Scott Sheldon didn’t think he was actually falling in love, but he was definitely in lust.

He was 32, had gotten divorced seven months ago, and was happy to be away from his hateful wife, who became a completely different person once they’d gotten married. She went from sweet and sexy to bitchy and frigid almost overnight, and he still wasn’t sure how he lasted six rocky years with her.

But she wasn’t his problem now (except for the monthly payments); his next-door neighbor was.

The O’Connor family had lived next door since Scott and his wife had moved in right after they were married. At the time, the neighbors’ daughter, Dani, was 12 and cute as a button, with curly red hair and a bright smile.

But now she was a senior in high school, and she had become a budding superstar in the looks department. He had tracked her development through the years and she was now so hot – in an understated way – that he had a hard time concentrating when she was around.

Scott wouldn’t say he was obsessed with Dani, but he would admit that there were many nights, especially lately, when it was hard to get to sleep without taking care of his throbbing dick first. And most of the time, while he was stroking himself, he imagined what it would be like to hop into the sack with Dani.

He had kept himself in good shape, partly because he had a home gym he frequently used, and mostly because the landscaping company he worked for kept him active.

Scott hadn’t really returned to the dating scene yet because he wasn’t ready mentally, plus he couldn’t keep thoughts or visions of Dani out of his head. Something was going to have to happen.


Dani O’Connor had never known what love is, but she was starting to understand the vibes her young body was giving her.

She had led a fairly sheltered life so far. Her parents were basically workaholics, trying to build their business, a financial consulting firm a 30-minute commute away that required them to take frequent overnight trips.

As she had grown up, she had been watched by a nearby aunt when her parents were away, and her aunt had been even stricter than her parents.

As a result, Dani had always been a really good student, had worn conservative clothes and hadn’t done much on the social scene. She had developed very few close friends, and spent most of her free time doing homework, reading and playing in her back yard.

Probably the best thing her parents had done for her was agree to put in a backyard pool three years ago.

But several things had changed over the last year. For one, her aunt had died. Her parents decided that she was old enough, and they trusted her enough, to allow her to be alone after school, and even some of the times they needed to be out of town.

For another, Dani noticed that she was becoming more popular at school. She had a new BFF, Trina, and she noticed that quite a few boys were being much friendlier to her. As a result, she had started dressing a little less conservatively and she liked the results.

She had even been on a few dates after her parents reluctantly gave in to the idea, and she had allowed those boys to get to maybe second base – one even almost got to third base – before she had urged them to stop.

So Dani had experienced having her breasts roughly caressed, and a finger had been in her pussy, and she had felt a penis with her hand, but there was something holding her back from trying more.

That something was Scott, the O’Connor’s dreamy next-door neighbor. Dani had had a crush on Scott almost since the day he moved in with his bitchy wife, and as she had gotten older, that crush had never gone away. In fact, as her body developed and she became more in tune with it, those feelings for Scott had intensified.

So here she was, her 18th birthday one week in her rear view mirror, with a small pool party planned for Saturday night, when her parents would be attending yet another conference.

And all she could think about was Scott, and what would it feel like if she could figure out how to get him interested in her enough that he could be her first.


On Monday, Scott arrived home from work, took a shower and wandered out to his back deck to have a beer. He heard music playing next door, so he thought maybe Dani was out in the pool area. With that in mind, he went back inside and upstairs to the back bedroom. He picked up his binoculars and went to the window, hoping for a good view of his young neighbor.

What he got was much more than he’d planned for. Dani was walking up the steps of the pool and she was wearing a very tiny and very wet yellow-striped bikini that left little to the imagination. He had never seen her wear anything other than a one-piece suit before, so this was quite a step.

Scott immediately started growing a chub as he looked over her light and freckled skin. Dani had to be at least 5-foot-8, so she was equipped with a set of nice, long legs. That led to a spectacular butt that had just the right amount of baby fat to give her cheeks the impression they were ready to burst out of her suit’s bottom.

She had pulled her long auburn hair back over her shoulder as she turned toward him, heading for a chaise lounge. That gave him a perfect view of her front.

His eyes were drawn to her chest, where she was displaying – maybe for the first time he could remember – some serious cleavage. Partly that was due to the cut of the suit, but her firm breasts were making that bikini top stick out, and her nipples were clearly making bumps in the material.

Scott almost felt faint as he took in the wondrous vision. And it got even better when she moved to lay down on the lounge, because her tits nearly fell out of her top and Scott could swear he was able to see every inch of those fleshy breasts.

He had no choice. He dropped his shorts and briefs and sat on the bed, gripping his hard-on and closing his eyes as he tried to preserve that glorious sight. When he did open his eyes, he thought he saw a flash of yellow in his neighbor’s yard, but he was too far gone to really notice.

Scott reached for a bottle of lotion he kept on the table next to him, slathered it on his dick and pounded away. It wasn’t long before he erupted, sending a spray of cum onto his stomach and up onto his shirt. He was squeezing out the last of his semen when his doorbell rang.


While in the pool, Dani had been thinking about her upcoming party and all she had to do to get ready. She did not want to have the party get out of hand, so she was trying to limit it to Trina and their circle of friends, plus a group of guys from the soccer team.

Then as she went to lie down on the chaise, she remembered that she needed to talk to Scott about a few things. So she walked in the house, threw on a tank top and shorts and walked next door to ring his bell.

She was about to leave when Scott finally opened the door.

He said, “Oh, hey, Dani, what’s up?”

Dani noticed that Scott’s face was flushed and he was wearing a robe that wasn’t really tied that tight. She said, “Are you OK?”

“Sure, I was just getting out of the shower.”

She noticed his hair wasn’t wet, but, whatever.

“Do you have a minute? I have a couple of questions for you. I’m hoping you can help me get ready for my party.”

“Absolutely. What party?”

“Well, I turned 18 last week, and on Saturday I’m having a small pool party to celebrate. I know your company does our mowing, so could you make sure it’s done Friday?”

“Sure, I can make that work. I’ll take care of it myself.”

“And … I hate to ask, but do you think you could buy some beer and stuff for us? My friend’s brother was going to do it, but he got in trouble with his parents and doesn’t want to take a chance. I have two designated drivers lined up, so you won’t get in trouble.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess I could do that. Do your parents know about this party?”

“Well, no. They’re on a trip again – they’re taking off Friday afternoon and won’t be back until Monday. Is that a problem?”

“Not for me. Just wanted to make sure what the deal was.”

“All right … thanks. I was hoping I could count on you.”

“Dani, you can always count on me. If there’s anything else you need, let me know.”

“OK, thanks. See ya.”

As Dani turned to go, she thought, “Well, there is something else you could help me with, but I don’t know how to ask for it.”


Scott closed the door and laughed to himself. “Just got out of the shower” – yeah, right. What if he had told the truth? “Well, Dani, I was checking you out with my binoculars, which got me really turned on, so I jacked off and came all over myself.”

But then he thought: She was 18 now, huh? Interesting. Maybe he wouldn’t feel so guilty when he was having all those impure thoughts about her.


Tuesday, Trina came over to Dani’s house after school. Trina had made it her mission to help Dani with her transformation from conservative bookworm to a normal high school senior. She’d done a lot of work so far, and she could see Dani’s potential, but she had a long way to go.

Today, she was working with Dani on using some makeup. All the while they were chatting about the party, who was coming, what they were going to do, etc.

“You know, Dani, you should check out Brad. He’s coming with the soccer guys, I think. He’s pretty good looking, I hear, but I don’t really know him.”

“Jenny told me he was coming. She might be after him, too.”

“Well, you should get the first shot – it’s your party, after all. Hey, did you ever get that bikini we saw online last week?”

“It came Monday. It’s pretty, um, skimpy.”

“But does it fit? Let me see it.”

Dani pulled the yellow suit out of her bureau and held it up.

“Wow,” Trina said. “Put it on – I want to see what you look like.”


“Yeah, why not?”

Well, Dani thought, because I haven’t been naked in front of anybody since I was a kid. But she was trying to change her image, so she decided to do it.

Dani stripped off her shorts, and unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Then, blushing, she turned away from Trina to take her bra off and slip off her panties.

As she did, Trina said, “Damn, girl, what have you been hiding all this time? Your body is ridiculous.”

“C’mon, Trina, give me a break.”

“I’m serious. Put the bikini on.”

Once it was in place, Dani turned around to show Trina.

“Shit, that looks good. But your top isn’t right.”

Dani tried to adjust it, but Trina said it still wasn’t right. So she stepped up close to Dani, asked her to turn around and Trina changed the way the straps fell in the back. When Dani turned around to face her, Trina reached out to adjust the material in the front.

Without really thinking about it, the palms of both her hands made contact with Dani’s already erect nipples, causing a jolt of energy to go through both girls. Trina quickly looked up into Dani’s eyes, and saw an expression of surprise, but also something else.

Dani was shocked, but realized that Trina’s touch sent waves of pleasure through her. So she didn’t say anything, even when Trina spread her hands all the way over her breasts. And she didn’t say anything about a minute later when Trina slowly pulled the straps over her shoulders and let the top fall away, baring Dani’s breasts to her.

Trina made sort of a whimpering sound, then bent over to give Dani’s right tit a kiss, which eventually led to Trina’s tongue sliding all over her breast and ending with her sucking the nipple into her mouth. Then she moved over to the other tit and repeated the process.

When Trina moved her head again, Dani put her hands on either side and pulled her up, stepping forward to give her a kiss right on her moist lips. At the same time, Dani’s hands went to Trina’s chest and began massaging her full breasts.

When the kiss broke, Trina stepped back to pull her shirt off, and then unhooked her bra, unleashing her tits. While Dani’s were very firm and kind of cone-shaped, with small but erect nipples, Trina’s were larger, rounder and had plum-sized areolas with smooth nipples.

Dani hesitated, but finally gave in to the strange feelings she was experiencing, and kissed and licked first one, then the other breast, causing Trina to moan in response. As she finished sucking on the second one, it occurred to her how weird this was. So she stopped, stood up, looked Trina in the eyes and said, “What are we doing?”

“I don’t know, but something happened there. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“Umm, no, I guess not. It felt good, but strange. Why don’t we go back to doing the makeup? I’ve got to think about this.”

“OK with me, but don’t be surprised if I want to do that again. I think I liked it.”

Dani thought to herself, “So did I.” She had all of these new sexual feelings bubbling to the surface and wasn’t sure how to handle them.


Scott had gotten home from work and jumped in the shower. As he toweled off, he decided to get dressed and head to the neighborhood tavern for a burger and a couple of beers, but he heard some giggling coming from the backyard next door.

He went to the back bedroom and saw Dani with her friend, Trina. They were putting their towels down before jumping into the pool and as they did, Scott noticed something different about Dani. He pulled the binocs up to her face and realized she was wearing some dark eyeliner and some other makeup that made her look older and a little racy.

After the girls got into the pool, he heard Trina laugh loudly and realized she was pointing at Dani and immediately saw why – the makeup was messed up by the water and Dani looked like she had raccoon eyes.

As she got out of the pool he saw that she was wearing that daring yellow suit again, and couldn’t help but ogle that nearly perfect body. But he did tear his glasses away to check out Trina, who wasn’t bad, either. She was shorter, had a better tan, and her round tits looked like they were ready to spill out of her bikini top.

They sat down at the edge of the pool for a while, then he heard Trina say she had to go. So they stood up and gave each other a hug, and – to Scott’s surprise – they gave each other a serious kiss on the lips.

What the hell was that?

He was starting to learn a lot more about his neighbor, and the more he knew the more interesting she got.


That night, as Dani lay in bed trying to get to sleep, she kept replaying what happened in her room with Trina. It seemed spontaneous enough, because Trina seemed as surprised as she did. But it had been exciting, and as she thought about it more, she could feel herself getting wet.

Despite feeling strange, it didn’t take long for her hand to slip underneath her panties and start to dip into her moist slit. This was not an unusual practice for Dani, but her thoughts were typically about Scott. The fact that she was hot for another girl made it quite different, but in the end, her orgasm was just as powerful.


On Friday, Scott arranged his work schedule so that his last customer was the O’Connor’s. As he unloaded the mower from the trailer, she saw Dani come out of the front door. As usual, she was a vision of loveliness, with a red halter and a pair of tight cut-off jeans.

“I was wondering when you were getting here,” she said with a big smile. “My parents left about a half hour ago.”

“OK. It should take about an hour to get the grass done.”

“All right, I’ll have something for you to drink when you’re done.”

“Thanks,” he said. Then his eyes locked on Dani’s swaying butt as she walked back up the sidewalk to the door. And, when she glanced back as she opened the door, he knew he’d been caught. But she just smiled again.


“Oh, wow,” Dani thought as she went inside. “He was checking me out. Glad I changed into these shorts.”

For the next half hour, Dani was busy with some things inside while Scott mowed the front and back yard. But when she was finished, she looked out the back window to see where he was. And he had taken his shirt off and was doing edging around the fence. Dani could only sigh and she watched his back muscles ripple as he worked the trimmer.


When he was finished, Scott loaded his equipment back on the truck. He saw Dani open the front door and said, “Let me take this stuff to the shop and I’ll come back and hit you up for that drink. Maybe 10 minutes.”

“See ya then.”

As he drove away, he wondered if he was thirsty more for that drink or for who was serving it.

When he returned, he found Dani on the back deck with a pitcher of ice water. He poured himself a glass and sat down, noticing that she was sitting in a chair with her legs crossed and showing a lot of flesh with her short shorts.

“Thanks for doing that, Scott. I want the yard to look good for tomorrow.”

“No problem, and thanks for the drink. It’s a hot one today.”

Scott downed his glass of water and poured another as they made small talk.

Finally, Dani said, “You know, it’s so hot I was going to take a dip in the pool. Do you want to join me?”

Fuck! Of course I do, and I want to bend you over the edge of the pool and bang you, too.

Instead, Scott said, “Thanks. That’s nice of you to ask. Yeah, let me go take a quick shower and I’ll be over.”


Dani was thrilled as she ran upstairs to get changed. I’ll get to see all of those muscles again.

She reached for the yellow bikini, but changed her mind, because she wanted to save that for Saturday. So she found a flowered one-piece that fit pretty tight and put that on. As she stood in front of her mirror, she thought, “He ought to like this.”

By the time Scott showed up, Dani had moved the tray with the water and glasses out near the pool and got in the water, standing along the side with the water up to her neck. As soon as Scott arrived, he dove in and came up shaking the water out of his hair.

“Wow, that hits the spot,” he said.

“Well, I know my parents might not approve, but they’re not around, so I thought it was neighborly to ask you over.”

“I certainly appreciate it.”

“Hey, are you still thirsty? Want some more water?”


Dani walked to the steps and up to the deck, hoping that Scott’s eyes were following her. She tried to give an extra wiggle to her butt, but her suit fit so tight she wasn’t sure if her cheeks moved at all.

She thought she heard a sigh, but wasn’t sure if it was Scott or the breeze.

Dani poured a cup full of water and brought it over to the pool, bending down to give it to Scott and hoping he got a nice view of cleavage. She couldn’t believe the things she was doing in front of him – she had never acted this way before, but it seemed to come so natural to her.

As Scott retreated to the far side of the pool, Dani plopped down to sit on the near side with her feet dangling in the water. She had a desire to open her legs really wide and give him a perfect view of her crotch, but that would have been way too obvious.

They talked and made arrangements for Scott to bring over the beer the next afternoon, and she even convinced him to bring a fifth of vodka, too.

When Scott said he should be leaving, Dani leaned forward again, then got up and bent over to pick up the tray. She was sure she’d given him a good look.

When she got to the back door, she turned to say goodbye and he was about five paces behind her. She could clearly see a bulge in his wet swim trunks. And she could tell that he saw where her eyes had been, causing her to blush.

Then she went through the door.

That night in bed, all Dani could think about was that bulge. She’d actually seen only one cock in her life, and had felt a couple of other dicks, but neither one came close to the size of what was in Scott’s pants.