I never intended to become some sexual dynamo at such a tender age. It just kind of happened to me. The physical attributes of which I am blessed are not due to anything that I did, they come from the combination of my parents’ DNA. The specific knowledge that comes from scores of sexual conquests would not be mine if that first opportunity had not presented itself in the rather lovely and impressive form of Amber Ormand.

It was June during the summer of 2012. I’d just had my birthday, and I was looking forward to a rather boring summer of work and not much of anything else. My father had died the year before, leaving both my mother and me alone. Suddenly, my mother was having to support herself and me. She had searched long and hard for a job and had finally gotten a management position with a small business located in the southern part of Georgia about fifty miles from the Florida/Georgia state line. In other words, it was in the middle of nowhere. Small towns and even smaller towns filled with hicks, rednecks, and people with thick, stupid accents. At least that was what I thought as I was forced to move from my hometown, the place where all my friends and memories were, and relocate to a little burg in the middle of nowhere.

The move happened and I was spending the summer in my new hometown with no friends and nothing to do. I had gotten a part-time job working at the plant that my mother helped operate for extra money, but I spent most of my free time at the public swimming pool. The pool was usually crowded during the day, but by late afternoon, everyone else went home except for the lifeguards and people who came to swim in the cooler evening.

Since I was there often, I got to know the evening regulars and lifeguards. There was a small state college in our town and most of the lifeguards were from the college. The main pair of evening lifeguards were Hank and Amber, and the rumor was that they were a couple and liked working together. Hank was a senior in college about 21, and good-looking, the perfect summer type, good build, blond hair, blue eyes and a great tan. Amber was 19 about to enter her sophomore year. She was a beautiful strawberry blond with deep green eyes with a warm friendly personality. She was 5’6″and had an impressive figure. She was very lean with a taut, flat stomach and strong beautiful legs, but she also had an excellent tight ass and a pair of 36C’s to complete the package. When she was on duty, she had to wear the “official” pool one-piece swimsuit, which could not help but cling to her every curve. However, when she got off duty, she would change into some of the skimpiest bikinis I had ever seen. They barely covered her very impressive contours; and this was the main reason that I came to the pool every night. I had nothing else to do and the prospect of watching a college-age goddess walk around without much clothing on sounded like fun to me.

Hank and she were friendly to me. They took time to talk and get to know me and I appreciated it. I had nothing in common with most of the kids in this town. While my father had not been rich, we did travel, and I had been places and seen things. Many of the kids in this town had not been anywhere except Atlanta or Jacksonville, and to be honest they bored me to tears.

So, my life settled into a little routine. I got up and went to work about 9 AM and did light chores around the plant. Cleaning, run errands, pick up stuff at the train, bus, or airport, help unload and pack the trucks. Then about 2 PM, in the afternoon, I got off, went home, made lunch and watched TV. The summers in South Georgia are brutal, so I would wait until about 4:30 PM, and then head over to the pool and hang out. I did this most weekdays, and also hung out about 4 to 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

I guess I should describe myself since this is my story, so here goes. I am pretty young in terms of age, but my father had been a big football player in his day, and I had inherited his physique. I was about 6’1″ and still growing, so I was skinny. Yet, I was starting to fill out because of all the swimming and weight work that I did at home. I guess I am saying that I had good definition in my arms, legs, and chest. I had dark brown hair, blue eyes and I always got a great tan because of my mother’s Portuguese background. I was also blessed although I thought it was a curse, with an exceptionally large cock. I thought I was a freak. Yeah, I had read about big dicks and how girls loved them; but the two times any girl had ever seen my cock, they got too scared to touch it and we stopped any sexual activity.

Maybe I should correct my description to include that I was an extremely horny kid with a big cock, and nowhere to put it. I masturbated about 4 to 5 times a day and that didn’t seem to do any good either. I always seemed to be in a constant state of erection. Anything and everything turned me on.

Now you are up to speed with me and the situation. I was a total virgin packing heat, but I thought I was mostly ready for a freak show in a carnival. Because of my size and constant state of arousal, I always wore very baggy pants and swim trunks. That was okay until I dove into the pool, and my trunks ended up around my ankles. That could be embarrassing, trying to stuff your over eager sausage back into your pants surrounded in a pool by a bunch of 10-year-old kids and their mothers. Yet, I was driven to come to the pool every day and watched Amber. I was I love. I was in lust. I would whack off to her image in my head every day. She was the hottest thing that I had ever seen. I tried not to be a puppy dog around her, but I am sure that she and everyone else knew that I was totally gaga for her. June passed slowly, and I spent all my free time at the pool. I drifted by going to work, and then to the pool, staring in lust at and whacking off to private thoughts of my personal goddess.

Then suddenly, that life came to a dramatic end over the 4th of July weekend, and my new life began. I had been away from the pool for three days because of a special rush work order at the plant. I had stayed late everyday helping to load and unload the trucks that seem to come rolling in non-stop all that week. Finally, on Friday afternoon, I got away and made straight for the pool to gaze at my favorite walking pin-up girl. When I got there, I noticed that neither Amber nor Hank were around which was very unusual. One of them was always on duty during the night shift. I asked the other lifeguards about them, but I got very strange answers. No one wanted to say anything. At last, one of the regular mothers told me that Hank had been caught in the pump room having sex with a young girl. He had been fired, and then arrested. It turned out that the girl and he had been fucking all summer long. It was a huge scandal, and no one had seen Amber for 3 days.

I was shocked to say the least. I was dumbfounded was more like it. I could not fathom Hank hooking up with a flat-chested tease. Why would you give up perfection to be with someone who was not that attractive? It made no sense to me.

Yet mostly I wanted to find Amber and see how she was. I though perhaps I could comfort her in some way. I had visions of me coming to her rescue and ending up her boyfriend. You know that self-centered thought pattern that all teenagers have thinking that everything on the planet revolves around them. I did not think of her family or other friends or anyone else that might be in her life, I just thought she would want to talk to me. I knew that she lived on campus somewhere in student housing, so on Saturday afternoon, I walked on to campus and hunted down her dorm room. She lived in an unrestricted access building, anyone could come and go at any hour. After I found her room number, I just walked up and knocked.

The door opened and there stood my angel wearing a tight white T-shirt stretched across her large breasts and a short white skirt that showed off her wonderful legs with flip-flops on her feet. Her face and eyes were red from all the crying that she had been doing. She looked beautiful in her need and anguish, and I wanted to help her with all my heart. She stared at me for a long moment until she realized who I was. She did not recognize me out of context for a second. “What are you doing here?” She asked in a tone harsher than expected.

I gulped and launched into my pre-planned speech about friendship and wanting to help her. After about 30 seconds, she cut me off, “Look Jason, thanks for wanting to help, but I don’t want to see you now. Okay?”

“Uh … sure … sorry,” I stammered. With that, she slammed the door in my face, and left me standing humbled and embarrassed in the dorm hallway. Bewildered and numb from her reaction, I stumbled home and walked into the kitchen. Mother was just fixing lunch. She took one look at me and asked me what was wrong. Now I was both angry and proud of my mother. Angry that she made me move here to this shitty town, but proud of her and how hard she worked for us. And we had gotten very close in the past few months, since it was only us now. Imagine if you will, a tall gangly youth spilling his guts out about his goddess to his mom. I will give her this, she listened with care to all of it and then gave me good advice.

“You did nothing wrong, Jason. You tried to help someone who you thought was a friend. Maybe you put more into the relationship then she did, but that does not make what you did wrong. She was upset, and sad. Give her sometime and hopefully she will be your friend again, and if not, that is okay. You were her friend and that is what counts. Okay?” I agreed and went up to my room even more ashamed that I had to get advice about women from my mother.

I stayed away from the pool on Sunday, but on Monday of the long weekend, I said, “fuck it” and decided to get some sun. I got there about three in the afternoon and the place was jammed. They had extra lifeguards on duty to cover all the areas of the pool. I looked around and saw Amber on one of the far towers. She had her one-piece on, a floppy hat covering her face, and a wide streak of zinc-oxide on her nose. She looked beautiful, but I avoided her all day and stayed on the other end of the pool. Along about 5 PM, the crowd started to thin out and the pool became open for swimming laps. I started my workout of doing a hundred laps. It usually took me about 20 to 30 minutes to do that depending on hard I was pushing. I was about through and was coming into my last turn when I lifted my head and saw Amber standing at the top of my swim lane. I stopped and brushed the water out of my face and looked up.

The sight of her at that angle was impressive. I tightened my grip on the concrete side because the sight of her lovely body made me gasp. She had taken a swim earlier and her “official” suit was plastered to her body. Her breasts were beautifully proportioned, and the damp bathing suit made her nipples stood out firmly against the tightly stretched material. I ran my eyes across the rest of her body as I stared up at her and they quickly found the v between her legs. I could clearly see the outline of her sex under the latex suit, and my cock give a big lurch in my pants. This girl was so sexy and desirable, how could anyone have been stupid enough to cheat on her?

She knelt down on the desk beside me, and her suit seemed to cling to her voluptuous curves even more. Her thighs tightened, highlighting all the muscles in her legs, and the top of her suit pushed her tits closer together giving me a close view of her mind-boggling cleavage and excited nipples. The suit stretched tight over her pussy, clearly showing she was shaved because every inch of her neither lips were clearly defined by the thin material. My cock started twitching even more as she looked me in the eye, “I wanted to say that I am sorry that I bit your head off the other day. It was nice of you to come by and look in on me. I know that you don’t have many friends here, and that was rude of me. I hope you accept my apology.” I was mesmerized as I looked at her. My goddess was apologizing to me. She was so close that I could smell the suntan lotion and cholerine on her. Her cunt was inches from my face, and I could clearly see the cleft of her pussy where the garment ran between her legs. It was all so overwhelming for me that I got dizzy and felt my super excited cock and balls begin to pump. Right there in the pool, my cock exploded sending jet after jet of white jizz shooting into my trunks. It was so powerful that I grunted, and my face turned red, which she must have taken for embarrassment. As I clung to the edge of the pool for dear life and my cock shooting the biggest load that I ever remember off in my swimsuit, she reached out her hand and stroked my face.

” Oh, you are blushing. That is so sweet.” Her touching me must have done something to my internal organs because suddenly I was producing sperm in record amounts. The pumps at the base of my cock were working overtime sending rope after rope of the white stuff down my leg and into the water. The water should have been milky white and cloudy around my ankles so much had poured from my body. I looked up into her deep green eyes and mumbled that it was okay, and she smiled down at me. Saying that she needed to get back to work, she rose. My eyes were glued to the patch of suit covering her shaved cunt, and then she turned and walked away. With every step, her tits bounced up and down and her hips gave a very sexy wiggle. I clung to the poolside and just tried to come down from the most powerful orgasm that I had ever had. I must have stayed there for 5 minutes just breathing and hoping that no one would notice the thick cloud of murky stuff surrounding my knees. Finally, I crawled out of the pool and lay down on my towel in the late afternoon sun and drifted off to a very pleasant dream of Amber and giant fountains of cum.

I awoke with a start a little before 7 PM, and there were very few people left, a couple of kids playing in tag in the deep end, and a mother with her small child leisurely floating around the shallow end. I sat trying to clear my head and looked up at the towers to see if Amber was around. Shelia, another girl who worked the late afternoon shift was up on the lifeguard chair. It was getting cold and even though I had no place to be, I decided to go home and grab dinner. I went to the changing room and took a quick shower. I put on my shorts and t-shirt, stepped into my sandals and threw my swim stuff in a shoulder bag. I headed for the parking lot and just passed the closed food stand, when I thought I heard crying. I took a moment to locate the sound and realized that it was coming from behind the stand. I quietly tip-toed down the side of the building and glanced around the corner. Sitting there on a bench holding her face in her hand and crying her eyes out was Amber. I hesitated a moment, but this was my friend in distress, so I quietly walked over and sat down next to her. She didn’t respond immediately, but when I slipped my hand around her back, she suddenly glanced up. Her face was red and swollen from crying and her eyes were streaming with tears.

“What are you doing?” she blubbered as she gasped for breath. I took my hand and brushed away the tears from her face. “I am just here,” is all I said. Amber looked at me for a moment and then started to cry again. I just continued to hug her, and after a minute, she buried her face in my shoulder and gently sobbed. I just sat there patiently waiting. I was holding my dream girl, there was no place on earth that I wanted to be more then right there. I took the moment to check out what my perfect angel was wearing as I held her close to my body. She was wearing one of her skimpy bikinis. This one was lime green and worked well with her tanned skin. I lowered my eyes and saw the lime green material of the bikini top tightly molded to her perfect breasts. The cooling night air had made her nipples pointed and hard like pencil eraser tips as they pressed against the thin material. Her stomach was flat and flowed into the natural curve of her pubic area. My eyes focused on her pussy mound, and the cloth pressed against her cunt lips so that I could clearly see them as well. My cock stiffened perceptibly; I could feel it push down my thigh. Thank God, I had chosen a pair of loose-fitting shorts. My cock began to pulse with my heartbeat, and I moved my bag to my lap to cover my rising shaft.

Amber raised her face and looked into my eyes. I felt myself drawn into her beautiful green eyes.

“Do you think I’m sexy?”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Am I sexy?” she asked, sitting up and looking straight at me.

“Amber, are you serious? Half the guys at this pool dream about being with you, and the other half are gay.”

“Come on, Jason. I’m serious. Am I sexy? I want to know what you really think.”

I was confused and excited by this turn of events. “Why are you asking me this?”

“Why can’t you answer a simple question?”

“Are you asking because of that bimbo, and Hank?”

“Well, yeah…,” she sat back and leaned against the wall. The movement caused her heavy breasts to bounce just a little and push out against the material of the thin bikini top. I just stared at the incredible sight of her 19-year-old tits in awe.

“Jason, you’re staring at my breasts,” Amber said with a sneer in her voice. This caused me to start.

“Sorry,” I said looking up into her eyes and blinking hard again. It didn’t help. I was still having problems focusing on her face. “But maybe that proves my point. You are breath-taking!”

She rolled her eyes and stood up. This put me up close and personal with her amazing teenage lower half. Her hips sloped into a classic hourglass shape, while the cheeks of her ass were firm and smooth. It was all I could do not to reach up and touch that little, tiny bikini bottom. The material rode low on her hips and pulled tightly across her amazing butt. Her rounded ass made any bikini bottom perfection. Her athletic legs were taut and well defined. I loved the way the arc of her calves led down to her sleek ankles and slender feet.

“Jason, you are staring again,” she said as she looked at me over her shoulder.

“Uh, sorry… but listen to me. You are absolutely everything any normal, decent guy could ever hope to have in his wildest dreams. Are you sexy? Are you kidding? God, you are without any doubt the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen. You are perfect.”

She turned to face me and now her very prominent delta was staring me right in the face. I could clearly see the outline of her vaginal lips through her bikini bottoms. I gulped as my cock surged down my thigh to almost full mast.

“Well, if I’m so damn irresistible, how come Hank dumped me for that tramp?”

My eyes rose to look into her penetrating eyes “Amber, I really don’t know why Hank did what he did. All I know you is you don’t know how gorgeous and amazing you are, or maybe you do. Yet, all you have to do is look in the mirror and see your body and face, and you’ll only be seeing one percent of your total beauty. And, if Hank is too much of a dickhead to see that, then he doesn’t even deserve to date you!”

Amber looked at me for a long time, or it felt like a long time. It was subtle, but there was a strange shift in her stance. A change in the way she looked at me, as if she was seeing me as a person for the first time and not a geeky boy from the pool. Finally, a smile came to her lips and a light danced in her deep green eyes. “Thank you.”