“For those students who are now over the age of 18, the final stages of your education will begin next week. As you know, this is the final stage before you graduate and can enter adult society.”

The Headmaster spoke to the school assembly, in his usual, monotone and impassive voice. His worn-out black suit matching his uninterested voice and body language. But for Susanna (Suzy) and I, this was the news we had been waiting for, basically for our entire lives.

Something happened to society, many many years ago. A war, a virus and other things almost ended society. A new way of living was created.

All children go to live in special boarding schools from around the age of 3. Family visits are frequent, but always within the school grounds. There are no field trips, no excursions. No exceptions. You never leave the school. Until, that is, you have become 18 and finished the final course.

I looked at Suzy, and I could tell she was as excited as me. We had often wondered together (during our supervised break times – no students are ever allowed to be alone together, regardless of age, gender or even familiar bond) what secrets were being kept from us. We saw pictures of the world outside, of the shops and factories and nature. But we never saw any pictures of people. The buildings were always empty. The shops had no shop-workers, though we knew they existed.

The only clues we had were 2 government laws that we know were involved in the rebuilding of society. First was something called the “naturalisation act”. The second was the “Free Use Act”. We were told in our history class that these were instrumental in the repair of society, but we had no idea at all what these legal acts were or how they fixed the world. Any time we asked questions, we would be told the same – “You’ll find out in the final course”.

“The following students…” The headmaster continued, listing off fourteen students, including myself and Suzy “will move to your new rooms today, after an extended lunch break. Please use the extended break to say goodbye to your younger friends and siblings. You will not see them again until they too have finished the final course.”

I thought of my friends Adam, Darren and Ruth. They had all done the course last year. I often wondered how they were and what they were doing now.



“Assembly dismissed” the headmaster told us.

As soon as I could, I ran to give my little sister a big hug. “You be good Rose” I instructed her. “I’ll see you in 2 years. Sooner, if I can come visit with Mum and Dad.”

We hugged, and Rose started to cry, but I wiped away her tears. “Two years isn’t too long. It was three years ago that Abigail and Benjamin left the school.” They were our oldest siblings. Twins.

Rose sat with me at lunch, and I even gave her my dessert as a final treat. That meant I saw her smile before I left. I wanted a happy memory, not a sad one.

After our long lunchtime, I went to my room to pack my few belongings. The school had provided two suitcases, with very clear instructions. Clothes in one bag, everything else in the other. I folded my school uniforms carefully. I knew Jack would be throwing his haphazardly into his bag, but I wanted mine to stay nice. I hate creases on my clothes.

Together, all fourteen graduating students pulled our two suitcases along and through corridors until we we were brought by the deputy head to the top floor of the school. She was much younger than the headmaster. He was in his late forties, maybe early fifties. But she was in her early thirties, and I had a slight crush on her. But I’d had crushes on most of the staff over the years (male and female). I guess it was just her turn to fascinate me.

We stopped at a row of bedrooms. “Take your general belongings into your room and unpack, but leave the bag with your clothes outside the room for now. Wait inside the room until you are called.”

There were twenty bedrooms available, but we only needed 14, so we were allowed to pick our own. I picked one next to Jack. We hadn’t been close friends for long, only about a year, since his old friends had moved up and out.

The room was nice, with a much larger bed than I’d had before. There was the usual on-suite bathroom with shower, and that too was nicer and large. One thing that was missing, was a wardrobe. There was nowhere for my clothes, except a small draw, already filled with plain, skin-coloured underwear, as well as pads and tampons.

I felt like I was waiting for a long time before finally there was a knock at the door. The school nurse came in, with another woman I didn’t know, but who seemed to be her assistant. Both were in their late thirties.

“Hi Susanna. How are you today? You must be feeling very nervous. But that’s OK. Firstly, I’m going to need you to get naked, and put your remaining clothes in a pile.”

I did so, and I watched as the assistant took the clothes out of the room.

“Great.” The nurse reassured me. I’d been naked in front of her before, but she was almost the only person who had seen me naked since I’d joined the school. “Please let me do a physical examination. Are you on your period?”

I shook my head.

“That’s good. It’s much better for this week. If you look in the draw here, there are tampons and other items to help you if you do start your period.”

She then gave me an injection. “This is to help with your immune system. You’ll be meeting a lot of new people soon, and close contact with strangers will mean you catch more viruses. This should help with that.”

Then she gave me a second injection. This time it was not in my arm, but in my leg, close to my genitals. “This is a form of contraception. It will last for around a year, but then you’ll need to speak to your new doctor.”

“What’s…contraception?” I asked puzzled. I’d never heard that word before.

“You’ll find out soon enough” she told me with a smile. “But don’t worry. I give this injection to everyone, men and women. And I’ve had this injection too. I still get it once a year.”

“Me too” the other woman said, trying to reassure me.

Then I was given a physical examination. They looked at every part of me. And I mean, every part of me. They even looked in my vagina and anus with special tools! One of the special tools caused my vagina to hurt and bleed, but only for a second. After that, it somehow felt different. More…open and relaxed. It’s hard to describe.

I don’t know what the nurse and assistant were looking for in the examinations, but they both seemed happy at the end.

Finally, the assistant pulled out a small grooming kit, compete with small scissors, razors and other hair-care items. But instead of cutting the hair on my head, she started cutting the hair between my legs!

I’d known that growing hair there and in other places was normal. But this was the first time I’d had a hair cut in my private places. The assistant asked me about how I wanted the hair, but I didn’t really understand. I asked what my options were, but she just said it’s hard to explain. In the end she removed all the hair under my arms, and gave my vagina something called a ‘landing strip’, which meant that she removed everything except a little rectangle of hair.

“OK dear,” the nurse said as the assistant finally put away her scissors. “You can now go to the classroom. You’re the last student, so you’d better hurry.”

“What about my uniform?” I asked.

“No need. You are perfect as you are.”

“But I’m naked!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, but so are all the other students. It’s OK. Now please go to the room on the left.”


The nurse wasn’t lying. As I walked self-consciously into the classroom, I saw everyone naked for the first time.

Sure, I’d seen naked girls before. I saw myself in the mirror every day. The girls here were much like me. A couple had bigger boobs, most had smaller.

But what really caught my eye, and by that I mean I couldn’t stop looking at them…was the boys.

I knew boys had a penis. I’d seen photos. And once or twice every year at school a rebellious boy would drop their trousers and show off their genitals. That was a quick way to get two weeks of detention. But I’d never really seen one in real life for more than a few seconds. Nor seen them erect. And right now there were six penises on full display. Four of which, (including Jack’s) were fully erect. One of the others (belonging to a boy called Rupert) had tissues at the end, catching some kind of fluid that was dripping out.

And at the front of the classroom, standing in front of the whiteboard, was the headmaster. And he too, was naked. His limp penis hanging freely between his legs. The only thing remotely close to clothing was a small white ribbon around his left arm.

“Right. Everyone’s here” he said. “Now we can begin.”



I’d come in the room about five minutes before Suzy, and I’d had the same reaction. Just staring at the girls. So many boobs and pussies! Dicks too, but I didn’t really care about those. I couldn’t help but get hard from seeing all the naked girls. All the boys were excited, and so were the girls. Some girls were putting tissues over their vaginas, and those tissues seemed to be getting wet. We all just took in the sight of one another, our bodies fully exposed. Rupert had been stroking his cock while looking at the group, and moments later cum had exploded out. I’d expected the headmaster (naked too) to be angry, but instead he just passed Rupert some tissues.

I tried to avoid touching my dick, because I knew that I’d cum too if I started touching it.

(Years ago as a young teenager, I’d woken up with wet bedsheets. Scared I was sick, I had called for the school nurse. She explained that men’s penises sometimes release something called cum, and I shouldn’t worry, but I shouldn’t encourage it, and it should only happen in private.)

Suzy came into the room, and the headmaster told us to sit at our desks. Until then we had just been standing around, looking at each other’s naked bodies. I found a desk near the back, whereas Suzy chose the front. All desks had textbooks, computer tablets and tissues. Plenty of tissues.

“OK” The headmaster said, in his monotone voice. “Let’s talk about reproduction.”

It was the most intense 4 hour learning of my life.

It started with cells, and how after eggs meet sperm, the eggs divide and grow until a baby is formed somewhere called a womb. There was a video of a horse being born.

After that, the lesson moved to where the sperm is, and where the eggs are. I learned what my cum really was. And why my female classmates have something called periods.

(At one point, the deputy head walked into the room to give a message to the headmaster. She was naked too! I couldn’t help but stare at her big breasts as she walked in and out.)

Then, in the final hour, they explained how the sperm meets the egg. It started with abstract diagrams. Then videos of animals. Rabbits, horses and monkeys.

Finally, it moved to humans. It showed a video. The man was already erect. The woman was on her back with her legs wide. The man pushed his cock into her open vagina and began thrusting.

The teacher paused the video. I glanced round to see all other guys were hard again, just like me. Several ladies had put their hands between their legs. Suzy seemed to be absent-mindedly playing with her large boobs.

The headmaster explained briefly that this thrusting time could last a long time, and there were many different positions it was possible to use during this time.

He un-paused the video. The man thrusted for another minute, before moaning loudly. The camera zoomed in on his cock as it eventually pulled out of the woman. Cum dripped out of her pussy. She didn’t seem to mind. In-fact, she seemed to have enjoyed it, because she moaned with pleasure too.

The video was cut off.

“OK students. We’ve covered a lot for today. Please go to your rooms immediately. Dinner will be waiting for you there. You will find more material on today’s topic by using the computer in your room. Breakfast tomorrow is at 8am.”

I tried not to make eye contact with the other students as we walked to our bedrooms. Especially Suzy. Today had changed everything. I didn’t know what would happen with my friendship with her now.

As I closed my bedroom door, I heard the usual ‘click’ of the locking system. Every bedroom locks until breakfast. I used to wonder, but now I knew why. It was to stop us from doing together what we’d seen in the videos.

I ate the food provided and then sat, naked. Feeling….what was I feeling? This was a new feeling. It was all about my genitals. My penis wanted something. I remembered a word the teacher used. ‘Horny’. I was ‘Horny’.

I turned on the school computer. Usually, there were extra school learning materials available — maths games, children’s books etc. About twenty educational options and five games.

But today there were just two options. And one of them was blocked out.

Reproductive pornography


Full pornography

Since the ‘full’ option was unavailable, I clicked on the link for ‘reproductive pornography’. What I saw blew my mind.

There were hundreds of videos. Each one showed a man (or sometimes several men) meeting a woman (or several women) and inserting their penises into the vaginas. The women and men seem really happy during this, and then the man cums into the woman’s vagina. He then leaves the woman alone.

The videos were set in many places. Sometimes in bedrooms, but other times in places like in the woods, or even in shops. Always the men and women were naked. Sometimes they had ribbons, like the one the headmaster wears. Other times they didn’t even have that.

My cock began to feel hard, and I stroked it to the videos until it shot cum into a tissue I had ready. Then I watched more pornography, until it was hard again, and I did it again.

Then tried to sleep. As I drifted off, I remembered my friends from before. How I learned words like ‘Cock’ and ‘pussy’ from them, when we secretly showed our genitals to each other when we thought the teacher wasn’t looking. We had no idea back then what they were really for.



I didn’t sleep much last night. I was too busy.

As well as the pornography to educate myself, there was something else in the room. A reproduction of an averaged sized erect human penis. It had 2 balls attached, and if I pressed a small button, it would fake an ejaculation, pushing a small amount of watery liquid out from the ‘eye’ at the top.

When I asked around at breakfast later, I learned it was only given to the girls. And like me, every girl had used it while looking at the reproductive pornography. And it felt….amazing. Indescribable. All I knew was, I wanted it. I wanted more. And I wanted to know more. About sex, about…everything.

We were all getting used to being around each other naked. It was strange, but also enjoyable. Freeing. I was puzzled by one thing. I didn’t feel cold. I thought I would, but I didn’t. Nobody else did either. But considering all we were already learning, the mystery of not being chilly was hardly a big priority.

The room we ate breakfast in was big. Not as big as the main school cafeteria, but still large. It probably had seats for fifty people. With only fourteen students, it felt almost empty.

Sitting next to Jack at the breakfast table, I could see he was trying (and failing) not to look at the boobs visible to him. Our group had an imbalance — We had nine girls and only five guys. Even without Melissa (who often skipped breakfast) there were 16 breasts bouncing around in front of Jack and the others. Of course Jack had an erection! I reached my hand slowly under the table and put my hand over it. My first time holding a real penis!

Jack’s penis was slightly larger than the fake one I’d been thrusting inside myself yesterday (and this morning). And it felt warm. I slowly began moving it up and down. I don’t know why. It just felt natural.

“Don’t stop” Jack whispered to me. “I’m going to cum.”

And a moment later, I felt it pulse in my hand, and white cum came out. It didn’t shoot like the fake one did. It more…dribbled out, but with force.

As I removed my sticky hand, he whispered “thanks”.



It wasn’t the headmaster waiting for us this morning. Instead it was Mr Grander. He was in his mid-twenties and my favourite of the staff. He was usually a history teacher. And like the head yesterday, he was naked, except for a ribbon around his arm. His ribbon was blue, compared to the white ribbon of the headmaster.

“Good morning students,” The teacher told us, “To begin with, we will learn about the history of our ‘free-use’ society and how it affects all of you. Then in the afternoon, you’ll learn more about sex. Specifically in the ways it can and is used for pleasure rather than reproduction. This includes non-vaginal and same-sex contact. Then this evening, you will have a chance to experience vaginal penetration for the first time. Something I’m sure many of you are looking forward to.

There was a huge murmur from all of us, as Mr Grander had just dropped about four revelations at once.

1 – There was more to sex than reproduction. You didn’t need to be trying to make a baby to do it. (Something I was pleased about, because there’s no way I’m ready to be a father!)

2 — There didn’t have to be a vagina. Where else could it go? Did girls have somewhere else it could go? What type of baby did it make if you used this other hole?

3 — same sex?! Does that mean I could have sex with a man? I know I didn’t have a vagina, but did other men? And could two ladies have sex? What would that be if they didn’t have a penis?

And 4 (the most important to me) — we would be having sex tonight!

All those revelations did nothing to help us concentrate on the history the Mr Grander was talking about.

I’m sure Suzy could give you a better recap, but it seems to be that the world was doing pretty badly after a big war and a virus that killed lots of people. And people were very sad. So they made a new society where people could always get the thing that makes them happy — sex. And to keep everyone thinking about sex, everyone stopped wearing clothes. It even became illegal to wear clothes in some places. So now, in the outside world, you can have sex almost anywhere, with almost anyone. The exceptions being schools, hospitals and similar places.

At one point in the lesson the deputy-head walked into the room. Once more, all eyes moved to her and her large breasts. Mr Grander’s eyes too, were on her big tits. She silently passed him a note. He read it and nodded. His eyes were on her arse as she began to walk away.

“Mrs Williams” he said to her as she was about to leave the classroom. “I’d like to fuck your vagina. If you’re not too busy.”

She turned round and gave a big smile. “Of course” she said, walking back towards him. She moved her hand to her mouth and grabbed some spit. She brought it down and seemed to put spit on her pussy. “How would you like me?”

The history teacher was frantically rubbing his cock, increasing it’s size. “Bend over that empty desk.”