I had just pulled up to the apartment I shared with my sister after a trip to the grocery store when I got a text from her. I shut off the car and checked the text before climbing out.

“I know it’s so weird, but don’t forget my tampons. Please?”

I shook my head and chuckled. Little did she know that my ex-girlfriend had broken me of that phobia. It seemed that every other month she would run out, and I’d have to go to the store for her, to an aisle no man should ever venture into. Other than the sex, it was probably the only good thing to come out of the relationship.

“Already have them. Just got home from the store,” I texted back.

“Sorry to make you go through that, but thank you.”

The store was out of her way coming home from college, but something else wasn’t. “As long as you pick up the free pizza on my account, and it counts as my turn cooking, we’re even.”

“Done. I should be home by five.”

That saved me from having to make something for dinner that evening. Happy with the outcome, I gathered up the eight bags of groceries on one arm, and headed for the apartment. Unlocking the door proved an adventure as usual, but I was determined not to make more than one trip. It was a matter of male pride, and doubly necessary because I’d just bought tampons for my sister.

The place was clean, which was the big plus since Becky had moved in with me. In her last year of college, she was tired of the dorm life. I had an extra room, couldn’t stand the thought of her having to move back in at home, and I’d always got along with her, so her cleaning up and pitching in when she could worked out for us.

Of course, we were both between relationships at that point. I wasn’t looking forward to the weirdness that was sure to happen when one or the other of us hooked up.

Once the groceries were put away, I kicked back and enjoyed my reprieve from cooking duties by watching the last couple of episodes of a series I’d started binge-watching over the previous weekend. Becky would have been pissed if she found out that I watched them without her, but I wasn’t dumb enough to let her find out. The credits rolled with five minutes to spare, and I looked forward to playing it cool when we watched the shocking conclusion together in a couple of days.

Sis arrived with the pizza, and I flipped the box open almost as soon as it hit the coffee table in front of the couch.

“Pig,” she teased as I took the first bite.

“Nag,” I answered with a mouthful of pizza.

She made a gagging sound and said, “Gross.”

The doorbell rang, and before I had time to wonder who it could be, Becky explained, “Vera’s coming over to borrow a book.”

That was one of the disadvantages of living with my sister — the regular stream of her hot little coed friends dropping by. Becky and I had made an agreement years before, while still living at home, that dating each other’s friends was off limits. So the parade of hotties was nothing more than cruel temptation.

Vera was a particular weakness. The redhead was a year older than Becky, and had a smoking hot body. She also loved to flirt with me, knowing I couldn’t do anything about it.

I knew I was in extra deep trouble when Becky opened the door to reveal Vera in a pencil skirt, open-front jacket, heels, and stockings. She looked incredible — classy and sexy — but the stockings were the real kicker. I’ve got a serious thing for stockings and feet. Don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t tell you if I tried. There was no denying it, though.

“So, how is it going at the new job?” Becky asked as she let Vera in.

It was all I could do to eat my pizza and feign disinterest as the redhead’s heels clicked on the tile in front of the door.

Vera answered, “Not too bad. I’ve made a couple of friends, and haven’t screwed anything up yet.”

I’d been waiting for it, and sure enough, she turned toward me.

“Hey, Andy. Have you been hitting the gym?” she asked, and then made a sultry meowing sound.

I rolled my eyes, and said, “Hello, Vera.”

“God,” Becky laughed, and then said, “Come on,” while walking toward her room.

“I just want to borrow him for a few minutes. Or maybe an hour. Or two,” the redhead said as she followed my sister. It earned her a playful slap as they walked in the door, followed by them both breaking out into laughter.

Yep, Vera is pure evil.

The book changed hands, and Vera left, but not before blowing a kiss to me on her way out the door.

“She only does that because it embarrasses you,” Becky said when she plopped down on the couch and grabbed a slice of pizza.

“It doesn’t bother me, so she’s wasting her time,” I lied.

“Oh, that’s why your ears are as red as stop signs, huh?”

Maybe I should amend that to women are evil. Even — or maybe especially — sisters.


I walked in the door after an extra long day at work that Friday, and could hear music coming from the bathroom. I had skipped hitting the can at work to get out of the building a couple of minutes faster, and it was catching up to me.

I knocked on the door, and Becky immediately called out, “Don’t come in. I’m in my underwear.”

“Hurry up. I’m about to piss down my leg here.”

The music stopped, and she asked, “What?”

“I need to piss.”

“Okay. Let me throw on my robe, but hurry so I can finish getting ready.”

I stood outside the door, shifting from foot to foot, wondering how long it could possibly take to put on a robe. I was about to yell that she’d be mopping up a mess if she didn’t let me in when the door finally opened.

“Move, move, move, move,” I muttered as I sidled past her. She laughed at me, of course.

When I left the bathroom, much relieved, Becky said, “Vera will be here in a little bit to pick me up. I was already running behind, so tell her when she gets here.”

Considering the slinky clothes I’d observed hanging in the bathroom, it wasn’t hard to guess where she was going. She was taking full advantage of turning twenty-one, and felt even freer to do so, now that she wasn’t living in the dorm with the grapevine.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry about her a little, even though she’d always shown common sense. It hadn’t been that long since I’d been her age, prowling the bars for girls.

Becky returned to the bathroom to continue the unfathomable and seemingly never-ending preparations a woman undertakes before going out. I headed for the fridge to see what I could scrounge up from the leftovers. I had no concrete plans for the evening, and there was no chance I was going to get into the bathroom any time soon to clean up and hit the town.

Shortly after I polished off the last of the chili, the doorbell rang. I was in the middle of sending texts back and forth with my friends to find out what was happening, and absentmindedly answered the door.


Vera’s whole outfit was designed to show off her body, but it was the shortness of her skirt letting me see the top of her stockings that got me. Somehow, I kept it together and told her Becky was still getting ready. As soon as she was inside, I closed the door, stuck my nose back in my phone, and headed for the couch. Thankfully, Vera made a beeline for the bathroom, which put her out of sight.

I blew out a hard breath from between pursed lips and hoped she’d stay with Becky until it was time for them to leave, minimalizing the torture. Naturally, she dashed those hopes on the rocks a few minutes later.

I saw her emerge from the hall in my peripheral vision, and fought off my natural inclination to drink in the vision. I sent another text, confirming a third for our trip to the bar, even though it would be an early evening because of things the guys had to do the next day.

Vera walked up next to the couch and said, “Becky said to tell you we’re taking a cab so you won’t worry about us driving.”

I chuckled and — without looking up from my phone — said, “If I were you, I’d be more worried about her yakking in the car.”

“I heard that,” Becky yelled from her room.

I laughed, and looked at Vera when she snapped a hand over her mouth to stifle her own laughter. She then shook her head and pointed an accusatory finger at me. I shrugged and smiled at her, pointedly looking at her face rather than everything else, which she was advertising so well.

The next thing I know, she’s moving, and before I can react, she turns around and asks, “I don’t have a run in my stocking, do I?”

There I was with her sweet ass in my face — completely dumbfounded.

“Do you see anything?” she asked again.

I could certainly see something, and I wanted nothing more than to grab a handful of it. Her question finally burned through the fog in my brain and I answered, “No.”

“You sure?” she asked in a sly tone.

I looked up and knew I was busted. I tried to play it off anyway and said, “Looks fine to me.”

“Why, thank you,” she said, and then gave her ass a slap before stepping away.

Becky emerged from the hallway to rescue me.

Vera asked, “Ready to go?”

“Yep,” my sister answered while heading for the door. Before she opened it, she said, “Don’t wait up.”

“Don’t get arrested,” I tossed back at her.

As soon as the door closed, I groaned and adjusted my half-a-stiffy. Have I mentioned that Vera is pure evil?

The bathroom was finally free, so I slid off the couch to get ready for my own night out.


I had a good buzz going when the cab dropped me off at home just before midnight. It had been fun, but the ratio of single guys to single girls had been about three to one. Both of my friends had steady girls, so in light of the competition in the place, I decided to just hang out and enjoy the eye-candy.

I was still too wired to sleep, so I grabbed a beer from the fridge and fired up the Xbox. It took me a while to remember where I was in the game, because I hadn’t played in weeks, but I got back into it soon enough. The game sucked me in so deep that I was shocked to see it was going on three a.m. when I heard laughter outside the door.

Vera and Becky stumbled in after much fumbling with the key, still laughing. My sister was absolutely sloshed, only able to remain upright because of an arm over the redhead’s shoulders. I shook my head and chuckled at them crossing the room in fits and starts. At some point in the journey down the hall, they fell hard into the wall, which set off another gale of laughter. Eventually, they made it to my sister’s room, and the closed door muffled their voices.

Once I hit the next checkpoint, I saved and shut the game system down. I still wasn’t very tired, but guessed that wouldn’t last long after dropping out of the artificial world I’d been immersed in. There was no sense in wasting the half a beer I had left, so I kicked back to finish it.

Before I could polish off my beer, I heard the door down the hall open. Vera walked into the room, and rather than leaving, came over and sat down on the opposite end of the couch from me.

“Becky’s totally passed out,” she revealed.

“From the way she looked, I’m surprised she made it home.”

Vera nodded her agreement, and then lifted one foot. A great sigh of relief escaped her when she pulled off her heels. “I probably shouldn’t drive yet. It’s okay if I hang out for a while, isn’t it?”

That struck me as odd. While my sister had been three sheets to the wind, Vera wasn’t slurring or stumbling. She seemed fine to me. I shrugged and answered, “Yeah. Sure. I’m going to go to bed as soon as I finish this beer anyway.”

“Thanks,” she said, and then groaned. The next thing I know, she turns and lifts her feet up on the couch. “These new shoes were killing me all night.”

It was no mean feat to ignore her wiggling her stocking-clad toes. I’d seen them before, and knew she had perfect, dainty feet. I could see her nails through the dark nylon, and they weren’t painted, but her pedicure looked fresh and professional. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch them.

I downed the last of my beer and said, “Well, that’s it for me. Just lock the door when you head out. Don’t worry about the deadbolt.”

“Hey,” she said before I could rise from the couch. “The rumor is that you give great foot rubs, and I could really use one right now. Is there any chance?”

Oh, fuck me, I thought. Hell to the no. Then I said, “I’m tired and it’s three in the morning.”

“Please. I’ll stop flirting with you.”

Her flirting was nothing compared to what having her sexy feet in my hands was going to do to me. I also knew it was a lie. I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Okay, I won’t flirt with you as much. How about that?”

“No deal. It’s going to take more than that,” I said.

“Oh, come on. It’s…” She trailed off, her eyes lit up, and then she said, “Okay, how about this. I know someone who had a huge crush on you, never hung out with Becky, broke up with her boyfriend about two months ago, and she’s starting to feel like dating again.”


“And, I’ll tell you who it is if you give me a foot rub.”

“I suppose she’s hot, huh? I have to take your word for that.”

Vera sighed and said, “It’s just a foot rub. Yes, she’s hot, and it’s worth it. She’s a sweetheart, too. Really, what have you got to lose?”

My cool was what I had to lose. I was absolutely itching to get my hands on her feet, and I knew it was the worst possible thing for me because Vera was verboten.

She must have taken my hesitation as a no, because she said, “Okay, I’ll show you a picture, but you can’t see her face.” Without giving me a chance to say anything about that, she retrieved her phone from her purse. After a few seconds of tapping and swiping, she held her hand over the top of the screen, and turned it toward me.

The picture was a bikini shot, which didn’t leave much to the imagination, though I had no idea who she was. What I could tell is that she had a great body. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see her feet very well.

Vera said, “That was taken this summer, and I’ll introduce you. We work together. I think you’ll really like her.”

“For a foot rub?” I asked, suspicious.

“Well…” she said, and then twitched her eyebrows. “If you hit it off, maybe she’ll tell me some sex stories.”

Now that motive made sense, coming from Vera. The truth was that the harder she tried, the more difficult it was for me to resist something I wanted anyway.

She lifted her feet up in the air, wiggled her toes, and pouted, “Please?”

And with that, she had me. “Okay.”

Vera broke out into a wide grin and removed her hand from the top of the phone, revealing a gorgeous face, red hair, and a stunning smile.

“Do you recognize her? Gina Willis. She moved about six years ago.”

“Yeah,” I said as the name clicked. She was far too young for me to think about dating at the time, but she’d chatted me up more than once, and I knew about the crush. From what I remembered, Vera’s claim that she was a sweetheart was right on the money.

“Good. Get to work then.”

Vera put her phone down, scooted closer, and would have plopped her feet straight into my lap if I hadn’t caught her ankles in my hands. At that point, nothing could have stopped me. With her feet directly above it, my dick immediately started rising as if trying to touch them, too.

Because she was wearing stockings, and didn’t seem interested in removing them — not that I wanted her to — creams and lotions were out. That left me with only pressure to work with, but considering my kink, I’d had plenty of practice.

I started with her left foot, near the ankle, alternating between four fingers and my thumbs. I slowly worked my way down toward her toes. Keeping the pressure light, I tried to find the right touch to accomplish the job without tearing her stockings. Vera left me little doubt that I was on to something when she let out a moan. The sound, while not particularly sexual, sent shivers down my spine and hastened the process going on between my legs.

Next, I lifted her foot to work on the soles. I’d barely begun when Vera’s right foot moved and she pressed her toes against my cock. I froze and looked up at her to see a sly grin on her face.

“I knew it,” she said. “So, is it the stockings, or my feet that turn you on?”

Putting down her left foot and pulling the other away from my hardon was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Cut it out.”

Vera rolled her eyes and said, “Please. You were practically drooling while you were massaging them. The kicker was a few weeks back when Becky asked you to rub hers, though. I could tell how uncomfortable it made you.”

She wasn’t wrong about that. Word had gotten around about my foot rubs, and my sister had started to ask for them. It was so weird and creepy, but I hadn’t been able to figure out a good excuse to get out of it without giving away my secret.

“Doesn’t matter. You’re off limits, and you know that,” I said as I scooted up against the arm of the couch, letting her feet drop to the cushions.

Still smiling, she sat up and said, “Well, you’re already cheating the rules, because I know this turned you on. Maybe we could cheat them just a little more.” She held up a finger and thumb and looked through the space between them.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, and then winced at the touch of curiosity in my voice.

“Becky left a few loopholes. We can’t date. We can’t have sex. She said not even a blowjob or a handjob. She didn’t say anything about a footjob, though.”

My heart skipped a beat when she said that word. It was easily one of my biggest fantasies, but I’d never been comfortable bringing it up with any girl I’d been with. I knew how weird my kink was, and hadn’t been willing to risk asking. The thought of Vera doing it had my senses reeling.

Once again, she lifted her feet and waved them in front of me, flexing her toes. “Come on. You know you want this,” she said.


Vera cut me off. “Is out cold. You saw her. And you never answered my question. Which is it?”

Caught up in the whirl of conflicting emotions, I answered, “Both.”

She moaned and said, “I hadn’t thought about that.” She paused, fixing me with a sultry gaze, and then said, “Come on.”

Before I could react, she slid her feet to the floor and stood. She sauntered around the couch, looked over her shoulder at me, and started toward my bedroom.

I may as well have been on puppet strings. She’d only taken a few steps when I popped up off the couch to follow her. A second later, she paused at the door, grinning and leaning against it in the sexiest way before nodding toward my bed. As soon as I was past her, she closed the door behind us. Overwhelmed by the danger and excitement, I stood by the bed and watched her strut toward me.

Vera sat down at the foot of the bed and said, “I’ve been waiting forever to see that cock. Take ’em off.”

Like I said — puppet. I dropped my draws, and Vera gasped when my erection sprang free.

“Oh my god,” she said, and then shivered. Her eyes never left my bobbing cock while she gestured for me to get in the bed.

I climbed in and leaned against the headboard. Vera pulled her feet up and scooted toward me as I settled, not wasting a second. The next thing I knew, her right foot was behind my cock, standing it up, and the toes of the other were gliding up my length. The satiny touch made me groan, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

“Feel good?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah.”

It was my turn to shiver as her perfect little toes slid back down toward the root, and then tickled my balls. I throbbed hard, pressing against her foot holding me upright, adding to the sensation. Then she started up again, the side of her big toe touching me with the slightest of pressure.