“Ugh, lab reports suck,” Emily said before slumping over onto the table.

Jacob chuckled. “Can’t argue with that.”

The two lab partners were sitting together in the school library, attempting to work on their AP biology homework, though at this point Emily wasn’t above some idle distraction.

“Did you read that manga I showed you?” Emily asked.

“Yeah…it was really cute for a while, but I kinda fell off of it when the love interest started getting all moody and aggressive.” Jacob shrugged. “Never really understood the appeal of those kinds of characters.”

Emily huffed in indignation. “You just don’t get it. There’s nothing more romantic than a good kabedon.”

Emily glanced up at Jacob, who had gone back to writing in his lab book. He had a smile on his face, which Emily couldn’t help but mirror. This was nice — having a friend. From the very beginning of high school, Emily had just sort of sequestered herself into the background, not really interacting with anyone if she could help it. The throes of puberty certainly didn’t help much, gracing her with terrible acne and not much else to compensate for it — just a couple of modest C cups and…well…her urges.

When she learned that Jacob Housley was assigned as her lab partner in biology, she intended to keep up her usual routine with group assignments: do all of it, none of it, or trade it off every other assignment. It had served her well for so long, but Jacob wasn’t having it. He insisted they work together, unilaterally deciding that every Friday they’d meet in the library and work on that week’s lab assignment.

It took a while, but bit by bit Emily opened up to her pushy lab partner, and found him to be a fun person to be around. She recently discovered that they shared an interest in manga and anime, and with that came the back and forth of recommendations as well as the subsequent discussions of shared enjoyment or scandalized disagreement. It was a bit sad to admit, but it had been the first time that she’d had any real fun with any of her classmates since she started high school, and she truly cherished it.

“Hey, Emily?” Jacob asked.

She lifted herself off the table and sat up, furrowing her brow at Jacob’s nervous expression. “Yeah?”

“Would you…maybe…want to go out?”

Emily froze. Jacob…wanted to date her? Was that a thing that could happen? Her breathing quickened and she felt a tingle between her legs. Mentally groaning, she urged her stupid body to calm down and tried to formulate a response.

Before she could, though, someone behind her laughed.

“I think you confused her,” said the sickeningly familiar voice. “Even pizzaface knows that you’d have to be completely desperate to want to ask her out.”

Even though Emily really should’ve been immune to it by now, the insult stuck inside of her like a parasite. Sometimes she wanted to ask Hannah Burton if she was trying to be a Mean Girl stereotype, but she would always just freeze up at every opportunity — like right now, for instance. By the time Emily turned around, Hannah had already walked away — her stupid, perfect butt swinging from side to side as she left the library.

“Fuck her,” Jacob said, looking down at his feet. “Dammit. I should’ve said something, but I just-”

“It’s okay.”

“Anyway, um. Do you-”

“No. I’m sorry.”


Emily could hear the disappointment in his voice.

“It’s not because of what she said, right?” he asked.


“‘Cause I think you’re awesome.” A bit of red crept into his cheeks. “And pretty.”


Emily gathered her stuff and stood.

“Hey,” Jacob said, a tinge of panic in his voice, “we’re still friends, right?”

Emily turned to him, trying her best to fake a smile. “Yeah. See you on Monday?”

“Sure…” Jacob relaxed a little, but worry was still plain on his face. “Sure. See ya Monday.”

* * *

Jacob zoned out as he watched Emily leave the library. He fucked up. He should’ve said something to Hannah — seriously, pizzaface but he’d been distracted by the stupidest fucking thing possible. The moment he had asked Emily out, he’d gotten inexplicably horny. He knew he was excited at the prospect of going out with her, but was he really that immature? Even after that horrible mood shift, he was still hard. God.

He didn’t believe for a second that Hannah’s insult had nothing to do with Emily’s answer. It might have still been “no”, of course, but she probably wouldn’t have been so torn up about it without the bitch’s input.

Over the course of getting to know Emily, Jacob had realized that she had a pretty big complex about her looks. He didn’t really understand it — the only real point against her was the acne. Take that away and she’d be the prettiest girl in the school — beautiful, olive-toned skin; dark brown eyes he could stare into for hours; and full, luscious, unbearably kissable lips. Sure, she didn’t have his ideal body type, but that only existed in the realm of fiction. If he judged girls based on that he’d be single forever.

He took in a deep breath and sighed. There was still a bit of that smell from earlier lingering in the air. He had noticed it right before Hannah showed up, so it must’ve been her perfume or something. It…actually smelled really, really good. Like milk and honey, but way better. Not that he’d ever tell her that.

Jacob packed away his stuff and left the library. Although he worried that it would drive them further apart, he decided he’d ask Emily out again if the opportunity presented itself and there weren’t any idiots around to put her down. Hopefully it wouldn’t be as much of a train wreck as his first attempt.

* * *

Emily drove home on autopilot, barely paying attention to what she was doing in her depressed haze.

Hannah was wrong. Jacob wasn’t desperate, he was just a good person. He’d somehow found something to like in an ugly, anti-social girl who had initially wanted nothing to do with him. He might have even been telling the truth when he said she was pretty, though she honestly couldn’t understand how he could’ve come to that conclusion.

She knew he could do better than her. Jacob was fun and handsome, and while he wasn’t exactly popular, he wasn’t unpopular either. Once he got over her rejection, she was sure he could find a nice girlfriend who wasn’t as ugly or boring as her.

Besides, if they got together, he’d eventually learn about her…habits, and she wasn’t really sure if she could handle that. He’d probably think she was a freak, and he’d probably be right to think it.

She finally broke away from her self-loathing as she pulled into her driveway and saw her parents loading up the SUV. They were getting ready to leave for their “second honeymoon”, whatever that meant. Probably “nonstop sex in a hotel room”, if she had to guess.

Her dad waved at her as she got out of the car. “Hey baby.”

“Hey,” she replied. “Are you and Mama about to leave?”

Her mom walked out of the garage lifting two heavy suitcases like it was nothing. “Can’t wait to get rid of us, huh? We’re almost ready. How was school?”

“Fine,” Emily lied.

Her mom finished packing the car and wrapped her arm around her dad’s waist.

“You sure there won’t be any house parties while we’re gone?” her dad asked.

No, Daddy.”

Her mom smirked. “You don’t have to lie to us, Emily.”

Emily rolled her eyes and once again wondered at two people in front of her. Michael and Jessica Tenner: the perfect couple in every conceivable way. They were both doctors who had met in medical school. Michael could easily be described as exceedingly handsome, even if he was a bit on the short side.

Jessica, though, was extraordinary. People were always surprised when they found out she was an anesthesiologist, since their first guess would always be professional bodybuilder. She wasn’t too bulky, but she was built enough that she wouldn’t be able to hide it even if she wanted to — not that she did. Her muscles didn’t detract from her bust either, her pectorals sporting two shapely G cup breasts. Add to that her general drop-dead gorgeousness, and you started to wonder if Amazons were really a myth.

Honestly, if it weren’t for a few incidental facial similarities, Emily would’ve thought she was adopted. There was a period in middle school where she seemed to start bulking up, but it didn’t last very long, and she just went back to her normal figure in a week. She remembered it really upsetting her dad for some reason.

Jessica approached her, wrapping her in a tight hug. “We’ll miss you, baby.”

“Yeah yeah,” Emily replied, pulling away from her only to be hugged by Michael. “I’ll miss you, too.”

They both got into the SUV, Jessica waving from the passenger seat.

“Don’t wreck the house too bad,” she said as they drove away.

Emily waved them off, eager to have the house to herself. Hopefully being able to go all out without having to worry about being heard would cheer her up. She entered the house and made a beeline up the stairs and into her parents’ room. She found the key to their expansive walk-in closet in its usual hiding spot, and, like always, marveled at its contents.

There was one thing above all else that made Emily certain that she was was her parents’ daughter: her libido. She had been masturbating multiple times a day before she even knew what sex was. Then, one night in middle school, she found out what Michael and Jessica Tenner were “playing” every night in their bedroom. She had stared transfixed through the crack in the door, blown away at how something that big could fit inside of her Mama. That experience had actually led to a bit of confusion when she discovered pornography, since all the guys in it were so tiny. It wasn’t until later on that she realized that her mother wasn’t the only ridiculously endowed person in the family.

It wasn’t long after that event that she had figured out where her parents kept their “toys”, which brought her back to the present moment. Behind a huge rack of clothes was a veritable shrine to sex. A huge assortment of items lined the walls and filled the shelves: lingerie, bondage gear, cock rings, anal beads, strap-ons…there was even a disassembled sex swing sitting in the corner of the room. What Emily was interested in, though, was the shelf filled entirely with neatly-arranged dildos.

Figuring she had all weekend to work her way up to the more intense sizes, she decided to start small, picking up a green, eight-inch vibrator. After washing it in the bathroom sink, she stripped naked and went to her bedroom.

She fell onto her bed and began teasing her clit. It never took her very long to get going, and in no time at all her juices were already overflowing and dripping onto the sheets. She brought the end of the vibrator to her slit, and this time she didn’t imagine it belonging to some random porn actor, and instead pretended it belonged to Jacob. She imagined him laying over her, getting ready to penetrate her for the first time.

He’d be gentle, slowly inserting his rod to make sure he didn’t hurt her. She gradually pushed the vibrator into her pussy, inch by inch, until it was fully inside her. She moaned in pleasure, her hips twitching upwards at irregular intervals.

Jacob would look deep into her eyes and ask her if she was okay.

Mhmmm. Your cock feels so good in my pussy, Jacob.”

He’d begin thrusting, still taking care to not be too rough. Emily pumped the vibrator with one hand while fingering her clit with the other.

“Harder, Jacob! Fuck me harder!”

She quickened her pace, thrusting the toy in and out of her as she imagined Jacob moaning in her ear. Her pleasure built to a crescendo.

“Cum inside me! Fill me up with your cum!”

She came, her inner walls repeatedly clenching around the vibrator as she imagined Jacob pumping her with his sperm. She writhed in pleasure for nearly a full minute before relaxing, her breathing short and rapid in post-orgasmic bliss. She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and brought it to her mouth, licking up her juices while pretending it was mixed with Jacob’s cum.

She went on like this for hours, cumming around twenty times before she lost count. Her body never seemed to tire when it came to sexual pleasure, though she never really thought much of it. After all, it wasn’t uncommon for her to hear her parents going at it all day.

She probably could’ve kept going all night, but she eventually decided it was time for bed and took a shower. After using the showerhead to get in one more quick orgasm, she washed herself off and went to bed.

She hugged her pillow as she tried to sleep, still feeling a bit down. A good masturbation session usually made her feel better, but this time there was a constant twinge of disappointment in the back of her mind. It was too bad that her imaginary partner would forever remain imaginary.

* * *

When Emily woke up she felt…different, somehow. Confused, she brought her hands to her face to rub the sleep out of her eyes — and immediately froze. Her heart began to race as she desperately tried to feel for something that miraculously seemed to be missing.

Excitement building, she rushed to the master bathroom and gasped at the girl staring back at her through the mirror. Her face was completely unblemished, covered in perfectly clear, silky-smooth skin. She ran her fingers across her cheek in wonder. Looking down, she found the rest of her body in the same condition — absolutely perfect olive skin from head to toe.

That wasn’t all, though. She was curvier. A lot curvier. It seemed she had gotten wider in all of the right places; her hips and thighs were noticeably thicker, and her butt had plumped up quite a bit as well. She groped her breasts, and they were definitely heavier, fuller — about the size of a pair of grapefruits. Even her nipples — which in the course of her examinations had become rock hard — had grown longer and thicker.

Just to be sure she wasn’t hallucinating or something, she went back to her room and tried putting on some of her clothes. She was pretty sure her panties felt tighter, but she got clear confirmation of her growth when she tried to pull on one of her pairs of jeans. The denim stretched tightly over her thighs, and she really had to struggle to get the waist of the jeans past her hips and ass. When she finally managed to pull them fully on, she felt like her entire lower body was caught in a vice. She didn’t even bother trying to do up the button, dismissing it as a lost cause.

Emily could feel wetness soaking into her panties as she picked out a bra with mounting excitement. She slipped both arms through the straps with practiced ease, letting the cups slip under the curve of her breasts. That wonderful, unfamiliar tightness gripped her chest as she reached back and, with some difficulty, hooked on the back straps of the bra. She reached under each cup and adjusted herself as best she could, but there was only so much she could do. Her breasts were absolutely squashed into the too-small undergarment, flesh bulging outwards over the top of the cups. After admiring herself for a bit longer, she slipped on a red v-neck that, like the rest of her outfit, felt tighter than before.

By all rights she should’ve been terribly uncomfortable, but she was thrilled by the tightness hugging her body, as if she were about to burst out of her outfit at any second.

She walked back into the bathroom and gazed at herself in the mirror. She was…she was hot! Her hips flared out much wider than her waist, her ass was a perfect “applebottom”, with her cheeks jutting outward at a sharp angle from her waist and thighs, and her breasts were skirting the border between “big” and “huge”.

To top it all off was her perfect, clear face. Though, now that she thought about it, was she always this…good looking? Frowning, she studied herself closer, feeling the contours of her face. She didn’t think her facial structure had changed at all. Putting aside all the changes to the rest of her body, was clearing up her acne really all it took to make her feel so…pretty?

Was that what Jacob saw in her? Her heart fluttered at the thought of him. Maybe he’d ask her out again when he saw how hot she had become. Maybe…maybe she felt good enough for him, now?

…Was that shallow of her?

She shook her head. She could worry about that later. Right now she really needed to get off. It had been a long time since she felt this horny. She pulled down her pants, exposing her dripping sex. As much as she loved the feeling of her tight jeans, there was no way she was going to be able to fit a hand down there without taking them off.

She cleared a space on the bathroom counter and climbed up, getting up close and personal with her own reflection. Standing on her knees, she leaned back and ran her fingers over her labia before attacking her clit. A shockwave of pleasure coursed through her, her nub seeming even more sensitive than usual. As she continued playing with it, she was starting to think that even it had gotten a bit bigger.

First two, then three fingers inserted themselves into her eager pussy, pumping in and out of her as her thumb continued to rub at her clit. Deciding that she needed to get a feel for her new tits as well, she roughly pulled up her shirt and bra. Two big, beautiful breasts slipped out from under her clothes, bouncing hypnotically as they escaped the confines of her top. With the hand she wasn’t using to finger herself, she grabbed at a nipple. As her fingers pinched at the hard pink nub, she let out a surprised and ecstatic squeak. It was so sensitive! She had never felt anything like it before!

She pulled her other hand away from her pussy and moaned as she pinched her other nipple. Reveling in the newfound sensations, she began groping and jiggling her new assets, all the while pulling and twisting roughly at her nipples. After only a few moments, her body rocked in orgasm, pleasure radiating out from her tits and suffusing itself throughout her entire body. She forced open her eyes and stared in awe at the curvy vixen in the mirror writhing in front of her.

Her breathing shifted from helpless gasps to heavy panting as her orgasm ceased. She stared at her breasts in amazement. She didn’t even know it was possible to cum with her tits! These changes to her body just kept getting better and better!

That thought brought her back to reality. What was going on with all of this, anyway? A late growth spurt? If so, then this had to have been the fastest growth spurt in history. She’d certainly never heard of anyone’s breasts going from a modest handful to the size of grapefruits in one night. Should she be worried?

Looking back at her reflection, she decided to just roll with it for now. All of the changes were positive, and she felt amazing. She may as well enjoy it.

* * *

Emily groggily opened her eyes, confused at her unfamiliar surroundings.

Oh, that’s right. She had spent the entire day masturbating, pretty much confining herself to her parents’ bedroom so that she could have easy access to their toy collection. She had no idea how many times she came, but she had worked her way up to an impressive twelve-inch dildo before finally collapsing in exhaustion on her mom and dad’s bed.