First year university had come to a tumultuous end. Exams and projects and orals completed in a kaleidoscope of studying and sleeping and rushing for the next lecture or exam. In hindsight, time seemed to have flown but, at the time, I thought that the end of the academic year would never come!

My best friend, John, and I were sitting quietly on the veranda of our local drinking hole, feet up on the balustrade, beers in hand and overlooking the sea. My name is also John and we were both students at the local university, both studying architecture. We had met at initial registration and immediately bonded. During this past year I had stayed as often at his home, where I was considered one of the family, as at mine.

John was a couple of years older than I was and I looked up to him as I would an older brother. He was charming, good looking and came from a wealthy home. The girls made fools of themselves over him. It seemed that every other week there was a different gorgeous girl sharing his bed.

The bed I slept in when I was at his home was in an open studio, with our drawing boards and worktables, separated from John’s bedroom only by a low height partition and I could hear all that happened! I’ve lost count of the number of times I masturbated furiously to the sound of kissing, sucking, squelching and the slapping of body against body. Some girls were very vocal and loud, some simply grunted and made animal-like noises while some were completely silent other than their breathing.

All the girls had to pass the studio on their way to the bathroom and I would lie under the covers with my head under the pillow and stare at them from there. Not one girl ever noticed me. They came in all shapes, sizes and ages, the less inhibited ones went naked to the bathroom while others went in various stages of undress. John would always pass and give me a thumbs-up or -down depending on the girl and the sex. I envied him his easy, devil-may-care attitude.

I, on the other hand, was a reluctant virgin. I would have humped anything that said yes! I was introverted and painfully shy. I stammered and blushed if a girl even looked at me, let alone spoke to me. I had been on dates where I had held hands and kissed but never ventured any further.

When we went out to parties or to the pubs or to the beach, John always gave me his car keys. Consequently I only ever had a couple of beers and ended up driving us and many of our friends home afterwards. I was just too serious!

On the sports field, however, things were different. As good an athlete as John was, I was better. I could run, swim and cycle better, faster and farther than he could, no matter how hard he tried. Swings and roundabouts!

I was brought back to reality as John asked, “all ready for tomorrow?”

“Yep. I’ve packed all the food and booze at your place. All we need is fresh meat and milk, which we can get along the way.”

We had planned a long weekend at a beech cottage near Port Alfred, a sleepy coastal village about two hours drive away. Invited too were John’s much older brother Tim and his girlfriend, Jenny. I had met them a few times at John’s house at the occasional family get-togethers. Tim and John were clearly brothers, similar physique and easy-going manner. Jenny was a lively woman, always smiling and funny, easy to talk to. Even I had sat and chatted with her on occasion without getting all tongue-tied. She was slightly shorter than medium height, slim, always elegantly dressed. I guess they were both about thirty years old.

The next morning the sun was barely peeking over the horizon, the car was packed and we were ready to hit the road. John’s dad had offered us the use of his car because the old VW Beetle John drove would have been a squash as we were taking the latest gorgeous girl John was seeing, Judy, with us.

I was being gooseberry. Again! Oh well, I had got so used to it over the last year that it clouded my thoughts for only a few seconds. We would swing past her house on our way out of town. As we were getting into the car Mrs Weschta, John’s mom, ran out to say that Tim had just phoned to say that something had come up at work and that he would have to delay his departure and could we go past their place and take Jenny with us? He would joint us later.

We stopped outside Judy’s place and John ran in to help her with her things. The whole family came out and I could sense that her mom did not approve of her daughter going on her own with us. “You’re sure there are enough separate bedrooms?” and, “You’ll look after my good girl?”

Smooth John reassured her that his sister-in-law would be there as chaperone. Yeah yeah! I had heard her last Saturday night being very vocal. I guess that she was also very passionate from what I could hear, remembering that I was lying not more than three feet away! As I lay there massaging my swollen member listening to them, imagining what it must be like, “yes, there! There! Lick me there! Aaahhh I’m cumming AAAAHHHHHH!!. And I gushed into a wad of tissues thrusting my hips in time with the banging from the other side of the partition.

And then later as I peered at her from under the covers as she went to the bathroom. God, she was beautiful! Proud young breasts, tapered waist and long legs. As she passed the foot of my bed she turned to say something to John and I could see between her legs and I could make out her puffy nether lips and the juices running down her inner thigh. I could smell their combined sex! When John wandered past, his flaccid penis swinging with his step he flashed me a double thumbs-up. Wow! I found I was painfully hard again and could not stir. I had to wait till much later to relieve myself again.

“Why are you so red in the face?” John asked.

“I…Ah…I…” I stammered, blushing even more at being caught out with my private thoughts.

“Come, let’s go! Bye Mrs G! Bye Mr G!” and we were off. Oh, how I envied him his easy manor! Next stop his brother’s place. Jenny was outside waiting for us and we quickly loaded her kit and in minutes we were back on the road. Finally, off to the beach paradise.

I sat in the back with Jenny. She was her normal smiling witty self and had us all laughing in no time. I was able to talk to her normally without blushing and stammering. I did admire her lovely legs as we drove and when she was looking the other way. She had tucked them up under herself and I could see her smooth thighs. Wow.

As we talked she drew me out about the recent exams, Jenny would reach out and touch my arm or my leg to make a point. I burned wherever she touched me! There was nothing sexual in her behaviour but to an over-hormoned teenager it was enough to give me a painfully hard erection. Lucky for me I was sitting down and the bulge was not obvious.

The music was loud enough for me to have to lean close to her to hear all she was saying and I found myself intoxicated by her subtle perfume. I lost myself in her smiling green eyes. I overdosed myself on her husky voice. Boy, was I having it bad!

It felt like no time had passed and we were there! The rustic timber beach shack was in front of us, the beach and the sea beyond. Stunted wind-formed trees crowded one side of the building, the other side nestled into a sea grass covered dune.

John pulled the car under a lean-to shadeport at the back of the shack and we all piled out to stretch and then to explore.

“Is this the right place?” I asked, looking round for a number or a name on the building.

“Yeah, for sure!” John replied. “When I spoke to Sandy, the caretaker guy, on the phone he said to look out for the big piece of driftwood shaped like a whale at the door. That one,” he said pointing. “He also said this cottage was the only one with a carport. The cottage should be unlocked and he said he would pop by at about lunchtime and we can settle everything then.”

John tried the door. It swung open under his hand and we all trooped inside to see what awaited us. We entered into one big room with large glass sliding doors facing the sea. To the one side was an open plan kitchen, fairly rudimentary but to all appearances, clean and utilitarian. Through a door to one side of the kitchen we found two bedrooms, each with twin beds and a large bathroom. Big bath but no shower!

Puzzled, I went back to the main room. There, in the corner, was a fold-out bed type thing. My pozzy!

While John and I carried all the luggage in, the girls sorted out the kitchen. Jenny and Judy drew straws for who had which bedroom. I opened a bottle of white wine for the girls and popped the lids off a couple of beers for the boys, even though it was not yet midday. We were on holiday!

“I’m going for a swim,” I said. I went to the bathroom and changed into my baggies, the new fashioned loose shorts-type of swimming costume. I was pleased I was not wearing my sleek Speedo that I trained and raced in. What would have happened if (when) I got a hard-on? I shuddered to think.

I ran down the beach and plunged into the water. Delicious! Wonderful! Exhilarating! The surf was big and powerful, the water warm. What more could a guy ask for? I body surfed one wave after another, beating the dumpers, sliding down the smooth faces of the unbroken waves, riding them all the way to the beach.

When I had had enough I wandered out to the dry sand where the other three were lying sunbathing. “When John said you were like a seal in the water he wasn’t kidding!” Jenny said, looking me up and down. Blushing, I wrapped myself in a big towel to dry off before lying down on the sun baked sand to warm up.

From the safety of lowered lashes I studied the two girls. Or rather, one girl, one woman. Judy was voluptuous, rounded and had puppy fat around her tummy. Her breasts were large, at least a C cup or maybe even a D, bulging out of a bikini too small for her. Not that I was complaining! Her skin was smooth and very fair, seemingly untouched by the sun, contrasted by dark almost black hair in a thick plait down her back. From where I was lying I could not see her lower area but in my minds eye I could see her as she had stopped near my bed with a thick thatch of dark hair at the junction of her thighs.

Jenny, by contrast, was slighter of build, blond haired, more defined muscles. Smaller boobs I would guess at a 32B. I could see her nipples pressing against the fabric of her costume. I could feel myself getting an erection and I was glad to be lying on my stomach. No! No! No!

I turned away, looking out to sea. I had been looking forward to this weekend seemingly for ever. Today was Wednesday and we were here till Sunday. Five days of swimming, running, playing, drinking and sleeping. I must have dozed off because next thing John was saying, “okay, that must be Sandy. Come on guys, let’s go and get everything sorted!”

We all ran up the beach to the cottage where this elderly guy with sunbleached hair and faded blue eyes was standing. We all went into the cottage, signed papers, paid the money and received instructions on all the appliances. The cottage had no electricity so there were kerosene lamps, a kerosene fridge and a gas hot-water geyser. For those days this was not unusual.

“Oh, I nearly forgot. One of your party, Tim, phoned. Asked please for you to phone him back. Something about work and not being able to get here.” Sandy got up to leave. “if you need to phone, come up to the house at the start of the dirt road and you can phone from there.”

I glanced at Jenny, then away so as not to embarrass her. But too late. She caught my look and in that moment that we connected I read hurt, sadness, the start of tears. And then I was looking elsewhere, blushing. I reached over and took her hand and said something stupid about his coming on Saturday and we would have fun and…

All through lunch, Jenny was subdued and John could not keep his hands off Judy, which she seemed to enjoy. I said, “tell you guys what. I’ll take the car, drop Jenny off at Sandy’s to phone Tim and I’ll go and get the meat and things from the village.”

“Yeah yeah, good idea!” said John staring at Judy’s chest.

“I’ll go get my purse and fix my makeup. Can’t be seen with water damaged eyes,” Jenny quipped, trying to be her normal self. I felt sorry for her.

As we pulled up outside Sandy’s place, Jenny leaned over and took my hand. “Please wait for me. I won’t be long”.

“Okay,” I said, my brain moving to where she was touching me.

“You’re so sweet,” she said. She kissed me softly on the cheek then walked off to phone. My hand was still on my cheek when she returned to the car.

“I need a hug!” Jenny slithered across the seat and into my arms. She seemed so small and fragile although there was nothing small about the strength of her hug. We held each other for ever! And I was wishing forever was forever! Her breasts mashed up against my chest, her head on my shoulder, her hair in my face. Oh God. She smelled warm and fresh. No perfume just…her!

It was getting as though I always had an erection. Do all adults have a perpetual hard-on? Was it that I was not yet quite an adult? Was I abnormal? Would it go away when I had had my first woman, lost my virginity? Why was God so cruel as to not give me the choice, soft or hard? I wondered if Jenny noticed the bulge pressing against her thigh? How could she not?

I felt dreadful delighting in her misery. Well, not her misery but… you know what I mean. After forever Jenny sniffed and said, “okay, I’m done. Thank you. Let’s go do the shopping.”

All villages in the world are the same. “You’re from out of town! Where are you staying? Old Sandy’s place? Good man, give him regards. Would you mind dropping off his post?” And so on.

All done, we were on our way back when Jenny asked, “do you think they have had enough time? John and Judy, I mean…”

I knew exactly what she meant and blushed fiery red. I glanced at Jenny and she burst out laughing. Sheepishly I laughed too. And then we were both laughing so hard I had to stop the car. My sides were hurting, my cheeks stiff. Tears were running down my cheeks.

When it had at last passed, Jenny said, “come lets go walk on the beach for a bit.” We had stopped near a long white beach, apparently deserted. I parked the car and we walked to the waters edge and then along. As we walked, Jenny took my hand. It felt so natural. Her hand was so small in mine. I am just over six foot and her head came up level with my shoulder.

As we walked she told me a little about her’s and Tim’s relationship. Enough to tell me that all was not roses. We were quiet for a long time. Not uncomfortable quiet just companionable quiet.

“Where is your girlfriend?”

“I…I don’t have one”

“At the moment or never?”

I felt myself blushing. “Never. At school there was always sport and work. Then the army.” I shrugged “Two or three weekend passes was all the free time we got. And besides, all the guys that had girlfriends before their stint was finished got ‘dear Johns’ during their time. Didn’t seem like a good idea to me. Then this last year at varsity… well there just never seemed time. I’m also kinda shy around girls and don’t know what to say.”

Too much information! I felt myself blush again.

She put her arm around me and hugged me to her. “You’ll make some lucky girl happy one day. Your day will come. Just relax and go with the flow.”

Yeah, right. It’s so easy for you to say. You’re beautiful, bright, funny and all the guys are falling over themselves to be with you. One day is too far away.

We turned around and walked back towards the car, still hand-in-hand. “So. Is Tim going to join us on the weekend?”

“No. We argued about it on the phone and he is not coming. So it’s you and me, Bob.” Her nose wrinkled delightfully as she smiled.

“And John and Judy.”

“Do you think they would notice if a tsunami were to wash the shack away around them”

I laughed, “probably not!” Thinking of their naked bodies entwined made me harden again. Honest, I can’t help it!

“What are you thinking?” Jenny swung me round and looked me in the eye. I was beetroot red! She put her arms around me and hugged me close. “You’re so sweet,” she said into my chest. We stood in each other’s arms for a time. Eventually she reach up and kissed me on the lips lingering only a moment, then said, “we better get back before they start wondering…”

The rest of the day passed swimming, drinking cold beer and throwing Frisbee. Time to fix the barbeque. Soon we were eating succulent steaks off the fire, potatoes, onions and squash all done in the coals.

“Delicious! Thank you” Jenny reached out and squeezed my arm.

“What about me?” John said in an aggrieved voice “I’ve kept you supplied with bitterly cold beer and wine all afternoon!” We all yelled our appreciation, laughing. I was feeling completely relaxed for the first time in a long time. My erection had subsided.

As the sun set we all sat on the veranda and witnessed the day turn to night. It was one of those rare evenings with no wind. The sea was like a mirror blending with the sky so that one could not discerned the transition. A vee of egrets flew overhead and it was so still you could hear the wind through their feathers. The stars appeared so gently that they weren’t there, then they were there.

I was sitting on the edge of the veranda with my back against a post and Jenny was sitting on the sand between my legs leaning back against my chest. My arms were loosely linked round her stomach, her hands on mine. John and Judy were sitting snuggled together on a recliner. We were all lost in the beauty of it.

I heard the mosquitoes starting to whine and start to feed on the bare skin. And there was a lot of bare skin around as we were all still in our bathing costumes. Hating myself for disturbing the calm I said, “Better get dressed and get the mozzy coil going. There will soon be enough of the buggers to carry us away, let alone suck us dry.”

“Lucky mosquitoes!” I heard Judy whisper and John laughed.

Reluctantly I stood up and went to light the lanterns. In one of the cupboards I found a mozzy coil and got that smouldering as well, the slightly perfumed smoke filling the cottage. The girls tidied up, I went around the outside to make sure all was safe and the fire was out and John poured fresh drinks all round. The cottage looked very cosy and friendly in the lamp light. When we had all changed into our cloths, we sat around the dining room table and talked.

I found out that Jenny was a physiotherapist and she kept us in stitches talking about her work and her patients. I admired her sense of the ridiculous. John and I contributed with stories of the lighter side of our military service. John had been in the navy, I had been in the army. Judy was a third year student at college studying fashion design. I found we had much in common as far as design and colour sense was concerned. It was the first time we had really talked together and I liked her.

John went off to get his guitar. His other mistress. His friend, his companion. Jenny asked, “when the two of you are together what do other people call you? I mean how do they differentiate between you?”

“You mean who is better looking?” I quipped. Better watch how much I drink, I thought to myself.

“No silly! When someone calls ‘John’, who answers?”

“John does.” We all fell about laughing. I mean, how silly can you get.

When some normality had returned I said, “they call me Johndee. Not sure why but it seems to have stuck. We have two other Johns in our class. One is JohnO and the other is JohnR. John is John.”

We sat and listened to John strut his stuff on the guitar for a while. He was good! As had happened so often during the past year I fetched a couple of spoons and beat enthusiastic time while we sang all the songs we knew.