“Bad Brad Schilty, shot his wife. Shoulda been found guilty of murder and been in prison for life.”

“Instead, the prick got rich, after he was done killin the bitch.”

Yeah, I heard the words many, many times. The kids in my neighborhood sing or at least sang it aloud over the years.

My wife Kellie and I got married when we turned 22. It was a fun ceremony held in Las Vegas. Her parents, my parents and a handful of good friends. Lots of partying. Lots of sex. Lots of love.

We both worked in downtown Chicago, which was a big change from the small towns that we came from. Big city life was way more fun. We made new friends. New adventures. New everything.

Friday’s and Saturday’s were date nights for us, which meant a trip to a restaurant or pub somewhere downtown in the Loop. It was a ritual that continued even after Kellie found out that she was pregnant. The drinking and partying stopped, but date nights continued. It was on one of these nights that the song got its start.

Chicago has a long-standing tradition for St Patrick’s Day. The whole city goes crazy for the event and we happened to get caught up in the chaos.

Walking along South Wabash, a sting operation for some local drug gang went bad and we were stuck in the crossfire. Kellie was shot twice, and I was shot once. Sadly, hers were fatal.

The trial lasted for months with our names and reputations being dragged through the mud. I couldn’t leave my apartment without some sort of media attacking or following me. If it wasn’t the media, it was the police. Turns out that ours was a story that everyone wanted to hear. In the end it was found that the bullets that struck us, came from the firearms of law enforcement, they did everything in their power to tarnish us. They said numerous things that were very unflattering and up until the bitter end, tried to clear their names. The only thing that saved us, well me I guess, were eye-witness testimony and the word of the pub owners where we had eaten earlier. The jury did not take kindly to the lies and blatant perjury laid out before them. They held the city accountable and handed out a very large settlement. It was appealed, but when it was done, an agreement was made.

In the end, I left Chicago behind along with my memories of Kellie and my unborn child.

I should have taken the advice of my father and moved far away. Somewhere where no one knew me. Somewhere that I could have a fresh start. Instead I chose to move back to my hometown. It was a mistake that haunted me for many years.

The house that I bought was a big old place on a big piece of land. Big by city standards that is. The house was in an ill state of repair. I could have afforded better, much, much better, but I wanted something that would occupy my time and this place was just the ticket.

So, there I was. Almost 24-years old. A widow, single and a new homeowner. Some might say “fuck my life”, but I was trying to keep it together.

Time rolled by slowly. The home renovation part of my life was finally over, and even though I didn’t need to, I worked part-time for the firm that I had left behind in Chicago. My tormentors seemed to dwindle in numbers as the days, months and years passed. The only ones that kept up with antagonizing me were a group of teenaged girls led by a little bitch named Jade. Honestly, who in white bread suburbia names their daughter Jade?

Jade must have been all of 14 or 15 when I moved home. Her parents lived 5 houses down and on the opposite side of the street, but that never stopped her from the routine harassment. For years to come, her gang of little witches would soap my windows, egg my house and car. But it was never anything that caused permanent damage or would get them caught.

Though the gang warfare on my street continued, I have to admit that when it slowed to a point where it had almost disappeared, I missed it.

A waving arm alerted me that someone was trying to get my attention. Claude Lemay and his family moved into their place around a year after I had, and we had become fast friends. He and his wife May were older than me. They had 3 kids, all girls, two of them, immediately became “little witches” when they moved in. Sometime later, Elle had matured out of that phase of her life, but Francine, was also Jade’s best friend, remained, but she was harmless when Broom Hilda wasn’t around.

Turning off my mower, I walked over to the fence.

“What’s up Claude?”

“You goin over to the McAlister’s tonight?”

“I wasn’t invited, so I’m guessing no.”

“Well guess again. For sure you were invited. Read an e-mail once and awhile and you would know these things.”

“I’m fairly certain that John and his wife don’t have my e-mail address and I’m not on Facebook, so, even if they wanted to, there’s no way for them to get in touch with me.”

“May gave them your info. It’s Jade’s birthday. McAlister’s doing a pig roast and a big side of beef. Plus, the cheap prick has a keg of beer chilling.”

“Nah, I have never been to any of her other birthday parties. I’ll probably pass on this one too.”

“Your call, but everyone will think that you’re a dick. A guy’s daughter only turns eighteen once.” I nodded my acknowledgement. I knew what Claude was saying, but I still didn’t have any interest in going. “Remember something else. Franny’s birthday is in less than a month, so it’s going to look really shitty when you show up at my place and not McAlister’s. You got off the hook for Eleanor’s, because we had just moved in, but this one…I’m not so sure my friend. Plus, going might help you prepare for all those crazy girls running around at Franny’s party.”

“We’ll see.”

“Yeah, yeah. Drop over for a beer when you’re done the grass and I’ll set you straight.”

The constant drone of the mower’s engine didn’t do anything to help my sudden headache. Although I hate no one, Jade was very close to being my first. I truly disliked her and her friends, including Claude’s daughter. But he was right. He always was. If I didn’t go to Jade’s 18th birthday party, I would be burning bridges that I wouldn’t be able to repair.

Sure enough, the invitation was in my “inbox”. It was “Best Wishes Only”, but we all know what a crock-of-shit that is. The start time was slated for 5:00pm, so I had plenty of time to get ready.

Claude was in his garage. He was always in his garage. It was the only place where he was free from the constant nattering of 4 women.

Flopping down in the chair next to him.

“So, what do I bring?”

“Gift cards. These little bitches love gift cards.”

The local drug store had every gift card on the face of the earth. If it hadn’t been for Franny telling what to get, I would have been dead in the water. $100 worth of cards all crammed into a card worth $3. Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered.

I walked over to Jade’s house with the Lemay’s and 2 of their daughters. The oldest and the youngest, Franny the middle daughter, was probably already there. May curled one of her arms in Claude’s and one in mine. Chained together, she started singing, “we’re off to see the wizard…” Neither of her daughters found any humor in it.

Claude and May’s daughters were all lookers. They had very similar features. Strong healthy appearances. Longer dark hair, with strikingly bright blue eyes. Eleanor, the oldest, was 22-years old. She was a heartbreaker. There was always a line-up of gentlemen begging for her attention, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out why. She was very pretty, had a nice athletic body, and she was smart. Like I had said before, she, at one time, was one of the original “Witches”, but it only happened a few times. I could see the hurt in her eyes when she was singing the song. And with her being a few years older than the others, she had many different interests. Franny was the spitting image of her oldest sister, but the 3 years difference in age had her at a maturity disadvantage. Franny was also very pretty, but she was not nearly as filled out as her older sister. She was still a “Witch”, second in charge if you checked the pecking order. The youngest Lemay girl was thirteen and jealous of her sisters. She had zero interest in being mean.

The McAlister’s invited us into their home with open arms. Most of the neighborhood was standing or sitting around in their backyard. They had a bartender making drinks, and pulling cold drafts, while the sweet smell of charred animal flesh filled the air. Jade was in full princess mode. Her light brown, almost blonde hair was pulled back behind her ears with a flower headpiece holding it in place and she was also dressed to impress. She had on a black bikini top and a long flowing pink linen skirt. The kind that doubles as a beach wrap. Her heels were at least 4 inches high, putting her way taller than she was. Her hip pressed the table where she was standing. The table held a lacy bucket where people were dropping cards and it also served as somewhere for placing gifts. So much for the “Best Wishes Only” part of the invitation. She had huge hugs for everyone in our group, everyone but me. The floral crown, had her acting a lot like a princess on her special day

“Killer. What brings you here tonight?”

“I was invited by your parents.”

“Why the hell would they invite you?”

“Well, they plan on putting a contract out on you if you misbehave tonight.” 2 could play this game. “Offered to pay me for doing some dirty work, but I told them, fuck it, I have so much money, I’ll do this one for free.”

The birthday girl snapped her head back and gave me the weirdest look. This was the most that I had ever said to her at one time.

“Maybe I’ll get you to do them for me.”

“Nope. I never default on a promise, so if you see me signing any paperwork, run.”

“Very funny Killer.” Her chuckle had the slightest tremble to it.

“If it’s so funny, then why’s no one else laughing?”

Jade looked from side to side at her entourage of little witches. She was too baffled to speak.

“Ok, enough tormenting the birthday girl. Let’s go get a beer.” Claude had me by the arm, pulling me out of harms way. He knew very well that over the years Jade and I had had many run ins. When we were almost out of range, Jade shook my envelope and yelled.

“What’s in the card Killer, Anthrax?”

“No, but when you open it, make sure that no one else is nearby. Don’t want anyone else getting hurt.”

The Lemay’s saw no time like the present to get in on the drinks and food. Claude wanted to “beat the rush”. So, with a plate of BBQ and a large glass of draft, we found a picnic table to our liking and sat.

The steady herd of guys anywhere from 18-years old and up kept passing our table, and it was driving Claude, crazy. At one point, I was sure that I heard him growling.

“Are any of those guys your boyfriend Elle?”

Before she had a chance to answer, Claude did it for her.

“Look at her. Our Eleanor is way too good for any of the hillbillies in this town. She is going to marry rich when she graduates college.”

A “Jesus, dad” and “Really Claude?” came from Elle and May at the same time.

“What?” he played innocent, but the damage was already done. “Is it too much to ask for a man’s first daughter. She deserves the finest.”

It wasn’t my place to say so, but I did agree with him. She was way out of most of these guys league.

As far as teenaged girl’s birthday parties go, it wasn’t bad. Lots of food and lots of drinks. Everybody appeared to be having a good time. Dancing, doing Karaoke and swimming. It looked like my night would be uneventful after all.

Unfortunately, shortly after 10:00pm, Claude hit a brick wall. Too much sun during the day, and way too much beer after dark.

May and her youngest daughter said their good-byes and helped poor old Claude home. Franny and Elle stayed to enjoy themselves.

I found myself in an uncomfortable position. Not one of the parents. Not one of the boyfriends. I mean, I talked to lots of people, but I was lost in the crowd.

“Well Killer, it’s almost midnight and I’m still alive. You plan on doing it tomorrow, the day after my birthday?” My nemesis was at my side.

“Yeah, no sense ruining a fun night. I’m actually enjoying the wait.”

“Bad Brad Sc…”

“Shut the fuck up Jade. You’re such an asshole. That shit got old a long time ago.” I was surprised when Elle spoke. I didn’t even know that she was near me.

“Fuck off Elle. It’s my party.”

“So, you think that gives you the right to be a cunt? Grow up and knock off the fucking bitch routine.”

“Screw you Elle, I’ll…”

“You’ll what? One more stupid word comes out of your yap and I’ll punch you right in the mouth. Then that fucking retainer of yours won’t fit anymore, and you’ll be living with that dumb overbite for the rest of your life.”

Oh my god. Catty. Jade screeched, started to cry and bolted.

“I’m telling mom what a bitch you are, Elle.” Apparently, Franny wasn’t too happy with the treatment of her best friend.

“News flash, Fran. She knows, and that’s why she left me here to babysit your dumb ass.”

Franny left the scene the same way that Jade had.

“Wow! It must be all that red hot French blood in you that gives you a temper. You really know how to clear a room, or in this case, a backyard.”

“Bitches. Both of them. Let’s get a drink.”

Midnight hit and the party was over. It was Franny’s curfew. Her time was up, so Elle wrangled her, and we headed home. It wasn’t that far to go, but it was indeed far enough for them to get into another argument. With each of them shouting “fuck you”, Franny ran home ahead of us, crying.

There was an uneasiness with Elle. Something was bothering her. She didn’t look happy at all.

“Elle, is everything okay? You look pretty tense.”

Without hesitation, “No, not really. I can’t wait to get back to school. My mom took over my room while I was away at school and now…now a share a room with that little bitch. I have zero privacy. I can’t even…”

“Can’t even what?” It came out before I could stop myself. It was sexual tension. I could see it now that I opened my eyes.

“How old are you Brad?”

“Right now, I feel very old.”

“So, you still jerk off right?” No way was I answering that. “I mean, we never see women going into your house, so you must be taking care of yourself.” Still not answering. “So, imagine not being able to because your sister shares a room with you.”

“Well…I… I guess that…I…”

“Look, it’s a normal thing. I’m twenty-two. I had a few drinks tonight. I’m horny as hell and there’s nothing that I can do about it.”

She had stopped under a streetlight. Her dark hair gave off a blue tint from the light. I could see her breasts heaving under her t-shirt. Her tanned, toned arms and legs looked primed and ready for a fight. Every inch of her body was tensed up. And to top it off, she was on the verge of tears.



“I’ll give you twenty bucks if you make me cum.”

“What?” I had heard her clear as day. She spoke in an unmistakably clear voice. One dripping with sexuality. Make me cum, and I will pay you for doing so. “Elle, as much as I would love to…”

My feet were already moving. I left her behind and headed to my house. I wasn’t running, but I was very fucking close to it. I needed a place of safety. Unfortunately, my house wasn’t it. Elle followed me home.

I entered through the unlocked side door. I didn’t turn on any lights, nor did she, but I heard the deadbolt click.

It was a dangerous game. My good friend’s daughter wanted me to pleasure her, and I was more than a little tempted to do it.

There would be no more contemplating it. Elle pulled her t-shirt up over her head, exposing her pale green bra to me. She tossed it my way and headed down the hall.

“Elle, please don’t…”

Almost sprinting up the stairs, she disappeared from my sight. I knew that I shouldn’t do it. Claude and May had been so nice to me. I knew I should stay put, yet I was rock hard in my shorts as I tracked her into my room.

Her panties were the same color as her bra. Standing at the end of the bed she looked at me with big puppy dog eyes. It was a look of want and need.

“Elle, what do you want me to…”

“I don’t care. Use your mouth, use your cock, use anything but fingers. I’m tired of fucking fingers.”

The bra snapped free when she reached behind her back and freed the clasp. Seconds later the panties followed. Standing naked before me, I couldn’t help but moan. She was spectacular. I went from knowing I shouldn’t do it, to praying that I wouldn’t do it, in a heartbeat.

Large, but not overly big breasts. Toned, athletic body and legs, with a small tuff of hair at the top of her slit.

I should have turned and ran. I should have been stronger. I needed to be stronger. But in the end, I was a weakling who was pulling himself free of his shorts.

“Nice. Not to bad at all. I wished I’d known 3 or 4 years ago. I woulda forced you to do me back then.”

A perfect view of her glistening pink gash was right in front of me as she climbed onto my unmade bed. Elle fluffed the pillows to her liking and rolled over onto her back. Leaning back on her elbows, she used her curled hand to beckon me forward in a “let’s get this show on the road” motion.

Her naked skin burned against mine. She was a hard ball of fire. When our lips met, her teeth clenched me in a death grip. Pain and excitement shot through me. I could smell the stale beer on her breath, masked only by the minty gum she had chewed earlier. We moved our bodies until they were molded together, and the tip of my cock could feel her wet opening.

Elle used her hand to put me where she wanted me. I pushed in doing exactly what we both wanted and needed. Not once did her eyes leave mine.

“Sooooo good.”

My new lover was not a virgin. I had suspected as much, but she was still very tight. There would be no foreplay. It was unwanted and unnecessary tonight. Elle had very simple plans on her agenda.

It felt like with every stoke I dove deeper and deeper into her. Each thrust made the slapping of my nuts on her ass louder and louder. Unfortunately for me it had been a long time in between sexual encounters, so each push brought me closer to the finish line. I had no choice but to pull out.

“Nooooo.” Elle’s scream was loud enough to scare me. But her, “yessss” was equally as loud when I pushed my tongue into her sopping, fur trimmed, hole.

Taking my time not to rush with her oral pleasure, was very beneficial for me. It gave me time to back off the ledge and let my excitement subside. Elle was more than a little receptive to my mouth on her. She flopped and pushed her hips up off the bed. She humped at my tongue and used her hands to pull my face into her. It was not very graceful. No, it was just pure raw sexual urges. In the end, it was all that she needed.

My lips and tongue worked her clit to the point where she was almost hovering in the air. Normally I would have inserted a finger, even if it was for my own pleasure, but I clearly remembered her telling me “anything but fingers”.

One last lick from asshole to clit. I drank in the flavors and nectar of her sweet, tangy peach. My tongue tasted all it could until it came to rest on her hard, little nub.

Sucking it in with my lips, I started a soft rapid-fire flicking until Elle passed the point of no return.

“Oh, oh, oh, shit, shit, no, no, keep…”

Every muscle in her body tightened as she came. Her toned legs locked my head into place, deleting any chance of escape. Not that I wanted to.

Elle flopped her arms back on the bed in a spread-eagle position.

“Oh my god, thank-you.”

By the sight of her chest raising and falling, I would have assumed that it was over for her. I was still rock hard, but my hair trigger, need to cum had been locked down. Crawling up beside the sexy creature in my bed, I for the first time that night, licked one of her hardened nipples.