. I’m sorry,” Grace said and, finding herself back on the ground, went to get back in the van. “I will just wait here while you grab the last few boxes.”

“You’re good, to go,” Beau said a minute later as he purposely blocked the staring contest between Saxon and Grace. He leaned into her window and kissed her cheek. “Saxon’s a good guy,” Beau said reassuringly. “He just wasn’t expecting you. Women are a rarity here because we keep our partying down at the Fox Trap. So, he wouldn’t have hurt you,” he murmured. “Go, we’ll catch up with you tonight. We’ll come into Eversley for a drink like you said.”

“Thanks, Beau,” she smiled. “I’ll be better next time if there is one.” Then she put the car in drive and pulled out of the big spare parts junkyard and its attached mechanical and crash repair workshop. She knew it was their dream job. Each of the guys that dwelt there was a grease monkey and street racer from the age of fifteen or younger. She waved to the other two guys and accelerated onto the western highway headed for Eversley.


Saxon watched Grace from a distance. It had been a long time since any woman had gotten his attention, but this was different. She’d caught him off guard at the workshop earlier, and he had reacted as he would with any intruder, demanding to know who they were and what the hell they were doing in his shop. How was he supposed to know she was Teddy’s sister? He didn’t even know Teddy had a sister. He thought the guy was a lost boy like the rest of them, no family, no ties. The guys had each other, and their brotherhood was family enough for all of them. So, when he’d found out she had been a foster sister in one of the worst placements Teddy had endured, the phenomenon made more sense.

It irked him that the three guys who were there to meet her knew her well, yet he had never known of her existence. As he continued to watch from his dark corner near the bar, every touch and smile she gave those fuckers she was sitting with made him want to punch something, preferably them. But, instead, he growled low in his chest as Mitch pulled her onto his lap for the second time that night making her laugh as she fought her way free. Wasn’t there a Bro code where you couldn’t date your mate’s sister? He would need to talk to Teddy about that.

Signalling to the barman for another drink, he took the now vacant stool at the end of the bar allowing the dim light to show his features rather than remaining a shadow. The bar was crowded now, and the chances of his being noticed by his brotherhood were slim, but he kept his line of vision on the girl he had met earlier today. The memory of her fear and quick retreat had kept him in a state of semi arousal that he had needed more than one shower for relief in the last few hours.

He’d never been to this place before, and he found it surprising that he liked the atmosphere of the bar and its country band that kept the place thumping with boot-stomping noise. He focused on the singer who was speaking now and motioning to the table where Grace sat, causing woofs and catcalls to come from the crowd. He wished he had paid better attention to what the singer was saying because suddenly, Grace stood and approached the stage. Paying particular attention now, he moved away from the bar again to his spot in the shadows close to a small rear speaker so he could hear exactly what was being said. If this guy was her boyfriend, then he would walk away. Or at least he would try to walk away.

Sure, it had been a long time since a girl had interested him on any level. He barely acknowledged the women who came to party at the Fox Trap, even if he was fucking them. He didn’t need to see faces or know names; they had their purpose and fulfilled their role. However, this girl was different. He could tell from their first moments together when she had run from him. She was delicious, and he wanted to know her more than anyone would believe possible.

“When I met this young lady, courtesy of her older brother, Teddy, we immediately got into an argument over music,” the lead singer of the band was saying. “While Mellencamp’s ‘Hurt So Good’ will always rank highly in our playlist, the band and I learned to play a different song with the same name because the Amazing Grace promised that every time she came to see us play, she would sing it with us and we have been holding her to that promise ever since,” he explained smugly as Grace lowered her head blushing and turned back towards the drummer. “So here is, Hurt So Good the Luminites version of an old Millie Jackson song.”

“Let’s do this. Play me in, please, Mike,” she smirked. Then the music surrounded her, and she let herself get lost in the halo of light that shone on her at that moment.

“First, you take my heart; In the palm of your hands; And you squeeze it tight. Then you take my mind; And play with it all night. You take my pride, and you; throw it up against the wall. You take me in your arms, baby; And bounce me like a rubber ball,” Grace sang in a sweet voice that seemed to reach into Saxon and wrap around his stomach, tying it in a knot. It was as if she was singing directly to his soul as if she knew the darkness there, and he stood mesmerised by her performance. “I’m not complaining. What you’re doing, you see; Cause this hurting feeling; Is, ooh, so good to me. Don’t you know that it; Hurts so good! Don’t you know that it; Hurts so good!”

He knew the other band members were singing background vocals, and the music surrounded her voice, but his focus was such that she was the only thing he took in. That was until a stupid fucker stepped into his line of sight and started to talk.

“Sax, I don’t see you out much. The Fox Trap not doing it for you anymore? Looking for fresh young pussy to add to your stable?” Joey asked with a leer surveying the bar crowd, primarily young women out for a good time, preferably with the band.

“Fuck, Joey. What do you want?” Saxon growled. This girl had him so entranced he had let his guard down and allowed a known worm to get close. His interest in her was not healthy for him or his Pack. He had to end this shit now before it went any further. His eyes strayed back to the stage and wondered what lies he would have to tell himself to follow through on that.

“Nothing, nothing. Just saw you skulking in the corner and thought I’d say hello. You know, pay my respects to the king of Hearts,” he said in such an obsequious way that Saxon felt dirty even standing this close to the weaselly man. Saxon would have knocked his lights out already if they were anywhere else. Now he would have to come up with a feasible excuse for being here rather than have this guy spreading rumours that might hit too close to home to people he would rather know as little as possible about his business.

“I got a girl to ride home. Be seeing you, Joey,” he stepped toward a girl who had been moving closer and closer to him all night and making sure he knew she was available. “Let’s go,” he said once within her earshot, and she immediately stepped to his side and followed him from the bar. The only thing the girl had going for her was a similar colour and length of hair as Grace. The rest he could block out.

“My name’s Emma,” the girl said once they were outside the building. The fresh air hit her hard, and she staggered a little as she tried to keep up with his long-legged gait. She hadn’t realised how warm it was in the club, and the cool air made her head spin. She looked to her left, catching sight of Saxon as he turned into the alleyway. She followed him, slipping into the darkness.

Saxon leaned against a doorway, halfway down the dark laneway between buildings. There were no lights on, no chance of anyone seeing them. Saxon scrutinised Emma as she approached him. He could see her breasts heaving as she breathed deeply, her nerves getting the better of her now that they were alone. He had a reputation mostly unexaggerated, and he made no apologies for it. He was who he was, and it was apparent this girl knew who she had tried to seduce tonight.

“You know who I am?” he asked in a growl. Grateful that Emma only nodded, and he didn’t have to hear the voice that was all wrong. It was bad enough that she had forced her name onto him. “You want to be a fox, is that it? Hoping for an audition and invitation to the Trap?”

He leaned forward as if to kiss her, but when his lips were barely a centimetre away, he wrapped his hand tightly around her throat, and it was like a jolt of electricity running through her. She smiled and pushed against his hand, pressing her lips to his, showing that she knew exactly what she was asking from him. But, instead of returning the kiss, he remained rigid, letting her do all the work. Then she felt him slide his hands up under the edge of her top onto her bare skin and up further to her breast. She gasped and bit his lip lightly, pushing the kiss by opening her mouth to whimper into his when he pinched her nipple hard. Finally, Emma reached down to cup and squeeze the now noticeable bulge in Saxon’s jeans, making him groan. This bitch was a freak, and he would show her what it meant to be a fox at the Trap.

Emma pulled the zip of his jeans down, slipping her hand in to release his throbbing cock. She knelt in front of him, grasping the base of his cock in her hand. She held him firmly, running her hand up and down his shaft. Then, spurred on by the mix of alcohol and her excitement, she touched her tongue to the tip of his cock. Emma slid the round head of his cock into her mouth, savouring the taste of him.

Saxon groaned, reaching back to the wall behind him to steady himself. If he put his hands on her now, he could choke the little masochistic bitch without even realising it. There was no fear or fight in her, and he felt his ardour waning while she sucked him with a half-assed attitude.

Emma loved giving head. She loved the sensation of a thick, warm cock pushing into her cheek. She slid Saxon’s cock deep into her mouth until he was brushing against the back of her throat, hoping he would push for more and force her to take all of him.

Saxon groaned again, and unable to help himself put his hand on the back of Emma’s head to encourage her to deep throat him. Emma moaned, vibrating his cock slightly, bringing him closer to the edge. Emma felt him swell as he came closer to shooting his load. Rubbing the base of his wet shaft with one hand, Emma continued to deep throat him.

“Fuck!” Saxon growled on a long exhale. Emma kept up her pace as she felt his balls contract, shooting his load into the back of her throat. Emma moaned, swallowing his thick, salty cum as if she were starving. Then she licked his cock clean before Saxon pulled her to her feet, biting her neck roughly as he grabbed at her breasts through her top.

“Now we fuck,” Saxon growled, making Emma’s pulse race. He quickly unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them down roughly with her damp panties. He could smell the musky aroma of her arousal.

Saxon spun Emma around, so her back was facing him. Better with the hair and slim curves, he could fool himself into believing it was the girl who had haunted his mind all afternoon and night. He tugged her hips towards him, using one hand to bend her over the pile of crates stacked against the wall. He watched as she put her hands on the boxes to steady herself, parting her legs slightly to give him better access. Saxon paused a second to run his hands over her firm ass and slap it firmly several times, hoping to hear her cry out, but she only moaned deeply. Then he reached between her legs to part her moist lips with his fingers. Then, with one hand on her hip for balance, he used his other to guide his cock inside her.

Emma groaned as he entered her from behind. She loved rough sex. She pushed her hips back, coaxing him to go deeper and moaned in painful pleasure as he took her without any concern for her satisfaction as he searched for his own.

He held her hips with his fingers bruising her flesh, and buried himself as deep as he could go with each initially thrust. Then, he started riding her from behind, slowly building up momentum. Saxon completely lost himself in her wetness, sliding in and out so easily and imagining it was the girl he couldn’t stop thinking about but couldn’t have. He closed his eyes, imagining her cries of painful pleasure. But they would be loud and satisfying, unlike the stupid cunt in front of him.

“Fuck me!” Emma commanded, startling him. “Fuck me hard!” Saxon quickened his pace and used force to enter her. Emma groaned, “Harder!”

Saxon dug his fingers deeper into her hips, knowing he would leave bruises for tomorrow. Then he ploughed into her harder and faster! He reached around to touch her clitoris, only to find Emma’s hand already there, working it furiously. The bitch was made to be a club whore. He doubted any single man could satisfy her alone. He added his fingers to Emma’s wet ones, circling her clit rapidly while still fucking her from behind. Finally, he slid his fingers from her clit up to her mouth. Emma started sucking her juices from his fingers greedily. Saxon slid his hand down to maul her breasts.

“I want you to cum inside me!” Emma groaned.

“No fucking way!” he sneered as he withdrew from her and, grabbing her hair, turned her pushing her to her knees so he could cum all over her face. Stupid bitch was far too eager, and he wasn’t stupid enough to become her baby daddy like this. Emma began to clean his cock off once more.

“You’re not going to find me or any of my brothers stupid enough to take the blame for whoever knocked you up, and a quick paternity test would sort it out in the long run,” he shook his head. “Stay away from my boys, and if you find a man stupid enough to come inside you unprotected, don’t give yourself away by being so eager to have him come in that gre

edy little snatch of yours.”