We’re gonna watch the moon come up
I’m drinking salty wine
With some friends of mine
From our favourite cup
We’re national parked, after dark
We’re gonna watch sun go down
But you and I and the nights of sigh
In that house on the edge of town
Chinese eyes
You know it wasn’t just a holiday fling
Chinese eyes
She’s no take away Chow Mein

“Chinese Eyes”, Australian Crawl,

from the Album “The Boys Light Up” (1980)


* * *

“Hey Rick, can you come pick me up?” Jesus, Mom. Can’t you and Dad keep it down?

“No problem, Charlie. What’s going on there?” Yeah, loud enough that Rick could hear.

“Mom and Dad ‘re at it again. I gotta get out of here.” Even if it meant giving Rick a blowjob and I didn’t really feel like making out coz I’d been listening to them go at it for the last couple of hours and I had a frigging headache. Why on earth they didn’t get divorced and get it over with I had no frigging idea.

“Okay, gotcha.” Rick knew. Thank god he was back for summer. I had somewhere to run to now. My folks’d been getting worse and worse over the last couple of years. I’d thought I’d miss living at home but honestly, going away to college was going to be a relief.

“Be over in half an hour. We can go back to my folks place, they’re out tonight.”

“Thanks Rick.”

Wouldn’t have mattered if his folks weren’t. When he was back from college, Rick holed up in his parents’ basement and they never bothered him down there in the subterranean depths. I’d been spending a lot of time there since he got back last week. Like, every evening. Giving Rick a lot of blowjobs as well, which I didn’t mind most of the time. I’d have slept over too, except if I did he’d try for what he’d been wanting for a couple of years now and hadn’t gotten coz I couldn’t make up my mind. If I stayed overnight, he’d probably get it.

I wasn’t quite ready for that. Not yet. After summer was over, maybe. We’d be at the same college. His last year, my first. Maybe I’d even move in with him when I went off to college. I wasn’t sure about that but I’d be away from home and I was almost sure I loved him.



* * *

“Jesus, Rick, it’s all through my hair.” Okay, no almost. Sometimes I did not love him at all.

He laughed. “You said you didn’t want to swallow tonight.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t mean jerk off all over my face either. You could’ve done it on my boobs or something.” Coz he had, he’d cum all over my face and into my hair. At least I’d only been wearing my panties and he’d missed those. Getting that stuff out of my clothes was a bitch, which was kind of why I was stripped down and yeah, I’d planned on him shooting off onto my boobs. I didn’t mind when he did that. It was easier washing me than washing and drying whatever I was wearing. Spare panties fitted into my handbag really easily if the ones I was wearing got any. Clean skirts and tops and bras did not. He’d got some in my mouth. And Jesus, in my ear too? Just gross.

“It looks totally hot, Charlie.”

“Jesus, maybe you think so. Don’t think my Mom would be onboard with that one. Can you pass me the tissues, already?”

He laughed but he did and I got most of it off before I headed into his bathroom for a shower. And to wash my hair. And clean his cum out of my frigging ear. Yuck! “I’m going to swallow next time, okay,” I said over my shoulder.

He laughed. “Hey, Charlie. Win win for me. I’m good either way.”

Okay, I giggled. I guess it was win win for him. Mind you, it wasn’t like I was losing out either. He was my boyfriend and when he was back, he really took care of me so I wasn’t complaining. As long as he got his blowjobs, he didn’t push me too hard to go all the way either.

Yeah, definitely kind of win-win for me too.

“Wanna watch a movie after you’re done?”

“Yeah, sure.” Better than going home. Wish Dad would just give it up and move in with Trixie. They’d been getting it on for five years now, since I was thirteen. I knew that, coz Trixie was my best friend Stella’s older sister. I wasn’t sure if Mom knew about Trixie or not and I’d never said anything coz Jesus, things were bad enough between Mom and Dad now without me making it worse.

Hard to figure out how things could get worse at home, but that’s what you always say until it does and all I had to do was hang in there for a couple more months and I’d be out of it and away at college. Better still, Rick was back for summer. I kind of smiled coz all things considered, Rick made a pretty good boyfriend. Except for shooting off all over my face. I could handle that though.

I’d swallow tonight when I gave him that ride home blowjob. He’d enjoy that.


* * *

“Jeez, Mom. What’re you thinking? I don’t want to go away on vacation. I can’t go. Rick’s back all summer.” I knew I was whining but I really didn’t want to go. Crap! When you think things can’t get worse, that’s always when they do.

A long hot summer with Rick, that’s what I had planned now that he was back home again, working. We’d have so much time together over summer and yeah, I know I complained about getting it in my hair but that was small potatoes. Really, I was totally looking forward to this summer. Making out every evening. Every weekend together. Spending my time with him at his place or out with his friends. Like we had the last couple of summers.

Mom, she’d just thrown a spoiler. A big one.

Vacation? Crap. I didn’t want to go on no vacation with my Mom. Even worse, my Dad wasn’t coming. I could usually rely on Dad to keep Mom outa my hair, and her in my hair was worse than Rick’s stuff, honestly. Jesus, Mom and me? Just the two of us. That was a frigging nightmare all on its own.

“We’re going, Charlie. I’ve already booked the tickets.” Mom was getting snappy. Next she’d be yelling and I didn’t want to go there, not really. When Mom lost her temper, things got real bad. Fast. Even now, when I was eighteen. You had to know my Mom to understand that one. Or maybe not. She had a temper on her. So did I and guess where I got it from.

“I’m not going. Rick just got back from college.”

“Rick, schmick. You’re eighteen, Charlie. It’s past time you got to date some other boys. You’ve been dating that Rick since you were fifteen.”

“Fourteen,” I said, kind of automatically. First year at High School. That’s when we’d met. My first day. Some bitch from a couple of grades up started dissing me. The usual chink slant-eye gook crap. This big dude’d just ambled over to and told her to shut the fuck up and leave me alone and she had. My hero. Rick. That was how we met. Asked me out on a date a week later.

“Doesn’t matter,” Mom said. “You’ve been spending far too much time with that boy.”

“He’s not a boy, Mom,” I said. “He’s twenty one.”

“Whatever,” my Mom said. “No debate here, Charlie. We’re going.” Now she smiled and Jesus, she was going to try some sort of sweetener, I knew it.

“Where to?” I asked, grudgingly. Coz she had that smile that said she thought it was something that’d buy me and Mom was bad like that. She knew my buttons. A week. I could handle a week.

“Sand, sun, swimming,” Mom said. “Beaches, lots of fun, beautiful weather.”

Oh crap, not the frigging Caribbean? We’d been down there once three years ago, to one of those island resort places. I’d never been so frigging bored in my life. Sunburnt as well. Took weeks for my skin to get back to normal. My friends had all laughed at me when I got back coz I was so brown.

“Australia,” Mom smiled. Like it was case closed. “You always said you wanted to travel, see a bit of the world so Dad and I decided to spoil you, just this once. Eight weeks on the Gold Coast and it’s supposed to be really nice and we’ll maybe visit Sydney and Melbourne as well.”

“What?” I just about screamed. “Eight weeks? That’s almost all summer. No way. No way, Mom.”

I took a deep breath. “No. Frigging. Way.”


* * *

“Want to come to LA with me next weekend, Charlie?” Rick groaned.

God yes, I’d love to. That was what I wanted to say.

What I did say was “Mmmphhhh,” coz my lips were wrapped around his cock and there was a lot of it in my mouth and right then I wasn’t exactly speaking. Vocalizing, yes. Making noises around his cock, coz I was giving him a blowjob and my mouth was full. Very full, coz Rick’s cock was big. Not that I had experience with any other cocks to compare Rick’s cock to, but I had to open wide to get it in and when he did what he was doing now, which was holding my head with both hands and moving his cock in and out, well, let’s just say even trying to talk wasn’t really an option.

“Mmmppppphhhhh,” I said again, although this time it was more of a protest coz his cock was pushing so far in he was kind of hitting the back of my mouth and that made it hard to swallow.

I needed to swallow, coz there was a lot of saliva and some of it dribbled out onto my hand. Messy, but Rick didn’t care coz he was totally naked and I didn’t get much choice about it coz he was close now and it really was getting messy coz it wasn’t so much a blowjob as he was fucking my mouth. Deeper strokes. All of a sudden he was feeding me half of his cock with every thrust, pushing a little deeper each time until the tip of him was touching my throat. Every time, and those little choking noises just turned him on. Didn’t do much for me but he liked it.

“God Charlie, your mouth’s made for this.” I choked a little when his cock went even deeper than it had been. He was being rougher than he usually was but I did my best, my lips staying clamped on his shaft, my tongue doing its best to work on him as he thrust and slid and withdrew and thrust again. If I got this over with fast, we’d have time to watch a movie and no, I didn’t think my mouth was made for this but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Boyfriend. Expectations, and I wasn’t going all the way. Not yet. So you do what you need to and it wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy it. I did, more or less.

“God, I love watching your mouth wrapped round my dick. Those lips of yours really are made for cock-sucking, Charlie.” I was trying to control his cock with my hand as he worked it into my mouth but he was pushing harder, my fist kept banging my lips and that hurt. I took my hand away and did my best to take him deeper, gagging a little each time he hit the back of my throat and I knew he was enjoying it coz I could hear him breathing hard.

“Oh yeah, Charlie.” That groan and his hands clutching at my head told me he was close. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, enjoyed his groan of pleasure, and the way he pumped his cock into my mouth said that he was almost there. All of a sudden he jerked himself from my mouth. I was sucking on him as he withdrew, sucking hard all the way and he caught me by surprise. The moment his cockhead popped out of my mouth, he was cumming and my hand was stroking him fast as he unloaded his cum across my face.

I’d been trying to take him back in my mouth and when he came, he came hard and fast and it jetted out over my nose, my cheeks, my lips, into my wide-open mouth, across the side of my face and into my hair, onto my chin, a last spurt erupting onto my boobs and his stuff was all through my hair and over my face. I’d been so focused on him cumming and getting him off that my hand was still automatically stroking him and my fist was dripping with his cum as well. I was drenched in the stuff.

“Jesus, Charlie, that’s hotter than a porn movie,” he said, lying back looking at me as I knelt over him, choking, swallowing, gasping for breath, my mouth full, my face and boobs dripping cum and there was so much of it all over my face, coating my hand where I’d been stroking him.


“Gguuughuuhhggghuhhluggglgggghhh,” I said, half choking, swallowing frantically, coz when Rick came, he really came and it was like someone turned a hose on and sprayed it across my face and into my mouth.

“That was good, Charlie,” Rick smiled, watching me as I knelt there, dripping and swallowing and getting my breath back. “LA next weekend?”

“Uhhh.” Crap, I’d been putting this off all week, hoping against hope I could get Mom to change her mind. No luck. We were flying out tomorrow. To Australia. No escape and I had to tell him.

I sat there dripping cum, wiping it off me and I told him.

“Fuck, Charlie, that’s all summer,” Rick said, sitting bolt upright. “What the fuck are you thinking? You’re eighteen for fucks sake. Tell your Mom no.”

“I can’t,” I said, just about crying. “Her and Dad, they’re paying for college and they both said I gotta go.”

“Fuck, Charlie…”


* * *

“You’re home early, Charlie.” Mom didn’t even look up. “Make sure you’re packed for the flight tomorrow.”

“I’ll never forgive you for this, Mom.” I said, coz Rick had just dropped me home way early and yeah, I was crying now, coz he hadn’t talked to me in the car. Not a word. He hadn’t even waited for his blowjob. He waited until I was out of the car and then he just drove away. Asshole. “You’re such a bitch sometimes.”

“Room, Charlie. You can stay there until you apologize.”

“Fuck you.” Yeah, I was that mad.

“Charlene Wong. You get to your room. Now!” Yeah, now Mom was mad. Like I gave a shit. Mom had just screwed my life. Crying my way up the stairs, I knew one thing for sure. This was gonna be the worst holiday of my Mom’s life coz I was gonna be a total little bitch.

Rick never answered any of my texts. He didn’t answer my calls that night or the next morning. He didn’t email me. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. At the airport that afternoon, I checked Instagram. Oh crap. He’d been out on a date. Last night. Right after he dropped me of. With that bitch, Kelsey and my life was so fucking over coz her status on Facebook said date with Rick, tonight. Bitch. Prick. Asshole.

“Behave yourself, Charlie,” Mom snapped at me as I burst into tears right in the middle of the Departure Lounge.

“Look. Look what you’ve done to me.” I held out my iPhone. Rick and that bitch. Smiling. In some fancy restaurant at two in the morning and it should’ve been me sitting there last night and smiling. Not that blonde slut. Coz I knew she put out. Bitch.

“So.” Mom shrugged. “About time that boy found someone more like him.”


“Ma’am, could you keep the noise down please…”

I glared at that security guard like he was frigging Kelsey the slut herself. “Fuck off, this is none of your business.”


“Charlene Wong!”

“Screw you.”


* * *

“Charlene Wong. If you ever put me in a position like that again…”

“Please fasten your seatbelts and stow any hand luggage in the overhead lockers or under your seat…”

“Shove it, Mom. If you ever do anything like this to me again, I’m leaving and I don’t care if I have to take a job at Burger King. Jesus, I’d even work in frigging MacDonalds.”

“Charlene Wong!”

“Hey, can you two keep your voices down, there’s other people on this plane…”

“Shove it, dude.”

“Charlene Wong!”

Yeah, it was going to be a fun vacation alright. I was already having fun. Lots and lots of fun. Wondering how high I could get Mom’s blood pressure by the time we got off the flight at Brisbane, wherever the frigging heck that was and yeah, I didn’t give a crap. Oz Frigging Tralia. I knew it was gonna suck.

Big time.


* * *

Gold Coast, the signs said. Surfers Paradise, the signs said.

Jesus, this just sucked so bad. Getting out of that Brisbane airport had been bad enough, understanding what they said was even worse. I thought they were supposed to speak English in Australia but frigging heck, it sure didn’t sound like it to me. It wasn’t exactly hot like I thought it would be either. The beaches and the surf looked kinda cool though.

Finding the limo had been awful. It’d been okay when we finally found it but Jesus, that drive. An hour, the driver said. Make that two and a half coz the traffic was so slow coz it was morning frigging rush hour and they all drove on the wrong side of the road so for the first half hour I kept thinking I was gonna die but at least I got to laugh at Mom coz she was just going nuts.

“Don’t worry, mate,” I said to the driver, coz yeah, I listen. Unlike loudmouth next to me. Just frigging loved that Australian accent. “She’s got her knickers in a twist coz the bloody flight got delayed.” Heard someone say that. No idea what knickers were, but it sounded bonza, sport. I liked the way it was bloody this and bloody that as well. Suited my mood. Coz I’d just caught an Instagram update and bloody Rick and bloody Kelsey the slut were bloody dating non-stop and bloody Rick wasn’t bloody well missing me. The bloody bastard!

And someone here in Australia was bloody furious!

“No bloody worries, luv,” the driver said. I caught his grin in the mirror, grinned right back coz yeah, with my Mom totally bugged, I was kinda feeling a sight bloody better, I can tell ya, mate. “You get used to it. Traffic through here’s bloody awful.”

“Bloody oath,” I said, just about laughing at Mom’s face. Screw her. Bloody bitch.

“Charlene Wong!” Mom snapped. “Please mind your language.”

“Bloody hell, Mom. Don’t get your tits in a tangle,” I said. Heard that in the airport too. The driver laughed. Mom’s face was kind of interesting. Who’d have known she could turn that color. Fascinating. Oh yeah, this vacation was gonna be soooooo much fun.


* * *

“It’s a lovely suite,” Mom said, and she wasn’t paying any attention to my needling. Bloody waste of my bloody time. “Far nicer than I expected. He’s really… uh… how about I take this bedroom and you have the one on that side looking out over the beach, Charlie? I have to make a phone call.”