I staggered down the beach. I was wearing shorts, no shirt and was sweating profusely; for a moment it was touch and go whether I would see last night’s dinner for the second time.

It was the first day of my summer exercise regime—three miles of early morning running in the sand and then two miles of walking it out. I had my starting point that morning and ran one and a half miles up the beach, and then completed the round trip. I was just starting my one mile walk the other way, and then would return again to the starting point.

I was second string on my college soccer team, but since it came with a full scholarship, I had to pay the price to stay in shape. The rest of the day I would be working construction, which would also help in the muscle department.

I had walked two hundred feet or so and I knew that if I hadn’t seen my dinner by then, I was safe until tomorrow. Some athletes claim they love this part of the sport; that is absolute bullshit—it is pure torture raised to a high level.

My feelings of self-pity were interrupted by the sight of a solitary person sitting on a towel ahead of me. Even from the distance I could tell it was a female in a one-piece swimming suit looking at the ocean. As I approached this unknown female I kept collecting physical impressions of the mystery person on an early morning deserted beach. She had a nice figure with slim legs, a flat stomach, and more than adequate breasts. Her hair was brown and cut short.

I was twenty feet from her and she had yet to acknowledge my approach—there was a chance she had not seen me. At ten feet I said, “Good morning.”

Her head turned and I saw the most serious brown eyes of my life. She stared at me, but said nothing. I confirmed the fact that her figure was great and her breasts even better, but she remained silent. I walked by her confused.

On my return trip, she watched me approach. At ten feet I said, “I hope you have a great day!”

Again, other than looking at me with those serious brown eyes, she said nothing.

The pattern repeated itself for three more days. I ran; I escaped embarrassing myself by not upchucking my dinner from the previous evening, and then I passed the mystery female with a hearty “Good morning,” going out and “I hope you have a great day,” coming back.

On the fifth day there was a very slight change to the pattern. This day her head had turned when I was two hundred feet away and watched me approach. At ten feet I said, “Good morning.”

My mystery friend said with a serious look, “And good morning to you.”

I kept walking as my brain tried to put everything together. She had talked to me! She did not smile, but she had at least talked. And more surprising, she was not an American because the voice that wished me a good morning had a lilt that no American would have—her voice had that unmistakable sound of Ireland. My mystery friend was Irish! I thought, “And she sounds as if she just came over on the boat.”

The next day was Saturday. I ran, and for the first time I knew that the initiation to my summer routine had passed—I completed the run and did not have to bend over and put my head between my knees when I finished. I eagerly started my walk hoping that my mystery Irish girl would be there. I quickly saw that she was.

“Good morning.”

“And good morning to you,” she responded.

On my return she was watching me. I said, “I hope you have a great day.”

She said nothing, and seemed surprised when I stopped in front of her. I said, “My name is Danny Johnson. I play soccer in college and that is why you see me torturing myself every morning to stay in shape for next season. This beach is always deserted this early in the morning so I guess we can say it is ‘our beach’ for the rest of the summer.”

She stared at me with those brown eyes. The pause became a long pause. I was bewildered and flustered and turned to walk away. I walked ten feet and heard her say with her Irish lilt, “My name is Nora O’Donnell and I hope you have a great day also.”

The next five days were identical. I said, “Good morning Nora.”

She would reply softly, “Good morning Danny.”

On return I would say, “Have a great day Nora.”

And she would answer, “Have a great day yourself Danny.”

The next day I surprised her when I said, “Good morning Nora. Would you like to walk with me for some exercise?”

She was startled and replied, “Good morning Danny. I don’t think so.”

The next day I said, “Good morning Nora. Would you like to walk with me?”

Nora answered, “Yes, I think that would be nice.”

She stood up and for the first time I could see she was about five-foot six-inches tall. We walked without talking for a while until I finally said, “Nora, I have a wild guess that maybe you aren’t from the next town over?”

Nora answered in her serious voice, “You are right Danny—I’m Irish. I come from a small seaside village five miles from a big town called Ballybunion in County Kerry. I came to the United States to be a nanny for Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. They are both doctors and have a four-year old boy that needs watching during the day.

“They are very nice people with a beautiful home. I was given the choice of living in the main house or in the pool house, which has a television area, kitchen and a bedroom with a private bath. I chose the pool house so that I wouldn’t be in the way.

“They love their little boy, so my job is very easy. Until they leave for the hospital, they spend all of the time with the boy. As soon as either one comes home, my job is done for the day. My weekends are free unless they go out of town.

“It is a perfect job working for very nice people.”

I asked, “Then you will return to Ireland at the end of the summer?”

“I hope not. I’ve applied for an international scholarship at the women’s college not too far from here. If I’m given the scholarship, and I can work part time during the year, I will stay here for the next four years.”

Grinning I said, “Well since my school is only one hundred miles from your school, you can come to our weekend parties.”

Nora was flustered and stopped walking. She looked at me and said, “Danny, there are two kinds of Irish women. The first is the red headed beauty that is always smiling, laughing and dancing to the late hours with all the boys chasing her. And then there are the women of old Ireland where it seems as if the troubles of the world are always on their shoulders. I am cursed to be one of those. So I would not be very good at your parties.”

We started walking again as I said, “Nora, people can change. Maybe that should be our special summer project?”

Nora did not reply and was silent the rest of the walk.

Our walks continued for another week. It was pleasant to walk with her and on many topics she was interesting to talk to, but the discussion was never about her. Another source of disappointment was that I had known Nora for three weeks now, and yet, I had never touched her.

One day on our walk I asked, “Since you are free on the weekends, you must get a lot of shopping done at the shopping mall in town?”

Nora answered, “Mrs. Thomas takes me to the mall at times, but since I don’t drive I haven’t been there often.”

I said somewhat surprised, “Nora, everyone here drives. You’ve got to get your driver’s license.”

Nora looked at me and said, “I don’t know the first thing about how to get a driver’s license or how to drive.”

I answered, “It’s easy. First we will get you a permit, then you will learn to drive, and finally you will receive your driver’s license.”

“Danny, I need all the money I’m making for school. I can’t afford to take driving lessons.”

“I will teach you with my car, and it won’t be expensive at all.”

“How much do you charge Danny?”

I looked at the serious look on her face as her eyes stared into mine. In retrospect I don’t know how the words ever came out, but it must have been building in me from the previous three weeks with this Irish woman. I said, “My price is one kiss for every fifteen minutes of driving instruction.”

Nora stared at me for what seemed to be a lifetime, but what was probably actually only twenty seconds or so when she asked in her most serious voice, “Is your price negotiable?”

“I’m sorry Nora, but that is the discounted summer rate for driving lessons. In the high season the price would be much higher.”

Another staring contest until she said, “Your terms are acceptable Danny.”

My heart jumped and I felt a stirring down below as I thought, “I have yet to touch her and I’m half hard already. Could this girl be getting to me?” The answer was obvious.

The next day I drove to the Department of Motor Vehicles and picked up an application for a learner’s permit and the rules of the road booklet. Nora would have to pass the written test to get her learner’s permit, and then pass her driving test to receive her driver’s license.

I gave the application and booklet to Nora. She said, “Thank you Danny. I will study this all week and when I’m ready, would you take me for the written test?”

“Of course Nora,” I replied.

The next day I was starting my cool down walk towards Nora when I spotted a significant change to my normal view—Nora was wearing a white bikini. It was conservatively cut, but it still showed a lot of skin. Her stomach was flat but pasty white since the sun had yet to start her tan. Her top emphasized those wonderful breasts, and her bottom showed her slim legs going into her bare hips before disappearing behind her suit.

Her serious eyes watched me as I approached. I said, “Good morning Nora. I really like your swimming suit.”

She blushed and said; “Mrs. Thomas told me it was silly to be wearing a one piece swimming suit all summer especially since I am out by the pool with their boy during the day and on the beach at other times. She took me to the mall and we picked the suit out together.

“Am I too naked?” she asked.

“Of course not,” I replied. “It is perfect for you. You look beautiful in it.”

As we walked I could see she was still a little embarrassed to be wearing a bikini, but she said nothing for a long time and then finally said, “Can I ask you a serious question Danny?”

“Of course,”

Nora paused and then softly said, “What do you think of my breasts in this suit Danny?”

I replied, “They are an ‘A plus’ for sure Nora.”

Her voice became angry as she stammered, “My breasts are bigger than that.”

She had stopped walking and was staring angrily at me. I was confused for a moment and then understood. “Nora, I was giving you a grade. In the United States there is no higher grade than an ‘A.’ and I gave you an ‘A plus.’ But to answer you I would now say a ‘C.’ ”

Nora was almost in tears as she said, “And now because I got mad at you my grade went to a ‘C.’

I was losing control of the situation and I stammered, “No Nora, I was answering your first question and I said your breasts were a ‘C’ size and because of that they were ‘A plus’ with me.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Really,” I answered.

She blushed and responded, “Danny I’m sorry I got mad and confused. You Americans say things different than what I expect. You have been very nice to me; I would have been lonesome if you didn’t start to talk to me on the beach four weeks ago.”

I replied, “Nora, you’ve done nothing wrong and your company each morning has been wonderful. Can I ask you for one little favor?”


I grinned and said, “This beach is so big; I might get lost, so will you let me hold your hand so that you can keep me from straying?”

Her serious brown eyes stared into mine, and then for a split second I thought I saw, but couldn’t be sure, Nora’s first smile. She said nothing and then her hand reached out to mine. We finished the walk hand in hand.

One week later Nora came out of the Motor Vehicle’s testing center with a small smile on her face. She walked up to me and said, “I passed; I now have my learner’s permit.”

I grinned and said, “Then you’re ready for your first lesson.”

She nodded yes. I drove to the nearby mall and took her to the farthest parking lot, which had no cars in the area. I stopped the car and shut off the motor and told Nora to come and sit in the driver’s seat. We both got out of the car and I waited for her to walk around to the driver’s side.

She looked at me and said, “Do you expect payment in advance?”

I nodded yes.

She put her hands on my waist and stood on her toes as I bent over. Our lips met for the first time. After two or three seconds Nora pulled back and asked, “Was that an acceptable payment?”

“More than acceptable for at least fifteen minutes,” I replied.

I started to go over the car’s operation with Nora. Fifteen minutes later we were ready to start the car. Nora looked at me and said, “I think I owe you another payment.” Her kiss was even better this time.

For the next three hours I taught Nora how to drive, and every fifteen minutes I received her kiss in payment. Finally the lesson was over and I drove her back to her house.

“Would you like to see where I live?” she asked.

“I’d love to.”

We went in the back gate and walked around a very large swimming pool. On the far end of the pool was a small outbuilding. There was an outside shower and a little child’s play area with a swing and a slide.

I heard a child’s voice scream “Nor,” and a little boy came running over to her with arms raised wanting to be lifted.

Nora grinned and lifted him as she turned to me and said, “This is Bobby; he’s the little boy I take care of during the week.”

I heard a woman’s voice say loudly, “Bobby, come back here and quit bothering Nora.”

I turned and saw a woman in a deck chair. She was a very pretty with a great body; I know about the figure since she was wearing the smallest bikini I’d seen in a long time.

Nora and I walked over to her and Nora said, “Danny, I would like to introduce you to Dr. Carol Thomas; I work for her and Dr. Thomas.”

The woman said, “Nora, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Carol and my husband is Hank? Danny, are you the friend on the beach that Nora talks about every now and then?”

“Yes Dr. Thomas, I’m the …

“Danny, she interrupted, “it’s Carol for you too.”

“I answered innocently, “Yes Carol, I’m the guy she watches on the beach so he doesn’t get lost.”

Carol laughed as the Bobby started yelling, “Swing Nor, swing.”

“No Bobby,” said Carol, “I’ll swing you in a little while.”

Nora said, “I don’t mind Dr….Carol. I’ll play with him for a few minutes.”

Nora and Bobby walked to the little playground and Bobby climbed the slide ladder.

Carol said, “Sit down a minute and talk.”

Just then Nora shouted a happy scream as she caught Bobby coming down the slide. She and Bobby were both laughing.

Almost thinking to myself, although I must have said it aloud, “I’ve never seen Nora laugh before.”

Carol said, “She’s had a tough life Danny, and except with children, Hank and I never see her laugh either. Her father died when she was young and her mother died when she was sixteen. She finished high school living with relatives and took a job in a store in Ballybunion where we met her. It took a lot of effort and government paperwork to get her to the United States to work for us, but I’m glad we did.

“I don’t know whether I consider her a very young sister or an older daughter. Whichever it is, she is very special to Hank and me, and Bobby loves her dearly.

“I take it you and she are friends?” Carol asked looking at me closely.

I blushed a little and answered, “Friends for sure and I hope some day it will be more than that.”

Carol was quiet for a second and then said, “Danny, You are much more than just a friend to her. She talks about you constantly. The problem is that she has a hard time just letting loose and saying what she feels.

“When I finally insisted she buy the bikini, all she asked was whether I thought you would like it or not.

“I told her with the figure that she had you’d like it a lot more if she got a tinier one like the one I’m wearing, but she chickened out.

“Can I ask you for two favors Danny?”

“Sure,” I replied wondering what I could do for her.

“The first favor,” Carol continued, “is don’t hurt her. She is very fragile emotionally in a strange country with few friends and no family.”

“I’d never hurt her, “I interrupted.

Carol ignored my interruption and continued, “And the second favor I’m asking is for you to show her the fun side of life. Make her laugh with you as she’s laughing with Bobby.”

I asked, “Do you mean…”

“I mean,” Carol said looking at me closely, “show her what normal nineteen year old kids do to have fun as they grow up.”

Before I could reply she stood up and reached for her towel. Her breasts came close to me as she bent over and I could see some freckles on her chest and obviously hard nipples outlined underneath her top. She caught me looking, but only gave me an impish grin as she said, “I’m going to relieve Nora so she can show you around.”

Nora came back to me and said, “Let me show you the rest of my place.”

She led me to the pool house and we walked inside. There was a medium size room with a sitting area to watch television, a small open kitchen, and a second room that was Nora’s bedroom with her private bathroom.

“It’s very nice, but a little small,” I said.

Nora replied, “It is the nicest place I have lived during my entire life.”

A little while later I had to leave and as I said good-bye to Nora she looked at me and said, “Thank you for your driving lesson. I know I will need many more to pass the test to get my real license. You’ve been very nice to me. Will you accept an advance payment?”

“Of course,” I replied.

This time the kiss lasted longer.

Two weeks went by. Our daily walks continued and two or three nights a week I gave Nora driving lessons in my car. Her payments were always on time and were improving.

One day we were walking and I said, “Tonight I would like to take you to a birthday party. Will you go?”

Nora hesitated and said, “Danny I won’t know anyone. I don’t think I would be good company for you.”

I grinned and said, “Well it’s my birthday party and the only one I have invited so far is you. I will take you to a nice restaurant and we’ll have my birthday dinner there by ourselves. Now will you go?”

“I accept,” said Nora.

That night I walked up to the door of Nora’s place and before I could knock it opened–Nora had been waiting for me. She wore a black dress that left most of her chest bare other than the spaghetti straps holding it up. Her shoulders were broad and the early curves of her breasts were visible. She was wearing light make up for the first time, and it turned what was a pretty face to one of beauty. She stood silently watching for me reaction.

“Wow!” I blurted, “Is this beautiful woman really you?”

She blushed but also beamed with the compliment. “Carol took me shopping for the dress, and she helped me with the make up since I don’t know what to do.”

“You can tell Carol that I really appreciate her fixing me up with a princess.”

Nora shyly grinned again and said, “Danny, I’m embarrassed, but we ran out of time so I don’t have a birthday present for you.”

“But you do Nora,” I replied thinking quickly. “Your present to me is that you have to give me five kisses during the night and after each kiss you have to smile. That would be a wonderful present.”

Nora looked at me and said, “Could I give you the first one now?”

“Of course,” I answered.

With her hands on my waist she stood on her toes while we kissed. The kiss ended and she stepped back and briefly smiled.

“How was that for your first present?” she asked.

“I give the kiss a ‘B,’ which is fully acceptable, but the smile was only a ‘C;’ if you’re enjoying yourself and are happy, the smile has to last much longer.”