WHOOF! “Eeeeek!”

And that’s how I found myself falling backwards with a bundle of terrified girl in my arms. I landed on my butt and rolled sideways to avoid slamming my head on the floor, automatically tightening my grip around Laura to protect her. We ended up with me nearly on top of her, my arms under both of us.

“Are you alright?” We both said it at the same time, and then we both laughed.

That broke the disorientation, and I suddenly realized what my right hand was tightly squeezing. A firm, very nicely shaped, breast. Laura’s breast. Laura the super brain.

I let go. “Sorry!”

“It’s alright. Small price to avoid banging my head.” Laura stood up as I scrambled up behind her. She added in an offhand tone, “But you’ll have to date me to do that again.”

“I’d love to.” Shit, what just came out of my mouth? Before I even thought about it?

Laura turned, an arch in her eyes. “Which one, date me or feel me up?”

“Both.” Again, I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. My face started burning.

“How romantic.” But there was a small smile playing across her lips. I decided to gamble before I lost my nerve.

“Laura, could I interest you in a date this weekend?”

“Maybe. What do have in mind?”

“Dinner and a movie? Saturday?”

“Sounds lovely. I think I can fit that in. Now, let’s get this experiment working again.”

And she was back to business. We went through the procedure and discovered we had the Bunsen burner a little too close, and the next time we got the reaction to occur without the pyrotechnics. Laura’s cool efficiency mirrored over to me, and it kept my mind off the ramifications of our earlier discussion. We put things away and notified the bored student on duty that we were done.

“Thanks for getting this lab done during a free period. It’s much better without everyone else around.”

“Especially when we nearly blew the lab up,” I added. We both laughed.

Walking out, Laura bumped my hips with hers. “Looking forward to Saturday, Shawn.”

“Me too.”

She waved. “See ya’ around.”

My mind went into overdrive as soon as she walked away. A lot had happened in the last hour. First request for a date. Check. First request accepted. Check. First boob in my hand. Well, maybe not a complete check. But Laura kept a nice pair tucked under her loose shirts. Very nice. She also kept a sassy, playful side hidden under her high-achiever exterior. The brainy, driven girl I had known for so long was changing in my mind.

And what about me? What the hell was I doing when I answered her? I had known Laura as a lab and study partner for a while now. She and her friend Susan pulled their weight and kept me challenged. But I had never been attracted. Laura just seemed too smart to be any fun. Apparently, a hidden side of me thought it knew better, and it hijacked my mouth during our conversation. I was just happy that she took it well.

Saturday found me walking up to Laura’s house. Her mother let me in.

“It looks like our daughter’s giving you the full treatment. She’ll be down in a few minutes, so you have to talk to us for a while.”

I laughed. “At least I’ve been here many times, studying with Laura and Susan. And enjoying your fine cooking.”

Laura’s mother laughed. “Buttering us up before your date?”

“Well, you’re not cleaning your gun collection for my benefit, but I thought I had better play the part of the respectful boy taking your daughter out.”

Both her parents laughed. “I can see why she likes you. Now, let’s see what embarrassing stories from her childhood we can discuss.”

“Alas, there’s no time!” Laura’s voice came down the stairs. Her mother winked, then I turned to the sound of steps.

“Wow, Laura, you look great!” Laura was decked out in a soft, fine shirt over a skirt of equally fine fabric. A set of tasteful sandals completed the big picture, and matching necklace and bracelets filled in the details. She had that effortless classy yet casual look that only a few people can pull off. Compared to her usual t-shirt and jeans, she really caught my eye. The hidden side of me said this is what you’ve been missing.

“Why thank you, Shawn. You look very nice yourself.”

“In fact, you both look so nice that we’d like a picture, if that’s okay.”

“Going through all the family rituals, Mom?”

“They wouldn’t be rituals if we didn’t, right?”

Laura sighed. “Where would you like us?”

“How about on the staircase, here? And Shawn, please put your arm around her waist and act relaxed. We want to show off Laura’s dashing date to family. It’ll ruin the effect if you’re all nervous and stiff.”

Laura leaned in and whispered, “Just grab me like you did in the lab.”

“I’m not sure your mother wants me that relaxed,” I whispered back. We both laughed, and I heard the click.

“Fantastic. Must be some inside joke. Keep going.”

That broke the ice, and Laura’s mother coached us through several shots. Laura felt really good next to me, and my smiles took no effort at all.

I look back now and wonder if Laura’s mother was subtly helping me out. After posing with my arm around Laura, the entire date was more relaxed. We kept up an animated conversation over dinner.

“I just want to say again that you look fantastic, Laura. That outfit really works for you.”

“Thank you again, Shawn.” Her eyes arched. “And the implied question is why don’t I dress like this more often?”

I started to protest, then laughed. “Maybe.”

Laura winked. “Long story. I don’t have a lot of time to dress up for school, and I’m not fighting to get into the popular cliques. I’ve got a good set of friends who like me for who I am. Finally, I want to attract the right kind of attention. I figure I can play the high-achiever nerd in high school and then maybe branch out into hot sorority babe when I get to college.”

I laughed. “It won’t take much additional effort.”

Laura laughed. “You say that now, high school boy. But wait till you get to college and see the competition.”

We kept up the banter through dinner and held hands at the movie. Laura sparkled, and I saw a playful side of her that I didn’t really know, or maybe I hadn’t recognized in our study sessions.

As well as the date had gone, I didn’t press my luck at her doorstep. I gave her a brief hug and said goodbye.

That date was the start of many others. We still studied together with Susan, but we became girlfriend and boyfriend. Laura maintained her nerd credentials, but she did change her look a bit. My friends noticed.

“You’re having an effect on Laura,” one of them mentioned. “She catches attention with her shirts and tight jeans these days. She also seems more…alive.”

“There’s a lot more to her than I realized,” I replied.

“No kidding. Good catch, bud.”

But I kept my approach low key. I had asked for, and gotten permission, to kiss Laura, and I could tell we both enjoyed that, but I didn’t go further. I still remembered her tease about “feeling her up,” but I figured that was in jest. I was raised to respect women, and I was pretty naive to boot. If Laura was sending any signals, I was missing them.

Laura’s parents had me over a lot, and mine did the same. In fact, they got to know each other and were becoming friends. Laura and I celebrated each other’s 18th birthday in the early fall, and we grew closer. Between studying and dating, we saw each other a lot. I also got to know Susan better. I could tell she and Laura were close, and they slept over frequently. I went to sleep more than once wishing I were in Susan’s place.

It took a pretty direct push to move me along in the physicality department.

“Which convent is Laura choosing next year?” Susan had fallen into step beside me between classes.


“Well, you treat her like a nun, so I figured you knew.”

“Very funny.”

“Look, Shawn, I care for my friend, so you’re going to get some free advice. Laura may be wicked smart, but she is also fully wired for fun. She trusts you. And she’s more open-minded than you think. So be a little daring. I want to hear some steamy details.”

“The real reason comes out.”

Susan laughed “Of course. If I can’t be as lucky as Laura, I at least want to hear about it, and…”

“And what?”

“Have a nice day, Shawn. But remember what I said.” And she was off.

Even for a naive boy like me, that was pretty direct. As close as they were, I didn’t think Susan would say that unless she and Laura had discussed it. I resolved to take her advice, although carefully. I still didn’t know women that well.

That weekend, Laura and I were curled up watching a movie. Her parents had thoughtfully excused themselves to go upstairs. In fact her mother had winked at me when they left. If I was ever going to go further with Laura, this was the time.

I gently pulled her shoulders closer, and she snuggled up, sighing. My heart pounding, I nuzzled her cheek and gave it a kiss.

“Mmmmmm,” Laura purred, turning into me. “Are there any more of those?”

And that started a fantastic makeout session. Laura kissed me passionately, and we both heated up. I let my hands frame her face, brush her neck, and play with her hair. Her kisses turned more forceful, and I let her lips push my head back into the cushion.

Laura pulled back and looked into my eyes. A complex interplay ensued, and I knew that we were communicating something deeply. Laura’s hands went to my shoulders, then she was turning over me. Never breaking her gaze, she straddled me, then her eyes lost focus when she moved in again.

Laura’s body rocked over mine while she loved me with her lips. My hands traced over her twisting back, and I noticed her sighs each time they dipped lower. I finally reached her waist, and she pushed her lips harder into mine. It’s now or never, I told myself. I grazed a hand over the back pocket of her jeans.

“Ummmmm,” she hummed into my lips while her ass pushed into my hand.

Emboldened, I slid both hands down and cupped her backside. Laura put both her forearms on my shoulders and slinked over me, her tongue dueling with mine. I could feel the heat radiate from her face.

My caresses grew firmer, and Laura settled into my hands. After a while, I was holding a good bit of her weight while her ass rippled in my fingers. I lost track of what my fingers were doing, and all of a sudden, I felt a tremendous heat through her jeans.

Laura heaved. “Oh, God!”

I jerked my fingers back. “Sorry!” I whispered.

Laura pulled back and held me with her eyes. Her face was a mix of emotions, but a tease of a smile flitted across her lips and crinkled the corners of her eyes. Her ass continued to grind into my hands. After a suitable spell, she leaned in again, and her lips were back on mine.

We continued our dance until our lips wore out. Laura pulled back, sucking my lip in reluctance, until she could look at me. Her eyes held mine again, and it felt like she was trying to tell me something. As a clueless 18-year old, I only dimly understood, but I could tell she was happy. Very happy.

Of course, I relived that experience as soon as I got into bed, with my hand stroking my aching cock. Laura looking into my eyes, her lips caressing mine, her body twisting in my hands. And then there was that intense heat between her legs. As a naive boy, I had no idea women got that hot. If Laura was feeling a tenth of that heat, she was boiling inside. Susan’s advice about Laura being wired for fun came back to me. I came incredibly hard just imagining it was true.

Two days later, Susan fell into step with me again.

“Sounds like you took my advice to heart. Steamy doesn’t begin to describe what I heard. You about stopped poor Laura’s heart with your wandering fingers.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I think you do, or your face wouldn’t be burning.”

I said nothing.

Susan’s voice got friendly. “She loved it, Shawn. Loved. It. I got hot and bothered just listening to her story. Whatever you don’t know about, keep it going.”


Susan winked. “See you around.”

Laura had also given me a long, tight, happy hug the next time we saw each other, so even a clueless boy like me figured it wasn’t my imagination that we both really enjoyed our last evening together.

The next Saturday set up almost exactly the same. Dinner at Laura’s, then her parents excusing themselves from the den. This time, Laura wore a soft, slinky top that hugged her curves, with an equally soft skirt completing the picture.

Laura turned into me as soon as her parents left. Her lips found mine, and we kissed passionately. I was learning what she liked, and no doubt she had done the same for me. Both of us heated up. One hand caressed her back, and the other framed her face. She adopted the same for me, but then she slid a hand down to massage my neck. That felt really good, so I did the same for her.

That elicited a long, throaty moan. I explored the soft skin while Laura tilted her head to give me better access. I found a few spots that made her squirm, and I filed that away. Then I felt her hand move to my upper chest. I slid a little lower. This time she purred each time I ventured further down, encouraging me to match what her hand was doing. I explored the collarbone and played with the fabric of her shirt.

Laura pulled back, leaving her hands in place, and turned her eyes up. Her flushed gaze searched my face. Finding what she wanted, she locked eyes with mine. There was an intensity there that made an impression on me.

Laura closed the distance between us, and we were back to kissing. But this time, her hand moved further down, tracing the contours of my chest. I’m sure she could feel my thumping heart. Was she really telling me to…?

The intensity of her eyes lingered in my brain, so I made a tentative move downward. Laura started purring again. I explored further, heeding her positive reactions. Finally, my fingers brushed the upper swell of her breast.

“Ohhhhhhh.” Laura’s sigh was full of desire, and even a clueless boy like me could pick up on that. I traced my hand to the side, following the contour. More purring. Laura’s hand cupped around my pec, and finally I took the step. My fingers curved together, and I cupped the underside of her breast.

“Yessssss,” Laura whispered into my mouth. I caressed all around the underside while she writhed under me. My heart pounding, I finally moved up and closed my fingers over her full breast.

Laura moved her other hand behind my head and crushed my lips to hers. She wanted this. My head was spinning. Her breast felt fantastic in my hand: full, firm, and warm. It fit my fingers perfectly and felt so right. And it was clearly wired in to Laura’s pleasure centers. Her body burned in my hands, and with her lesson over, she used her hands all over my chest and face, sending some of that pleasure back to me.

As my fingers explored, I brushed the excited bump of her nipple pushing through her bra and shirt. Laura moaned, so I brushed some more. Her body language was hot and insistent, so I closed my fingers and gently massaged.

“Oh, God!” Laura’s nipple swelled and stiffened in my fingers. My face prickled with the heat coming off her body. My body was on overload. I was giving her pleasure. Sexual pleasure. And she was loving it.

Her lips pushed into mine, and her hands coaxed my head back into the cushion. Slowly, not breaking the spell, she twisted into me, and swung a leg over mine. I kept my hand on her breast, and her purring told me to leave it there. Her hands on my shoulders, she worked her knees onto the couch and straddled me just like the week before.

I thought about where to put my other hand. Laura would surely like me playing with her other breast, but I thought to the week before. She sure enjoyed my hands on her twisting ass. I went with that, and slid a hand down to caress through her skirt.

“Yessssss,” she whispered. She twisted into me for a long while, her body building heat upon heat. Finally, she gently pulled back and captured my gaze in hers. Her eyes expressed an incredible hunger-even I could see that. She closed back in and resumes making love with her lips.

But this time, her ass rippled under my hand, causing it to slip a little lower. She sighed and soon rippled again. I took the hint, letting my hand slip inward. More sighs. My heart hammered when I felt the first heat flow into my fingers. Was she really going to let me touch her there?

Her lips, her body, and her vibes said yes. Her nipple hardened further into my one hand, and I let the other slip inward according to her dance above me. More and more heat flowed into my fingers. Laura was on fire, and my mind reeled with the knowledge that women could get this hot.

Finally, my fingers centered between her legs, and she jolted into me, her hot sex pulsing through the material of her skirt. Responding to an ancient rhythm, my fingers began to caress her core, and she shuddered with desire.

I simply responded to her signals, learning the secrets of her pleasure. I didn’t have to think; I just had to feel. And there was such intensity radiating from Laura that it was easy even for a boy like me to feel what she wanted.

Her mouth unsealed slightly from mine so she could get enough oxygen. Her hums and sighs increased in pitch. It dawned on my fevered brain that Laura was going to cum-hard. Her body wound up in tension. Then she was rigid, my working fingers the only movement. Up and up she climbed until she stopped breathing.

Her body convulsed, and a huge spasm throbbed into my hand. Laura bit back the scream, but I felt the tremble in my lips. Another convulsion. Even her breast throbbed. And another convulsion. And yet one more. Then Laura slumped into me as her body released the tension, smaller shocks still wracking her body. Somehow, I knew it was time to relax my fingers, but to leave them in place. That’s what I always needed after an orgasm, and I sensed that she needed the same.

Laura rested her forehead on mine and regained her breath. It was so intimate to embrace her in the afterglow, her body gently held in my hands. When her breathing slowed, she pulled back and looked into my eyes. I’m sure she saw the wonder and reverence that I was feeling. She had shared something that reframed everything I knew. When I peered into her eyes, I saw her question answered, and a growing trust and happiness shine out. I sensed the time was right, and I gently released her breast and slid both hands around to her back. Her eyes crinkled into a smile, and she leaned in again to kiss me in appreciation.

After a minute of that, Laura twisted over me, returning to my side but leaning heavily into me. I put my arm around her and pulled her close, cuddling this extraordinary woman against me. We didn’t say anything; we just existed together. After a while, I kissed her hair.

“Probably time to get going. I’ve been here a while.”

“As much as I hate to agree, you’re right.”

Laura followed me out the door.

“Thanks for a fantastic evening, Shawn,” she whispered after a long kiss.

“It was my pleasure.”

Laura pulled back and winked, her eyes dancing. “Maybe more my pleasure.” Then her eyes went wide in shock, and she blushed.

I pulled her close for a long hug, so she could collect herself. Then I kissed her gently on the lips.

“Goodnight, Laura. You are the best.”

“Goodnight, Shawn. And thanks. For everything.”

I drove home, a warm glow coursing through me. I had held a girl while she shuddered in a crashing orgasm. My receptors still tingled from her waves-it was like I could still feel it. And Laura. What a woman. She possessed passion in equal measure to her intellect. And she was sharing it with me.