Jeannie was mortified.

She wanted desperately to be a member of Rho Iota Epsilon; her mother would be devastated if she wasn’t. She’d endured the normal hazing, the cold showers taken while racing against the other pledges to repeat the Greek alphabet, cleaning the toilets with her toothbrush, the yelling and name calling, being woken up at night, even the embarrassing skits.

But this was too much.

She knew she shouldn’t delay, that it wasn’t going to get much better. There were only three people on the sidewalk in front of the building. She braced herself to make a run for it, taking one last look from her shelter behind the shrubs. A group of half-a-dozen frat brothers poured out of the entrance across the way, and she huddled down, praying they wouldn’t look her way. With every minute that passed, she knew it would only get worse, as more and more students started heading to their early morning classes. Jeannie kicked herself for hesitating.

She shut her eyes tightly, fighting the tears. One lousy mistake. That’s all it had taken, and now the pledge mistress had it out for her. She knew she should quit and just walk away, but she didn’t want to give the bitch the pleasure. And her mother would never forgive her.

“What the hell’s going on?”

She opened her eyes in shock to see a guy standing just a couple of feet away, looking her up and down. She blushed from head to toe, and he couldn’t miss the fact, since the only thing she was wearing was her sandals. That, and a clipboard in one hand, a pencil tied to a string around her wrist in the other.

Jeannie hunched over, trying to cover up. “I can’t say.”


She nodded weakly.

He stepped closer and she trembled. Then he turned effectively blocking the view of her from quad. “You don’t have to do this, you know? This is way out of line, and dangerous. They could get kicked off campus and shut down for pulling this kind of crap.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“How long do you have to stay out here?” he asked.

“I … I have to walk the quad circuit.”

“Bullshit!” he snapped. “No fucking way.”

“Please, don’t interfere. I have to.” Jeannie was on the verge of crying again. She’d been watching for fifteen minutes, praying for a lull in the traffic, so she could sprint around the perimeter. It was only a couple of hundred yards. Then the horror would be almost over.

The guy shook his head, and started removing his shirt.

“I can’t. I can’t wear anything.”

He ignored her, laying the shirt over the bush beside him, then started taking off his shoes. She watched him in terror as he opened his pants.

“No. No way,” she hissed. “Don’t.”

“Calm down,” he said, folding his jeans in half and putting them beside his shirt. Then he removed his boxers and he was as naked as her.

“What are you doing?”

He smiled and extended his hand. “C’mon. Let’s get this over with.”

She placed her hand in his, and felt the small squeeze. She resisted his pull, but he was relentless.

“Stand tall. Proud. Don’t let the bastards get to you,” he said. He pulled and she stepped out of her shelter, and onto the sidewalk. She bowed her head, staring at the ground in front of her.

“I’m Alex.”

She allowed the stranger to pull her along, and she kept pace, with short mincing steps. “Jeannie.”

“Dude! What the fuck? And who’s the babe?” Jeannie glanced up to see two guys walking toward them.

Please, God. Don’t let them ask about the clipboard. Please.

“This is Jeannie,” her partner in nudity said. “We’re celebrating National Nude Day.”

The guys stopped just a few feet away, and she looked up to see them grinning. “Nude Day? For real? That’s righteous,” the one on the left said.

Alex put his hand around Jeannie’s waist, and tugged her along. She was in shock, but followed docilely.

“Yeah. You guys should get with it. Or are you afraid to let the world see what you got?” Alex said.

“Hell yeah! I’m in.” The second guy was taking off his shirt, when Jeannie passed them. “She’s a keeper,” one of them added.

“Stand straight,” Alex whispered. “Proud. You know your sisters are watching.” He reached over and took the clipboard from her hand. “What’s with—”

“Stop!” she hissed. “Please don’t ask. Please.”

He nodded, and moved his arm from around her waist up across her shoulders. “Dicks at one o’clock,” he said, sotto voce.

DKE’s. Jesus. That was the last thing she needed.

Three guys walked toward them, laughing. “Best walk-of-shame ever,” one of them said.

Jeannie felt the tips of her ears burning. She felt his breath against the side of her face. “Ignore them,” he whispered.

As they got closer, they started to spread out, leering at her.

“Figured the Dicks would be too lame to go along,” Alex said, a sneer in his voice. “Cowards.”

“Fuck you Hamilton,” the middle one said. “We ain’t ‘fraid of shit. Not some pussy Sig.”

“Go along with what?” the one on the left said.

“Nude Day. Flaunt it if you got it. I figured you had nothin’ to show.”

“Bullshit,” the one on the right said. “Nude Day ain’t till July.”

Alex slid his arm around Jeannie’s waist again, pulling her along, trying to stem her trembling. “That’s National Nude Day, dickless. Today’s International Nude Day. But I just bet you’re looking for any excuse not to strip down and show your poor excuse for a pecker.”

“You’re full of crap,” middle guy said.

Two of the Deltas had stopped to listen in on the conversation. Jeannie thought she would die. They were drawing a crowd. Everything she was afraid of.

Alex didn’t seem to care. “Of course I am. And you three are living proof why the Dicks are the most laughed at frat on campus. The one day you can let it all hang free, and you’re hiding behind your Dockers and tighty-whiteys.” He nodded toward the girls. “Bet they have more balls than you.” He grinned at the new audience. “It’s Nude Day. I hope I’m not offending you ladies.”

They giggled, and looked him over. “Not in the least,” the shorter said.

“Ignore the cowards, they’ve got nothing to show,” Alex said with a nod toward the three DKEs, and a wink at the girls.

“Fuck off, Hamilton, I got just as much as you.”

“Sure you do,” Alex laughed, as he tugged Jeannie along picking up the pace.

“Is it really Nude Day?” the taller of the Deltas called after him.

“All day long.” He glanced backward, and Jeannie turned with him. The Delta’s followed their gaze toward the naked asses of two guys who were almost to the greenway, laughing it up. They’d even picked up another nudie.

Jeannie turned back around and struggled to keep up the quick pace that Alex was setting.

“Are they doing it?” he whispered.

She looked back and was shocked to see the guys starting to undress, and struggled to suppress her laughter. She couldn’t believe that one of the girls was stripping down, while the other argued with her. “How do you do that?” she said, putting her arm around her partner’s waist.

“Do what?”

“Walk around like it’s no big deal, naked. Like you own the world. Make it sound like they’re the idiots for being dressed.”

He shrugged. “I don’t judge myself by how others see me, and I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

They had already covered half the distance around the quad, when Lisa, her best friend and fellow pledge came running across the quad, naked.

“Lisa!” Jeannie gasped.

“It’s ridiculous that you have to do this. They’re fighting like crazy in the house. The bitch is getting an earful.” Lisa looked up at Alex. “Hi, I’m Lisa.”

“Alex,” he replied with a smile, sticking out his hand. She shook it briefly, grinning before falling in on the other side of her friend.

Alex gave Jeannie a tug to get her moving again. “So I guess you’re celebrating Nude Day with us?”

Lisa walked beside the pair, taking Jeannie’s hand in hers, grinning. Lisa had no issue with walking around naked. It was her favorite outfit. She’d do it all the time, if she could get away with it. “July 14th.”

“July what?” Jeannie asked.

“Nude Day is July 14th. Not October.” Lisa grinned, “It’s a big day back home.”

Alex laughed. “I guess you caught me. I figure it’s close enough for our purposes.”

A few more students were exiting the fraternity and sorority houses. There wasn’t much foot traffic at 7:30 in the morning. There weren’t that many early classes. A group of Gammas jogged over as they reached the end of the buildings on the west side of the quad.

“Hey Alex, looking good,” the tall brunette in the front laughed.

“Heather,” Alex nodded, smiling. “Gonna join us for Nude Day?”

The new girls fell in step as Alex kept walking, dragging Jeannie along at his side. “For real? Is that what this is about? No shit?” Heather asked.

Alex waved her over, and she stepped in beside him, opposite Jeannie. “No, I’m not gonna lie to you,” he said softly, his words for her alone. “We’re caught up in a pledge thing.”

She nodded. “And the boy scout couldn’t leave it alone.”

He just grinned. “Guilty. You know me too well.”

She tugged on his arm, getting him to stop. “How bad is it?”

“Nothing, really. She just has to walk the quad in her birthday suit.”

Heather nodded. “Need company?”

“I think we’ll be fine. I appreciate it though.”

Heather turned and stood in front of him, stopping him from going any further. She looked over at Jeannie. “Rho house?”

Jeannie nodded, slightly intimidated by the gorgeous brunette.

“Sandra, I bet. She’s been bragging about torturing her pledges. She’s a total bitch.”

Lisa spoke up. “She has it in for her. I’d a quit. Probably have to after this.”

Heather looked over at the three girls with her. “Alright pledges, anyone who walks the quad naked with me is in. No more testing. Anyone up for it? No repercussions if you don’t. It’s a lot to ask.”

“You don’t have to—” Alex started, before Heather cut him off.

“You never have to; it doesn’t stop you does it?” She grinned at him as she pulled her shirt off, and unsnapped her bra.

It wasn’t two more minutes until Alex and the bevy of beauties were continuing their walk, the latest girls wearing nothing but their backpacks, stuffed full of their books and the clothing they’d shed.

Jeannie was still in shock at how things were turning out. She’d been terrified. Now she stood tall, walking in the crisp morning air, naked as the truth she had to face. She didn’t want to be a Rho Iota Epsilon. Not after this.

Heather looked around Alex as they made the turn as the end of the frat quad, just before academic row. “You’re not a quitter, are you? You’re not gonna give that bitch the satisfaction of breaking you.”

“Not in this lifetime,” Jeannie said.

“Good. If you change your mind about where you want to belong, look me up. We need girls like you. And Gammas stick together.” She looked over at where three of her own pledges were walking naked. Heather looked over at Lisa. “You too. Love that you didn’t make her do it alone. Big respect for that.”

Just before the Rho house, Heather stopped. “Get dressed,” she announced to her pledges. Then she turned and gave Alex a big hug. “Still the best.”

He grinned squeezing her tightly and making her squeal when he lifted her off the ground. “Love you, sweetie.”

She held his head in her hands, and kissed him. “My once and always hero.” Another brief peck and she took off her backpack and started getting dressed, as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

Jeannie watched, feeling a tug of jealousy she’d never expected. Then his arm was around her waist again, pulling her along. “Almost done. You gonna explain the clipboard, part?”

“Oh shit,” Lisa gasped. Then she laughed, and ran the last few feet to the sorority house.

Jeannie sighed. She thought she’d get away with it. “If anyone asks me about the clipboard, I have to ask them three questions.”

“Are they that bad?” Alex asked.

She took the clipboard from him, and readied her pencil. “What’s your favorite type of music?”

“Hard rock,” he answered instantly, without a thought.

She noted his answer on the paper. “If you could have dinner with any four people who are no longer alive, who would you choose?”

Alex took a few seconds to think that one over, as more people started to wander through the quad, eyeing the odd naked couple doing a survey.

“Jesus, Buddha, DaVinci, and my grandfather.”

Jeannie looked up at him in surprise. Not the answer she was expecting. She wished she could ask him more about that, but now wasn’t the time. She wrote down his answers, and looked up at him. Her hand was trembling and she felt her eyes tearing up.

“Do you want to have sex with me?”

It was only the last question that mattered. That was the hazing.

Alex took the clipboard from her shaking hand, put his hand behind her neck, and pulled her forward against his body. He tilted her head back, brought his lips to hers, hesitating before they touched. He gazed into her eyes, as he completed that last half-inch, his mouth covering hers, his tongue brushing her lip. She heard the clipboard clatter against the ground, as his other arm pulled her tightly against him.

Jeannie sighed, kissing him back, feeling his hardness press against her. That hadn’t been there earlier, while they were walking. Now it was a hefty presence, scaring her. She wasn’t a quitter, but she didn’t know if she could go through with it. Not that he wasn’t interesting and handsome, but she didn’t even know the guy.

When he released her, she was shaking.

“No.” Then his lips brushed her again, and she felt his erection brush against her belly.

She stared at him, her forehead furling in surprise.


“No, Jeannie. I don’t want to have sex with you if that’s going to force you to do something you’re not ready for.”

She absorbed the unexpected response. If he had said yes, she would have had to go through with it. That was the rule. Asking her to give the survey, while naked, to a random person was unfair. She knew the bitch had done it to make her quit. Even if she hadn’t quit, the shame of giving up her virginity to a stranger would have been unbearable. Not following through was all the excuse the bitch needed to drop her.

She looked into his eyes, seeing the concern. “You know.”

He nodded, a hint of a smile turning up the side of her cheek. “I don’t know you, Jeannie. Not that I wouldn’t love to get to know you. I’m not the kind of guy to take advantage of a girl in distress.”

“But … how?”

He laughed. “It’s a legend around here. The sorority pledge with the clipboard. The guys have a similar thing, where the pledge has to ask questions. His pencil is on a string that goes into his pocket and it’s tied to his balls. The sorority sisters all know about it, and they’re supposed to take the pencil from him and tug on it. The DKEs still do it.” He leaned over and kissed her softly. “Usually the question from the pledge is ‘Do you want a handjob’ or at worst ‘Do you want a blowjob.’ Any frat brother seeing that clipboard in your hand would have been all over you. None are going to pass up a good thing, especially not one that looks like you. That’s why I had to take it from you.” His eyes turned hard. “Your sorority sisters don’t play nice. You could do better.”

“My mother was president. She’ll die if I don’t become a Rho.”

“I doubt that. I bet if you told her what they expected of you, you’d get a different response.”

“You don’t understand. It’s all she’s ever talked about, how wonderful it was, what a great group they were. Her best friends are still her sorority sisters from back then.”

Alex shook his head. “Talk to her Jeannie. Don’t do something you don’t want to. Nothing’s worth that.” Then he smiled. “I think Nude Day is over. Maybe you should go in.” He looked down at her naked body. “Damn, you’re a pretty thing. Go, before I change my answer.”

Jeannie looked around as more people were wandering the quad, giving her and Alex odd looks, and laughing. Fuck ’em, she thought.

She picked up her clipboard, and looked at the strange guy who’d come to her rescue. “Do you want to take me out?” she asked, smiling, her pencil poised over the paper.

“In a heart-beat. Nothing I’d like better.”

She wrote on the paper, then tore off the bottom, and handed it to him. She stood on tiptoe and gave him a brief kiss. “Call me, boy scout.”

Then she turned and ran inside the house, leaving Alex holding her phone number.

* * *

Inside the sorority house, all the sisters and pledges were gathered. Most broke out in applause as she entered. Jeannie turned to Sandra, the pledge mistress, and thrust the clipboard at her.

The startled Sandra took it in her hand and started reading it as Jeannie pulled on her panties. “So when are you going to fuck him?” she sneered.

“I don’t know. Maybe after a few dates, we’ll see.”

The twittering of the surrounding girls was interrupted by Sandra’s outburst. “No? He said no? Bullshit! You didn’t ask him. We all saw that he was ready to do you on the front porch.”

Jeannie adjusted her bra. “I asked. He said no.”

“No way!”

Jeannie shrugged. “Ask him yourself, if you don’t believe me. His name is Alex.”

The sorority president stepped forward, taking the clipboard from Sandra roughly. “Alex Hamilton. We know. Shit, everyone on sorority row knows Alex.” She turned and faced Sandra. “You know he would say no.”

Sandra scowled. “It was supposed to be a random guy. I bet she had it set up with him. That was all staged.”

Jeannie was dressed by the time Sandra was finished. “I did everything you asked. More than I should have. Is there anything else?”

Sandra started to speak, but was interrupted by the sorority president. “No. That’s it. You can go to class. Everyone back here and ready by seven. Tonight’s the initiation ceremony.”

* * *

Jeannie knew that Alex was right. She made the call home, between classes. Her mother was shocked and appalled. She said she’d be making some calls. None of what her daughter had gone through should have happened. She was a legacy for god’s sake! Not just a legacy, but a past president’s daughter! Heads were going to roll!

At half-past six, Jeannie was donning the red robe she was required to wear during the initiation ceremony. At ten to seven, her big sister entered the room, blindfolded her, and took her by the hand.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I tried to stop it. Sandra is out of control.”

Jeannie didn’t reply. All she could think was how the hell did she have that kind of control anyway?

She was lined up with her fellow pledges and the blindfold removed. The room was dark, the walls covered in dark cloth, candlelight the only illumination. She faced the sisters, and listened as various ones told their story, revealing past history, explaining the meaning of their symbol, the import of their motto. The pledges were regaled with the value of their membership, the promise of unwavering friendship, and their purpose and goals.

Then the big sisters separated from the group, each standing behind her pledge. The president stood before the first of the pledges, the pledge mistress at her side.

“Is your pledge prepared for admittance, worthy of the honor, and exemplary of the goals and values we hold true?” the president asked.

“She is,” answered the big-sister.

“And has she passed her tests, and demonstrated the heart and soul we expect from a sister?” the president said.

“She has,” the pledge mistress answered.