I woke up rather late the next morning with long black hair on my chest. No, I didn’t grow it overnight! Jewels was sleeping with her head on my shoulder. I had never felt so complete in my life. Her breasts were snuggled up against my ribs under my arm, and they felt wonderful! Her long luscious legs were tangled with mine. I couldn’t see her pubes, because they were nestled up against my hip as if they had grown there. Bliss, that’s the word I was trying to think of. I was in bliss. Then I heard it again, the sound that had awakened me a minute ago. A car horn! Susan and Jennifer were here! I shook Jewels shoulder and awakened her. She stretched like a cat snuggled up against me still, and almost purred.

“Jewels, Susan and Jennifer are here!”

“Oh, no! Already?”

“It’s almost ten o’clock! We really slept once we finally went to sleep!” Jewels jumped up quickly and scurried across the hall to her room, naked as the morning she was born. Again I was awestruck at her beauty! She thought faster than I did, rumpling up her bed to make it look like it had been slept in, and threw a tee shirt and her shorts on, then said, “Hurry up, slowpoke! They will know we’ve been up to something if we don’t hurry down there!”

I threw on a tee shirt and pulled on my shorts, commando again, not wanting to take the time to pull out underwear. Jewels hurried down the stairs to the front door to let them in, just as I got to the head of the stair.

“What’s going on?” Jennifer asked. “Were you going to sleep all day, or something? We blew the horn three times!”

“Sorry,” I said from the stairs. We both had some wine last night since the parents weren’t here, and I guess we overslept.” You see, I can think quickly sometimes, too.

The girls came into the house carrying a small bag apiece since they were planning to spend the night. Susan also had another bag that she handed to Jewels. “I think that has what you wanted in it. What gives?” She gave Jewels a searching look, but Jewels just said, “I’ll tell you all about it later.”

“How about some breakfast? I’ll make waffles,” I said.

“Yum,” said Jewels. “Let me go get cleaned up a bit while you fix it.” She turned to Jennifer and Susan and said, “Come on up with me and I’ll explain why I asked for that stuff.”

I started preparing blueberry waffles with some blueberries I had picked with Mom last week. There is a “U Pick” farm near our house that has some of the best hybrid blueberries! They are as big as the end of my little finger, and sweet! I also started some hashed-browns, (OK, I cheated and used frozen ones.) and some fresh home-made sausage, that came from the same farm. I’m going to let Jewels tell what happened while I was cooking breakfast, but before I do it, let me tell you a little about Jennifer and Susan. They are both a couple of “cute girl next door” kind of girls, both brunettes. There is nothing special about them that would catch the eye. Just kind of average, and neither of them really dressed to get attention. Jennifer is about four eleven, and slender. Susan on the other hand is about an inch taller than Jewels and about the same weight. Here’s Jewels. . . .

Jennifer, Susan and I went up to my bedroom while Jason started breakfast. Susan said, “All right, what gives with the clothes you wanted? I’ve never seen you dress like that? And what’s with no bra? I’m sure Jason noticed”

Jewels giggled. “Yes, he noticed all right! It’s a long story. Do you remember our sophomore year when Julie brought her brother’s Porn magazine to Volleyball practice, and we looked at it in the locker room?”

Jennifer and Susan both grimaced and Jennifer said, “Yeah, I remember. Talk about feeling ugly and under-developed!” Susan nodded agreement.

“Well yesterday, after our dads got hurt, he fixed lunch, and he can really cook! He opened a bottle of wine since no one else was there, and we wouldn’t be going anywhere. After we ate I suggested we put on our bathing suits and go for a swim. He joked that with our folks gone we could skinny dip like we did in the wading pool as little kids. I said, ‘Right!’ and then kind of quiet so he wouldn’t hear me, but he did, I said, ‘Like any guy would want to look at my body.’ He said, ‘I would.’ After we swam for a while and played water volleyball (I noticed he kept looking at my body when I jumped up in the water to hit the ball) we came back in and got dressed. I was drying my hair and brushing it out when he walked by my door and stopped and watched. I asked what he was looking at, and he said my hair is beautiful and he wished he could brush it for me. I said ‘OK’ but he wouldn’t come in my room, so we went down to the verandah. Like he told you we had some wine with lunch, well, while he was brushing my hair out I talked him into opening another bottle just for courage. After a bit I asked him if he ever looks at porn, and why. Man, was I ever embarrassed! Anyway, he said he does sometimes, but he knows it is all fantasy, and not real. He said the models usually are enhanced, and they photoshop the pictures to make them look better. He said I look as good, or better, than they do! I thought he was just trying to make me feel better or something and said so. He asked if he could show me. He promised not to do anything indecent or anything, so I said ‘OK’.

We came up here to my room, which he never would come into before, and he had me stand in front of my mirror. You know how I’ve hated mirrors for the last couple of years! He asked me what I saw. I said, ‘I see a skinny girl with little boobs and long hair. I don’t see anything beautiful or attractive at all.’ He said, ‘What I see is a beautiful young woman who has been programmed by media into thinking she is lacking in beauty and sex appeal.’

I had to agree with him. He asked me to put on some shorts and a tee shirt. He left and I changed clothes. All I had were some booty shorts and a loose crop top that I sleep in. When he came back in he asked me to stand in front of the mirror again, and again asked me what I saw. I told him the same thing, then, he started telling me what HE saw. . “Don’t be embarrassed, you asked me an embarrassing question, so turn about it fair play. I’m not trying to be rude or mocking you. I just want you to see yourself for who you are. You’ve had the wrong idea of what a real woman, a sexy woman, is all about.” He started talking about my hair and the way it shaped and framed my face and caught every man’s eye that saw it. Then he talked about my eyes and how they lit up my face, how my chin looked, my lips and nose, my skin, and how everything flowed down to my neck and to my shoulders. Then he asked me to put my arms above my head like a ballerina. I thought he was joking, but he was serious. Then he asked me to take a look at my figure and the way it flows together. I told him I didn’t see anything good about it. He asked what my measurements are, and I told him I don’t know, so he went downstairs and got his Mom’s sewing measuring tape and measured me. I thought he was going to try to cop a feel, but he didn’t! He was a perfect gentleman! I’m actually an inch bigger on top than my hips! He asked permission, really, he did, to bunch up my top a little bit to show me something. He was really red and embarrassed. It was sweet! Then he said, ‘Imagine you had artificial breasts like those girls in the magazine. Wouldn’t you be unbalanced? Instead, you have the perfect size breasts for your body and shape. They are perfect.’ He talked about how my hips match up with my figure, and how so many women work hard to have my measurements. Then he said, ‘You wear a padded bra don’t you?’ I said, yes, that I had ever since seeing those pictures. He said not to, that I don’t need it, and that it actually detracted! Then he said he would loan me some tee shirts for the rest of the week if I wanted. He thought I was going to change back into my other clothes when he went down to fix dinner, but what I did was to take off my bra instead.” Jennifer and Susan just looked at me with their mouths open and wide eyed. I laughed and said, “Well, he did tell me I didn’t need it, and that it detracted!” We all laughed at that. “Anyway, that is why I needed you to bring my other clothes up for me. They are likely to be a little snug! I haven’t worn them for two years!”

So then I changed into a different pair of shorts and a tee shirt with a deep vee neck. I didn’t bother putting on a bra. Jason seemed to like it without, and the parents weren’t back yet. We went down to breakfast.

It’s me again. I had waffles hot and ready by the time the girls came back down. I asked Jewels to pour some orange juice for us. She said, “You mean we don’t get wine with breakfast?” and giggled. “No, no wine for breakfast! I told you you would turn into a lush!” We all sat down to eat and had a good time with it. We discussed what we should do with the day. The girls wanted to swim and work on their tans, so after cleaning up the kitchen we all went upstairs and changed to our bathing suits. Was I in for a surprise!

I was back downstairs and had gone out to gather flotation devices and other things we might want down at the lake when the girls came out. Jewels came out last singing, “She wore her itsy, bitsy, teensy, weensy, yellow polka dot bikini…”, and she did! “You like?” Did I like??? Did I say it was itsy bitsy? It was also teensy weensy! “I haven’t worn this since I was sixteen, and I’m a little bigger now than I was then.” It was a string bikini, and it is a good thing they were long strings, because there wasn’t much else! She walked over to me and put her arms around my neck and brushed her breasts across my chest and smiled. “Thanks, so much for helping me understand myself,” she whispered. “The other girls are so jealous! They have struggled with their self-esteem since we saw that magazine, too. Do you think you could help them understand?”

“Why don’t you two take the towels down to the beach. I’ll have Jewels help me with the other stuff,” I said. Really, I needed a chance to re-arrange my cock, which was tenting out my trunks since Jewels walked out the door. “Are you asking me what I think you are asking me? You want me to do with them what I did with you?”

“Uh Huh. Anything up to having sex with them. They are my friends, and I want them to be happy too, and they don’t have a Jason in their lives who cares for them.”

“But you are the one I love. I’d feel funny saying some of that to them. It was hard enough saying it to you.”

“Think about it, would you please? I know it would be good for them, and I trust you to tell them right. I’d hate for some boy who was just out for himself to do it.”

“I’ll think about it,” I said, and picked up a couple of floats and handed them to Jewels to carry. We walked down to the beach, with me holding a float in front of my crotch trying very hard to look natural doing it. Jewels really had me going. Not only was she wearing that wonderfully too small bikini, but she was asking me to pay attention to the bodies of two other young ladies in bathing suits. True, they were very modest, as Jewels’ had been the day before, but still, they were bathing suits on two fairly attractive, and in shape young ladies. I walked all the way to the water’s edge before throwing the floats down and diving in quickly hoping Jennifer and Susan wouldn’t see my cock bulging in my trunks.

We swam around for a while and played a little water volleyball. Jewels was pretty smart, pairing herself with me, so I would be watching the other girls jumping and bouncing in the water. I know she was trying to get my thinking going about talking with them about their bodies, and their feelings about their looks. We had played for about an hour before we decided to get out of the water for a while and the girls wanted to get some sun, so they laid out their towels on the sand and stretched out to catch some rays while I went back to the cabin to get us all some cold drinks. Jennifer said something to Jewels as I was walking away that I didn’t catch, other than I heard my name. I did hear Jewels say, “I dare you to ask him! He’ll tell you.” I don’t know for sure what they were talking about in the short time I was gone, but I noticed both Jennifer and Susan checking me out as I walked back. I handed out their drinks and settled back into a lounger and laid back, enjoying the nice breeze. I started to doze, when my cellphone rang. Looking at the number I answered and said, “Hi Mom. How’s it going?”

“Hi, Son. You guys getting along OK?”

“Sure. I fixed waffles for breakfast, and then we swam for a while. Right now we’re just resting and catching some sun. How are Dad and Brad doing?”

“That is what I was calling about. Brad is dizzy today. The Dr. doesn’t think it is anything serious, he just banged his head harder than he thought, so the Dr. doesn’t want him to drive up there tomorrow either. Dad and I can come up there if you need us to.”

“No, Mom, that isn’t necessary. We’re doing fine. You guys just take it easy and come out the day after. I can handle the cooking, and I’ll make Jewels do the dishes.” Jewels made a face at me and Susan giggled. I held my finger to my lips at her, not wanting to remind Mom the girls were planning to stay the night. I knew it was OK, but you know how mothers are! I mean, what guy in his right mind doesn’t enjoy being alone with three girls, especially if he is hoping to get to sleep with one of them again that night. Things were definitely looking up in that department!

“OK, then. We’ll see you probably about lunch time tomorrow. You guys behave yourselves.”

“OK, see you then.” We hung up and I said to Jewels, “Your Dad is still a little dizzy, so the Dr. doesn’t want him to come back tomorrow. That means we can all go skinny dipping now!”

That brought a chorus of howls from the girls. “Right, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? You alone with three cute naked girls?” said Jewels.

I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but yes, I would like that. Very much!

I settled back into the lounger and looked at the three girls stretched out on their stomachs in front of me. It was not a bad sight at all! One gorgeous girl wearing a very small bikini with a cute girl on either side of her, that even though they were wearing very modest, conservative bathing suits were still easy on the eyes. After a while they all rolled over onto their backs, and I felt my cock begin to stir. Then Jewels reached over and tickled Jennifer in the ribs, making her jump and thrust her chest into the air trying to get away from her fingers. She squeeled and laughed and giggled as she tried to get away from Jewels’ fingers, all the time presenting very interesting views to me. Susan lifted on an elbow and started tickling Jewels in Jennifer’s defense, and before I knew it I had three girls writhing around on the ground in front of me tickling and wrestling with each other. They rolled off the towels and into the sand, getting it stuck all over on their bodies. Finally, gasping with laughter they broke apart and sat in the sand gasping for breath. Jewels said, “Now I’ve got to get all this sand off of me before I can go back to the cabin. Let’s have a ‘chicken fight’ and rinse off before we go up for lunch.” They all agreed, and Jewels said, “Come on Jason. You have to be part of this to make it even.” Now this was going to be interesting! Jewels stepped next to me and said very quietly, “Go along with me on this. I know what I’m doing.” Interesting just became fascinating!

“None of us can carry Jason,” said Jewels, “so to see who wins we’ll do a round robin with Jason carrying each of us, and Susan and I will have to switch off on the bottom against him.” We all agreed, and Jewels climbed onto my shoulders first. She put her legs around my neck and hooked her feet around behind me. Leaning down over my face she said softly, “I’ll bet you are going to enjoy this”, and gave me a big grin and a wink. Then she sat up and wiggled around behind my head and squeezed me with her legs. “Go,” she said, and Susan and I walked toward each other with Jennifer and Jewels looking for an opportunity to make the other fall off. Jewels seemed to me to be paying a little bit more attention to grabbing at Jennifer’s suit for leverage than trying to grab an arm or push her off. All the while she kept shifting and sliding on my neck, and clasping me with her legs. Of course, I had to hold on to her legs to keep her on my shoulders. It was a sacrifice, but a man has to do what a man has to do! It seemed to me she wasn’t trying all that hard to push Jennifer off, which seemed to be confirmed when in the guise of pushing her, she got her thumb under the shoulder strap of Jennifer’s suit and pushed it off her shoulder and part way down her arm. Jennifer’s breast didn’t quite pop out, but most of it was exposed almost to the nipple.

“Hey, watch that!”

“Oops.” Was all Jewels said as they continued pushing and pulling.

“Two can play that game, you know!” and Jennifer grabbed at one of Jewels’ bikini cups.

Curiouser and curiouser, as the Mad Hatter once said! Meanwhile, the antics of the two girls plus the feeling of Jewels’ pussy separated from my neck only by a thin piece of fabric had my cock at full alert. Fortunately, the water was over my waist, so it wasn’t visible, but this could be quite embarrassing.

Finally Jewels unseated Jennifer, and she fell into the water. Jewels squirmed on my shoulders a little bit and then pulled her legs from around my neck and slowly slid down my back, rubbing her breasts against me as she did so. “Did you enjoy that? She whispered.

“What do you think,” I whispered back.

She giggled and ducked down into the water as if to cool off and reached around in front of me and brushed her hand against my cock. “I thought you would!”

The next round I took Jennifer on my shoulders and Susan got up on Jewels. Jennifer felt so tiny, but her legs around my neck still felt exceptionally nice. She hooked her toes around behind my shoulder blades, and I slipped my hands up her thighs to hold her. She scooted up tight against the back of my head and I self-consciously arched my neck back against her as she settled herself into position. I got a firm grip on the soft skin of her thighs up high on her legs as we started the next round. Jennifer, being smaller, was having difficulty getting close enough to grapple with Susan, and kept squirming around on my shoulders. Again, the feel of a young pussy rubbing the back of my neck and those smooth soft legs squeezing me and slipping in my hands had me hard. I tried to overcome the reach advantage by ducking down somewhat and lunging trying to get Jennifer inside of Susan’s long arms. It worked, but Jennifer slipped on my shoulders and she started to rotate around my neck. My hands slipped up higher on her thighs trying to catch her and inadvertently, my fingers on my right hand slipped under the elastic on her leg band. It was accidental, and on the outside of the leg, but still the idea of where my hand was had me blushing, but I couldn’t pull it out, or she would fall off for sure. She lunged forward pushing on Susan, forcing Jewels to step back, and Susan grabbed at her, and again grabbed her shoulder strap, pulling it down over her shoulder. Susan was off balance, and just struggling to stay up as Jennifer kept pushing at her. My hand was slipping further inside her bathing suit with all of her gyrations. I looked up just in time to see Jennifer’s hands sliding upward on Susan until they were grasping at her breasts, pushing. Susan gasped and almost fell, but Jewels was able to step back again just in time to save her. Susan was flailing at Jennifer trying her hardest to grasp her arm or something to give her some leverage. She got both hands on Jennifer’s shoulders and pushed forward trying to unseat her when Jennifer twisted suddenly and I stepped back under her. Susan’s thumbs got caught in both shoulder straps as I stepped back, and she fell forward, dragging both shoulders straps off and down Jennifer’s arms as she fell into the water. The straps were pulled almost to her wrists, and the top of the suit went with it. The way it ended up Jennifer’s arms were almost pinned down so that she couldn’t pull the suit back up. Her struggles to get the suit back on unbalance both of us and I fell over into the water. Of course with her arms pinned down she couldn’t right herself in the water very readily, so I reached out to help her stand back up. When I did my hand landed directly on her naked breast. I pulled her up out of the water, which was just shallow enough that her breasts were at the water level. I quickly turned my head and apologized for grabbing her. I was blushing to beat all. Of course, Susan and Jewels both thought it was hilarious! I must say, though her breasts were small, they sure were pert and looked very nice! Jennifer finally managed to get her suit back on, and I turned back around. I don’t know which of us was redder! Jewels was laughing at both of us. “Was that almost as good as skinny dipping, Jason?” That did nothing but make me blush even more.