If she had never heard that deep, drawling voice again it would have been too soon. Doug had the kind of voice that stirred a woman’s body, deep, low tones that reverberated down her spine and into her core. Hell, his voice had been one of the first things to attract her to him, promising all sorts of sensual delights and sinful experiences. If only she’d known the perverseness that went on in his head before she’d been seduced by his voice. Even filled with disbelief and knowing what she did, just hearing his voice revved her engine.

“Hello Doug.”

There was a long pause and she knew that she should speak first, to tell him why she was calling, but she felt frozen. This was so much harder than she thought it would be, but she couldn’t let Violet win. She just couldn’t. They were tied neck and neck and all she needed to do was this one thing… besides, a lot of the fantasies that he’d told her he’d had, she’d experienced a bit of this past week, facing down her fears. She could do this, she told herself.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” he asked, his voice sounding hard and surprisingly cautious. It also didn’t sound like he truly thought that hearing from her was a pleasure. In fact, she could still hear some anger in his voice. Maybe she was just imagining things, but maybe he really was still holding a grudge.

She cleared her throat to help prepare herself, but her voice still came out sounding squeaky and frightened. “What would you say if I offered myself to you for three hours?”

Dead silence.

“Offered in what way?” There was nothing in his voice that gave away what he was feeling and that only heightened her anxiety more.

“In whatever way you’d like. To do whatever you’d like with me.”

“Why?” Now he sounded suspicious and she couldn’t blame him. What would she think getting a phone call like this from someone?

“Violet and I have a bet going.”

To her surprise he laughed, freely and loudly. She’d always loved his laugh. “God that is so you Danielle.”

She couldn’t help but smile.

“All I need to win is to spend three hours with you. You can do whatever you want.”

Doug sighed.

“I’m not going to do whatever I want. That’s not how it works and you know it.”

“I’m saying that’s how it works this time,” she said calmly, trying to hide the high levels of anxiety that she was feeling. Giving herself over to Doug completely was terrifying to her. It had been over a year since she’d last seen him and she had no idea what levels of perversity he’d sunk to in that time. The fantasies that he’d shared with her, that he’d wanted to do with her, had terrified and disgusted her enough that she’d broken up with him and now she was giving him carte blanche to do whatever he wanted.

There was a long moment of silence on the phone and she closed her eyes, her heart pounding in her chest as she wondered what he was thinking.


“Tonight. It has to be tonight.”

“What if I have plans?”

She blew out a gust of air. “Then I’ll lose the bet and you lose your chance to have me at your mercy for three hours.”

“At my mercy for three hours…” she could hear the old anger in his voice again as he contemplated that scenario. His voice deepened even lower. “I like the sound of that. I think you like the sound of it more than you’re willing to admit.” Danielle shivered but said nothing. Yes, part of her liked the sound of that, she couldn’t lie. “Be here at eleven.”

Before she could reply to ask why so late, he hung up the phone. Shaking a little, she punched the ‘end call’ button on her cell. What had she gotten herself into?


Doug was just as she remembered him. At 6’3″ he towered over her 5’7″ frame, something that she had always enjoyed because he was one of the few men she’d ever met to truly make her feel small and vulnerable. Of course, everything about him was in proportion, from his very large, blunt-fingered hands to his oversized cock. Perhaps if he’d had a smaller dick then she might have been less stringently against him wanting to put it in her ass. Although when they’d been dating she’d considered anal sex to be completely disgusting. This past week she’d found out that she could enjoy herself during it, but then again the cock that had taken her anal virginity had been much smaller than Doug’s monstrosity.

Dark hooded eyes stared down at her as he ran his hand through his dark brown hair, which he’d allowed to grow out longer than he’d had it while they were together. Stubble on his face only increased his rugged good looks. Doug was the kind of man who drew attention just by walking into a room, not just because of his size but because of the aura of confidence and danger he had around him. Girls who liked bad boys went wild over him, especially when the saw the dragon tattoo that was clawing its way out of his sculpted back. Right now he was shirtless, showing off his muscular upper body and the brushing of dark hair across his chest and in a line down his stomach. That line continued all the way into his low slung-jeans, emphasizing the V shape of his hips, leading her eyes straight to the bulge that was already growing behind the fabric.

Nice to know that she still had that immediate effect on him.

Licking her lips, she looked up again to meet his eyes, registering that he’d completed his own sweeping appraisal of her body. She’d decided not to pretend she was there for anything but sex and she’d dressed appropriately in a tightly fitted black pleated skirt that barely covered her ass and a tight red tank top that showed off her tanned skin and blonde hair to perfection. The low v neck of the top also showed off her massive breasts perfectly, cupping them and pushing them together to create a glorious amount of cleavage that men salivated over; it had a built in bra so that she didn’t need to wear one, so the fact that her nipples had hardened the moment she’d looked at him was very obvious. Knowing how much Doug liked her hair, she’d left it hanging loose around her shoulders, hoping that by trying to please him with her appearance she might gain some kind of reprieve.

“Are you wearing any underwear?”

It was more of a demand for a response than a question and Danielle bit back her automatic saucy response. Considering that she was going to be completely at his mercy for three hours, beginning the their time together by making a sarcastic comment about how a hello might be nice didn’t seem like the best idea.

“Yes,” she said in a low voice, looking away from his penetrating gaze. She was wearing a red lacy thong, the same red as her shirt, and it was already wet with arousal. Damn him for his effect on her. Having him this close to her again, smelling the spicy masculine scene of his cologne and body, was turning her brain into mush. There was a reason she’d written him a Dear John email to break up with him instead of doing it in person.

“Take them off.”

The command, in his husky voice, sent a shiver up his spine. It was beginning already. This was the part that she’d always liked, the domination, her submission, the naughty thrills and painful foreplay. No wonder she was creaming herself. Not a single man since Doug had been able to affect her this quickly, on this visceral a level.

Sliding her hands under her skirt, careful not to flash the neighborhood behind her, Danielle tugged off her thong and put them into Doug’s waiting hand. Heat bloomed in her face as he brought them to his nose and smelled them, amusement sparking in his eyes. The scent of her arousal was already obvious. There was no hiding her reaction to him.

“Already wet,” he said. She should have known he wouldn’t let it pass without comment. Humiliation had never been one of his major kinks, but she shouldn’t be surprised that he might find it a lot more palatable now, with her. “Take off your skirt and show me.”

For a moment she hesitated, but the look in his eyes promised retribution if she tried to argue, and she had already decided that she didn’t want to get off to a bad start. Although she wasn’t sure that she considered stripping on his doorstep a good start. What if someone saw? But that was his concern, not hers. She didn’t have to live in this neighborhood after all. And this was obviously something he’d been planning from the very beginning; in his quiet neighborhood there was no one out and about at eleven. This was why he’d wanted her to come late. Chances are, no one would see her… but the element of uncertainty was there. It was both humiliating and exciting to strip off her skirt and spread her legs for him, tilting her hips forward as she used one hand to spread open her pussy, the way she knew he’d want her to.

Her pink pussy lips glistened in the light as Doug’s lips twitched with satisfaction at both her capitulation and her knowledge of how he’d want her to present herself.

“I see you haven’t forgotten everything,” he practically purred. Danielle flushed again and looked down, although she kept her pussy spread for his view. “Down on your knees. You can take off your shirt and use it for padding along with your skirt if you want.” The indifference in his voice said that he truly didn’t care.

Danielle’s insides clenched. Exhibitionism was so not one of her kinks, but there was something arousing about Derrick’s desire for revenge on her, his intentional set-up for her humiliation and to challenge her. Now she had the choice between the flimsy skirt fabric between her knees and the concrete of his front step, or stripping down completely in order to save her legs a little comfort. She decided to just kneel down. Hopefully he wouldn’t make her stay here for too long.

On her knees she looked up at him, his eyes glittering with excitement and lust as he stared down at her, undoing the front of his jeans, which were filled to bursting with his long, thick meat. It hung, bigger and harder than she remembered, bobbing in front of her face under its own weight, the plummy purple head already leaking liquid.

“Suck me Danielle. We’re not going inside until you get me off.”

Eager to show herself willing, Danielle took his hot length in her hand and began licking around his head, cleaning it of the salty sweet liquid and letting her saliva coat his knob to make it easier for her to fit her mouth over him. As he moaned, his large hands coming down to rest on her head and begin gathering up her hair, she slid her tongue up and down his long, long length, licking all twelve inches of him as if he was a giant popsicle. She knew from experience that the more she lubricated his shaft with her mouth, the easier it would be to fit him down her throat… and she also knew very well that down her throat was where he was determined to go.

As he began to pull her hair into the semblance of a pony tail for him to hold onto, Danielle licked her way back up to the glossy helmet and wriggled her tongue into his pee slit. Doug hissed under his breath and his grip on her hair tightened. Glancing up at him, she was almost disturbed by the intense need she saw in his face, the way he was watching her orally service him. Her eyes sliding back down to his mouth watering abs, she opened her lips and sucked his head between them, her tongue flicking over the sensitive, velvety skin.

“Fuck yes…” Doug moaned and thrust his hips forward, shoving another inch of cock into her mouth. “God you’ve got such a hot mouth….”

Without waiting for her participation, Doug used his hand on her hair to pull her down onto his cock, his hips thrusting and fucking deeper and deeper into her mouth. It was no less than Danielle had expected, and she loved it. The hard way Doug used her had satisfied so many of her darker needs while they were together, it was why she’d been so shocked when she’d discovered that she hadn’t been satisfying all of his, that he’d had needs much more perverse and twisted than she’d imagined. But this… this right here she could enjoy without hesitation.

Saliva pooled in her mouth as she lowered herself down onto her knees, changing the angle of his cock so that it was pointed more downwards. It also changed the angle of her neck, allowing him to plunge deeper, past her nominal gag reflex and into the tightness of her throat. This had always been Doug’s favorite position, not just because it allowed him to deep throat her so easily, but because it forced her to look up at him as she did so. Now their gazes clashed as he forced more and more of himself into her throat, making it burn at this use that she was no longer accustomed to.

It was a show of complete dominance over her, as well as a warning. Already he was pushing her out of her comfort zone. She was on her knees on his front door step, her bare ass gleaming in the moonlight for anyone who was driving by or peeking out their window to see, and he had his huge cock shoved down her throat. With his hand fisted in her hair, creating a pony-tail holder with his fingers, he had complete control over the movement of her head. It was Doug’s whim that allowed her to breath, when he pulled out far enough for her to suck air in through her nose, her lungs and throat straining with the effort.

She could see the sheer enjoyment in his eyes, of seeing her on her knees worshipping his cock again. Doug had always loved that she was able to take his full length down her throat and now he pulled back and shoved all the way in, until her nose was buried in the musky scent of his groin, pressing against flesh and coarse hair. Around his length her throat muscles spasmed, fighting to hold his thick meat. Vibrations as she silently moaned traveled up his cock.

“FUCK…” his head fell back a moment before coming back down to stare at her. “I almost forgot how good that feels.”

Then he pulled out far enough to let Danielle gasp for air before shoving back in deeply, using her face like he would her pussy. The rough skull-fucking was making her feel light headed as she struggled to get enough oxygen in between his hard thrusts, both hating and loving the way it made her feel. Her pussy was gushing with need, her body loving the rough handling, and at the same time she hated that she had this reaction to him. That she still wanted him as badly as she did.

“Ah fuck… Danielle…” Doug let out a low groan and shoved deeply into her, she could feel the pulsing of his cock against her tongue and his dark eyes were wild as he pumped what felt like a gallon of cum straight down her throat and into her stomach. As she swallowed, her throat muscles massaged the length and head of his cock, milking him of every last drop of creamy fluid. It was warm in her belly and she became even more dizzy with air loss as he finished his climax, holding her face pressed tightly against his groin.

When he pulled out, he released his grip on her hair and stepped back; surprised by the sudden loss of his support, Danielle’s upper body fell forward. She was suddenly very aware of the soreness in her knees from kneeling and the burning of her throat from his rough use. Peering up at him, on all fours, she saw that he had already regained his composure, the wildness in his gaze now hidden behind a mask of indifference as he tucked his chubby cock back into his pants. Part of her wanted to break that control of his again.

“Get up and come in,” he said sternly. “With only three hours we don’t have any time to waste and you will be punished for dawdling.”

Stifling a protest, Danielle got to her feet, picking up her skirt as she stood and walking into the house. Doug grabbed her by the arm as she passed him, halting her in her tracks. With his free hand he reached between her legs and plunged one thick finger into her sopping folds. Danielle groaned with pleasure as he skewered her with his large finger, her hole tightening anxiously around him.

“Got you wet did it?”

“Yes Sir,” she said, moaning as she tilted her hips forward, trying to rub her clit against his hand. Unfortunately he removed his hand entirely and she whimpered with disappointment.

“For the next three hours you’re going to call me Master,” he said, his eyes glinting with some kind of deep emotion. Turmoil swirled through Danielle, even though she told herself that it was just another word, another name, it did mean anything. It was also hard to keep her smart mouth shut and not point out that the three hours had already begun, since she’d arrived at 11 o’clock right on the dot. But she had a feeling that he was purposefully trying to push her into saying something that he could punish her for, so she held it back. “If at any point you need to stop tonight, you will say ‘red.'” Doug grinned devilishly. “Of course, then you’ll lose the bet.”

“Yes Master,” she said instead, as meekly as she could, looking down at her hands clasped in front of her bare pussy.

Doug let out a roar of laughter. “You think you’re going to find me more lenient if you behave now?” The amusement in his voice suddenly turned into something like a snarl, the hand on her arm tightening hard enough that she gasped as her head flew up and she looked into his dark eyes, stormy with repressed anger. “You have plenty to be punished for Danielle, and a few moments of obedience is not going to make me forget that.”

With that he turned and began walking, pulling her along with him and heading for the basement door. The hard grip on her arm loosened a bit, but she wouldn’t be surprised if she had bruises on her pale skin tomorrow in the shape of his fingerprints.

When she had broken up with Doug his basement had already been set up like a Dungeon, but now there were new toys and contraptions set up that she had never seen before and a spike of anxiety went through her. She recognized the spanking bench and Saint Andrew’s Cross, but now there was also some kind of table that looked like the top was segmented, what looked like a Medieval Rack, and all sorts of chains and ropes hanging from the ceiling. A sex swing was recognizable among them, but it wasn’t the only piece hanging from the ceiling.

New whips and other implements of pain and pleasure hung from the walls, alongside the ones that she recognized. Anticipation thrummed inside of her, her juicy pussy starting to leak down the insides of her thighs as she took in the erotic and dangerous room. It wasn’t until she had taken her fill of looking that she realized Doug was waiting for her, watching her reactions to the changes that he’d made.

Once she met his gaze again, it was like a signal that she’d finished looking and he pulled her over to the center of the room where a chain was hanging down from the ceiling.

“Take off the shirt,” he demanded. Danielle did so immediately, not missing the way lust flared in his eyes as her massive mammeries were exposed, nipples already puckered and aching to be touched. Even though she hated how big they were, how they sagged under their own weight, she couldn’t deny that she wanted to feel Doug’s big hands on them again and that she loved the way he looked at her when she was completely naked for him. “Wrists.”

He cuffed them with leather cuffs lined with fur on the inside, prettily stamped with Celtic designs on the outside, in front of her body before lifting her arms and attaching them above her head. The position forced her breasts to thrust outwards at him and Doug’s eyes gleamed in appreciation for the lewd picture she presented.

Danielle groaned as he attached cuffs to her ankles and then to a spreader bar. It was now obvious that he’d set the chain specifically for her, it was the exact height to make her stretch out her body while allowing her to keep her feet just barely flat on the floor while spread to the distance of the spreader bar. Eventually the position would make her muscles ache, for now it just made her incredibly vulnerable to him.