I remember the first time I ever smelled a pair of dirty panties. I was young and new to my sexual urges. And to this day, I don’t know why I did it, only that I did, and it was wonderful. I was at a friends house, a friend with a sister—an attractive sister. She was older and more developed than us. As a soccer player, she had the perfect legs and ass to boot. It was not only me that would often fantasize about her…but I definitely did, and so that day when we were passing through the laundry room, when her shear orange thong was sitting on top of the hamper, my heart Jumped.

Again, I don’t know why, I guess just innately knowing that this pair of underwear had been pressed against her most private area, and nestled against her ass, was enough to make me want it. Whatever the case, I had to have it. I took it, quickly shoving it in my pocket. I was horny just feeling the fabric in my pocket, knowing I had such an intimate article of her’s.

When I was finally alone, I brought it out and examined it. I was intrigued by the thin white line of crust that was on the crotch. I knew that girls got wet down there, and I knew they had discharge, but I guess it never occurred to me that this fluid, this cum would get onto their panties, all of their panties. It was so dirty, in my mind. I almost instinctually brought the crotch to my nose, and took a deep sniff. Ecstasy. The smell was sexual. Purely sexual. Carnal and lusty. It made me cum—and I was hooked.

From that day forward I would seek out panties whenever and wherever I could. I was young, reckless, and thought I was invincible. I would take the panties of my friends and my friends’ sisters, my crushes, and my lovers. I would keep them. It was the peak of my fetish, and I had accrued quite a collection. It was only as I grew older that I truly realized and understood that I was stealing, and stealing something very intimate and private. I don’t do that anymore.

Also, as I grew older I began having sex more regularly; my desires expanded beyond purely panties, and into female arousal in general. Still, my fetish remained, even if in a less severe state. Typically, I will satisfy my desires with a consenting partner who is willing to go along with my desires. Unfortunately, I’ve been flying solo for a while, at least on the fetish front. I have a partner, a ‘friend with benefits,’ so to speak, and the sex is good, but it’s pretty vanilla right now, and she definitely doesn’t know about my interest in panties.

Luckily I have a fallback for times like these. I have found a community for panty lovers, and use it to find ladies who are interested in sharing (usually for money) their worn panties with those who have the unique taste. It isn’t ideal by any means, having a partner who shares, or at least indulges my interest is preferable, but this does have its perks. For one thing, it’s more or less on demand, it’s consensual, and there’s something to be said for panties that are still wet when you get them. Still…sometimes I miss the days when the panties I sniffed belonged to those girls who I longed after.

I had heard stories on this community about people finding partners who share the fetish, and went on to have wonderful, pantie-filled relationships. I hadn’t been so lucky. Most of those I met were only one time sellers, and there was no chemistry—at least until I met ‘GG,’ as she went by online. With one meeting, everything changed.

It was just another ad, and I was just responding like I normally do, just looking for some fetish fun. “23F – First Time Seller. Nervous and Excited ;),” read the title. Inside were a few physical details: college, brunette, 5’4″, fit…it was a pretty standard ad, but she sounded like my type, and she was my age. I always prefer people who are around my age, and sometimes they’re hard to find. So I sent her a message asking what kind of panties she was offering, what she wanted in return, and if I could get a photo or description. She was quick to reply, and very friendly, if a bit hesitant.

“Hey there 🙂 This is my first time doing this, but I think it sounds like a lot of fun! Right now I’m wearing a blue and white striped thong. I was thinking like $25 for the pair?”

“That sounds good to me! Would you take them off in person?”

“Sure :). Maybe I can do a little show too!”

We settled the details of a time and place where we could meet. It was the parking lot behind a strip mall that was not too far from where I lived. The lot is always empty, I guess the developers had planned on their establishment being much much busier…whatever the case, it offered a perfect location for such discreet meetings. I couldn’t wait.

I was already getting turned on, thinking about smelling the wonderful scent of a sexy woman, straight from a pair of her freshly removed panties. It was always exciting, seeing the panties for the first time, as they are pulled slowly down from being nestled tightly against her wet pussy, to being against my face, still warm, and still wet. I was getting hard in the car ride to meet ‘GG,’ and the short drive seemed to take forever. But at last, I arrived, and parked towards the back in a completely vacant parking lot…and then I waited.

The waiting is always the worst. I always get myself all worked up, filling my mind with fantasies and anticipation, but not being sure if the meeting would actually occur, or if she got cold feet and decided not to show. Luckily, with ‘GG’ I did not have to wait long. Shortly after I arrived, a car pulled up a spot away from mine, with what seemed to me, from my glare-interrupted view to be a very attractive brunette behind the wheel. I was shaking with anticipation, waiting for the sweet exchange that was about to take place. She sat in her car for a moment, and glanced over nervously, before opening the door and slowly getting out.

As she did, my heart skipped a beat, and I was flooded with a sense of panic, rather than arousal. Yes, what was walking towards me was beautiful—five feet and four inches of curved feminine form, exhibited exquisitely by the striped spandex skirt that clung to her curves, and a shirt that was soft and comfortable, but tight in all the right places. Yes she was beautiful, but with the glare of her car window gone, I was confronted not with a sexy stranger, but a friend—not even a friend, a past lover.

It had been years, many years since I had last seen her. We were in middle school when we were together. She was beautiful back then, too. Like me, she seemed to develop at an earlier age than most of her peers, and when the other girls were just beginning to find the need for bras, Eleanor had two rounded globes, hips, and an ass that to this day makes me go “damn” whenever I think of it. That’s not to say she was over-developed. She kept great proportions and her body remained tight, rather than developing into an overly curvy mess.

Since we were so young at the time, we didn’t have much of a sexual relationship when we were together. Not that I didn’t want one. As a teenage boy, about all I could think about was sex, and I wanted it badly. Thinking back on it, I think she wanted it just as bad. She was always sexual, it was kind of what she was known for back then. Her openness about her body and sexuality made her popular—she broke the ice on everything that everybody wanted to talk about but was too shy to do so. Nevertheless, at our age, all we did was mostly experimentation. And it was wonderful…But I couldn’t get caught up reminiscing, I had a crisis to deal with on hand.

My mind was racing as she walked towards my car and the inevitable moment when she would recognized me. What do I do? I could not let Eleanor know that I was soliciting for worn panties on the internet..Could I? I mean, even though we have been out of touch for so long, we still have a lot of mutual friends, and we’re Facebook friends anyway.

But how could I avoid it? It’s too late to drive away. Hiding wouldn’t work…I could make up an excuse…But she wouldn’t believe it…And then it was too late. Click. The door was opened. I looked up in my shame with a shattered and helpless expression to a smiling Eleanor who looked on the brink of hysterical laughter.

“Andrew!?” She let out a laugh. “What are you doing here?!”

She was laughing, but it wasn’t an accusatory laughter. It was more of a mutual laughter that broke the tension of a situation that is rather uncomfortable no matter what the circumstances. Still, how was I to react?

“What are you doing here?” I retorted, trying to ad a smile to my face.

“Uhh…mmm well, I was supposed to meet someone…” She said slowly.

“Uh…Me too…I think I’m meeting you…’GG?'”

“Oh. Are you?” She said, with a hint of knowing curiosity in her voice, “Can I sit down?”


We sat for a moment in silence.

“I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you…Since we were, you know…haha still, this is the last place I would have expected to bump into you.” I chuckled along uncomfortably, but she seemed not to mind, so I relaxed a bit. “Well, actually, not the last place I guess. I mean we were always kind of out there.”

“Haha, yeah we were,” she smiled—and it felt like a real smile, a warm smile, like the kind you have when running into an old friend. But then there was more silence…

“Sooo you have a thing for panties, huh?” She asked, with another grin spreading across her face.

“Ummm yeah, I do, kind of.” I said..She knows anyway, so there’s no point in denying it.

“Really? Did you always? I mean, did you when we were a thing?”

“No, not always, it kind of just happened once, a while before we were a thing. I was an impressionable teenage boy, ya know? haha.”

“Hmm. I wish I had known,” she said with a look of deep thought on her face.

It scared me at first. Had I made her rethink the entire history of her sexual adolescence? Did she think her first explorations were a mistake with a disgusting perv?

“I’m sorry…” It was all I could muster to say in my fright.

“Oh! No! It just..could have been fun. That’s all.”

Suddenly, I wished she had known too.

“But why are you here? I mean, you never had a hard time finding a girlfriend…”

“Yeah…but most people aren’t as open about sexuality as me…and you I suppose. And sometimes I want to have some fun, and this is the only, er, easiest way I can.”

“Yeah, I get that. I’m kind of here for the same thing I guess.”

“How do you mean? I would have thought you’d just want some extra cash.”

“No, not really…My boyfriend, Zach, he just, like he just wants to have sex and be done with it. And it’s fine most of the time, I mean it’s actually great most of the time. He’s not really into anything beyond like getting it in, but I can usually…you know…get off,” she sounded a bit shy towards the end of this sentence, as if she realized she was opening up about the details of her sex life with someone she hadn’t spoken to in close to a decade, “but it’s just, like that’s it. Sometimes I just really want to enjoy my sexuality, just entirely embrace it. I want someone who enjoys my sexuality too, not just someone who has sex. Does that make sense?…I’m sorry, I know you did not need to hear that. And this is crazy. I’m sorry.”

“No! Please! I feel the exact same way! the exact same way. I’m sorry if I’m making you upset. But Please, I am actually really enjoying talking with you. It’s kind of refreshing to just be so honest about these things. I’ve missed it.”

“Yeah…me too.” She smiled.

Some more time passed, and there was more chat and silences. Overall it was a pleasant talk, a great talk actually, but I didn’t want to prolong the situation if Eleanor felt awkward.

I figured I’d let her know, so I told her, “hey, look, if you want to go, please feel free, but I really enjoyed talking with you, and I’d be glad to again if you ever need someone.”

“Yeah I think I would like that!…But you know…I could still give you my panties…I mean if you want them.”

“Oh. Um. Really?” I asked. My brain was jumping with joy, and screaming “yes, yes, yes!” but I tried to sound aloof.

She elaborated, “yeah. If I’m going to be honest, like I already have been, I was really kind of looking forward to this, if you know what I mean, and all this talking about sex with you hasn’t exactly helped…Besides, if anything it’s better now that I know you’re not some creepy rando.”

“Hmm.” I smiled, not sure how to proceed.

“I mean, since you’re into panties and all, I think this is gonna be a pretty good pair. I can just give them to you, too. You don’t need to pay me or anything.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.


“Okay. Yeah, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want them.”

My heart was racing, and I could tell hers was too, as we sat there, getting ready to resume our adolescent experimentation in my car. Eleanor who had been sitting with her legs closed together slowly began to spread them, nervously revealing her soft legs, the gap in between them, and then a soft cotton strip of navy and white striped fabric that covered her most private area.

I had been hardening since she asked if I wanted them, but this slow revealing of her beautiful body and panties made me an instant rock, as I glanced down at her thong-clad pussy for the first time. She was wearing a Victoria’s Secret thong, which had thin white and navy stripes running horizontally across it. There was a navy lace trim running along the waist, but the rest was soft cotton, my favorite.

Her legs were spread as wide as her tight skirt would allow, and enough for me to see the fabric taut against her pussy, her lips leaving the slightest of impressions in the shape of the fabric, before the thong ran down and between her ass cheeks, which were just as beautiful as I remembered them. This whole scene was bringing back so many memories of her soft panties back in the past, and the softness of her lips underneath them, I had no doubt she was remembering the same.

“Wow.” Was all I could muster as I glanced down, and back up at Eleanor.

She just glanced at me, up and down, noticing the bulge in my pants, with a look of quiet anticipation in her eyes, before slowly reaching a hand between her thighs. She lightly pressed the fabric between her lips, as she ran her hand up and down the length of her pussy, teasing herself.

“I’m really wet.” She said.

I gulped as I watched her, with her hand resting on her crotch. I wanted all of this so badly. It was a dream come true, and it only got better.

“So I know that we had just planned on me taking them off and giving them to you…but I think…I mean…Do…do you want to take them off?” She said, hesitantly.

“Sure,” I said, and we both smiled.

We sat for a moment, her hand lightly caressing herself, while she looked at me. We stared until we both couldn’t take it anymore. I led her to the back seat, where she laid against the door with her legs still spread, and with me between them. Again, she hiked up her skirt and spread her legs.

Now, with a clearer view of the crotch of her panties, I could see a thin dark spot on the material where her wetness had soaked through. She really was wet. By now I was nervous, even more nervous than before. I felt like I did back in the first days of my sexual explorations. I was basking the the newness of the experience, and was hard as a rock.

“take them off slowly” She said, looking down at me between her legs.

The manner in which she spoke made clear how much she wanted this, and my expression shared how much I did. I looked up at her as I placed my hands on her hips, loosely playing with the waist of her lingerie. At my touch, Eleanor bucked, moving her hips ever so slightly, bringing her mound closer to me, as if her body was saying “more.”

“How slowly?” I asked, in a humorous tease, but with a genuine question backing. As far as we had discussed, this was still only about the panties, and I did’t want to push that. Still, I thumbed the waistband with my palms on her hips as I asked, and she sighed in approval.

“Just like that,” she whispered through bated breath, as she stared down at me.

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll take them off slowly.” And with that, as long as “take them off slowly,” meant the prolonged teasing I thought it meant, I decided to take my time and let us enjoy each other’s touch for a while.

I hooked my thumbs under the elastic of her thong and held her as I kneeled down between her legs, with my face inches away from her pussy. I was close enough to feel her warmth, and close enough for her to feel my breath. She let out a shaky sigh again, shuttering. I took the time to examine the details of Eleanor’s body—from the soft curves of her legs flowing into her hips, and the smooth pale skin of her inner thighs that led down to her groin and the slight puffy edges of her most private area, to her ass below that and the smooth crevasse that split from her pussy into two magnificent round cheeks.

I examined her mound, that soft protrusion that raised from her belly at her pubis. It strained lightly against the fabric of her panties. I leaned in to tease her, and myself, some more. Slowly, I brushed my nose ever so lightly against her slit as I inhaled deeply and smelled for the first time the pure sexual aroma of Eleanor’s pussy. I was in heaven. She was sweet and musky and aroused, and it took all of my effort not to just dive in. Eleanor gasped, and bucked again, aching to have that pressure on her clit.

“Do that again!” She said, “Smell me again. That was really hot, Andrew.”

Of course I was happy to oblige. Once again, I dipped my face down and brushed my nose down the length of her slit, this time with a bit more pressure. And once again, I inhaled deeply while doing so, intaking even more of her feminine scent. I looked up at her and told her how amazing she smelled. It was great, and not uncomfortable in the slightest. Where most girls a

re uncomfortable with the fact that vaginas have a scent, Eleanor was comfortable—curious even. Enjoyment is what comes when one accepts their sexuality, and explores that which they find pleasurable, in a manner that is uninhibited by cultural stigma.

I freely explored Eleanor’s scent, without fear of reprimanding, and she responded with a desire for more. Again, I brought my nose to her pussy, this time fully pressing in so my nose was creasing the panties between her lips. I inhaled again. In doing so I ground my nose against her clit, and she responded in kind, grinding her clit into me. A soft moan escaped her lips.

I could feel her wetness on my nose, and under her panties, as the fabric slid easily over her pussy. I buried my face in her scent. It was overwhelming. Finally I pulled away, to the dismay of Eleanor who seemed to thoroughly be enjoying the experience. But she was not to worry, it would only get better from there.

I brought my thumbs from her hips to the front of her panties and slowly began inching the material down, revealing her pubis bit by bit. She was bald so far, freshly shaven only a day or so ago. Small dark stubble had only barely began to grow back. As I moved the material down, I rubbed her soft skin with my thumbs, teasing her even more. The shape of her bare mound began to emerge as more and more of her light post shave stubble was revealed.

I worked my way slowly down, stopping periodically just to prolong the experience, until at last, the top of her slit appeared below the fabric. All the while, Eleanor was looking down at me with an expression of ecstatic anticipation.

I paused for a moment, looking at just the top of her pussy, admiring those two perfect, soft and puffy lips before finally pulling the material of the panties away from her pussy. As I did so, the true extent of her arousal was made clear. A clear, thick, string of cum clung the the crotch of her panties and connected to her pussy as the fabric was slowly pulled away.