When I was 23 years old, it started out to be one of the darkest periods in my life. I had just graduated from college with a degree in graphic design but I had been slow to find a quality job in the field. Where I lived, there just wasn’t anything available. To top off my despair, I had gotten pregnant after a drunken one night stand at a local pub nine months prior.

So possessing little money, living at home with my parents and supporting a huge belly, I was a far cry from my usual spunky self with a 115 pound tight figure. Even my dark blonde hair had seemed to dull in my eyes. When I had the baby, he was a beautiful boy that I named Allen after my father and I was overjoyed. However, my joy didn’t last long as I knew I would not be able to financially take care of him, at least in the beginning. My father had gotten a job way up north in an oil field and would spend months at a time away from the family. I loved my son but struggled with postpartum depression that eventually led my mother to suggest a plan.

“Your father’s company has an opening and they need to hire someone during the busy season. Britt, I think you should go for a few weeks to get away and get yourself together. Your aunt and I will watch the baby while you make some good money and heal. I really do think you should consider it,” my mother advised.

After a several hour discussion and even though I would miss Allen terribly, I agreed with her logic. So by that next weekend, I was packed and with airline ticket in hand, was soon on a jet, heading to a small prairie town many miles from my home. When I landed at an airport nearly an hour away, my father picked me up and drove me to the small town in which we were working. The company had supplied me with a small one bedroom apartment on the second floor above a garage. On the outside of the building, there was a rickety metal staircase leading to an entrance door.

The apartment was furnished and even though it wasn’t out of this world amazing, it wasn’t bad. My dad helped me carry in my things and as soon as I settled in, we went out for dinner. It was nice to see him and the evening felt more normal than I had felt in a while. After I returned, I put things away while listening to music. I was alone but I considered it a positive isolation to find myself.

That Monday morning, I started working and my job was to drive a pickup truck so that I could run errands, make deliveries, and anything else needed for the workers in the field. It wasn’t physically difficult and it afforded me many freedoms throughout the day. One such needed freedom was to pump my boobs on two separate occasions during my shift because they would fill up with milk and ache. My 34C breasts had already ballooned to a D cup and the leaking and heaviness was hindering my performance. I would either perform that task in the break trailer provided on site or I would run home to my apartment. It was an annoyance but a necessary evil.

I soon developed a routine in my day. I would wake up early before work to exercise on my treadmill then yoga. I would pump my breasts during lunch and before I went home. In the evenings I would fix a healthy meal, drink some red wine, Facetime my mother to see my baby before writing in my journal. Within the first week, my spirits were improving dramatically and during the second week, I was gaining self confidence in knowing I was transforming my body back into its old form.

One day, I was driving to town to get lunch for my coworkers and I noticed the power company working on a transformer high on an electric pole in the middle of town. Their truck was blocking half the street while a lineman worked diligently in the bucket trying to resolve the problem. I was fascinated by that so I pulled my truck over on the side of the street to watch. Within ten minutes, the task had been completed, and the bucket descended until the worker stepped out. That is when I noticed it was a young girl that had just performed that chore.

When she removed her hard hat to wipe the sweat from her forehead, I could see that her dark natural red hair was cut short around the sides and her long matted swoopy bangs were dyed in many colors ranging from purple to yellow. As she placed her tools into the truck, she seemed strong considering she stood about 5’8 and supported a thin but muscular build. When the girl turned around, she spotted me staring at her and I quickly tried to play it off by turning my head. When I glanced back, it was too late as she began walking across the street to my truck. I became nervous and trying to decide my next plan of action. Stopping at my window, she motioned for me to roll it down.

As soon as it was down, she bluntly asked, “Hi. I noticed you were looking my way. Are you new to town?”

I was relieved that she was not upset at my ogling when I responded, “Yes. I have been here a couple of weeks. I’m working for Aldon Oils, doing odd jobs.”

She reached her hand inside my truck and as I shook it, she introduced herself, “I’m Lindsey and as you can see I work for Touchstone Energy. I have been here for a little over a year.”

I detected a slight northern accent but what really struck me was her natural beauty. Lindsey looked rough with a diamond stud nose piercing, a small silver hoop through her eyebrow and supporting several colorful tattoos including a full sleeve. However, her self-expression didn’t detract from her gorgeous face with full lips, big hazel eyes covered by attractive long eyelashes.

I responded, careful not to offend, “Don’t take this out of context but you look too young to be doing that. But don’t get me wrong…I think it is pretty cool that you can.”

Lindsey laughed, “I get that a lot. I’m only 20 years old but since my dad works for the company, I have been around this my whole life. The guys I work with say I’m just a natural.”

“From what I could tell, I would agree with them.”

“Awwww…that is nice of you to say. Hey listen, I’m not usually this forward but when I see a blonde haired stranger sitting in her truck staring at me, I just feel the need to ask her out for a cup of coffee or dinner or something. We don’t get many strangers around here.”

I laughed, “Oh really? I guess that would be OK. How about tonight? We could go to that little diner on Park Avenue.”

She nodded, “Great. I will see you there at seven. It’s a date.”

As she walked away, it hit me that she probably meant a date…date. I was not a lesbian and had never been with a girl in that way. I also didn’t want to assume just because of her appearance that she was a lesbian so my mind was jumping all over the place. I soon rationalized that it didn’t matter and I would go out to spend an evening with a nice person and enjoy someone’s company for a change.

In my detraction from my usual work routine, I was unable to pump my breasts a second time. I got home late and immediately jumped into the shower. My boobs were so full, I manually squeezed some milk down the drain for some temporary relief. Using both hands, I was spraying it like I was holding two guns but only had time for a quick milking and go.

Because of my consistent exercise regiment, for the first time in a long time, I felt good about my body so I decided to wear a short sky blue summer dress and high heel wedges. I could barely get my massive boobs into the dress but it didn’t hinder my decision. After applying my makeup and throwing a couple curls in my hair, I was out the door.

As I drove the truck, I thought to myself, am I subconsciously fixing myself up as if I’m going on a romantic date? Am I just lonely? She is very pretty…do I find her attractive in that way? Maybe I just want to look good and go out. What if she thinks I’m leading her on? I was driving myself insane with all those thoughts.

When I pulled into the diner parking lot, I could see through the window, Lindsey sitting in a booth, sipping her coffee. As I entered the restaurant, she lifted her hand to signal me. She looked really cute with her colorful styled hair. When she stood up to warmly greet me, I could see she was a muscular 120 pounds wearing skinny jeans, a tight white tank top tucked in, showing off her perky B cup breasts.

We both sat down across from each other and once we started talking, our conversation felt so organic. She shared information about herself as a person and things from her past as I did the same, including having a baby recently. I felt at ease talking to her and believed she was much more mature than her 20 years. At times, she would flirt with me and because it felt so right, I flirted right back.

“When I saw you in that truck watching me, I couldn’t believe how pretty you were,” she smiled.

I responded, “It takes one to know one. I thought you working up on that pole was pretty hot. The fact you have that kind of skill is so cool.”

Lindsey looked for the waitress before telling me, “Where did she go? I need some cream in my coffee.”

For some reason, I immediately thought of my lactating boobs so I giggled like an immature teen. She gave me a curious grin and asked, “What is so funny?”

I giggled again, “Oh nothing. It is inappropriate.”

After insisting a couple of times, I finally told her, “My boobs are lactating pretty hard and I just thought of my milk when you said you needed cream for your coffee.”

Expecting her to make a sour face, her eyes and mouth opened wide and she just froze. I thought sure she was going to be disgusted by my off-color joke but her reaction was quite the opposite. Lindsey leaned in and whispered, “You just made my va-jay-jay twitch with that statement. That is so hot! I have always had a secret thing for that.”

I, half-jokingly and half seriously, laughed, “I have plenty here if you are serious?”

Lindsey called my bluff and slid her coffee cup over directly in front of me. I looked at it as to call her bluff and she lifted one eyebrow as if to say, go on.

I have no idea why I did it but I turned to face the window and could not see anyone in the parking lot. I slumped down in my seat and on one side, I inconspicuously lifted my blouse and bra at one time. Taking the coffee mug and while holding it steady, I held up my shirt with my wrist so I could use that hand to pinch my elongated stiff nipple. Once I squeezed, the milk sprayed out in several tiny streams like a miniature shower head. Nearly missing the cup’s rim, I repositioned my aim and shot three quick squirts into the steamy java.

Just as I was about to pull it away, Lindsey halted me, “Not yet. I like my coffee really sweet. I will take a few more squirts please.”

I brought the cup back under my breast and fulfilled her request before handing it to her. Almost thinking it was still a joke, Lindsey took a big sip of the coffee before releasing, “Ahhhhhh. That is good. Nice and sweet like I like it.”

We continued to chat like what we had done was routine. The more she drank, the more aroused I became. I believed that excitement arose from her nonchalantly consuming every ounce of my lactation as if it were common practice and she sincerely enjoyed it. I continued to get wetter as the coffee disappeared.

Once my arousal reached that critical level, I wanted to discuss what had just occurred at length when I asked her, “How was your coffee?”

She smiled while she winked, “It was delicious. I might need your sweet cream for all my cups.”

My pussy was soaked causing me to get bolder with my comments when I suggested, “I bet it is so much better straight from the source. Would you like to go somewhere and find out?”

Expecting her to laugh it off, she enthusiastically replied, “Fuck yes! Do you want to go to my place or yours?”

Since my place was the closest, Lindsey jumped in my truck with me and we headed to my apartment. So many exciting thoughts of anticipation began racing through my head. There were no more labels for myself. I wanted Lindsey as much as I had ever wanted a man and the gooey squish between my legs proved it. At the first stop sign, I enticed, “If you want to come over here and get an early start on these, I have some room right here on my lap. Come on and feast on that cream you love.”

She was all too happy to accept my invitation. After the click of her unbuckled seat belt, Lindsey fit her upper body on my lap between me and the steering wheel while her legs rested comfortably down the bench style seat. Continuing to drive with one arm, I used my free hand to lift my shirt and bra to allow her access to the boob of her choosing. Both nipples supported small beads of milk leakage.

Lindsey quickly slurped off the dollop from my left nipple before latching onto the right one. Her mouth formed a perfect seal and the sensual suction caused me to gasp. The milk flowed into her mouth like she was a starving infant and I could feel the compression of her lips with every suck. When I could feel my sensitive nipple expel that warm liquid onto her tongue, my pussy twitched with lust. She continued to feed and it was extremely difficult to concentrate and arrive at my destination without running the truck off the road.

I parked in the small drive next to my apartment. Once the engine went silent, the sound of her erotic sucking filled the truck. At that point, I craved sex. Temporarily reaching over her face, I cradled the back of her head with one arm and frantically tried to lift my short dress with the other. When it was above my waist, I thumb hooked my panties to half shimmy them down against the seat the best I could. With access, my finger soon slid between my gooey folds until it disappeared inside myself.

The pleasure was palpable and I sighed in relief, “Mmmm…yeah!”

Warming myself up was unnecessary as my libido stood on high alert. I immediately formed a pattern to get myself off as quickly as possible. Dipping my finger inside my pussy as deep as I could manage before pumping it in and out several times only to use that natural lubricating nectar to pressure-rub my own clit was the sequence of choice. Using the sensation of Lindsey sucking my tight spraying nipple and the repeat of my masturbatory technique, I soon found myself bucking in the seat underneath her with a strong orgasm. My body clenched and her slurping only strengthened my pleasure.

I was on fire and kissed Lindsey’s forehead before suggesting, “Let’s go inside and continue.”

She broke her seal from my thick nipple, allowing a stream of warm milk to trickle down her cheek to respond, “Oh, yes. Let’s do it.”

We clanked our way up the steps to my apartment door. Once inside, we wasted little time as my dress was the first article of clothing to be tossed onto the floor aside from our shoes. Just as quickly, Lindsey’s nude toned tattooed body was exposed as her clothing laid in a corner pile. After slipping my panties off, we both crawled onto the cool sheets of my bed.

I shifted over so that I could sit up against the headboard with my legs spread into a V. Using her hands, Lindsey inched her ass forward until one leg rested under my thigh and her second laid on top. Our legs were intertwined and my pussy was so gooey that it was starting to ooze onto the bed. Once she got close enough, I leaned in for a kiss.

When our lips met, the excitement induced a twitch. Lindsey may have looked hard core on the outside but her lips were as velvet as they come. Our lips were perfectly connected even as they opened and closed while we kissed. Once my tongue outlined the inside of her lower lip, her hands wandered up to my heavy boobs. She pinched my tire stim-like nipples and milk squirted all over her own breasts and dripped onto her lap. She moaned as though she was bathing in warm sweetness.

While scooting her ass even closer, our pussy lips met each other’s with an emphatic squish. Lindsey’s labia was smooth and silky while creaming profusely. Our juices mixing together heightened my sensation and we both began to rock up and down simultaneously. I never realized how amazing that sensation felt and I immediately began to get that build-up. To add stimuli, I put my hands on the bed so I could lift my ass and really create the proper friction needed to put me over the top.

Lindsey, was doing the same. She might have been grinding slightly harder while both of us were very loud with our grunts and moans. I huffed, “Oh yeah, harder baby! I can feel your cream! It’s so warm and slippery that you are going to make me cum!”

While I was spewing my sex talk, I was thinking how hot it would be for our juices to mix inside me, if that was even possible of two women. I had always loved when guys shot their loads in me but tribbing this girl seemed even hotter. I was on fire. I grabbed the back of her head and forced her face to my boob while ordering, “Suck it! Suck my fucking tit! Drink that warm sweet milk!”

Once her mouth opened and she began to suck it, I mashed her even deeper out of lust. My entire breast was pressed around her cheeks as if I were forcing her to deepthroat my oversized nipple. This caused both of us to juice more. I was so loud and if not for her mouth full of boob, we both would have disturbed the neighbors, anticipating a powerful orgasm. Lindsey was the first to climax and she pressed her lips tightly against my spraying nipple while clenching her entire body in one huge spasm. She grunted so hard into my areola that I felt the vibrations as if she were humming. I instinctively pressed her even deeper on my lactating jug where I could no longer see any part of her face. She shook and quivered forcing her teeth to graze my sensitive tip.

Just as Lindsey was completing her orgasm, I released a long extended squeal to start mine, “Ooooooooooo…yeaaaaaahhhhhhh! Aughhhhhhhhh!” My entire face contorted and felt as though pleasure had ripped through my entire body. I trembled for several seconds trying to recover.

It was at that moment, I realized that Lindsey was a heavy cummer. Her thick white goo had oozed from her slit and completely covered mine. It was so warm and sticky and highly erotic especially since the friction had pressed a large amount into my opening. I had went from never having sex with a woman to enjoying her juice inside me.

From her amazing climax and me inadvertently trying to asphyxiate her with my boob, poor Lindsey pulled off my nipple gasping for air. Briefly, my milk continued spewing down her chin and onto her tight stomach. It was very intense and she needed several big breaths to regain her composure.

She huffed, “That was amazing! I have never cum that hard in my life. I’m still shaking.”

I had never had an orgasm that strong as well and I wanted many more. I was on fire and needed to experiment in the worst way. I desired to taste my first pussy so I helped lay her down on her back. I crawled between her legs as my large boobs swayed back and forth, slapping one another. Positioning myself on my stomach, I used my palms to push upward from under her knees and lift her legs higher. This tilted her smooth pussy towards my face, giving me a great view of her heart shaped meaty lips.

First, I needed to smell her scent so I inhaled deeply to absorb her natural musk. I had smelled my own as well as tasting it several times while masturbating but to be in the presence of another woman’s pussy was a sexual thrill. It was intoxicating so I proceeded to inhale several more times before I gently added my tongue. Using the techniques that felt good to me, I tried to apply them to Lindsey. In the beginning, I just wanted to taste her leaking nectar as I made every effort to lick up any white slimy strands that may have connected her lips. I enjoyed the sweet tangy taste it provided. After getting lost in the moment of enjoying my first lesbian oral, I soon began to focus on making her cum again. I slowly licked up between her folds before alternately sucking them. When I quickened the pace and darted my tongue deep inside her, she shifted in the bed and grabbed a handful of my hair.