Spring Break


“Come on Robbie, there are girls everywhere,” Paul Robbins yelled at his roommate who was sitting alone on Daytona Beach. “There are at least two girls for every guy.”

Robbie Samuels turned and looked at his shit-faced buddy. “Go ahead and take my two,” he laughed. They had arrived in town yesterday morning and neither had taken one second of snooze. It was fun drinking and dancing at the small Shangri-La hotel and even skinny dipping in the small pool but now that the time had come to have sex with the boozed up females he headed to the beach.

“Come on man, it’s time you lost your virginity,” Paul laughed.

“No that’s OK, have fun but make sure you wear protection,” Robbie yelled back at Paul who had turned and walked back inside. He could see the many couples up on the numerous balconies kissing and groping each other. The three beers he had after a quick burger had given him a good buzz. The warm air bellowed in over the breaking waves blowing his blonde hair back across his tanned face. He leaned back onto the large towel and closed his eyes.

Almost an hour had passed when Robbie heard someone’s voice. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a blonde angel looking down at him. “Are you OK?” She asked.

“Are you real?” he whispered as he pushed himself up onto his elbows. His eyes followed her long tan legs up until they disappeared under her short white skirt. He could see the edge of the white triangle between her thighs until she moved down to sit next to him.

“I’m real,” she smiled. “I’ve been walking on the beach.”

Robbie glanced over his head and saw the balconies empty. “Where did everyone go?”

“They are all inside,” the girl blushed.

“Oh,” Robbie said. He figured from her tone that a full fledge orgy was going on.

They sat silent for a few minutes until Robbie said, “My name is Robbie.”

“Julie,” she said softly.

“What time is it?” he asked.

Julie looked at her watch. “2:00AM.”

Robbie peeked at her cute chin, nose and face. “Are you here with anyone?”

“My sister,” she answered. She had just turned eighteen and her twenty-year old college sister had picked her up on the way to Florida. “And you?”

“My roommate,” he replied.

“EEEYEEEYYEEEE!” Someone yelled behind them. They turned to see a naked girl running from the hotel with a naked guy chasing her. Both were laughing.

Julie jumped out of the way and landed on Robbie so she wouldn’t get run over. They both peeked at the two nudes running down to the water.

“God,” she giggled. It was the first totally naked man she had ever seen. She turned and looked down into Robbie’s eyes.

Before he could react Robbie felt her lips on his. His mouth opened and accepted her tongue. Her breasts crushed into his chest as his hands explored down her slim back to the cute round buttocks.

Julie felt his hard penis pushing up against her stomach and realized tonight was going to the night she would loose her virginity. She didn’t stop him when his fingers pulled up her short skirt and caressed her almost bare ass cheeks. Only the thin strap of the bikini panties stopped him from touching everything. She broke her mouth from his and took two deep breaths.

“This is crazy,” he whispered.

“I know,” she giggled as her mouth returned to his. This time Robbie broke his mouth away.

“We can’t do this….”

Julie caught her breath. What had she done wrong? “OK,” she said as she fell onto her back. She pushed down her skirt to cover the front of her moist panties.

“That’s not what I meant,” he smiled. “Not here. Let’s go find a room.”

Both were laughing as they grabbed each other’s hands and ran back into the hotel. The lobby was empty so they ran up the stairs. “My room is on the second floor,” Julie said hoping her sister was not there.

Robbie stood back as Julie unlocked the door and then followed her inside. They both stopped when they saw the two naked bodies passed out on the sofa. The girl’s legs were spread wide open showing them her hairy mound and dripping pussy. The guy was lying on his side but turned over enough to show his limp penis which was about four inches long.

“That’s only the second one I’ve ever seen,” Julie giggled as she pulled Robbie into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Robbie sat on the bed as he watched her pull her blouse over her head. “You’re a virgin.” Her full breasts pushed over the semi-bra.

“Yes, is that OK?” She reached for the bra clasp and stopped as she awaited his answer.

“Definitely,” he smiled. “Me too.” His eyes widened when her bra fell from her creamy white breasts. Her two cherry nipples were pointing out at him.

“Good,” she giggled. “Are you going to get undressed too?”

Robbie pulled his shirt off and had released his shorts when he saw her skirt fall to her ankles.

“You’re staring,” she giggled. It was the first time a male had seen her naked breasts.

“Wow,” he said now grinning ear to ear. Being with another virgin made him feel more confident because he figured they would learn together. He pushed his shorts over his bulging boxers and watched her turn around and slowly pushed down her skimpy panties. She looked over her shoulder and giggled at his expression while he gawked at her amazing ass.

“I’m not turning around until you remove your boxers,” she said.

Robbie took a deep breath and quickly removed his underwear. He quickly covered his hard-on and waited.

“No fair,” she said still looking back at him.

He heard her gasp when he slowly pulled his fingers away. Again he said, “Wow!” when he saw her flat abs and blonde puff of pubic hair resting atop a splattering of golden tendrils covering her pink slit.

“Turn off the light,” Julie said blushing.

“No, I want to see you,” he grinned. Suddenly Julie took three hops and jumped onto his body forcing him onto his back. They both froze as they felt a naked body against their own for the first time.

“Oh God, you feel so good,” he whispered as his fingers lightly touched down the middle of her back to her tailbone.

“You feel so hard,” she giggled as her belly rubbed up and then back down over his tool. As his fingers again caressed her naked butt her fingers moved between their bodies until they curled around his thick penis.

“Don’t,” Robbie moaned when he felt her touches. His old girlfriend had given him hand jobs but this was different. He was ready to cum the first time he saw her naked body.

“You don’t like it?” she asked.

“No I mean yes but I don’t want to….,”

Julie quickly released his rod when she realized he was about to cum before they had a chance to lose their virginities.

“We better do it now,” he moaned when her soft bush pushed against the hard pulsating tip.

Suddenly Julie remembered the last words her sister had said before they parted company for the night. “Do you have protection?”

“Ah shit,” Robbie thought. “Yes, but it’s in my room.”

“Wait here,” Julie said as she jumped from on top of him and ran out the door stark naked.

“He’s got to have more than one,” Julie thought as she grabbed the guy’s pants on the floor next to the sofa. She fished into his back pockets and found them empty. “Please,” she said aloud when her fingers felt down into his front left pocket. She touched the square package and smiled as she held it up in front of her.

“Jackpot!” Julie cried out when she pushed open the door and ran back into the room. Her teeth ripped open the small package and pulled out the latex circle. “Here.”

Robbie’s fingers fumbled as he tried to get the tight condom over the enlarged mushroom tip.

Julie could see he was having trouble. “Let me do it.” She took the condom from him and guided it down over the crowd. As her hand pushed it down it completely covered his shaft with about three inches not covered. “Is that right?”

“Yes,” Robbie groaned. The tight covering was suddenly restricting his blood flow. He smiled and opened his arms for her to climb on again.

Julie’s thighs opened as she saddled his hips and took his rubber protected prick in her fingers. She guided it to her virgin gate and invited him in. Her body weight pushed down until the huge tip pushed hard against her maidenhead. “OHHH!” she moaned just before she dropped her whole body weight.

“Shit it’s tight,” Robbie moaned when about four inches pushed up inside of her.

“I’m supposed to say that,” she laughed as she tried to ignore the pain and pressure. The moisture inside helped as she lowered herself down another two inches. “How big are men supposed to be?” she wondered as she dropped another two inches until she hit bottom.

“Wait, don’t move,” she whispered. “Let me get used to it.”

“Oh God Julie, I have to…,” he moaned as he pushed his hips down into the bed causing his prick to withdraw about three inches.

“OHHH!” she moaned.

“Are you alright?” Robbie asked.

“Yes,” she giggled. ‘It feels good.” This time her body pushed down and then back up. Suddenly their bodies moved in sequence. They were fucking.

“Julie,” he moaned when he felt the dam about to burst.

“Yes,” she smiled. She had never experienced an orgasm before and was satisfied just loosing her virginity.

“Julie, I’m going tooooo………..”

“Do it,” she whispered when she dropped her pussy all the way down. She squeezed her inner muscles and felt his hot juices shoot into the tip of the condom.

“OH GODDDDD!” Robbie screamed. His hips shot up and down about six times before he slowed down. He kept pumping into her hoping she too would reach satisfaction.

Julie expected him to get soft but he never did as he kept fucking in and out of her. The spark between her thighs became a small fire and then a raging flame. Her face and head jerked back when she screamed her total sexual pleasure for the first time. Their bodies curled together as they welcomed sleep and relaxation.


Erica heard the door to their efficiency room close and then slowly opened her eyes. She realized she was stark naked and lying on the sofa. She quickly closed her opened thighs and pushed away from the guy lying next to her. She tried to remember what happened but the wine had erased just about everything. She looked down on the floor and saw the used condom. “Good,” she thought as she walked into the other room to check on her sister.

“Shit,” Erica whispered when she saw the naked guy lying face down on the bed. She stared at his cute ass and wanted to jump on top of him but hesitated. She had to know where her sister was.

Robbie felt a hand on his shoulder pulling him onto his back. He remembered being with Julie and smiled when he opened his eyes and looked up into her face. However it wasn’t the girl whom he had fucked last night. “Who are you?”

“Where is my sister?” Erica asked as her eyes quickly captured his penis which was about six inches in the soft state. She suddenly realized she too was naked.

“Is your sister’s name Julie?”

“Yes,” Erica answered.

Robbie looked around the room and at the opened bathroom door which showed it to be dark inside. “I have no idea.” His eyes turned and looked at her nice firm breasts and hard nipples. He tried not to get excited but his penis didn’t cooperate.

Erica leaned back from his as his prick expanded to its full eight inch length. “Did you and her………”

“Yes,” Robbie answered while cutting her short.

Suddenly they heard the door open and saw Julie’s form standing in the doorway. She smiled. “I see you two have met.”

“Yes,” Erica said seeing her younger sister in a blouse and short skirt. “Where have you been?”

She giggled as she walked to the bed and pulled her sister’s arm. “I had to do some necessary shopping.” Her eyes saw Robbie’s hard-on when Erica moved off the bed. “What were you two doing?”

“Nothing,” Erica said as she grabbed the bag from her sister’s hands and looked inside. There had to be at least a dozen condoms. “Are you kidding?”

“No,” Julie grinned. “Now if you don’t mind we would like to have some privacy.” She walked her sister to the door and closed it behind her.

“What’s in the bag?” Robbie asked as he watched her walk back to the bed and pulled her blouse over her bare breasts.

“Protection,” she giggled as she pushed down her skirt. She was not wearing panties. She turned over the bag until the 12 condoms fell next to him.

Robbie quickly counted them. “A dozen?” He looked at her in shock.

“If we need more I’ll run back to the drug store,” she giggled as she once again jumped onto his body and planted her lips onto his. Robbie closed his eyes as she put on a condom and once again guided her pussy down on top of his prick. This time he lasted a lot longer.

After returning from the bathroom later he saw her smiling while holding up another rubber. “Don’t I get to rest?” he asked with a big grin.

“No,” she giggled as her tiny fingers touched and stroked him until he was once again hard. “Let’s do it this way,” she said as she moved onto her back and pulled him between her legs which quickly wrapped around his waist.

This time they took their time as their hands explored each other totally. About half way through they heard Erica’s voice. “Julie, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Shit,” Julie whispered as she grabbed the sheet and pulled it over their connected bodies. “OK!” she yelled.

“Don’t you two ever come up for air?” Erica asked when she saw their two heads sticking out from under the sheet. It was obvious that Robbie was between her thighs. The guy she had fucked last night was a loser so she quickly kicked him out.

“No,” Julie said. “Knock before you come back out of the bathroom.”

They heard the door close behind Erica and Julie bit Robbie’s ear. “Fuck me,” she whispered.

Erica turned on the small ventilation fan in the bathroom to drown out the intercourse noises coming from the bedroom. She had wanted her sister to have a good time and possibly lose her virginity but this had to be at least the third time. Suddenly she became jealous wishing it was herself in bed with the guy.

“I’m coming,” Robbie warned as his hips pistoned in and out of her wonderful hot pussy.

“Me too!” Julie screamed.


Erica took her time showering and then drying her hair. She had heard the climatic screams and figured they were done as she pushed open the door and froze. Her younger sister was on her hands and knees while the guy was fucking her doggie style.

“I told you to knock,” Julie glared at her sister.

“I thought you were finished,” Erica said as she moved quickly to the door. “Sorry.”

“Don’t stop,” Julie begged Robbie. Although she was a virgin she had read some books about the various sexual positions. So far she had tried three of them and had a lot more to go. Doggie style did not give her the pleasure the other ones did so she reached up under her stomach and rubbed her hard clit.

Robbie’s body was slowly falling into exhaustion while he fucked into this cute girl’s hot pussy. He knew he was going to die but at least it would be doing something feeling really great. He heard her climax again and then released his hot juices. They fell onto the bed in a big heap.

It was an hour later when they were awakened by Erica’s knocks on the door. “It’s lunch time! Do you want to go out for some food?”

Julie twisted her body and looked into his eyes. “Do you want to eat something?”

“No, right now I want to take a shower with you and then eat you,” he laughed.

‘Yummy,” she giggled. “And, I get to eat you too.”

“Well?” Erica asked.

“Bring us back some sandwiches!” Julie yelled. “We are going to take a shower!”

“This isn’t fair,” Erica muttered as she grabbed her purse and headed out for something to eat.

Julie moved under the hot water first and waited for Robbie to join her however he never did. She turned and saw him just looking at her. “Like what you see?”

“God yes,” he smiled. “I could look at you all day.”

“No you can’t because you said you were going to eat me,” she laughed. Her fingers washed over her slightly sore pussy before she turned and spread her legs. “Your lunch is ready.”

Julie held onto the towel bar when Robbie’s face pushed up between her trembling thighs. “OH GOD!” she screamed when his tongue flicked across her enlarged clit.


Erica took her time getting the sandwiches hoping the two sex birds would be through with their shower by the time she returned. She could still hear the shower running when she walked up to the bathroom door. She was ready to knock when she heard the guy’s voice.

“Your mouth feels so good!”

“Shit,” she said as she walked back into the living area.


Julie managed to get about four inches of his hard cock into her throat when she felt his body shutter and his hot juices shooting into her mouth. She pulled back and spit out his cum while he continued to empty his spunk on her chest. She moved up into the hot water and washed off.

“Let’s go see if our food is back,” she said smiling.


“Thank God,” Erica said when the door opened and Julie walked out. “Hurry and get dressed because we have to be the Beach Blast in twenty minutes.

Julie’s robe opened showing her naked body underneath. “You’ll have to go without me.” She picked up the sandwiches and two sodas and headed back into the bedroom.

“Julie, you can’t stay in bed for four days,” Erica said.

“You wanted me to experience sex so I’m doing what you wanted,” Julie grinned.

“Yes, but if you do it about three more times you will pass me up.”

“Well, I guess you will just have to find someone like Robbie,” she giggled as she shut the door behind her.


After eating her sandwich Julie pulled off her robe and snuggled up to Robbie’s bare back. She pressed her hard nipples into him and reached around and down to grab his soft penis. “Ready to go again?”

“Let me finish my food,” he said taking a big bite.

“You eat that and I’ll eat this,” she giggled as she climbed over his hip and moved her lips to his soft noodle.

Robbie took a drink and felt some life stirring down below. He realized all he knew about her was her first name and that she has a sister named Erica. “Where do you live?”

Julie heard the question and popped her lips off his expanding prick. “Virgina,” she answered before returning to her large sucker.

“How old are you?” he asked suddenly afraid she might be underage.

Her mouth moved off again. “Old enough.” She saw that he had finished his sandwich and quickly turned her body until her soft pubic mound pushed against his face. When his tongue pushed into her hot slit she asked him, “Where do you live?”

“New Jersey,” he answered between licks.

Both were ready and stopped talking. Their mouths explored and tasted areas they had not tried before in the shower. When Robbie’s rod was fully hard again Julie moved away. “How do you want to do it this time?”

“Lady’s choice,” he replied.

Julie moved until she was sitting on the bed with him on his knees between her legs. She slowly shoved her hips lower until he was lined up with her opened gash. They both shifted forward until he slowly entered her.

“That’s cool,” he whispered. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“No,” she giggled as her fingers roamed behind him to grab his ass. “Rock back and forth.”